Saturday, July 30, 2016

Weekend Menu # 80 : Morning muesli muffins

This was a very spontaneous baking last Saturday. 

I was clearing my fridge and pantry when I noticed that this light muesli has been sitting in the pantry for quite some time.

Well, it was still good (thank god) and then suddenly an idea came into my mind. How about experimenting and making a healthy morning muesli muffins with what ever I have at home?

So, with what ever I could find, I did the unimaginable! Turned out, disaster! It was supposed to be fail-proof but I guess I am still not familiar with my new electric oven so I over-baked my muffin. Tried to save them by scraping the top burnt part away. The texture and taste was just nice. Nutty and raisins in the muesli enhanced the muffin's taste. I could have used full cream milk, but low fat was what I have in the fridge.

I did baked another 2 since I had enough batter for 8 muffins. These 2 muffins are better but they were slightly smaller than the 1st batch. They did not puff up like the 1st batch.

Overall, it was good. You could taste the sweetness of raisin and apricots and some textures of the oats in the muffin. Hubby gave me a thumb up. Beside the burnt top, this muffin is filling and nice.

Morning Muesli Muffins (make 8)
75g all purpose flour
75f light natural muesli
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
150ml low fat milk (better option is full cream milk)
2 tbsp. honey
Butter for greasing

1. Pre-heat oven to 190C. Flour and grease each muffin hole.
2. Mix together the flour, muesli and baking powder in a howl.
3. In a separate bowl, beat the egg, milk and honey.  Add this to the dry ingredients and fold gently until just blended together.
4. Spoon the mixture into muffin hole, about 2/3 full.  Bake for 15 minutes till golden brown.

Hope you bake better and nicer muesli muffins than I do. *wink*

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stroll, see and shop in the market

One sunny afternoon when hubby was on leave, we decided to walk the market.  The MJC Pasar Tani is operating from the afternoon till night on every Thursday and Friday in the allocated parking space in Batu Kawah New Township.

I love to walk the market as I could see many things (some are exotic) and like any market, you could bargain with the vendors if you buy more. Products from vegetables, fruits, plants, jungle produce to fresh chickens, fishes and meats, as well as toys, clothings, ready-packed food etc, there is always something to buy. You wouldn't be going home empty-handed, that's for sure.

We had a nice stroll (minus the heat), and furthermore the kids seemed not to mind.  Maybe they were so looked forward to the ice-cream that they had the last time they visited here but the stall was not around that day.  Maybe the Malay vendor was still on Raya holiday.

We did some vegetables and meat shopping while we walked around.  Not many crowds so it was not so squeezed and we could walked around easily.  And I did snapped some photos while we walked.  Enjoy the photos ya?

Asam pelam and kuini

I forgot what this is called..

Jungle produce


Apam balik

Paus and other Chinese delicacies


Ice kacang

Smoked chickens??

From the sea

Horseshoe crabs

Ethnic jewelleries and decoration


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #57 : Food in focus

This post is all about food. Please do not drool, okay?? 

Fish sandwich from Sugarbun

Nasi ayam penyet from Nanyang Food Court

Enjoyed Raya visiting and feasting

Tasty seafood noodle from Choo Choo Cafe. It is high time for them to change the chipped bowls.

Delicious tomato crispy noodle in Kim Joo

Simple home-cooked fried noodle when I am running out of idea on what's for dinner

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekend Menu #79: Steamed chicken thigh

I used to hate steamed chicken when I were young.  Why? Because it was tasteless and the white skin scared me off.  I thought.

However everything changed as I grew up and away from home for college.  Then I started to pick up on food and became more adventurous.  And I fall in love with steamed chicken.  And I love the skin as well.  And I always prefer steamed chicken than roasted one.

Well, one thing about my kids, they eat breast meats whenever we are having steamed chicken rice.  You know how the breast meats taste like, right?  Breast meat is my least favourite but I am glad that my kids can eat breast meat.

Anyway, this post is not on my kids' eating habit but on this steamed chicken thigh recipe that I enjoy making at home.

Steamed chicken with wolfberries and ginger.  It is simply delicious and easy to cook. 

1 piece chicken thigh, cleaned and pat dry
2 tbsp. Chinese shao xing wine
1 tbsp. light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp. oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
8 slices ginger
about 1 tbsp. wolfberries
Chopped spring onion for garnish

1. Combine the chicken with all the ingredients (except wolfberries and chopped spring onion).
2. Marinate for at least 30 minutes or even better, overnight.
3. Before steaming, sprinkle the wolfberries on top of the chicken.  In high heat, steam the chicken for 15 to 18 minutes or until it is cooked.
4. Garnish with spring onion before serving.

Monday, July 25, 2016

I like it

Colourful mural

I like it when it is a long weekend and everyone gets together and does some fun or activities as a family. And that was the case last weekend. It was a holiday last Friday as we celebrated Sarawak Independence Day for the first time in history.

Reading is part of weekend activities

We started off with a spontaneous walk along Kuching Waterfront to Main Bazaar and Kai Joo Lane. It was unplanned but a nice activity in the morning of our Independence Day. The weather was great (cold and windy after the rain) for some outdoor walk and sight-seeing. More in my coming post.

History walk

Guess what? On Saturday, I put on my baking hat and utilize my electric oven for this muesli muffins.  Didn't turned out as gorgeous as I wanted them to be.  Recipe is coming up soon.

Muesli muffins

I did some gardening too.  Got myself some dirt and sweat in the garden. I've done weeding my garden and trimming those bushy money plants; and I felt they look better and lovelier again.

A pot of money plant

This pot of money plant just been transferred into the house; placed on the counter bar as hubby said it is good "feng shui".

Flat sandals have been my preferred footwear since I have kids. And I just bought this new flat sandals over the weekend as my old pair was pretty worn out.

And this was my latest cooking.  Steamed chicken for the family.  Verdict? I liked it.  Will share the recipe in the next post.

Steamed chicken for dinner

How I wish we could have a long weekend all the time.  *wink*

Friday, July 22, 2016

Chat and fun by the pool

It was one of the Raya holiday when we organised a playdate for the kids.  What else but a wet and splashing fun as it was a very warm day and the kids had been urging us to bring them to the pool.

So while the kids enjoying themselves in the pool equipped with water guns, the adults had some beers and chat at the side. The usual topic; on kids, and works.  And then, our friends asked whether we have any plans of a family vacation.  Well, actually we did have.  But then something came out and we did not go.  And hubby did planned to bring me to Europe but we were concerned on who taking care of the kids if both of us go, etc.

And last year we did talked about going for vacation together, but that was before my friend got herself pregnant with her 3rd baby and we cancelled our plan to go to Japan. 

This round, my friend suggested for a combined family vacation but that would be happening next year.  Let him plan for us. Oohh. It's time to save for the vacation. ^^

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

His story before turning 3

It has been a while since I did his update so here it goes. 

Turning 3 in less than 2 months, Jamie looks very mature for his age.  Everyone thought he is more than 3.  Maybe of his thick and dark hair.

This smartpant is very much of a baby some day when he loves to bite his quilt.  As you can see, he has not grown out of habit of biting it!  And his reluctance to let me wash it! Eeeewww!

He must have his quilt, and two soft toys when ever he sleeps and drinks milk. He seldom takes afternoon naps now but sleeps early at night, around 8pm. If he does nap, it would be 2 hours in the afternoon.

Jamie has been trained on potty last year and he is now officially dry during the days and most of the night too. I saved a lot of his diapers.  I still let him wear diaper whenever we go out for convenience but most of the times, I would bring him to the toilet to let him does his small business. Big business is another story, as he prefers to poo standing than sitting on the toilet seat or potty. So, mummy needs to work harder and be patient in training him to poo the right way in the right place.

He is brushing his teeth nowadays as he would not want me to do so.  Correct or not, clean or not, I let him does it himself. But he can rinse his mouth with water pretty well.

As for his temper, he has his moment.  The stubborn moment where it is unbearable but it is a phase and as a parent, I have to teach him how to behave.  Not everything is his own way.  He cannot get what he wants all the time. 

As he is going to kindergarden next year, I am preparing him for it.  Well, he knows what school is as he follows me sending and picking his older siblings. Some day he is an eager beaver, bringing his bag along.  Follow what his older siblings do.

And to make him at ease around other children, I bringing him to Sunday school every Sunday.  Let him mingle and get used with children of his age. So far, it is good and he is not afraid of sitting and playing with other children.

But when it comes to writing, he still likes to doodle than proper writing.  His vocabulary is now 6 and more words per sentence. He could be very babbly and we are having hard time to keep him quiet at home. However he hardly talk to stranger or someone he is not familiar with.

His birthday is coming soon.  No plan to hold a big celebration for him.  Like previous years, it would be a simple and family celebration at home for him.  Wait till he is bigger and we will do a party for him.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Our short hike and the water

Continue from my previous post; from the warden's house, we followed our friend to the stream.

It was shady so we did not feel the sun that much. Looked up, it was trees all over you.

Don't you love nature? The view, the tree, the fresh air, the sound of the jungle. It was so peaceful and surreal.

I love hiking in the jungle.  But having kids with us, we had to be extra slow and careful; making sure everyone stays together.

However it was a very short hike for us; about 10 minutes and we spotted the rushing stream. Not that deep. But so many big rocks so you got to be careful walking and scaling them.

This is the easiest track. More difficult tracks further into the national park but it would be tough for young children so we did not venture further in. Need to wait for my kids to grow up then we can come back and conquer the tougher tracks.

For now, this little stream would do. See how clear was the water. Cold and nice.

And my kids went back to the old kampung style. Jumped into the water with their clothing on. Me? No. Just dipping my feet into the cold clear water.

Hope the next round we are here again, we could do bbq as there is bbq pit provided.

Next time....