Thursday, February 21, 2008

Money = Happiness?

Lately I have been babbling none stop about career change and money. Maybe because of unexpected events happening to me, i.e. purchase of new car, not enough money to spend and save, new house and hubby's plan to change job. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, money issue is always at the back of your mind. You cannot escape from it (unless you are filthy rich and no need to work hard for it!)

As young, I always been made to believe that money is the root of all evil. Money can make a person commit unwanted crime. Some believes it represents success or fame and other, it represents power acceptance, material goods and status.

Women use money to fill an emotional hole, e.g when alone in a strange place or after an emotional break-off with lovers, they tend to go to shopping spree and ultimately lead to overspending and tie up with credit debts.

Many feel that we can improve our emotional well-being with money, i.e acquiring more of it or spending it lavishly. Certainly when you don’t have enough money for basic needs, you will think money is crucial, but once above poverty level, your money loses ability to boost your happiness quotient.

Money is not a way to pursue happiness, instead couple should focus on maintaining and improving relationships in their life. Those that put a lot value on money, goal and fame are less happy and well-organised.

To determine whether you are financially happy, ask yourself this question “Are you successful?” The problem is that you will never be successful if you always comparing yourself with other. You will start to compare how much money you make, how big your house is etc. Human beings are never satisfied with what they have. So stop comparing your success rate and instead be content with what you have. I understand it is great to own a BMW, but if it costs you on extra year of overtime, forget it. It is not worth your time and sacrifice.

Always consider what you really want and be realistic with it. If all you want is a nice place for vacation and away from work, a vacation at an island resort within the country is better alternative than going for an overseas vacation. You shouldn’t work your butt off for a year or exhaust yourself with a big debt to settle from the vacation. I don’t think you would be wholly happy even you are on vacation when you start to think of all the debts during your vacation, right?

As people always say “Let money works for you, not the other way round”. If you work for money, you would never be happy. You will never be content with what you earn. Money is never enough for you.
Change the “value” of money, never believe that money will buy happiness, it is always not true. Yes, money and material things are important but you may need to find out why in first place that they are important.

For example you may think that you want a big house to live in, but the reason behind it may be your desire for security. Be realistic. If you are always depressed or unhappy while seeking money, it is not worth it. You will lead a happier life if your perception on money changes. Look at money differently and never be slave to it!! (now again, it is always easy to say than done!! :p)


Zooropa said...

Money is the most important & concerning issue in my head for time being but not sure after years down the road...Anyway, Happy Chap Goh Mei!


Rose world said...

Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too, Dora!

Money always an issue no matter how hard you try to avoid it! hahaha! Cant live without them! Sigh!

janice said...

hahaha.. i wanted to say something.. but whn i saw u wrote, easier said then done.. i know u hve the clue..

Let me tell u .. if we dont hv money .. there wont be happiness.. really .. cos it's the root of all evil..

this is a very conflict issue..

Yoolees said...

Money should not be an issue... but you are right, in reality, money is an issue... sometimes, it cause all evil on the world. I guess lack of money is the root of all evil, right?

I like this post about money...

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