Saturday, February 23, 2008

A perfect Saturday

Wow, it has been a perfect Saturday so far for me! Although sitting alone in my office now, I feel I have friends accompany me from all corners of the world in the blogspace! I never feel bored or lonely.

The weather outside has been kind on us! Sunny since yesterday! Yahoo! It just feel good to be outdoor rather than sitting in my office now. Yes, I am dreaming of sunbathing on the beach right now! :p

What's more, I also received 3 highly-rated awards from a dear friend, Hye today. She has been a good friend and support this blog from the very beginning! I am very grateful for having such a good friend. :) Thank you Hye and congratulations to yourself too. You deserve them better than I do.

I always wonder who produce those awards in first place? I am amazed with all those award themes, they are simply awesome!

5-star blog award

(My blog is been rated 5-star? Maybe not yet, there is still a long way for my blog to deserve such rate!)

Blogging with a Purpose award

(The main purpose of blogging is to get to know more people and learn from them! I blog with a good intention, okay? :))

Excellent blog award

(My third award is Excellent Blog award. Well, I am still learning and trying to make this blog an interesting and good quality blog for my readers, that is still a long way for me....)

Wow, now that makes my day! *laugh* Well, good things need to be shared right? So, I would like to present the above 3 awards to my dear blogging friends who I think deserves them better than I do:


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. I'm honored to receive your awards. I just started my site recently, so I have a long way to go before really deserving them. However, thank you so much for thinking of me! :)

Also, I really like your blog because you write with an honest voice. So you definitely deserve the awards you received from your friend! Keep up the good work! Thank you again for being so sweet!


pearly said...

well done my dear I love to read you blog too

that is true we are not so lonely I have the same feel too if I am bore I always pop in to read every post to spend my time I love the blog world
keep it up well done again rose xxxxxx

bluedreamer27 said...

wow youve got a plenty of awards there congratulations rose
you deserve that

Anonymous said...

Cool awards you have there!! Btw, it's my first time here.. came over from Nick's! :D

Melancholy Thongs said...

Thanks :) Really honored and what a pleasant surprise.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Hey Rose, thanks for the award. I don't really think I do deserve them but I'm honoured all the same. I'll display them proudly in my blogs soon. Thanks Rose.

Zooropa said...

Congrats for the awards Rose!!!