Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ranting on nothing......

Everything back to normal today, more cars in the morning when on my way to the office! Guess everyone has come to a realization that they need to get back to normal self, going back to work and it is another year to fulfil after a long holiday.

I had a breakfast with my sister this morning before punching in to work. She was in her good self, telling me about a blind date that she had yesterday. So I asked her whether there is any progress from the 1st lunch date, which she not so sure herself too. I was also teasing her on getting flowers either today or tomorrow since Valentine’s Day is just tomorrow. Hahahah! I wouldn’t go into details of her private life, otherwise she will kill me if she read this post and knew I share it with other bloggers!!

Her blind date story reminded me of my own dates. Ok, I don’t have many blind dates, mind you but I can remember one funny incident concerning a guy who trying to ask me out for lunch. It goes like this. This guy was doing advertisement for my company few years back (before I dated my husband). He was a friendly man, but on a shy side. We did meet up discussing on the project, and once over a lunch. After the project finished, he asked me for a lunch date. He asked few day in advance of which I accepted. No harm of rejecting, since it is free lunch and he is a nice guy, I think.

Come to that day, he supposed to call me, which he didn’t! I were been the thick face wouldn’t want to call him up to find out what is the problem, right? So, in the end, the lunch is cancelled and he only called me up few days later to apologize! Gosh! I was thinking to myself, thank god we didn’t go out for lunch, knowing what type of man he was that time. Irresponsible and male ego! Both criteria immediately turn me off. He was strike off from my “potential” list! LOL!

Another funny incident involving another guy. We went out for few dates before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Well, I didnt accept wholly, thought I need some times to consider his proposal. Anyway, somehow I found out that he still with his girlfriend and they never broke up! The funny thing was that I bumped into his girlfriend when I visited him at his house during a CNY! Imagine how uncomfortable the situation I were in? When I found out, I was not that sad or disappointed, just angry with him playing on "both sides of the boat"! What is wrong with men? Maybe he want to make sure we go steady before breaking off with his girlfriend? Or other reason?
Alright, now I am really mumbling on nothing, just boring past relationships that never happen! And guess I am a bit sexist here! LOL! Hope I didnt bored or offend you especially my male blogger friends.
Anyway, just want to wish those singles and still searching for Mr or Ms Right "Keep searching, and never give up", and those that have found their other half "Happy Valentine's Day" and "May Everyday a Lovey-Dovey Day". :)

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