Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Food delivery

I tried out a new food outlet early this month. Top T Cafe in Food Panda app.

The boys had their year end assessment exam so I was busy with them. One morning, I ordered food delivery so I wouldn't need to be busy with cooking.

The kids and I had Muslim food for lunch. I opted for fried rice for me and Jan. It has been a while I have kampung fried rice so this was my lunch. 

Quite a portion as it was full to the brisk. The anchovies were so crispy. The fried rice was nice too.

Jan commented the fried rice was spicy. Oh my. My kids can't really take spiciness. But Jan and Jay can take my curry. I adjusted the spiciness level to mild so the kids can take my curry. Lol.

For the boys, I ordered nasi ayam goreng for them.  The rice was slightly fragrant and oiled so the boys enjoyed it with the fried chicken. 

Monday, December 27, 2021


On Christmas day, we went to this well known shopping mall for a look of its Christmas decoration. 

This year, we were rather late in visiting the mall but what better day to visit and enjoy the decoration than on the day itself??

A big and bright, striking flower-themed Christmas tree placed in the front of the mall entrance was the main attraction.

More flowers in the mall, but not much photos taken as packed with crowds. So we did took few shots and walked away.

Giant flowers such as poinsettia decorated the walkway.

Thanks to hubby for this shot of me and the kids with the giant Christmas tree. 

Our Christmas 2021 was fun and lively as we spent a couple of hours at my parents' house in the morning. My sis, sis' hubby were there, so together with my bro and his family, it was a big and eventful gathering. Coincidentally, my parents' wedding anniversary fell on 24 December, so a nice catching up and gathering for everyone. We also got to look through an album of old photos of them (from dating time to married and to having kids) and other uncles and aunties. Dad and mum were reminiscing on those wonderful and sweet memories.

Then we went to the mall, spent slightly more than a hour for lunch and Christmas photos before we went to pick up my MIL who arrived from Kapit with my hubby's bro and family. They drove all the way. My MIL will stay with us while she is in Kuching.

As we were about to leave my BIL's house, a neighbour spotted and invited us to his house. Our old neighbours, who happened to be from Kapit as well. So we spent some time there before headed home.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

My dose

It is Christmas Day, so wishing all my blogger friends and readers, "Merry Christmas 2021!!"

No Christmas tree set up this year for us at home. Lazy to take the tree out from the box in the storeroom, so like last year, we could only look and appreciate other trees instead. Lol. This tree was displayed in our residence clubhouse. I thought it was Christmassy enough to heighten up the festive mood around the neighbourhood.

Hubby took 2 weeks of leave. Not that we are going any where, but a time to relax and spend family time together.

It was 13 December, a Monday. Both hubby and I woke up before 6am. Our bodies have get used to waking up early even though it is school holiday. Since we were up, we decided to venture further for breakfast. 

We went to this food centre in Bormill. It was a working day, so few tables were occupied eventhough it was only around 630am. Hubby had his usual, that was the mixed pork soup and noodle. 

As for me, I got my dose of Sarawak laksa. Tasted it in my previous visit and I thought it was good. So, a reorder for me.

However on our last visit, there wasn't a freezer of Jakar Siu mai then. This round, a freezer was placed right next to the kueh stall. Yes, Jakar produces were available here!!

Of course we bought few frozen stuff home. Now we know where to buy them in Kuching. Price wise, definitely slightly more expensive but considering the distance and convenience, it is alright when we feel like eating them.

And 13 December, it also marked the day I received my booster dose. It was my 2nd appointment set by MySejahtera app. First appointment was in November but I cancelled it as I was unable to go and the centre was too far and unfamiliar to me.  Surprised that I received my 2nd appointment that fast. This time, I confirmed my appointment in Timberland Medical Centre.

Hubby was around, so he brought me to the medical centre in the afternoon. 4pm appointment but I was there around 3.30pm. It took me sometime to ask around for the correct clinic as there was so many clinics/suites in the new Block B. 

However once I arrived and registered at the clinic, I had my jab in a quick time. I left the building before 4pm. Option of Sinovac or Pfizer offered by Timberland, and I chose the latter for my booster.  

I felt itchiness, sore and sting on my jab part on the left arm the next day.  Swollen with red patch as night fallen and it stayed for few days before it gone. On and off, I could felt the itchiness. Hubby told me it was normal reaction as body react to the vaccine and creating antibody and immunity. Anyway, glad that I took my booster and did my part in keeping safe.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Pink and white

It was Winter Solstice Festival on Tuesday but we made our tang yuan a day early. My girl helped me rolling the pink and white glutinous rice flour on Monday morning. 

She enjoyed making more than eating them though. It was easy to roll, just get ready a bowl of water and wet your hands slightly and roll them away. And slightly damp the board or use damp cloth to place your balls before cook them. This is to prevent stickiness. 

Prepare 2 pots of boiling water. One to cook the tang yuan, while another is to prepare the water syrup. Just a knot of pandan, few slices of ginger and about 3 tbsp of sugar in  the pot of sweet ginger syrup. Once cooked, turn off the heat. Sweetness depend on your preference. 

In the other pot, once the tang yuan balls floating to the top of the boiling water, transfer to the pot of water syrup.  Enjoy them warm.

And this year, my man taught me another way of eating tang yuan. Foochow style as I understood from STP. I got myself some crushed peanuts in my fridge so hubby used that to dip his tang yuan. Interesting and nice to enjoy. 

Either way, I like eating tang yuan. Sometimes I would buy those frozen glutinous rice balls from supermarket. Usually I go for the peanuts or black bean fillings. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


My girl ate most of this Samudra mini chocolate moist cake.  

That was how it looked like. The actual cake. Just nice for one person, who loves chocolate or can shared by 2. I took a few spoonful of the cake. 

It was moist, not overly sweet. Really nice. Much nicer than the Eurocake lova molten chocolate. I prefer this cake more. Taste-wise and price-wise (RM3.30).

Local product, go and check out their FB page for more of their products and business. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021


Remember the imported Eurocake croissants that I bought from 7-Eleven convenience shop last month?? Other than croissants, I also bought a pack of this lova chocolate molten cake (RM3.60).

Blame on my love for chocolate, I just have to buy and try it out.

Manufactured in Dubai, they even have Facebook page printed at the back of the wrapper.

The cake came in a microwavable cup. I followed the instruction to heat it up for 10 seconds before enjoyed it.

Result? A slightly warm and soft chocolate cake. Sweet and moist. For those who loves sweet confectionery, you will like this lova chocolate molten cake.

My honest opinion? I could still taste the sugar in the chocolate so too sweet for me. The sugar did not dissolved completely so I could bite on those sugar. But I glad I also bought another chocolate dessert which was much nicer. Coming up in my blog!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


It was a rainy night. Hubby and I drove to Tian Lee Food Centre for a supper after done watching TV. We had an early dinner so by 8pm, hubby invited me to go for supper.

Not something that I often do. Going out at night and having supper. The rain rather spoiled the mood though. 

Tian Lee Food Centre is the corner coffee shop on your right when you enter the Padungan arch. Ambank is right behind the coffee shop. The Kuching's famous white cat was donning a festive gear and decoration. I didn't take shot of the cat statue as it was raining and no use of taking shot in a moving car at night. However I did took a shot of the arch from the coffee shop (photo above). Can't see the back side of the cat as covered by this potted plant. Lol.

The Cha Kueh stall wasn't opened that night, which was the initial reason we came for. Alas. Not our luck. But it was okay, we choose other stalls instead. No vacant tables so we decided to do takeaway instead.

Sarawak laksa for hubby. This uncle's Sarawak laksa was nice. Normal portion for RM6. 

I spotted this chu char stall (cook and fry) serving fried noodles and rice with fried chicken. Price stated RM5.50 for all on the menu. 

I ordered 2 packs of taugeh kway teow to share with kids at home. Omitted the fried chicken but the taukeynio added other ingredients to the noodle. She still charged us RM5.50 per pack. 

Business was quite good for her as we waited quite a while for our order to be ready. Taste-wise, it was pretty good. 

Hope the next round we go there, we are able to enjoy the cha kueh. Hubby tasted it once; he loved it so we shall do our supper another time there.

Monday, December 13, 2021


Remember that I bought some croissants by Eurocake from 7-Eleven not long ago??

I have tried one of them, which was custard flavour. It said jumbo croissant on the wrapper. The picture looked good and promising, right?? 

The name Eurocake, did reminded me of the croissants that I had when I was in Europe.  Somehow the croissants I tasted in Paris and London just kept popping up. Lol. 

Upon checking, the croissants were made and imported from Dubai!! The croissants really flew far.

Jumbo? Not to my standard. Maybe to the European. When tasted, it was soft and slightly flaky. Not much of the filling but can taste a hint of the lemony custard in it.

Hubby took the butter croissant. Just plain butter croissant without filling. I heated his croissant so it was softer. No comment from him, so I guess it was alright for him. RM2.60 each.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Not opened

We had our morning walk on a Sunday. We walked all the way to this coffee shop for breakfast. 

At first, we wanted to have kolo mee but the stall was not opened that day. Actually it hasn't opened for few days prior to that Sunday. We learnt that the operators were taking a break.

So for breakfast, we ended up ordering from the fried food stall (chu char) at the back of the shop.

Hubby wanted wat tan hor noodle so I ended up ordering wat tan hor kway teow for myself. 

Yes, I liked it. I could tasted the wok hei of the fried kway teow and the gravy wasn't too salty. I remember the last time I had it, it was rather salty. Too much of seasoning I guess.

With the right flavour of the gravy, I finished up the gravy as well. RM5 per plate. Big portion as both hubby and I could hardly finished our breakfast.

We never left the coffee shop without patronising the snacks stall. We bought some banana fritters and spring onion fritters. 1 pack of banana fritters for our guards. We usually bought some fritters for them whenever we stopped by this coffee shop.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Half of the leg

I bought 1 big pork trotter (front leg) not long ago and it was so big that I divided it into 2 packs. I cooked black vinegar the first pack. The other half of the leg, I took out from freezer and made a braised pork leg the other day.

My recipe was simple. You could used slow cooker if you don't have time to look after the fire. I prefer to use stove fire for braising.

Marinate the leg with 5 spices, dark soy sauce and sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) before cooking for few hours.


Pork trotter, chopped and cleaned 

3 garlic cloves, chopped 

1 shallot, sliced 

1 inch old ginger, sliced 

2 ear wood fungus, soaked till bigger and soften then sliced 

1 tsp sugar 

1 tsp salt 

1 cup water 

For marinade -  2 tbsp dark soy sauce, 1 tbsp kecap manis, 1tsp 5-spices powder


1. Marinate the pork trotter for few hours.

2. In a pot, add in about 2 to 3 tbsp cooking oil. Toss in garlic, ginger and shallots, saute till fragrant.

3. Add in the pork leg, sear for a while till slightly browned. 

4. Add in 1 cup of water, sugar, and ear wood fungus. Bring to boil, then lower the heat. Cover the pot and let it simmer for at least an hour.

5. Check on the pork leg, add water if dry up. Season with salt to taste. 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

My curried squid!

How many of you have watched the Korean TV series, Squid Game?? No, I haven't watched it yet although I heard that season 2 is in production. There wasn't any squids in the series, unlike the name indicated but I do have some real squids in my freezer!!  

I have 2 packs of frozen squids, big size that hubby bought for his fishing trip. Since he would not be using them soon, I took out 1 pack last week and cooked the squids. I liked it coated and fried but mostly I prefer the curry version. I used Abadi brand of fish curry powder for my curried squid. 

Super simple recipe, but the cleaning may be a hassle. However, when there is a will, there is a way.


6 big sized squids, cleaned and cut into rings 

1 tbsp cornflour 

2 tbsp fish curry powder 

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 shallot, sliced 

1 lemon grass stalk, white part only, sliced 

1 big onion, sliced 

Cooking oil 

Salt to taste (about 1 tsp)

Dashes of dark soy sauce 

1/2 tsp sugar


1. Coated the cut squids in cornflour,  mix well and put aside. 

2. In a hot pan, heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Stir fry the squid for about a minute. Dish out and set aside. 

3. In a clean pan, heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Add in the garlic, shallots, onion and lemongrass. Saute till fragrant. 

4. Add in the curry powder. Saute for a while before add in the squid. Mix well.

5. Season with salt, sugar and dark soy sauce. Mix everything evenly. Can add a bit of water if too dry or you want a bit of gravy. I prefer dry version. 

6. Serve with rice!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A walking distance

My man wasn't well one morning and our house just happened to be out of pain killer. So I went out to the nearby 7-eleven to buy Panadol. 

While I was there, I bought some snacks for the kids. There is always good to store some snacks or titbits in case someone is hungry or when you really need a bite!!

Total damage was RM36.40. Oh well, came for panadol but ended up with so many stuff!

I spotted some Eurocake croissants so I grabbed one each of different flavours. A flavour of honey, custard and butter. And also one chocolate molten cake.  

Since I was in the vicinity, and a short walking distance to this Malay roadside stall, I decided to walk over to buy some breakfast. I have cooked breakfast earlier at home, but I wanted to buy nasi lemak and curry puff from here.

I used to buy its nasi lemak and curry puff in the past but have stopped doing so for quite sometime. Rarely came here, so never did bother to stop and buy again.

I bought 4 pieces of its big curry puff home. RM0.50 each. Jay loves curry puff, so I knew he would enjoy these goodies.

Big chunks of curried potatoes in the puff. Quite nice, not too spicy. However I still prefer the one from here as posted in my previous post.

As for my breakfast, I ate this pack of nasi lemak.  RM2.00 only.