Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Menu #5

Want to know what family and I have up to over the CNY holiday? Check out here and here

I did manage to cook a decent dinner on the 2nd day. We were lazy to go back to my parents’ house for dinner as the rain kept pouring non-stop that day.

From left (clockwise): Smoked Eel (Unagi), Stir Fried French Beans, Egg with Spring Onions, and Chicken Soup with Chinese Mushrooms

Hubby also takes turn to cook in the kitchen on 3rd day of CNY, but he been a more adventurous than me, he loved to venture into Western cooking. Just thank god, he didnt turn the kitchen upside down and clean after those messes himself. :)

Hubby's own version: Sirloin Steak with baked beans, scrambled egg, and salad for our dinner


Zooropa said...

Wow...ur hubby can make sirloin steak! It looks quite nice, is it yummy?...


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Whoa, that sirloin steak looks ynummy. All I had today was sui yoke rice for lunch and corned beef sandwich for dinner ...

KristyCK said...

Hi Rose,
The sirloin steak looks yummy oh. Your hubby is really a good cook. Lucky you!

Rose world said...

Hi Dora, Nick and Billy's Mom,

The steak is very nice, although slightly tough. Maybe need to add some more tenderiser to tender the meat! hehehe! He? Been a good cook? So so lah, he only can cook American Breakfast and Steak besides Maggi Mee! Hehehe!

Actually both of us still learning to cook. So, always trial and error (e.g food been burned, vegetable too yellow etc), but we are getting better everyday as we go along, I have to admit! :)