Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A tooth story + mid-week

On Monday, I went for a tooth extraction.  My first adult tooth to be pulled out after all those years! 

Reason being the molar on my bottom right jaw broken into a vertical crack for a week or so, and the dentist suggested extraction as it could not be saved due to the vertical crack and it may caused infection to the nerve.  Thankfully I did not have any swelling or pain when it was all started but I have no choice other than to extract it out that day.

So I spent more than 30 minutes in the dentist's clinic (injection and extraction) with Jamie as my little companion.  My right side of the face was numb for the whole afternoon.  And ouch!  Once the painkiller effect has gone, I felt the pain in the evening.  Nothing solid; I went soft with porridge and soup for the first 2 days. I am sure I could eat something nicer and solid today.  (fingers cross)

I thought I could have a filling done but in the end I have had to undergo an extraction.  I hate dentists, but then again, we could not do without them!  *sob sob* RM100 for all the damages and now I feel funny with a hole in my mouth.

Ok, ok. I am sure everyone has enough of my tooth story for time being. I need to go back in few weeks time to check on that hole and do other filling with the dentist. 

It is the mid-week.  And I love having a little break in the mid-week. Kind of getting a breather after the Monday and Tuesday rush.  And here, I would like to wish all Malaysians "Happy National Day!"

Pink hibiscus

Not going to do much today.  Just relax and let everything flows.  Am going to send Jan and Jay to grandparents' house later as the grandpa promised to bring both for a walk and shopping today. *wink*

Have an awesome day, everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Different taste @ Lil' Baba

Hubby promised to give me a well-deserved birthday treat after I've recovered from my illness. True to his words, yesterday he brought me and kids to Lil' Baba in Emart Batu Kawa. Exam was over so it was a little treat for the kids as well for their hard work and results.

Lil' Baba is on 3rd floor of Emart where you may need to either use the elevator on the 1st floor (facing rooftop carpark just before entering the departmental store) or walking up using the staircase. The Peranakan cuisine restaurant is above Megalanes bowling alley.

I really love the decor and set up of the place. And my favourite color of the wall paint! Chic and classy.

Initially we planned to dine in The Farm Bistro, that serves Western cuisine but they did not open till noon yesterday. So we adjourned to next door, Lil' Baba for a different taste of cuisine. Something that we seldom have. A Peranakan kitchen. A taste of Baba Nyonya food.

I got to admit that their serving was nothing but big!! I was surprised (and delighted at the same time) to be served with a very tall glass of fresh orange juice to quench my thirst.

We did not wait that long for our food to arrive. As the kids could not take spicy food, we ordered something milder so everyone can eat and enjoy. 

First to be served was this Lil' Baba fried noodle. Not spicy at all and my kids enjoyed it very much.

Few slices of squid, chicken and prawns, and shredded omelette served with the perfectly fried noodle. Accompanied by small crackers and a spiced fried chicken wing.

Then we had this Yong Chow fried rice (above). Just like the fried noodle, the fried rice was served with spiced fried chicken wing and crackers. I am not a big fan of those crackers but my kids could not stop feeding on them!

This is an interesting dish that we had never try before. Nasi Lemak Pelangi Ayam Berempah. Literally means Nasi Lemak rainbow with spiced chicken.

To me, it was like coloured rice with nasi lemak condiments and a piece of ayam penyet. The rice has a hint of herbs; I could not detect the "lemak" in it. The anchovies were crispy and sambal was spicy. The spiced chicken? Not bad. Overall, a worthy dish to order. Big portion for one person.

And to Emart membership card members, don't forget to show your card to enjoy 10% discount off your bills. Now I have another place to wave my card at. *wink*

After our lunch we went to play a game of pool and bowling. Everyone has a good time on Saturday in Megalanes before we headed home for an afternoon nap.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fast and good

It was one of the weekday when hubby was on leave. We did some errands in the city and just before noon, we were hungry and decided to go to our favourite chicken rice shop in 3rd Mile for a fast and tasty lunch.

It was not packed and we quickly made our order.

Each table has the condinements such as chilli sauce, dark soy sauce and belacan. We could just take as much as we wanted as long as we do not waste them.

Within minutes, our food was served. First came the rice. The fluffy and fragrant rice was good.

Next the plate of steamed chicken. We ordered the portion of 2 persons, and it costs us RM10.

The best part has to be the chilli sauce. It is spicy with a bit of ginger and vinegar to it. Just nice to dip the chicken in. And I could just eat the rice with chilli sauce over my rice.

The curry and chicken feet soup were good too but I could go without them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something to celebrate

It was not much but there was something to celebrate last Sunday night.

We went to M2 Seafood Restaurant in MJC for dinner. It was raining heavily and I were not well, so we settled for someplace near and fast!

True enough the place was not packed and our food came  out very fast. First to arrive on our table was this delicious crispy butter chicken.

The chicken pieces were tender and the thick butter gravy was nice.

Next we had this stir-fried midin with red wine. Not much wine detected but the vegetable was crunchy.

Since I were the one to place order that night, I ordered this seeweed seafood soup. Something to warm ourselves in this cold rainy evening.

*recycled photo*

This salted beancurds and eggplants was a must order as my kids love them. And so was this fu rong omelette.
*recycled photo*

A simple dinner but everyone was full and we have to takeaway few dishes as we could not finish them all.

So a big "Happy Birthday" to me. Today is the day. If you are wondering, I am 39. Still young, not yet reaching the 40s. *wink wink*

And Happy Birthday to Jay too who is turning 7 tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #58 : A food post

Random photos of food

Steamed fish is very healthy; and I cook this a lot

So many kuihs to choose from 171 Home Café

Some more Kuching goodies from 171 Home Café

My favourite dessert, lek tau suan with yue tiaw

Delicious 2-in-1 Indian curry mee with Indian rojak from Ice Buddy Café (RM6.00)

Since change of ownership in May, the much improved seafood noodle from Kenyalang's Noodle Expert (RM5.50)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Not well

It started on Saturday evening when I suddenly had sore throat and fever. Took panadol before went to bed after watching the Olympic badminton final.

Woke up in middle of the night feverish. I hate those "cold and warm" feeling. Not comfortable and it took me quite a while to fall asleep again. Not only that, my whole body includes legs and arms were aching.

This morning I woke up with hardly any voice because of the tonsilitis. So hubby brought me to see doctor in the morning. Jamie also has a running nose so together with him, we went to see doctor.

We spent our Sunday sleeping at home. Did not do much. Thankfully hubby is around to take care of the kids while I can rest.

We did get to go out for dinner this evening although it was raining. Will blog on our dinner another day.

Going to bed soon. The medication takes effect pretty quick and it makes me dowsy. Not much of a good weekend for me. Sigh! Could not wait for the sickness to go away.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Favourite flowers

Have you stopped to admire the beauty of flowers lately??

The weather has been exceptionally warm over here and I have been watering my plants more than usual.  Thrice a day.  On such warm weather, I am sure the plants appreciate the extra fluid to keep them "hydrated".

My favourite flowers from the garden. Simply adore them. These Japanese roses are worth the waiting. They do not bloom every day so it is like a gamble to bet which buds bloom today.

Weekend is here. Not going to do much this weekend as kids are having their exams next week. Am going to get myself busy with the kids' revision. Preferably to stay indoor to keep away from the sun too.

But maybe going to bake something or go someplace for a little birthday celebration. My birthday as well as Jay's are coming up next week. We'll see how the weekend goes.

Happy weekend, guys! Have a great and beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hunting for food

With the current craze of hunting for Pokemon is soaring, I am still much interested in hunting for food. *wink*

One fine Sunday evening we went to Kuching Fest to hunt for food. As expected, it was so crowded and it made walking and ordering a tough task. We did not walked around and checked out the floral garden and the fun fair unlike what we did last year when hubby's cousins were here.

This year's hit - The Shit!! It is an ice cream pudding by the way

Kuching o' chien is one of the must-order

The kids were slightly grumpy because they did not get to play. After we bought what we wanted, we went home to eat.

O' chien (oyster pancake) RM11.00

Pork and chicken satays (RM0.70 per stick)

Jumbo sausage (RM7)

Fried noodle

Curry chicken with potatoes and beancurds

Just as we finished our dinner, my parents came over to pass us this yummy pack.  My girl's favourite crispy pata from Hong Fu, Sibu,  A friend flew to Sibu overnight and helped my dad to buy and bring the crispy pata over.

My girl couldn't wait to dig in so we had some for our supper before we called it a night. The next day I made a pull pork sandwich for hubby and myself while added some in his salad to be brought to his office.

My girl and I finished the pata that day. She was enjoying the pata. Hmm. Wonder any more flew-in pata anytime soon?? *wink*

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wandering : Megalanes

Megalanes, Emart Batu Kawa

The venue of the bowling matches in the recent Sukma Games in Sarawak.

Bright and spacious

Hmm. What treasures we have here?

From another angle

Newspaper cuttings on the wall

The view overlooking the lanes

The English-looking phone booth

Is this phone working?

Big vending machines

Pool tables

The staircase leading to the eateries, The Farm, and Lil Baba. Another time to try them out