Friday, February 8, 2008

Breakfast of Mee Sua

Been a Foochow, hubby's family would have mee sua as 1st breakfast of a New Year symbolisize good health and luck for the new year. So, not to disappointed my hubby, I cooked Mee Sua this year too. My first attempt at cooking mee sua but it is very easy to prepare.

First you have to prepare the chicken soup. I cooked the soup on the Eve night so I do not need to rush to prepare it on 1st day of CNY. Here is the recipe:

1 chicken thigh; few slices of ginger; Chinese mushrooms (soaked and sliced); enough water; cooking oil; Hard boiled egg; Mee Sua

1. Firstly, stir fry the ginger till fragrant. Stir fry the mushroom for few second.

2. Add in the chicken then pour in water enough to cover the chicken. Take note I did not chop the chicken thigh but you can chop it up and use any part of the chicken. The best is still Chicken Drumsticks!!

3. Simmer the chicken soup till chicken is tender. Turn off the heat, add in salt or MSG to taste and stir the soup well.

4. In a separate wok, boil water. When water is boiled, add in mee sua. Once mee sua turns translucent; scoop out the mee sua from hot water and transfer to a bowl. Add in chicken soup, mushroom, chicken meat and hard boiled egg.

Ta da!! Time to eat it while it is hot!! You can also add some Foochow red wine in the soup for more flavour.

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