Friday, October 29, 2021

Egg tofu

If you like egg tofu, then my guess is that you would enjoy this dish.

This appetizing and tasty dish is simple and do not require much in preparation and cooking. And the result is a delicious egg tofu with minced pork gravy that goes so well with rice!!


1 tub of egg tofu, cut and seasoned with salt, pepper and evenly coated with cornflour 

About 200g minced pork, seasoned with salt, pepper, oyster sauce and Chinese wine 

Some carrot strips

1 shitake mushroom, soak and cut into strips 

1 beaten egg

1 tsp Light soy sauce 

1 tsp oyster sauce

1 tsp cooking wine 

Salt and pepper to taste

Spring onions for garnish 

Methods :

1. In a pan, pan fry the egg tofu till golden brown on all sides. Dish out and arrange on a serving plate.

2. With same pan, add in about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Once hot, add in the pork mixture. Break the meat and cook till change colour before add in the carrot, mushroom, sauce and seasoning. Add in the beaten egg, stir and mix well. Add some water if too dry. Simmer till cook.

3. Pour the pork gravy on top of the egg tofu. Garnish with spring onion.  Serve warm. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

In the bun

It was last Sunday. We went to the nearby supermarket, Choice Daily for a quick shopping. We went around 930am, so it wasn't so packed in the morning. 

We bought some stuff and this was one of the frozen sausage that hubby found. We never tried it before. Jumbo-sized chicken sausages!! 

8 pieces in the pack. I took out 6 for our lunch. I told you, it was really a jumbo! See how giant and long were the sausages!!

A simple Sunday lunch. Assemble-your-own-hot-dog, as I called it. There were few ingredients to choose from, so it was up to everyone to put whatever they like in their hot dog bun. The kids were happy, as it was a nice change from the usual rice meal. 

This was what I added in my bun. No sauce for me. I prefer mustard in my hot dog but since we were out of it, so it was fine with me to go without sauce. 

A nice, easy hotdog lunch. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

It has been months

The last time we had dim sum in Boulevard Restaurant was upon my girl's birthday request 6 months ago. So it has been months since we dined out as a family.

Few days ago, to be exact, on Tuesday (a public holiday), we went there for our brunch. It opens at 9am on public holidays so we were the first bunch to wait for it to open up that day. 

Once seated, we started to write down our order. We ordered all the dim sum and food that we loved and missed. Gosh, it felt good to go out and enjoy the food we love. We finished up our brunch by 10am, and by then more customers (mostly families with young children) were coming in. It was good timing that we made our move then. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Sunday therapy

Hubby and I went for a Sunday date not long ago. It felt so good to go out together, spend a little time and enjoy each other's company, without the kids. Okay, no worry, the kids were alright with us going out, they rather stayed at home. And as long as we bought something back for them, they were fine. 

It was in May 2021 that we visited The Spring mall so 5 months later, both of us came back for our shopping therapy. We like shopping at this mall; the ambience and outlets are fantastic.

There was a simple Halloween decoration in the mall. 

We made a short stop to check out the decoration. 

Bats on tree branches, pumpkins, witch's cat and ghost were parts of the set-up.

Our next stop was the Japanese brand, Uniqlo. There was something for everyone. As there was promotion in the store, we spent quite some time there. 

Next we moved to Parkson to get hubby's personal wears. After done with our shopping, it was almost lunch time, and we were rather hungry since we took our breakfast around 7am.

So we had this Nasi Arab at the food court that we enjoyed in our previous visit. This time both of us went for the lamb shank.

After we were done and bought takeaway from Sugarbun for the kids, we headed back home. It didn't take long, less than 2 hours in the mall. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

3-minutes yee mee

On our monthly grocery shopping last Saturday, I bought 2 packs of this instant noodle (RM4.50) home. Seafood Tom Yum Yee Mee. That looked tempting, don't you think??

Who is this Pak Chan (old Mr Chan), I don't know but it has been his recipe since 1941 so I guess it would not taste that bad. Only RM4.50 per pack, so even it is otherwise, it would not be much of a disappointment.
Fonts too small for my eyes now. What to do, old lady so could not read the small fonts most of the times now.

I tried it out this morning. Once I unwrapped it, there was 3 packets of seasoning in it. The noodle was well packed in the plastic holder.

The instruction called for 3-minutes of boiling, so I boiled my noodle for 3 minutes before off the heat and added the seasonings.

Mixed well, and the smell of tom yum lingered in the air!! I also made myself a poached egg. Not so successful as you could see from the egg white but the yolk was nice and soft which I liked!

Added the Jakar fish balls and lettuces, my Yee Mee was ready. Very sourish and spicy, I hardly could handle and finish my noodle. Overall, it was nice, and for those who loves strong tom yum flavour, this is for you!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Take it easy

I always like to take the easy way when it comes to cooking. When I am lazy or rushing. 

For instance, last Friday when Jan had her vaccination, we had our lunch delivered. Jan and I ate early and left the boys on their own at home. When we reached home before 1pm, both boys had finished their lunch.

As for dinner, I took out the frozen mini spring rolls that hubby bought from Jakar.  And a pre-cooked chicken with Sarawak laksa paste that I kept in freezer.

Not much of a hassle in the kitchen as I basically need to cook a vegetable dish, thaw and reheat the chicken, deep fry the spring rolls and heat up the pork rib with peanut soup that I cooked the day earlier.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

It's her turn

A short entry today. Jotting down my girl's vaccination story.

It was her turn to take the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Her school allocated a day for Form 1 to Form 3 classes to complete their first dose and Jan's spot was 12 to 1 pm in PPV Dewan Majma (behind Wisma Hopoh). 

Before we went out, we took our lunch around 1030am. No cooking for me as rushing for time, so I ordered chicken rice through Foodpanda app. Out of concern for traffic and parking, we went out at 11am. I wasn't that familiar with that area as it has been many years since I drove to that area. The last time I was there was a visit to my gynae when I was pregnant with Jay!! 

I remembered it was a pain to find parking there but God was on our side yesterday as I managed to find a decent parking space with just one round. The last time I needed to go two or three rounds to find a spot! We parked just behind the Dewan Majma but a 2-minutes walk to the front entrance.

We reached the venue before 1130am and have already bumped into few of her classmates there. Looked like some like us was pretty early to arrive although it was not yet the allocated time slot. Anyway, everything was smooth and in order; by 1215pm, we were done and left the venue. 

Jan was fine, no adverse side effect. While she was in the observation area and I was at the separate parents' waiting room, she commented on a schoolmate who wasn't feeling well after the vaccination. Dizziness and vomitting, according to her. Thank God Jan was alright. Hope that student was fine after that. 2nd dose this month end.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

From Jakar

When hubby was on the way back from Sibu after attending his grandma's funeral last Friday, he stopped by this Jakar coffee shop for a break.

He had brunch and toilet break there. While he was there, he bought some frozen stuff from the shop. He bought few packs of Jakar siu mai and immediately after he got home, he requested that I steamed a pack to enjoy.

So we enjoyed these tasty siu mai from Jakar as afternoon snack that day. 

Other stuff that he bought included the fish balls which we enjoyed. I used them in soup or stir fried with vegetables.

He also bought home these frozen food such as small spring rolls, stewed pork belly and preserved vegetable meat that we haven't tasted before. Looked good especially the mini size spring rolls. We tried its normal sized spring rolls, I remembered it was good, so I bet this small spring rolls would be equally nice.

The following day, I took out a pack of the small spring rolls, let them thawed before deep fried them. Taste?? Appetizing and satisfying. 

Another day to try these 2 pork belly dishes. Convenient too; just heat them up and they are ready to consume.

The best is still the Jakar siu mai. As of this post, we had eaten 2 packs, now left 1 pack in the freezer. The boys seemed to enjoy them now, unlike last year where they hardly touched them. Lol.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Here it goes

Back in 2016, hubby was stationed in Sri Aman for a year.  Now 5 years later, he is going back to Sri Aman for a few years posting there.

Maybe a blessing in disguise for him. Less stress, lower target, away from office politics in Kuching. Although he may need to drive around 2 hours from Kuching to Sri Aman, but he did it 5 years ago, so it isn't a much problem.  Of course he will be back and forth for weekend etc, so we still get to see him during the weekends.

On Wednesday, my Jay went for his Covid-19 vaccination.  We thought Jan would be vaccinated first but in the end, it was Jay that went first. Jan supposed to have hers early last month but last minute, it was postponed, maybe to accommodate the 16 and 17 years old first. The new date for her vaccination is next Friday.

So on Wednesday morning, I brought Jay to SJK CH no 6, the designated vaccination centre for few Chung Hua schools in Padawan, which was about 10 minutes drive from our house. His time slot was 11am, but we arrived early around 1030am to find parking and venue. In less than 20 minutes, he was done with Pfizer vaccine and we were allowed to go home.  Other than sore arm, Jay did not have any side effect and was doing alright.

On that same morning, my hubby also drove to Sri Aman to do some handover work. Then he drove over to Sibu in the afternoon as his paternal grandmother passed away the night before. As the eldest grandson, he wanted to pay his last respect and accompanied his grandmother on her final journey. RIP, ah mah. We will miss and remember you forever.

Photo taken from Google image

Hope October is kind to us. Everyone stays healthy, safe and happy. And may God bless everyone, his humble servants.