Sunday, December 31, 2023

Eve night

We had Christmas dinner on the eve night with my side of family in Boulevard Restaurant. My dad booked a table for 15 of us. We were the first to arrive, while few tables were already occupied. The whole restaurant was fully booked that evening. 

Soon my parents and brother, sis and their families came and we had the waiter to serve our pre-booked menu. 

We started off with this tasty fried rice. There was some crunch in the fried rice so it was really tasty and appetizing. Even my choosy eater hubby commented it was good. 

Thereafter its crispy mee with chicken was served. The waiter served them into smaller bowl so each of us had a serving. 

The fried seafood beancurd was a hit among the kids as it was good with the mayonnaise dipping. 

The yam basket was something I enjoyed that night. It has been a while since I last have this mixed vegetables served in a yam basket. 

The salted egg yolk fried bittergourd was pretty good as well. Bitter yet salty at the same time. 

Plum sauce pork rib was also a hit among us. Tender and flavourful pork ribs; everyone sang praises of this dish. 

Next was the oatmeal prawns. No fault on this dish but I thought it was rather dry. The prawns were fresh so not much complaint on this. 

We also had steamed sea bass which I didn't take photo of. Lastly was some green to balance our intake. Stir fried Sabah lettuce, which we all like to have. 

While we were dining, a surprise visit by a carolling group to bring some Christmas vibes to the restaurant and diners. They sang few Christmas songs and a Santa Claus also appear to give some candies to young children. What a wonderful Christmas feast and eve we had. 

And today being the last day of the year, here wishing all my readers, bloggers and friends, A Happy and Blessed New Year!! See you guys in 2024!!!


Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Top 10

Hubby took a long holiday this month so he helped around the shop and spent time with us. 19th was the shop off day, so everyone had a good sleep. It has been a long time since I did not set alarm clock and woke up late. That morning, I  had a good sleep and woke up slightly after 7am. 

Hubby suggested to have breakfast in Top 10 Food Court in Jalan Song. This shop used to be our favourite breakfast spot when we stayed in BDC. Now we hardly visited that area, not to mention having breakfast there. 

This used to be operated a couple where the husband did the cooking while the wife did ordering ande serving.  Now we only seen the lady with her daughter at the stall. Maybe the husband is no longer around, but we don't know much as it has been quite long since we dined there. The taste also wasn't the same with the lady doing the cooking. RM6 per bowl now for the kolo mee. 

My breakfast choice was from the fish mihun soup stall. Fresh grouper fish fillet with mihun for RM15.50. I like the tasty sourish soup. I finished up the whole bowl!! 

Hubby also ordered the ham egg sandwich. RM3.50 for the sandwich. 

The same stall where hubby used to order its breakfast set but that morning, he wanted sandwich instead. 

After have had our breakfast and bought takeaway for others at home, we headed back to MJC. 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Christmas shopping

It is that time of the year again. Christmas shopping. No matter what, we must spend some times at the mall, checking out the Christmas vibes and offers. One of our favourite places to go to is this shopping mall.

It was our off day early this week, so we took the opportunity to walk around and relax with the kids.

We spent almost 2 hours at the mall, shopping for clothing. Everyone including my mil got what we wanted. Quite a crowd at the mall so we did not dilly dally around. After bought some clothing at 2 outlets, and some Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew, we adjourned to the food court for lunch. 

My usual when ever I visit this food court. Nasi Arab stall. Went for its mixed biryani nasi Arab with lamb shank curry (RM36). Super filling as I couldn't finish the lamb leg by myself. 

We didn't really checked out the main concourse Christmas decoration as more crowds coming in. And with Covid cases going up in recent weeks, we decided to make a move. There was a Wonka themed setting in one area. 

These were the photos I managed to take. At least we got to see some Christmas tree. Lol. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Six months

Without realising it, I have been in F&B line for 6 months now!! How time flies. 

First was the planning, and then the execution and lastly, the result. The fruit of our labour.

18 June, the first day of operation with 2 stalls in business, namely kolo mee and chicken rice. Then, in July we had the wok fried stall, which operate till November. 

Laksa stall also started sometime in July. Fast moving forward, this month we had new tenant in, the fried banana fritter stall. Tomorrow onwards, the stall will also serving meatball soup China flavour. I shall blog about it soon. 

With the wok fried stall out, we took over the stall and did mee suah business. Business is picking up from the mee suah as well as our sandwich menu too this month. 

More will be coming soon next year, so watch out for our new addition. 

Operation wise, I had 3 staff working for me. 2 since the beginning. There is always issue and problem when dealing with workers especially attitude. Everywhere is the same, right?? 

Shortage of sugar and increase in pricing for coffee also popped up lately, so have been contemplating on increasing in my drink pricing but that shall be next year agenda. For now, my pricing has been fixed as it is since the opening. Small glass RM1.60 for teh o and Kopi o and big glass RM2 for teh o and Kopi o. Price for big glass for Kopi and kopi c as well as teh c is RM2.50, while small glass for both is RM2 each. 

Looking forward to a better next year. Blooming business and better service for everyone. 


Friday, December 15, 2023

Not that original

It was my off day, so together with my mil, we went to Tasty Delight for breakfast as we wanted to do grocery shopping in Emart Hypermarket after that.

Our breakfast was from this Foochow Delight stall. The menu was extensive, covering the Foochow specialty as well as kolo mee, and seafood noodle. 


We ordered this meat balls soup for sharing. Tasted so so only, not to our liking. 


I had the seafood kolo mee.  Big portion served in a nice bowl. The noodle was not like kolo mee, lack of flavour. 


The kampua also not looked and tasted original. Lack of pork lard according to my mil. 

Not a delightful breakfast but we never wasted our food so we tried to finish them off. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

Chill out

In a blink of an eye, it is December. And Christmas is falling upon us soon without you realising it. 

No, we didn't put up Christmas tree this year.  It has been 4 years since we set up the tree. Somehow as the kids grow bigger, they aren't so into those things anymore. 

So no harm for me to admire other Christmas trees when I see them. Just the other night, hubby and I went to this bistro in Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce called Anglers Bistro. We had a chill out there, relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. The Christmas tree was pretty, giving that festive vibe in the bistro. 

I had mojito while hubby had his usual drink, beer. I prefer a lighter cocktail so this minty and refreshing cocktail is my favourite.

We also shared this fish n chip, where they used Cobia fish. Never tasted Cobia fish before but this fried fish nugget was delicious and went well with their homemade tartar sauce. Definitely will order this again. 

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Fried fritters

Latest stall in my coffee shop is this fried banana fritters stall. Started to operate on 1 December in Jia Hao Cafe. 

A friendly lady operator; she started off her business with fried bananas, fried sweet potatoes and fried vegetable fritters before introducing more on the menu as time goes. 

We gave her support by ordering RM5 for banana fritters (2 pieces for RM1). 

And RM2 vegetable fritters. Crispy and tasty. 

Coming up is her meat soup menu which will kick off once her ingredients received from China. 

Monday, December 4, 2023

Red mee suah

A short post today. Posting new menu from my coffee shop. 

Red mee suah chicken soup is introduced last week in my coffee shop to offer more food varieties to customers.

RM10 per bowl, a Foochow specialty noodle dish. Those who loves Foochow red wine, will definitely love this flavourful and nutritious noodle soup. 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Tom yum coconut

One Sunday evening, hubby, mil and I went to this coffee shop in Rubber Road for dinner. It was raining and dark although it was around 630pm. Nevertheless the bad weather did not stop us from going all the way there for our unique meal. 

Unique? Does having the food served in the coconut unique for you?? Oh yes, we were having tom yum served in coconut. Not one but three!!!

The operator is from Sibu, a Foochow Chinese Muslim. While we were there, he was busy doing his tik tok show where as his staff did the cooking. 

My mil had the seafood tom yum, while hubby opted from the big prawn tom yum. 

The lamb tom yum was my choice but we shared the tom yum coconuts among us. The gravy was fantastic. Very thick and flavourful. Really appetizing that we brought the leftover home to cook the next day. 

Besides the tom yum coconuts, we also ordered some side dishes from the coffee shop.  We had stir fried mixed vegetables, stir fried cangkuk manis with egg and stir fried omelette. Loved that they served brown rice over here. 

Our drinks and side dishes plus rice cost around RM35. The 3 coconuts was RM90 in total. We were happy and full from all the eating. The rain still came down heavily when we left the shop. 

De Laila Cafe is located in Rubber Road, opens from 8 am till 12 midnight. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

That Sunday

It was hubby's birthday, so we didn't cook at home. After a good nap, we went to this food court for early dinner.

My man didn't want anything extravagant so a simple dinner with family in the food court was his wish. 

In the morning, my mil cooked chicken mee suah soup for lunch, so he got his birthday mee suah as well. We plan to have this in our coffee shop next month. What do you think?? Can pass?

Back to our Sunday evening. We had almost the same thing that we had on our previous visit in this food court, so I am not posting on the same food again. But this round, we ordered some satay home from this stall. We used to order through FoodPanda in the past since the stall only opens in the evening.  

We ordered 30 sticks of pork satay and 10 sticks of pork belly from Marin's Satay stall. RM50 in total. 

My mil wanted to taste the pork belly satay as we only tasted the pork satay only in the past. For those who love the fatty part, I bet they will like this.

The satay sauce was nice so we enjoyed it a lot. 

A friend gave hubby a birthday cake, that had the delivery guy sent over to our house. So thoughtful of him!!

Peppermint ice cream cake from our local bakery. That was nice; not so sweet. 

Vertical slice on the cake. The kids enjoyed and finished it the next day, which happened to be school holiday over here. Deepavali. Not a public holiday though. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Luncheon sandwich

I used to make luncheon sandwich for kids and hubby in the past; they seemed to enjoy it very much. 

This month, I added luncheon sandwich in my breakfast menu in my coffee shop; more option for customers. Normal sandwich is RM5, while with cheese is RM6. 


This is the sandwich we serve at the shop. Hope customers will like it. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

He wanted rice

Jay wanted to have rice for lunch on my off day. Since I was still full from my breakfast, I brought him to 38 Food Street for roasted chicken rice. 

This franchise I.P.H. Roasted was our choice for a nice plate of roasted chicken rice. The first outlet is here but way out of the way for us. Since there is a stall nearer, we will settle for this one when we feel like having roasted meat. 

Jay had his roasted chicken rice while I bought takeaway for myself and the other 2 kids. 

I went for roasted duck rice instead. How I missed roasted duck! RM7.50 for roasted chicken rice while roasted duck rice costs RM9.50.