Saturday, April 30, 2022

Her favourite

We had an early birthday lunch for Jan last Sunday after church. Since her actual day fell on a Thursday, we decided to do it earlier when everyone was around on the weekend. 

When asked what she liked for lunch, she went for her favourite cuisine, namely Japanese!! Our venue was Zu Sakuraitei in Jalan Tun Jugah. Our previous visit was on Mother's Day few years ago. 

My 16 years old girl opted for her favourite unagi don. Her grandma also had the same dish. Both unagi don were served first. 

I also had fish for my lunch but I went for salmon teriyaki bento. 

The boys had ramen. Jay chosen spicy chicken ramen, which I didn't managed to snap but it was slightly spicy, according to him. Anyhow he finished the whole bowl. Jamie had the non spicy version, the chicken teriyaki ramen. He finished most of the ramen and few bites of the chicken, while we took care of the rest in the bowl. 

Hubby didn't ordered any set for himself. A bit of this and that for him and he was full. Chawanmushi and this sushi platter for sharing around the table. 

Our delightful lunch was RM264 plus drinks. 

After our lunch, we went to get her a birthday present. For her sweet 16, her grandma and aunt sponsored and bought her a new notebook!! RM2788 for this ASUS notebook. 

Kids!! How lucky they are!!! They get expensive present on their special days!! When I was small, I would be crying with joy and be contented when my parents bought me a birthday cake to celebrate on my birthday!! 😅Notebook was my mil's idea as she knew my girl complained on her old, slow notebook. So, she and my SIL decided to buy Jan a new notebook!! If you want to know what was Jan's biggest present, it was on her 9th birthday!!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

My sweet girl

It is my eldest child's birthday today. 16 years ago, she was born in Normah Hospital Kuching. Weighing around 3.58kg, she was the apple of our eyes. Everyone adored and loved her. 

Now 16 years on, she has grown into a young, sweet girl. Time really flies!! 

A simple minded girl, with cheerful and likeable personality. She loves to sketch, play pianos and online games. She isn't that choosy when come to food but she loves Japanese and Western cuisine. Her favourite food right now is American breakfast!! 

Happy sweet 16th birthday, Jan!! May God bless you with greatness, health, peace and many wonderful blessing.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Tasted better

Hubby and I went to this food court for breakfast after dropped my car for servicing on a Saturday. 

Not packed, which we liked as the place could be very crowded and long wait on weekends. Maybe it was a long 4-days weekend (with Good Friday as a public holiday and some schools were off on Easter Monday), so the reason for being quiet even though it is almost 9am then. 

I went for the kolo mee stall; ordered my breakfast and takeaway for my mil and kids. 

Seafood noodle for me!! Tasted it's noodle in the past, and I had to admit that the stall has improved much and the noodle has tasted better with time. 

Price was around RM7 or RM8, I forgot the exact price. The noodle texture was just nice for me. Fish slices and peeled prawns were fresh. 

My man went for the beef noodle stall. RM12 for his beef noodle. 

It was alright according to him, he tasted better in other place. 
Our assortment of kueh

Other than kolo mee that we tapaued, we also patronised the kuih stall and bought some kuih and dessert home. 
Guilinggao, taufufa and lek tau suan

Friday, April 22, 2022


Good Friday fell on 15th April. A public holiday here. 

Hubby and I dropped by here for breakfast. No customers at that time. 

We decided to have breakfast from the kolo mee stall. Char siew mee for me while hubby went for the pork belly mee. 

Kolo mee RM4.50

Like our previous visit, we waited for the economy rice to be ready so we could buy the dishes for lunch. While we were enjoying our breakfast, the coffee shop taukey (who operating and cooking the dishes for economy rice stall) brought us these free treat. 

Fried fishes, I don't know the name but in Hokkien, it is called "hung boi" (red tail). 3 of the fried fishes but hubby took one before I snapped a shot of them. 

And a piece of the sweet, sticky chicken. Hot as just out from the hot wok!! 

We bought few dishes from him before headed home. We spent our Good Friday at home, spring cleaning and fixing new cabinets. 

These 2 knew how to install cabinets as they helped to do few in the past. So we left the fixing job to both of them. 

And just as they done installing 2 cabinets, we got visitors to our house. My parents brought my Singaporean uncle and aunt for a visit. It has been more than 2 years since I met my uncle and aunt. So nice to catch up with them after so long.  They came over for Ching Ming and visit an ailing uncle. 

And we gave my parents and uncle and aunt some of Sarawak local rice before they went back. Coincident that my hubby brought some home from Sri Aman the day before, and planned to pass over to my parents ourselves. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On her

My MIL is here. Few days into her stay, she suggested to go electrical appliances shopping. She wanted to get us an air fryer as she heard and seen how convenient it was. My SIL used it so my MIL wanted to get us one.

As you know, I have been contemplating to get one for quite sometime even before MCO. Counted our lucky star, my MIL brought one for us.

Philips Air Fryer HD9270 was our choice. Other than air fryer, she also bought us a new fridge. Midea brand. Our old Samsung fridge has gone, so we had space for one additional fridge. All bills on her. 

Thank you mum for the new fridge and air fryer!! 😘

The very first thing we did when we got our air fryer was testing!! With fries!!!

Not good 1st testing with French fries as we set the time too long. And our 2nd attempt was better as you could see from the above photo. 

Next we tried out on chicken wings. Oh, it was nice. Basically the gadget was automatically set with food  function as well as temperature and time for each food but we could adjust accordingly. 

As we grew confidence in it, we had our air frying pork belly for lunch one day. Turned out just nice. The texture was nice. 

More experiments with my new air fryer. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

For supper

It was a Saturday night. My mil flew in from Sibu. Hubby and I went to pick her up from the airport. Luckily the plane departed early so reached Kuching way earlier than the expected time. It wasn't 630pm yet but due to rain, the sky was dark. We headed back slowly under the heavy rain to MJC.

Instead of heading straight home, we went to 38 for dinner since my mil didn't have hers yet. Hubby and I also missed our dinner. The kids stayed at home, had their dinner while hubby and I accompanied mil for dinner. 

We seated right in front of this pork burger shop, which was next to 38 Food Court. It has been in business for quite sometime but we never tried the burgers so we decided to buy for the kids' supper that evening. 

Homemade salted fish pork burger, anyone?? Maybe I will try it one day. 

After checking with the kids on what they wanted for supper, we placed our order with the burgers while having our dinner. No customers in the burger shop so our order was done in quick time. 
Chicken burger for Jay RM7

2 burgers and 1 serving of fries for the kids. The comment I got from Jan was her pork burger was tasty. The kids finished up the suppers in no time even though they just had their dinner around 6pm. 

Pork + Egg burger RM8

Fries RM4

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Wasn't enough

Somehow my man likes and can't have enough of the luncheon egg sandwich from this food court. since he tasted it last month, he has been coming back for it when he is in Kuching.

RM4.50 for the sandwich toast. Maybe they added lots of mayo and the sandwich tasted good, so he likes it. 

One morning, after dropped Jamie to school, we came here for breakfast. He had the sandwich toast while I just ordered teh c since I ate some fried rice that I cooked earlier in the morning. 

Of course 1 sandwich wasn't enough for him so he pestered me to share a set of American breakfast with him. So we shared this RM10 set. I had 1 piece of hash brown, few spoonful of scrambled egg, and mashed potato and half of the hot dog while the rest went into hubby's tummy. 


Monday, April 11, 2022

Mix & Match

I always wanted to go to Farley, Kota Samarahan for its tasty dim sum but never did so as it was very far away. And when one mentions Kota Samarahan, the first thing that come to mind is the traffic. So, we rarely venture to that part of  the district. 

Credit to michiefoodie

Read on the review of Farley dim sum from this Sibu born Instagrammer last month. Pretty positive feedback. By the way, I tasted dim sum in Farley Sibu few times during my stay in Sibu back in 2014. I remember they had varieties of choice and taste-wise, it was good. So how happy to know that they opened a outlet here. 

Since we couldn't go all the way there, we decided to get Grab to do the delivery for us. Good that there is Grab service when we crave for certain food!! Lol. 

We didn't ordered much. Just 4 dishes as the 5th dish, fried spring roll wasn't available. Char siew pau (RM9.60) was a must. Jay's favourite. 

Steamed pork rib (RM10.30) was rather good too. Soft and tasty but small portion. 

1 Portuguese egg tart (RM3.80) for Jan. 

Lo Mai Kai (RM10.30) for sharing between me and hubby. We have tasted a better one from other place.

I took out few Jakar seafood siu Mai and Kuching siu mai (sio bee) from freezer, heated them up to mix and match to our lunch.

Lastly was this pork porridge with century egg which hubby bought when we had our breakfast in Xing Xing Wang Cafe. 

Yes, that was our light lunch on a Saturday. 

Friday, April 8, 2022

Miscellaneous Picture #104: Different

 Random food photos taken last month. 

Tomato kway teow from Xing Xing Wang Cafe

Bismillah Cafe's Mee Jawa is one of the best in Kuching

Tried out this glass noodle soup from Dapur Foochow in Wang Seng Heng Kopitiam

Tapaued this ru rou fan from one of the stall here

Somehow, this  Kueh Chap stall is becoming our favourite breakfast place.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Two soups

It was the last weekend of March.  We went to my FIL's grave for Ching Ming, gave our little prayers and cleaned the grave.  After a short time there, we went for our lunch in 101 Premier.  Hubby was treating us to a steamboat lunch!!

A Chinese steamboat restaurant called Shang Tang in 101 Premier.  It was opened by a Chinese lady from Mainland China, and I understood that the interior design and concept were like in China.  The furniture and fixtures and most ingredients were from China.  

We reached there around 1130am, and there wasnt any customers at that time.  Looked like the staff was getting ready. Anyway, we were greeted by the taukeynio and ushered to a nice table of 5.

Nice design for a steamboat place. Clean and bright!  They even have private rooms. We took a round table since there were 5 of us instead of the rectangle table.

They even have the grilled section just outside the restaurant but unfortunately it was only ready by 2.30pm.  So we only could enjoyed its steamboat.
They have quite extensive selection of meat, vegetables and seafood for the steamboat.  Hubby did the ordering while we just waited for the food to arrive.

We had 2 soups base, that was tomato based and bone based.  I liked the tomato soup as it was thick and more flavourful than the other soup.  Worried the kids would not be able to enjoy the tomato soup, so we opted for the milder bone soup base for them.

We had dory fish, lamb, pork belly and beef slices to go with the steamboat. Other ingredients included mussels, fish balls, dumpling, mushroom and bean curd skin. 



This was rare in steamboat place in Malaysia, my guess. Duck blood cubes!!  Only hubby touched the cubes.  I didn't dare to taste.  Lol!

Duck blood 

Of course my boys requested for noodle, they cannot go without noodle!!  Lol!  Classic noodle soup for them. Around RM7, we paid separately.  Sorry, couldn't remember the exact price now. 

Plus drinks, our steamboat was around RM210.00.  A different dining experience for a family on a Sunday afternoon.