Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Affordable Eyeglasses for Everyone

I have been wearing glasses when I was in Standard 5. My parents discovered that I have some problems reading words on blackboard in schools and sitting too near to television at home. Thank god they brought me to optometrist to rectify my short sightedness (myopia).

Just last year I made a new glass for myself. A treat for me after using the same glass for years!! Reason? Lazy to go to optometrist and select a suitable frame from their counter displays!

Fear no more, I discovered a wonderful site which offers not only affordable frames and lens for adults and children, they have wide selection for you to choose from. Check out Zenni Optical $8 RX Glasses and discover what they can offer you. Great Discovery: Zenni Optical provides shipping and accepts international orders too. Instead of going out to buy eye glasses, you can browse for your favourite frame and lens and have it sent right to your door step!!

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