Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home Alone

Not really home alone, just that the feeling of us staying in Kuching house for Chinese New Year this year. My brother and sister in law went back to Kapit yesterday, so only left me, hubby and little gal at home. Yes, we are staying in Kuching for Chinese New Year this year. The house was pretty quiet and less activities.
There would not be any open house at our house this year, instead we are celebrating it at my parents' house. We want to save some money for other "expenses and purchase of new asset" this year that require our attention. Sigh!
We have bought some cookies and I am planning to do no-bake cheesecake. My 1st attempt at it, so hopefully it turns out good. I have bought new clothes, as well as for little gal. Hubby like other men, never bother to get new clothes, but he did bought few office shirts and pants.
We are thinking of buying some fireworks for little gal's enjoyment but against the will of both grandparents. They are concern on the safety and air pollution that doing more harm on little, I am thinking of those fireworks that you lighted up in the ground and display of fireworks in the sky, not the type where you got to hold in your hand.
Little gal fancy watching display of fireworks and were not bothered by the noise it makes. Maybe this year, I will try to wake her up on the 1st day of Chinese New Year when the clock struck 12 midnight. People are starting to play fireworks since this few days. We did manage to see some display.

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