Monday, December 31, 2012

2 Oh 13

We survived the 2012 phenomenon where cataclysmic or transformative events was said to occur on 21 December 2012. And we have lived through the 12 months of 2012 in good (if not in great) shape and health.

2012 is a challenging year for us. Although I was mostly in unfit state early of the year, but I recovered and the kids are growing healthily and beautifully. Hubby has ups and downs in his work but with his determination he excelled and was rewarded handsomely. Happy for him! After all those hard works, he had proven himself worthily.

We moved into our humble house end of September. It is nothing extravagant but we are happy and content. And we are getting back our personal space when kids are off for holiday. Lol!

And in term of finance, we may not have much, but we are contented. We have just enough to go by every day. Life isn't luxurious but we are happy that we have each other and family.

So, for 2013, we hope for the same or even better.  A toast to a brand new year.

Happy New Year, guys!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miss the burger

One thing I miss about not having the shop is the pork burger.  It was sold in one of the stall in the food court near the shop.  It has varieties of burgers namely pork, chicken, lamb and beef.  It is hard to find pork burgers in Kuching so it was a wonder to find one that really sell nice pork burgers.

RM4.00 for a burger.  If add cheese, additional RM1.00.  Used to enjoy my burger time with my sister when we were at the shop.  She is also addicted to its burgers.  How I miss the burgers now.  Maybe one of the nights I will drop by and have a burger supper.  Same time visit my old staff.  Miss her too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grateful for this day

There is always something to be thankful for!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I heard the Christmas bells

Are you ready for Christmas??  Tomorrow is already Christmas Eve!

One thing I love Christmas is its decoration.  We get to buy and decorate our own tree, put up what ever decoration to make the season merrier and colourful.  And not forgetting those wonderful and serene Christmas songs filling the air.

A look into our Christmas decorations in our house.  We put up an 8ft-tall Christmas tree with purple and red theme.    I get a little bear to be the Santa, so please let me introduce Santa Bear to you.

Santa Bear is sitting cozily on the little couch next to the tree.  Just missing a fireplace for him to warm himself!  Lol!

Hi!  I am Santa Bear!

Now a close peek at the decoration on the tree. 

The kid's presents placed under the tree
The real Santa Claus' face on the tree

I like this purple gold ribbon.

What did you see in this picture?? 

The little singing angel

Are Christmas tree a good backdrop for photographs?  I simply love those colours.  It does brighten and beautify that corner of our living room.
I told hubby that the tree look suffocated with all those decorations but hubby assured me it is not.   He likes to put as many decorations as possible on the tree while I am the type that like simple and less decoration.  Lol!  At the end, we were both satisfied with the tree.  After all, it is our very first Christmas tree in our home so it does leave a good first impression. 

And check out my Christmas-themed nail art design. I were in the mood to paint them red, so the birth of my funny and crazy nail designs.  My snowflakes do looked weird.  Maybe when got more times, I will do them more tedious and tidier.  For time being, it is enough to sizzle my Christmas mood. 

Wishing all my blogger friends and readers, a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life is slow

Wake up late this morning.  And get up from the bed slowly too.  I don't usually have the luxury in the pass to tug and lie on my bed for long but today is an exception. It is another beautiful Saturday.  I could have time to smell the morning air.  No more rushing.

Wow!  I did not even bother to check the time. I even take my sweet time preparing brunch for myself and hubby. 

I lazy around the house a little bit today.  Still light-headed because slept late last night.  But I can have my afternoon nap later.  No more hurry, since I have all the times in the world.  *wink*

Right now, I am thinking about my loved ones.  My kids.  Missing them.  But they will be coming home soon.  A week time to be exact.  Need to get ready the kids' room.  Whose know, my eldest may decide to sleep on her own when she is back. 

It has been a week now.  Since I've turned into domestical lady.  I've been staying at home, doing what I want to do.  Blogging.  Cooking.  Gardening.  Shopping.    And my sis has been generous to pass me a volume of Korean drama that I am currently catching up.  Geez.  I am enjoying my life. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow is the day

Pssst.  Tomorrow is 21/12/2012.  The so-called 2012 phenomenon.  So, are you ready for it??? 

By the way, Happy 20.12.2012!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now it is time to.....

The house is quiet again.  Hubby has gone to work around 8.00am.  After sweeping and mopping the floor and have a shower, I am free to do the thing that I have been putting on hold for so long.
My cross-stitch.  Only left 30% more to get it done.  This is my 3rd cross-stitch design.  I am going to finish it as fast as I can, hopefully this few days.  Then maybe can get it framed up and hang on the wall.  My walls sure look naked without anything on them. 

Introducing my cross stictch pieces.....

The very 1st piece

The 2nd one......

I am going to bring the 1st piece to my house and leave the 2nd one to my parents.  I like the 1st one the best! 

And today I am going to wrap my Christmas presents for the kids and place the presents under the Christmas tree, waiting for them to claim their presents.  *wink* 

Then need to plan what to cook and eat for dinner.  Hubby has been nagging me to cook kacangma, so maybe I will cook it tonight.  I still have some kacangma (motherwort) herbs in the kitchen.  As for lunch, something simple since I would be eating alone.  Maybe tuna sandwiches or fried noodles. 

Alright, need to get down to my cross-stitch now, guys.  With my faithful radio playing Lite FM accompany me, it would not be a dull day today.  :)  I know, I am enjoying myself as a homemaker! Don't envy me, ok?  Lol!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Plan for holiday

We did not go anywhere for holiday this year.  Too busy with works, business and house that we did not have times to spare.  So next year we are planning one or two vacations overseas. 

Hubby planned to do some coats in Thailand, so we are planning to go to Thailand sometime middle of the year.  And my ever fun-going sister has been hinting that she would want to tag along if I am going to Thailand, so we shall bring her along.  Maybe my mum would be going too since she has never been to Thailand.  I also never been to Thailand.  Heard so much about its food, scenery and shopping, so I am very excited to visit this interesting country next year.

I have been discussing my Thailand holiday with my Singaporean cousin.  She has been going to Bangkok so many times with her hubby so she is very familiar with the surrounding.  They would be coming with us and bring us sightseeing with her uncle who staying in Bangkok.  So, it would be a leisure vacation for us.

We are planning to go during the kids' school holidays.  The kids would not tag along so they would be going back to hometown during the holidays. 
Ooooh,  I am dreaming about my vacation now.  Lol!  Checking our passports, mine is still valid for 2 more years, whereas hubby needs to renew his since it has expired this year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I got my weekends back

Woke up pretty late this morning.  Yesterday was a busy day in the shop.  My last day and handover to the new stokist.  A whole day of briefing, handing over paper works and stock checking with the new stokist.  Really exhausting but I am happy that the hard work is finally over.  Now need to wait for my deposit to be refundable back which will be out after CNY. 

I was telling hubby the other day if he would be able to spare some days, we can go back to hometown celebrating Christmas and seeing the kids.  I missed them.  They have gone more than a month now.  In 2 weeks time, they are coming back here.  And it has been almost 2 years since we are back in hubby's hometown.  Missed the fresh greenery and air, and not forgetting my MIL's special Mee Brunei and Kapit famous Deep-fried Roti Canai.

For time being, I will be busy around the house.  And getting ready for my reunion with my old colleagues after Christmas.    

So for now???  Enjoying my holiday.  I need the rest. At least I can enjoy my holiday for a week before I am getting my hands busy with something.  And you know what??  It is shopping time too!  Christmas is just around the corner, so what else but shopping??

If you have noticed I have updated my blog profile about a month ago.  A dedicated wife and mum to my family of 4. Enjoy the simple things in life and always strive to be a better person.  Love to eat, cook and read while gardening is the latest hobby of mine.  Hmm.  Sound good to me.  *wink*

Thursday, December 13, 2012

One more day

Before I leave everything behind. 

Yes!  Finished all my stock check and I closed early today.  Long time didn't go back that early.  And some more hubby came to pick me from the shop because he is on one day leave. 

After the long wait, I am only need to be patient for one more day.  I am more excited and anxious than ever. Tomorrow the new stokist will come over and do another round of stock check before we conclude everything.

Hope tomorrow goes smoothly and everything can be done without problems and delays.  Fingers cross!! 

Need to get a good sleep tonight because it is going to be a long day tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

With love from mum

Once a week I would get my mum to pack dinner for me.  Sometimes lazy to cook or do not have time to cook at shop, so take away is good idea for me.  Sometimes I do miss her cooking.  Mum's cooking is always the best, don't you agree?

All my favourite dishes mum knows very well.  I am a fish lover, so whenever I go home for dinner, she will try to cook fishes for me.  Sometimes I think she packed too much for me!  Like the above pack.  I think it is meant for 2 persons, but nevertheless I finished them all.  Maybe my mum knows I will finish my food, because I never waste.  *wink*  There goes my diet. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Spice Bottles

I always fancy those spice bottles sold in the supermarket.  So I would not hesistate to get all those spice bottles when we moved to our home.  And they fit my spice bottles set just nice.  *wink*

I like the mark on the set.  Little house.

It is hard to find fresh herbs in Kuching and they are pretty expensive too.  So for lazy bug like me that seldom cook Western dishes, spice bottles are good substitute.  I usually used oregano, parsley and garlic powder for my dishes. But I always want to plant those herbs like rosemary, thyme and basil.  They are not difficult to plant right?  But the problem is I do not have green fingers.  Worry nothing will grow out from the pot.  Lol! 

Well, I need to use up those spices soon.  Or my hubby will be complaining that my spice bottles are meant for display purposes other than cooking use.

Okay, before my hubby starts to complain again, I better whip up my cooking skill! *wink*

Friday, December 7, 2012


It is one hell of a week over here.  The renovation were on-going but most is done.  Just left some minor work which does not create dust and noise.  As for myself, busy cleaning the shop and arranging and catching up with paperworks.

But don't worry, I am not crazy yet. *wink* Soon I will be handing over the shop back to the company.  In about a week time. 

Starting a business is one thing.  Ending it is another long work.  Need to go to this and that office to inform of my business closure.  So much works, so much papers, so much procedure.  But I know this is worth everything.  Soon I will be out of here.  *wink*

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little greens

I don't have green fingers, unlike my mum who has beautiful gardens.  So not to let any flowers suffer in my hands, I resort to green plants instead.  Or you can say that I have no confidence in having potted flowers blooming in my hands. 

A peek at my green friends.

I think my lemongrass looks pitiful.  Maybe it is time to transfer to ground??

My screwpine and spring onion.  I have been very hardworking taking care of these two pots.   Wonder when I can use them for my kitchen??

When you enter through the door, you will see this little cute vase of green plant welcoming you to our home

Another crawly green friend in the room.  I like its green yellowish leaves; nice colour combination

At least our house look nicer and greener with those plants around.  Not too dull. 

If you notice some peels in my pots of screwpine, spring onion and lemongrass, they are indeed the fruits and vegetables residue from my morning juicing.  Whenever I cook, I will use the water from the rinsing of the rice to water my plants as well. 

And recently I bought an organic humus for the plants and hopefully with the fertilizer, it will make my plants grow beautifully. 

I am thinking of planting some cactuses too. They are easier to handle and less care, right?  What fertiliser are you using, if you don't mind sharing.  Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pure snack

My BIL brought back few bagful of kompia from Sibu on Sunday night so we collected some from him.  One bag is the normal smaller kompia while the other bag is bigger sesame kompia.  I much prefer the normal kompia because I dislike having the sesame seeds falling from the buns while eating them.  *wink*

So we have been having kompia for breakfast and tea break for 2 days.  Just toast the kompia in the pan to heat it up and spread some butter in it.  Very yummy but hubby still prefer plain kompia.  Lol! 

As for breakfast I make some bacon kompia.  I was complaining to hubby that the bacons we bought from H&L are pretty salty and it needs to be eaten with breads or buns.  So bacon kompia came into my mind. It is delicious too.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I am still learning

I am perfectionist by nature.  Everything must be right even tiny meeny details.  Sometimes I think my nature is making me into a difficult person to deal with. 

Many days I dreamt about been a stay-at-home-mum with my 2 growing kids.  Attending to their needs, doing house chores and same time making myself a better person.  But the truth is sometimes I ended up been wounded.  Even before I am a real SAHM.  How ironic! 

For the time being, I am something like this lady.  Juggle between work and family.

But few women I know have done it and they are becoming a better mum and wife at home.  They sacrificed their high paid career to stay at home and taking care of the household.  When I was in my early 20s, I told myself that I would not want to stay at home and be like my mum.  I was in my career woman mind back then.  Want to earn big money, go for holidays, buy the things I want to, spend like nobody business and lead the life I want.  But now that I am in her shoes, I grow to understand her feelings and how she has struggled all those years at home with 3 young kids.  She done it perfectly and how her 3 offsprings accomplished in life. 

I would love to learn from my mum.  And so I plod on.  Decided to follow her footsteps.  Although her is the other way round.  A full time homemaker who eventually helping my dad in his business at home.  You can said that my mum is a semi work-at-home mum. 

Once a while I am imagining how my new job description and work scope would be.  A cook.  A cleaner.  A decorator.  A gardener.  A teacher.  Cooking, cleaning, gardening and teaching would be a constant routine. 

I am going to become like this lady, minus the baby as both kids are growing.  Hahah!

Like any other jobs, I know that it is a tough job with long time and I may come down to being depressed and unmotivated.  But I know that it is worth everything and sacrifices.  Because a love from home is what my kids need.  And with love, they can learn better and become better persons.  And I will learn along with my kids.  Every steps we take, we will take it with full hearts and minds. *wink*

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Big things @ Dec

Yay!  December is here.  And I am over the moon.  *wink*

There are 3 big news that I would like to share with you.

Firstly is that I would be officially taking up my new job description, i.e. a "full time mother" end of this month.  Meaning I would be staying at home and looking after the household.  Big responsibilities for me.  Meantime this mummy does not have any charges to take care of.  Lol!

Second big thing is that there will be a Christmas gathering with my ex-colleagues.  From my very first company.  All have left the company and two are residing overseas.  But they will be coming back for this rare gathering this December and I am offering my house as a venue.  My very first gathering and dinner in my house, so I am pretty excited about it.  The date is either 26 or 27 December evening.  It would be a potluck but I have yet to decide on my menu. 

Last is school preparation for my kids.  The eldest is going to Primary One while the younger one is attending Pre-1 next year.  So we would be hunting for school uniforms, white school shoes, stationery and other stuff for the kids especially the eldest.  Excited for both but I wonder which one I would need to attend to on first day in school?  I think I will accompany Baby Jay to his kinddy while hubby takes on the girl.  At least he understands Chinese better.

So, it would be another busy month for me. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Do you cam-whoring?

I have a confession to make here.  I think I have new addiction!  Cam-whoring.

It means "To take pictures of either you or/and with your friends execessively".  And sometimes I think I were over-doing it too.  Lol!

When I was younger. I loved to take photographs, either I were the subject or behind the lens.  After I have kids, my kids are my models.  I seldom take pictures of myself since then. 

And I think my addiction came back after I got my new Samsung Galaxy III few months ago. Cam-whoring is so much easier with Samsung Galaxy and I enjoyed taking photographs with it.  Some more my kids are not around lately, so I have no one to take pictures, ended up I take pictures of myself.  But don't fret.  I only take when I am in full clothing.  *wink*

Have a great weekend guys!  So look forward to the month of December.  December, the month of joy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our corners

A peek at our home.  Special corners of our home. 

My Princess' room wardrobe with her favourite dolls and toys in one corner.  Also keep her kindergarden's certificate and trophies she had won. 

Baby Jay's room with his toys corner.  Not a lot because mostly are sealed in boxes.  Too many that I do not think we have enough spaces to display them all.  And I cannot imagine all those  dusting and cleaning I have to do if everything is up on the shelves.

Our family hall in the upper floor.  Suppose to be a tv hall for the kids but since we have not yet get sofa for the hall, I am turning it into multi-purpose corner.  For ironing purpose. 

All our books, DVD albums and photo albums are kept in the shelves in this hall.

Come to look at them, look like we do not have enough spaces to keep our things!  Lol!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 months

That is how long we have been staying in our current home.  2 months coming tomorrow. 

Few things that we have not get down to doing it are:

  1. telephone and streamyx line - we have not go to Telekom requesting for change of lines.  So other than iPad and Samsung Gallaxy III, I do not have other source of going online at home
  2. ASTRO - we have not register our ASTRO line.  So we are on DVD for time beings.  Hubby has so many DVD at home that I joked to him on selling them off and earn money. 
  3. Car porch tiles - we have not hunt for tiles and get people to place on the porch.  Need to budget for the tiles and works
  4. Roofing - need to do the roofing at the backyard. 
  5. Auto gate - Hubby insisted on it although I do not like it.  Because if no electricity how??  We do not have small side gate to go into the house in case of emergency. 
Still a lot to upgrade and install....Sigh! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dinner in Happy Valley

Invited my staff and sis for dinner in Happy Valley (opposite Crowne Square) on Sunday night.  It has been ages since I went to Happy Valley.  Used to enjoy its bbq lamb.  And it still the same tasty bbq meat!  Glad that the food still taste the same although I could not recognised Happy Valley on Sunday night when we reached there. 

It changes a lot.  They upgraded the place 5 years ago.  The last time I were there was before I had my first child.  And recently they added new feature to the place.  A pub-theme seating area for sports lovers.  Still, it is children friendly and the atmosphere is very nice and cooling during the night.

The view from my seat.  A lot of people sitting at the parlor across us.  Different ambiance I guess.  Next round I would want to sit there.

Our food has arrived!  Less than 10 minutes waiting!!

Pork chop set RM9.90

My curry chicken with rice RM9.50.  Too spicy but great tastebud teaser!

The super delicious and tender BBQ lamb.  The grilling kitchen is just in front of us so we can see the kitchen assistant grilling the lamb. 

Our dinner costs RM63.00 including drinks.  Not expensive and my 2 dinner companions cannot stop complimenting the good service and good food especially the BBQ lamb.  Their first time to Happy Valley and glad that they enjoyed their food.

Me and my 2 lovely dinner companions

One thing I like about Happy Valley is that it opens daily.  No off day! Of course they only rest on CNY. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing with turquoise

I know it is Monday today.  Most people would be having Monday Blues after 2 rest days.  Not for me!  *wink*  Because I see TURQUOISE instead!

Over the weekend I were experimenting with colours again.  This time with one of my favourite colours.  Turquoise.  I love this lovely combination colour of green and blue. 

Nothing extravagant.  Just something fun and lively to look at.  Use sheer polish with blue glitters. Then paint turqouise colour on the tip of the nails.  Dab some white colour lightly on the wet turqouise colours with toothpick or unused eye liner.  Once the colours have dried up, paint coat polish on nails. 

Like it? 

I found a very useful nail polish remover wipes! Cost less than RM5.00 per pack with 30 pieces in it. And it comes with few scents and I choose apple as my wipes. Cute right???

It cleans and removes the nail polish effectively and even moisture my nails. No strong smell at all.

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sent hubby off to Kuching Airport this morning, he was catching a flight to KL for a meeting in Port Dickson for 2 days.  Since no one is at home as the kids are not around, I would be staying over with my family for 2 nights.  My house is too quiet at night and I do not like the feeling of being alone.  Not that I have a phobia of being home alone, but I still not used to my house although have been staying here for nearly 2 months now.

When we stayed in BDC, the area was rather lively at night.  Neighbours can be seen loitering outside the house, noises from the tv etc.  But in my current neighbourhood, it is rather quiet.  Too quiet to my liking.  It is like everyone retire early and no sounds from surrounding houses. And sometimes I heard noises in the cabinet etc.  Or maybe I am dreaming? 

I think staying over with my family is a good choice.  Near to the shop and save my time and petrol.     

Got to go now.  Need to go to shop as one staff is not coming, on sick leave. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Menu #40: Hakka Stuffed Tofu

It is weekend again!  Cooking time!  Made Hakka Stuffed Tofu which I love so much.  I can eat few pieces of the tofu.  I prefer the fried ones than the steamed tofu.


Minced meat with fat
4 pieces of Tofu, cut diagonally into half
6 Chinese mushrooms, soaked and stem taken off
Dried prawns, washed and soaked
Pepper and salt to taste


1. Chop the washed Chinese mushrooms into smaller pieces.  Chop dried prawns into smaller pieces.
2. Combine minced meat, mushroom and dried prawns.  Chop and mix them well. 
3. Add salt and pepper to the mixed meat mixture and mix them well.
4. Use a chopstick, cut the tofu in the centre on the cut side to make a slit.  Wash your hands clean.  With your hand, insert some meat mixture into the slit. Press the meat into the slit.
5. Repeat all the 8 pieces of tofu.  Any balance meat mixture, roll them into meat balls.

6. Heat up the oil in the wok.  When it is hot, turn to low heat.  Add in the tofu one by one.  Turn to the other side when the tofu is turning golden at the bottom (about 4 minutes).  Dish up when the meat mixture has turn golden brown. Fry the meat balls (if any) until they are cooked.
7. Serve with lettuces wrapped around the tofu or any dipping of your choices.  I prefer chilli sauces