Monday, February 18, 2008

Panic button

Maybe I have been in the shell for too long. Too comfortable for my own good. Suddenly I were hit by a tidal wave and woke up from my sleep!!
Since arrival of new boss, we have loaded with new assignments! 2 new projects to be completed by June, meaning February almost ends, and with 3 months remaining for planning work. Not to mention our daily work priority that need to be updated from time to time.

Endless meeting schedule overshadows our working time too. We never had so many meetings in a week! Boss wants updates on every Tues and Wednesday, plus the weekly meeting on Monday morning with director. I just feel like wasting time waiting for the meeting to start and in the meeting, instead I prefer to be at my work station where I can do more works! Now, what is the use of internal mails and memos if we didn’t use them but still need to have meeting that last 1 hour or more?? Sigh!

My office is empty with almost half of us taking leave throughout this week! A colleague still on maternity leave, be back early March, one is taking emergency leave today till Thursday, another taking Thursday leave to celebrate Chap Goh Mei (15th day of Chinese New Year) celebration till early next week. Meaning left only me in the Marketing department. One woman show??? (I know there is saying of "one man show", but can use for my case, right? Hahaha)

Regardless of the panic rush that I have now, I am excited at the same time handling new assignments! It has been a while that we didn’t have new projects for the shopping complex so I really don’t mind the sudden change of wave in the working field! It makes me feel young again! I am not that old okay? Just that doing the same routine work everyday makes life a bit boring. Once a while, I need some motivation and new assignment to add “flavour” to my work routine.

Alright, enough grumbling for the day from me. I must have bored you with this nonsense post! *wink* Time to get back to reality and move my butt before boss calling for another meeting or asking for updates.


Anonymous said...

take it easy, say easy, huh?...anyway dont panic even if the project is so rush that need to be completed in woman show, good phase!!! haha

Mariuca said...

Hi Rose, thanks so much for visiting me, I hope u had a good stay. Don't work too hard now, have a great week ahead! :):):)

Anonymous said...

Same as me I think I also in a comfort zone but eversince my new boss on board I am not so happy working d.