Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going into 2012

A quick greeting to all blogger friends and readers! Happy 2012!

And how are we going to celebrate our last night of the 2011??? Watching DVD at home with the kids tonight. Yes! Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked DVD. Always a fan of the chipmunks and I enjoyed their first movie. I am sure the kids will like it especially little gal who watched the first movie. Once a while, I still played the DVD for the kids to watch.

So, looking forward to the New Year with new resolutions and more challenges ahead of me. Thank you everyone for all the supports and comments given throughout the year. It has been a wonderful year; and I get to know more blogger friends and learn more from you guys. Happy blogging and see you guys in 2012! Cheers, everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not so ABC

It has been raining non stop since 25 December morning, and only yesterday afternoon we were able to see Mr Sun out, and then the rain continue till this morning. It stopped but it began again. Sigh! Really gloomy and wet day. Expected it to be like this till this weekend.

I also recovered from cold. Had runny nose on Christmas Eve but that did not stopped me from going to a Christmas potluck gathering in our church. Did not have time to cook anything for the potluck so we "tapau-ed" a roasted duck. First time I joined a church potluck and I was surprised to see so many people there. Definitely more than 100. Luckily the food is enough for everyone. After the dinner, we proceed to the mass, but we did not finished the mass as Baby Jay grew restless. So we left half-way.

On Christmas Day I did not feel any better so we did not attend the Church. What a shame!! Some more the rain was so heavy that morning. So sick me craving for something light and soupy, so I dug into the fridge for inspiration!

Not so sure whether I should call it ABC Soup because I think it does not really contain all the vitamins. But anyway, for the pleasure of this post, I shall called it Pork Ribs with corns and carrots soup.

I am relying more on slow cooker to cook my soups nowadays. Easier and no need to mend the fire. If need to heat up, I just transfer the soup to a pot and warm up on the gas stove.


Few pieces of chicken feet
1/2kg Pork ribs
3 Sweet Corns break into 3 pieces each
2 carrots, cut into chunks
Little bit of ginger slices
Salt to taste


1. After washing, prepare all the ingredients accordingly.
2. Boil the pork ribs in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain.
3. Add water in slow cooker, put all the ingredients (except salt) and cook for 2 to 3 hours till ribs tender. Add salt to taste.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HK or Spore??

Out of sudden hubby told me that he is thinking of a holiday next year, bringing the kids along either to Hong Kong or Singapore. Wow! An overseas holiday? I know I know, one of my top 10 wish for the year! *wink* It would be either the Universal Studio or the Disneyland which I am sure the kids will enjoy themselves. But that is just his thought, see how things go next year.

My main priority for next year would be the new house. Got to finish the renovation and furniture, then we can move in and settle down in our new nest. Vacation can be later.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10 wishes for 2012

A day after Christmas. Now it is time to list down your new year wishes.

Here are my wishes (where is the genie in the lamp to grant my wishes?? If not all 10, at least 3 wishes!).....

1. Money, money, money
No debts, no people calling and chasing you for payment and have extra money to do the things you love. Hmm, I guess hitting the jackpot would get rid of everything. Lol!
Image from Google Search

2. Travelling around the world
It would be a great dream to be able to travel, taste and see those beautiful countries around the world. I want to go to Europe, Canada, Australia and other far far away countries. Gosh! I need to have my #1 wish granted first! But hubby has promised me that we will have a family vacation may it be overseas or local at least once a year.

Image from Google Search

3. Have an online shopping website
It has always been my dream to own an online shopping website; catering to ladies and children need.

4. Be a homemaker
It means that I would able to do my wifey and mother duties to my family. It is not easy with having a shop as I juggle between the shop and family but hopefully I would be able to hand down the business affair to my staff. Then I have more times to attend to the needs of my children. I realised that my children are growing up each day and I would not want to miss out on their growing stage. Little girl is going to be 6 years old and Baby Jay is going to be 3 years old next year. Soon, my girl is going to be in her teen and how I wish then that she would be my little girl again. *wink*

5. Going back to Redang
Our honeymoon spot in 2005, so I would love to bring both kids there. Hubby and I discussed on family vacation in Redang island before. It leaves good memories for us, so we definitely love to go back there. This round, with extra packages. *wink*

Image from Google Search

6. To venture more in cooking
I would love to try new recipes and able to cook great food for my family. Have not be able to do so since I am busy at the shop, so if time permits, I would love to cook nutritional meals for my hubby and my 2 growing kids.

7. Teaching kids with iPad education
Yes, you reading it correctly. With so many good ebooks and online education websites, I find that iPad does wonders. So convenient and my kids never bored of its interactive learning. So, hubby, if you read this, I wish for a new iPad which is my wish #8.

8 iPad3
For conveniences, and personal use. Who does not own an iPad nowaday? Lol!

9. Go to gym more and learn to swim
Do not waste the monthly services we have to pay, better fully utilise the community facilities and clubhouse. Must keep fit and healthy and since I did not have times to go exercises, I must make it a habit to go to gym in the morning. At least an hour in the morning in gym before I go to open up my shop. And I have to admit, I do not know how to swim. So what? Not to old to learn, right? So I would be able to go to Redang and scuba diving during our next visit. My kids definitely must know how to swim. Lol!

Image from Google Search

10. Own a car
Thanks to my dad for lending his car. Although the Toyota Corolla has been faithfully serving me for more than 15 years, it is time for me to get a new car.

So what are your 10 wishes for 2012?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

To be jolly

Today is the celebration of Winter Solstice! Have you taken your rice ball (tang yuan) yet?

It ain't too early to wish everyone "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year", right?? Christmas is just around the corner; a time of jolly. We are spending times with loved one. It is all about happiness, hopes and loves.

I have just finish buying and wrapping my Christmas presents. Always last minute thinggy for me! Lol!

Have you list down your next year resolutions?? As for me, it would be another post another day. *wink*

So I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday!! Counting down to 2012. Another 10 days to go!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breathing the ocean air

That was what we did after our Sunday mass last weekend. We decided to drive all the way to Damai since it has been more than 2 years we went to beaches. The last one was when I was heavily pregnant with Baby Jay.

Cooling day to drive to Damai and boy, the roads getting wider and change a lot. I cannot recognised the old road anymore. We reached Damai Central in 30 minutes. Damai Central is the latest recreational centre that open recently. By the time we reached there, there a big crowds as they were having a sport day. A bit of drizzle but that did not dampen our spirit.

Don't you like the feeling of wind and drizzle blowing onto your face??

Looking at the waves I would not even want to jump into the ocean. With the year end weather and high tide, it would not be encouraging to swim in such condition.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Munching away

I am not a big fan of snack times, but sometimes exception is inevitable. *wink*

Fall in love with this mixed fernels when I tasted it last week. And me and Baby Jay can finish up the whole container if no one stopped and took the container away.

Baby Jay feed me raisins (a bit sourish) and sunflower seeds (because the seeds a bit spicy) while he takes the rest. I like almond nuts the most. Healthier (I think) as they are not fried.

Some days I would be lazy to have my lunch or cannot think of anything to eat, I opt for something easier like bread.

Raisin & sesame seed bread with olive oil spread! Yummy! I could finish half loaf.

2011 is almost comes to an end. Don't you agree with me that 2011 is flying very fast??

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Indonesian style

Did online search for this recipe after trying it out in Sing Garden last week, but did not managed to find the right recipe. Wonder whether that is the right name or because it is cooked by an Indonesian?

There is a stall operated by an Indonesian lady, using a conventional oven stove to bake the chicken drumsticks. You can see the fire in the oven when you glance at the back of the stall. Each plate accompanied by a plate of rice only costs RM4.50, to me it is pretty reasonable.

RM4.50 per plate with a bowl of rice.

Have been trying to ask for the recipe but the lady very tight-lipped about it, so I do not want to pursue some more. But from what I tasted, it definitely has some Shaoxing wine, and ginger in it! What I like about this dish is that it comes with gravy and taste good when pour into your rice! Yummy!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butterflies feeling

On this date in 2002, I had a butterflies feeling that he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend! And indeed he did! By SMS. (How romantic could that be??? *wink*). But he did call up after the SMS and after finished talking to him over the phone, I hardly can sleep and my butterflies in the stomach did not subdue till pretty late at night.

For few weeks I have butterflies feeling whenever he called or picked me up. It was a very nice feeling. Hearing his voice, having him touching you, kissing you is so magical and it would make your head spinning. Everything evolve him.

Ok, enough musing from me. I do not want to make you puke over this post! Lol! I remember this date because it was the day me and my boyfriend (now husband) went steady. He and I were mending our broken hearts; actually from cheating partners that time. Fate takes its course. He came back from KL after many years there and we met in my previous company. Both of us were trying to move on. I am thankful that we did give our special friendship a try. And now we were blessed with 2 lovely children.

Does your partner give you that butterflies feeling after many years of marriage? I do. Not all the time of course. Lol! We have our ups and downs, but we make up. I still feel butterflies in my stomach when he shows up unexpectedly or when he gives me a surprise present. He may not be perfect person, but he is perfect for me. We complement each other. And guess what I replied him when he asked me to be his girlfriend 9 years ago?? "I am not a perfect girl, I have bad habits and flaws. You sure you want me to be your girlfriend?". And he replied back "I am not perfect too!"

And yet he gives me the butterflies feeling that many years ago and he still does. And I long for such feeling forever.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can you stand B.O.?

I used to have a staff working for me last year in the shop. Now she is working in Singapore. She is a very naive and hardworking girl. She does not have much education, but she does what was told. An obedient girl and I have no problem with her work attitude.

There was only one thing I cannot stand about her and that was her BO (body odor)! I never have weak resistance toward other people B.O until I have children. Wonder my pregnancies make my nose more sensitive to smell?? Lol!

And my staff never do anything about her B.O until I took the matter into my hand! Luckily I sell deodorants, so one night when I could not stand it any longer, I passed one bottle to her. Told her it was a Christmas gift and she must tred and tested it herself, so she knew how to sell to customers! Lol! I think I did not offend her in any way but I guess she took the hint. She even bought deodorants from that day onwards! I even forced her to take Chlorophyll as it helps to reduce B.O.

Customers come and go. Some really has bad BO, but being courteous I never suggest deodorant as a purchase to customers unless they ask. How would you tackle this situation? Can help me increase the sales of my deodorant without offending anyone? *wink*

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday starter

It is Monday again! Don't you wish it is weekend again??? But life goes on.

I still thinking about the tasty roasted pork I had at Jen's baby party last Saturday! The biggest pig I ever see! Around RM800 for a 60kg pig.

Yummy!! I am drooling! *Slurp*

*Back to the present*

With no schooling, I turned off my alarm clock so I could sleep longer. But somehow the biological clock keeps waking me up around 7am. If not, my boy will wake me up asking for his feeding. And few mornings we were over-slept, and hubby was having a mad time in the morning; rushing to work. Me and Baby Jay takes our time before I sending him off to baby sitter.

One of our favourite breakfast place is NK Food Network. Hubby and I love to go to NK as we enjoy its Western breakfast. Few choices to choose, but I like its Big Breakfast (RM8.50 per plate).

I like my sunny side up egg.

This is hubby's plate.

We usually have a quick reading on The Star online website, a quick check on Facebook and a game of monopoly. At least no kids to disturb our peaceful morning breakfast. *wink*

After our hearty breakfast, we are off to our respective work places and start our long day. How you start off your Monday morning??

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Congrats, Jen!

One of my girl friends, Jen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 14 November. Today marks Baby Gwen's full moon and Jen's release from confinement. Congratulations, my dear friend. Welcome to the mummy world and all the best in motherhood.

Gwenhwyfar (pronounced Gwen-ni-vier) Estella R.

G is for her gentleness,
her tiny hand's soft touch,

I is for her innocence
that warms your heart so much,

R is for her radiance,
her cute and precious face,

L is for the love
that makes your world
a sweeter place.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bird's Nest soup

I nearly forget this pack of processed bird's nest till hubby told me last week. Lol! It has been kept in the cabinet for many months, and luckily it is still in good condition.

A pack of bird's nest

When my SIL was in Kuching, she used to boil them once a month for us, but now she resides in Sibu, we do not have such privilege. Got to do it ourselves. Never cook bird's nest soup before, but it is relatively very easy to prepare. Of course you need to get the ready processed bird's nest so you can save time of plucking and cleaning the nest.

Serving : up to 4 persons

2 pieces of bird nests
Few red dates
Pandan leave
A big lump of rock sugar
3 cups of water

Wash and soak the bird's nest for few minutes. Soak red dates for few minutes till they turn softer. Wash pandan leave.

Add 3 cups or more of water into slow cooker. Put bird's nests, pandan leave and red dates into slow cooker. Simmer for 2 - 3 hours.

Once cooked, off the slow cooker, add in the rock sugar and give the ingredients a quick stir.

When ready to serve, stir the bird's nest to loosen them.

In slow cooker, before it is cooked

I love my bird's nest warm but hubby likes it chills.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turtles the Coin Collectors

If you are of same generation as I do, then you would definitely know the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon series in the 80s. Those days the 4 turtles are famous for their kungfu fighting, pizza loving and "save the days" characters. Leonardo, Michangelo, Donatello and Raphael. I even remember me and my younger siblings played its video games too. Those were the days and it was even made into a movie after more than 2 decades.

Recently my dad brought these 2 ceramic coin containers for the kids. Yeap, the head shape of the king fu turtles. RM50 for 2 turtles. He could not get the other 2 as no more stock or else it would be a rare collection of those 4 turtles. Pretty big so I guess it would take a long time to fill them up.

Raphael with red bandana

Good timing as it is time to teach my Baby Jay on money saving technique. I like the sound of the coins going into the hole and drop into the container. I used to have a ceramic coin container in the shape of rabbit but when it was full, my parents had to break it to take and keep them in the bank. Those day the ceramic one did not have any opening where you can take out the coins without breaking the whole thing. Did you have a coin container when you were a kid??

My little girl was trained to keep all coins that she could get hold of when she was young, so she has few full coin boxes that we have yet to count its content. What should I do with all her coins? Would the bank counts and accepts all those coins, I wonder???

Monday, December 5, 2011

Over loaded

We noticed something not right with our wardrobe last night. I mean the current wardrobe in my current house. We have not yet move into new house; it would be definitely after CNY.

Bought the current wardrobe where we got married, and that was 6 years ago. We noticed that the whole thing slanted to one side and look like it is going to collapse anytime soon! Oh dear! I think we have over-loaded the wardrobe with too many clothings. Lol! I really have a load of stuff in my side of cabinet. So we took away the 4 different sizes of luggages (which we place on top of the wardrobe). And I got to tidy and pack some clothing sometime this week. Hubby assured me that it will not collapse into our beds which are in front of the wardrobe, but that make me having sleepless night last night!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Menu #18: Sunday breakfast

We usually have our breakfast in a coffee shop near our house on Sunday morning before we heading to church mass, but with Baby Jay being naughty and hubby is fed up with his table manners, I decided to do something different last Sunday morning. I do not usually cook breakfast, not on a Sunday. Lol!

It happened that I suddenly craved for fried noodle on a Saturday evening. I remember during my school day where we studied in home economics class, one of the basic things a girl should learn is cooking. I did not mind learning to cook because I love to eat. Better than ask me to carve or sew! I nearly failed my home economics, but thanks to my mum I passed because of the cooking examination which would be another story to tell next time. For now, it would be on fried noodle.

Forgot to take picture of my home-cooked fried noodle, so no picture to drool, folks! Sorry.

Finally my hubby able to taste my first plate of fried noodle as I never fry because I fancy fried vermicelli more which hubby is not. Now I pity my poor hubby! Lol! The verdict: Hubby said my fried noodle is not bad.

Simple fried noodle

Serves 4

Pack of noodles (I used 3 Ramen, bring to boil for 2 - 3 minutes)
Green vegetables (sawi), cut into smaller pieces
Big onion, shredded
3 eggs, beaten
Minced chicken meat
Garlic and shallot

1. Fry beaten eggs and scramble them. Put aside.
2. Fry chopped garlic and shallot in cooking oil. Once fragrant, add in big onion.
3. Once big onion almost cook, add in minced chicken. Add some salt and a dash of light soy sauce. Stir the meat well.
4. Add green vegetables and mix the ingredient well in the wok. Then add the noodle into wok and mix everything well. Add dark and light soy sauce and oyster sauce to taste. Add scrambled eggs into wok.
5. Stir the noodle well. Can add a bit oil so noodle would not stick to wok. Dish out and serve hot.

Love my fried noodle, served with a cup of hot tea.

Friday, December 2, 2011

We got to wait longer

After our short holiday in KL last month, we can now concentrate on our house!

My daughter has gone back to Kapit on Wednesday morning with her grandmother. Going to miss her. Initially Baby Jay will be following them, but we worry about him being away from us so in the end, we let him stay back. Maybe next year when he is not so clingy to us. I do hope for a "get-away" once a while from the kids as I think it would be good for my sanity. *wink* Me and hubby can have some personal times together without the kids around. And we can have more times to get ready the new house too.

Talking about the house, it would not be ready in time as we are on tight budget now. Over-spend on the extension work and in due to CNY celebration just next month, we would not want to rush things too much. So we are planning to move into new house after CNY, finding good "ong" time maybe the first half of next year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect 4

This blog is 4 years old today! Thank you to my family and everyone out there that support my blog all the way.

Everything starts with a dream, and a dream is always sweet when you turn it into reality. I realised my dream. Having a blog of my own is one of my dreams. Actually it is two blogs!

To some, number 4 is not a good number, but not to me. We are family of 4! I am blessed with a girl and a boy. Hubby and I registered our marriage in 2004 after a brief courtship of 2 years.

This year has been another amazing year for me. For instance I have been in my business for more than a year, and it is picking up. We can see some extra incomes coming in from the business as well as personal networking. And now we are in midst of planning for another venture. Hopefully it will be achieved by next year.

Hubby is doing great in his work and other ventures although some hiccups early of the year.

And after more than a year of struggle, we can finally relax and have a family vacation. Where else but shopping in KL last week?! It were my children first trip to KL, so after so much story telling about the shopping complexes to my girl, it was time to show her the real place. *wink* They having so much fun walking the whole Mid-Valley and a day trip to Zoo Negara. Maybe we can have an overseas vacation next year, if everything goes well.

Till then, happy blogging everyone! And Happy 4 years old to my blog! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

After a tiring weekend

It is always good to be back to own home after a holiday. After 2 days rest at home from our short KL trip, I finally regained my strength and everything back to normal in shop. Kids are with baby sitter's since hubby is not free to look after them and I would be mending the shop whole day today.

Finished with all the packing of our shopping items and have the new clothing washed today. Fortunately the weather was good these few days but as usual it always heavy rains during the afternoons. No wonder many people is down with sickness.

Talking about sickness, my old car was down again on Saturday morning when I was sending my kids to babysitter. Probably it was on "mogok" because I deserted it for few days? Lol! Tried to drive it to my dad's workshop today but again, it broke down after few minutes so we decided to get my dad to pick up the car from our house. Wonder what is the problem now. Told hubby maybe it is time to get new car. Lol!

I have also made appointment for my facial this Thursday. Really need to go for one after back from KL because I can feel my face is clogged. Happy Monday and December is just a couple of days away!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A short holiday

I am trying to live my life to the fullest and that is what I did for the past 3 days. I came back from KL with my family last night. Yes! Four of us had a great time there.

We shopped till we dropped. After all, I seldom spend on myself (after having two kids!), so it was a great time shopping for myself. We spent the most on the kids, more than RM1000 on their clothing and shoes. Plus the kids were having so much fun walking around and eating there. What is most important is it was a wonderful and quality time with the family. And we have great time in Zoo Negara too. We spent nearly 4 hours there, luckily the weather was not so warm. And my boy can recognized bears when he saw one.

We will definitely do it again, if hubby and myself can find time and money to spare. Got to plan our next trip next year; maybe some place else. *wink*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My travelling with kids tips

It is that time of the year. With school holidays and festive seasons, who could resist a vacation right? So, we are going to have our first family trip tomorrow. Here are some tips when you travel with not one but 2 hyper-active kids. Thank god it is only few days so not much things to bring over.

1. Plan the trip well
Day 1 it will be shopping. Day 2 we bring the kids to zoo. Day 3 shopping again!
It would be good to check out any interesting activities around the travelling date.

2. Get a to-pack list
List down what you need to bring for the kids like stroller, their toothbrush, their swimming wears, favourite toys/dolls, and enough clothing. Not forgetting camera (to snap the kids) and its charger, handphone and its charger and hubby's ipad and its charger so we still able to keep in touch with what's latest and happenings.

3. Chewies for children
Soft candies and snacks for my children when in the airplane.

4. Get enough sleeps
Make sure everyone has good sleep the night before. Travelling with kids can be hectic.

5. Not forgetting the eco-friendly shopping bags as shopping malls are practising no plastic bags policies.

6. Enough cash
Yes, make sure we have enough cash (or credits) for our shopping loots.

7. Do not forget your luggage
The night before, pack everything in the luggages and place your luggages together so you would not forget them. Sometimes, you make rush to go to air port that you tend to forget this and that.

8. Enjoy and relax!
That is the main objective of our holiday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

On fire

Hubby received call early this morning around 6.15am telling him to go back to his office! And when I asked him where in the world is he going at such hour, he said his office on fire! FIRE!

But thank god after an hour later, he MMS-ing me the picture, it was just the banking hall. But hubby's office is just above, so a lot of cleaning and clearing need to do due to the smoke and dust. For time being the bank below shall be closed for investigation. Fortunately for the rain this morning, or else I think the fire could get worse.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday starts

Today is the last day of schools for little girl. It is party day so all children are required to bring some food for sharing. As usual, I do not bake so I always having hard time thinking what to bring to her school party. But finally I chose her favourite snack of all times; Croissant from her favourite bakery. Easy as it is on the way to school and it opens around 7.30am.

No more waking up early and rushing in the morning. Yahoo!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend Menu #17

Another cooking over the weekend.

One of my favourite beans of all times. French Beans. Shimeji mushroom with french beans.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A week

It has been a week that my Internet connection in the shop having problem. No one seem to know the problem but I am suspected the modem is the culprit. But anyway I have books to accompany me so if nothing urgent, Internet is not so important to me.

Other than my new novels I am currently addicted to monopoly board games and sudoku. Even my daughter is playing monopoly but mind you, not the traditional board but the online board games. One of my favorite past time games when I was a child was monopoly. Me and siblings love to play monopoly. The feeling of owning properties and monies when you were a child was overwhelming. Lol!

As I was saying, my girl is also addicted to virtual Monopoly games. I wonder at her age would she misses out the feeling of playing with friends or her sibling instead of with a pc player? Somehow their games are so much different from our times too. Now everything is played or done on a pc screen. One day, she even asked her dad to buy her an iPad. Faint! Need to remind her on books too as she has not been reading much lately. Every time I always catch her with iPad playing games.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No connection

Streamy has not been good to me lately. Down! So bored and frustrating at the shop, but luckily I have new novels to read or it would be hard to pass the times there.

Wonder it is only my shop connection problem or Streamyx's? Really hope the line is back tomorrow. Otherwise I need to check with Telekom on the problem. Sigh!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Logo's Hope

It was a public holiday yesterday. Since I operated my shop last year, I lost count of holidays. Every day is the same to me, irregardless of holidays or working days, so not much differences.

But yesterday hubby invited me to go to Logo's Hope as it has international book fair which will be ending on 15 November. It was a hot day yesterday. We were under the hot sun for more than 30 minutes before we were able to go into the ship.

It is Logo's Hope maiden trip to Malaysia and the first stop is Kuching! Yes! Next would be in KK from 17 November to 13 December.

As you can see, this was only the first half of the queue. Luckily I brought along my umbrella. The second half of queue was much better as it was under the canopy. The queue reminded me of an hour queue for the roller coaster in Korea last year. Luckily this queue only lasted us about 30 minutes under hot sun.

Me taking photo before the queue

Our tickets and brochure. RM1 per adult. Kids below 12 is free admission

We were briefed on the operation of the ship. The famous section of the ship would be the largest floating book fair.

An insight on the crew cabin. Hubby has an idea of a double decker beds for the kids from this! Lol!

The price are in unit, since they are going to more than 40 countries.

The entrance of the book fair. It was very stuffy in there, many people. But I managed to grab 3 novels which is only RM16 per book. We spent RM204 on books and souvenirs yesterday! We did not bring the kids along, but probably I will bring little gal over this Friday since she has no school that day. Hopefully less people.

I am reading one of the novels now. Happy reading to me! *wink*

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toward recovery

The weather is damn crazy and there is no wonder we all fall sick. Baby Jay is down with diarrhea and vomitting, while I am having tonsilitis and bad cough, and so is little gal. Luckily we are recovering from our sickness. Shooo! Go away all the sickness. We don't need you here.

I went for a facial this afternoon. One of my customers operating a facial centre at her home so thought of giving it a try for first time. Reciprocal agesture; she supports and buy products from my shop and I support and done my facial. Since my facial course has used up, so it was right time to try out new place and compare their services and pricing. Near to my shop so convenient for me and I like the personal space offered by having it done at home.

I cooked at home this evening since hubby offered to take care of the kids. Both kids are still recovering, so it would be better to have them rest at home than running around at my shop. Don't want them get sick again.

I love this simple dish. When you are running out of time and don't know what to cook, you can give this dish, I called Steamed Shimeji mushrooms with Black Fungus and Chicken a try. I knew that I would not have much time after the facial, so I prepared the ingredients and keep refrigerated in the morning.

Cut the lower part of the Shimeji mushrooms and wash and soak in water for few minutes.
Soak black fungus in water till it turns softer. Cut into smaller slices.
Slice some ginger, strip the Shimeji mushrooms into smaller slices (I did not have much time, so my slices are bigger) and slice boneless chicken meat into strips.
Mix the mushrooms, fungus, ginger and chicken together, add salt and oyster sauce. Mix well. Do not add water as the mushroom will release some juices.
Place into steaming dish. Steam till chicken strips are cooked under medium fire.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend Menu #16: I cook, I eat

I counted the days I cook this year. So shameful! *wink* Anyway, got the chance to cook over the weekend. The weather has been pretty wild lately. Either it rains or shines whole day but we stayed doing nothing at home over the weekend.

Felt like drinking some chicken soups. Remember we bought some of this dried fish slices from Korea last year. The Koreans used this fish for stock in soup and other dishes. Still have some leftover in the fridge so I added some slices to my chicken soup. Taste very sweet!

I do not have much time during the day since I need to open up the shop so I rely very much on slow cooker since I no need to check on it from time to time.

Red dates chicken soup
Half chicken used
10 Red dates
Few slices of dried Korean fish
Salt to taste

I put everything into slow cooker, let it cooks for 3 hours. Great taste!

On Sunday, I cooked Fu chuk (beancurd skin) pork rib soup. Very easy to prepare, and again I used slow cooker. Simple, just get ready all the ingredients in the morning and throw into the slow cooker. After came back from mass, our soup is ready.

Beancurd skin pork rib soup
Pork rib
Beancurd skin
Ginger slices
Garlic clove
Salt to taste

Thaw the pork rib in warm water for few minute. Soak the beancurd skin in cold water till it soften, then cut to desired sizes. Wash the garlic and ginger; slice the ginger into few pieces. Pour water into slow cooker and put all the ingredients in. Let it cooks for 3 hours.

As for the kids who do not really enjoy soupy dishes, I have some luncheon meat with egg for them.

After so many trials, my steamed egg is successful. *wink* But I still like my mum's steamed egg, because hers is silkier and yummier than mine. Overall, my steamed egg not so bad. *wink*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov is here

It is November already? Wow!! I am so looking forward to November although it is going to be a busy month for me!

Firstly, hubby's birthday is coming soon. So going to plan something nice for dear hubby.

Secondly, school holiday is going to start soon. It means no morning rush hours and we can sleep late in the morning!

Thirdly, we are going to have a family vacation end of this month. A shopping therapy for me! Lol! Yes, a short break for us and we are going to enjoy ourselves in KL before the kids going back to hometown.

And fourthly but not last, this blog is in existence for 4 years by 30th November! Wow! I have been sharing my thoughts here for 4 years. Time really flies. Thank you everyone for making this blog a wonderful place of thoughts.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Migraine hits me

I have a migraine attack this afternoon around 1something. So suddenly. Started with throbbing pain on one side of the head, then slowly going to my nose and eyes. Could not stand it, I took a nap, which amazed me because I slept for almost 2 hours! If not a phone ring from the shop, I do not know what time I will wake up.

The migraine getting worse when I woke up and I hardly can open my eyes, drive and seeing the light is difficult. Luckily it got better after I took 2 tablets of Panadol after the dinner, but after few hours the headache started again. So no choice I had my hubby to do some head massage for me. Now slightly better but I could not get some sleep. Too much afternoon nap. Lol!

Ok, off now. Still not feel right looking at the pc screen. Good night everyone. Hope the migraine goes away by tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Me and kids

It is Deepavali Day today and a public holiday in West Malaysia. Over here, no holiday and everything runs as usual. It was jam and raining in the morning, took quite some times on the road than usual.

Last night my girl told me that there is no school, but I corrected her as it is not a holiday in Sarawak today. She tried to say the word "Deepavali" but a bit of tongue twister for her. Lol! And I got some ranting from her as well because you see, yesterday was her dental care day and all students are to bring napkins, cup, toothbrush and toothpaste to school. End up she did not participate because she could not find her cup (which is at the bottom of her school bag) and napkin (because I gave her a big towel since there was a swimming lesson). Lol! Kids!

Anyway, find an interesting tag from one of the blogs that I blog hopping this morning. It is about parenting style so thought it is fun to pen something about myself.....

Describe your parenting style in one word:
Strict but democratic style

Favourite TV family of all time (real or fictional)?
Full House

What’s always in your refrigerator?
Cheddar and orange juices

Last meal you made for your family?
Fried eggs and instant noodle for breakfast

Favourite book to read to your kid?
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series count as book??

Craziest thing you’ve done while sleep-deprived?
Playing Farmville while everyone is fast asleep

A trait you hope your children don’t inherit from you?
Hot tempered and easily irritated by small matters

Favourite kids’ movie?
Baby Day Out

Kids’ TV show you can’t stand?
Dora The Explorer, because I don't understand Spanish. Now my girl is learning numbers in Spanish.

Best piece of parenting advice you ever got?
Treat your kids like how you want them to treat you.

When your kids say “Mom,” you say…

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They will work it out....

Someone I knew told me a month ago that she is making a biggest decision in her life. Divorcing her husband!!

It is not a shocking revelation from her, but please, I am not being cruel here, it is just that in first place, they married too young and secondly both are not trying hard in their marriage.

I know that such decision needs courage so as a friend, I stand by her, telling her that she has to think about her young girl and what ever decision she makes, it will affect her kid in the future. She was so convince that time that there were no U-turn for both of them.

But as the weeks go by, I heard from another friend that they are working things out. Great! And it happens I bumped into them today, shopping for crockery and kitchen utensils. And funny thing is that she has never cook in her life before and now she is cooking. I am impressed with her. Like the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.". I am happy for both of them and hope they do work things out this time. They'll be fine.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yester Day

Time really passed fast. I don't know about you, but 2011 is really pretty fast. Now end of October. The other day I have been tagged by old friends back during my college days. Old photographs were posted in Facebook and a lot of old classmates made comments to the photographs. It is kind of great to see some old classmates via Facebook. Some are not even in Malaysia but we still keep in touch via Facebook.

Looking at those photographs, how young and naive I was then. Wore t-shirts and jeans most of the times. Lol! And how green I was when I got my first job. I remember I work till 8.00pm something on my first day at work. Don't ask me why but I just tried to show my bosses that I can do my work and proved them I am serious and able to work longer hours. But I half-dead when I reached home that night! Lol!

A college friend used to say about having a big reunion but it has been more than 10 years since he said that. *laugh* I guess everyone move on and not easy (but possible) to gather everyone together in one place. Once in blue moon I managed to find some times to have lunch or drink with some of my close girl friends. Even my friend now residing in KL commented that we live so near, yet hardly bump into each other in Kuching! Lol! And we only go out together if any friends come back to Kuching.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thinning hair

I straighten my hair last Sunday with my sis. A little sister time to ourselves. We started around 1pm and as a lot of customers came to have their hair wash, it took us almost 3 hours to have our hair straighten. Suppose to be a 2 hours process but we ended up have it done around 4.30pm. But it only cost RM100.00 per head only.

But I lost a lot of hair. After straightening, my hair is even more thinning. Gosh! Maybe due to my last pregnancy. Used to have a very thick tresses but now I can see some baldness on my head. So before I losing some more hair, I better use some hair tonic. Any good hair tonic to recommend me?? How should I use hair tonic??? I understand I must put few drops of tonic on the scalp area and massage but if I want to massage all over my head, how???

I asked hubby how do I look and he does not give much comment. Maybe because I asked him before I went to the salon, whether he likes me curl or straight hair and he replied the former style. But I ended up with straight hair because I am the lazy type. No patience and time to maintain the curls. *wink*

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stay young tips

Who would not want to be young forever?? I am in my 30s and raising 2 growing children, I feel like I lose the youthfulness and energy in me once a while. Not forgetting the independence and freedoms that does not come easy with having children, but it would not be long when I think back that what my life would be without my children. Empty! *wink*

I am young enough to remember my wonderful teens and old enough (wiser?) to know what my parents have been through and before long, I will find myself in their shoes, going into mid-life then to golden years. Gosh! Now I am thinking way to far ahead. But don't get too sentimental here. The point here is that how we might stay young - no matter what age you are.

1. Exercise
It keeps your body re-charge and stay young and healthy. Brisk walking, swimming or hitting the gym does wonder.

2. Keep learning.
We are never too old to learn and we will never stop learning. Keep your brain young by learning new things or taking a class (cooking, baking, sewing, language etc). Discover a new hobby for continual learning.

3. Connect with friends
Old friends are hard to find and keep. Go for a lunch date with friends, or do something together.

4. Mixing with younger people
I have a friend in her 50s. Most of her friends are either in their 20s or 30s. She said she does not have much friends of same age as her because they think and act like old people. *wink* This friend will never grow old as she dressed younger than her age and she well liked among her younger friends.

Children makes you stay younger. They are full of energy. Spend times with your chldren, either making some craft or arts, play computer games or having fun in the playground or beach.

6. Laugh
Laugh is the best medicine. Cultivate our sense of humour in our lives.

7. Spend times outdoor
Nature is rejuvenating. Fresh air, sunshine and sound of nature are stimulating and naturally you tend to be active when you are outdoor.

8. Maintain positive mindset
Old people tend to be bitter and love to nag and critise. Avoid being old and bitter. Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude. It is powerful tool to stay younger.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

House WIP #3 : Wardrobe

Sneak preview on my unfinished wardrobe. They said it will be done by this month together with the other 2 bedroom's wardrobes.

Next to the master bedroom's bathroom