Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Menu # 25: More soup to slurp

If I am not careful, this blog is going to be a food blog. *wink* Well, everyone eat, and staying in Malaysia, we cannot help but having a lot of food choices to eat from.

Been to Number 6 Kopitiam in Jalan Song for late breakfast with hubby. We always go to Number 6 Kopitiam in the evening for its claypot dishes. I enjoy its claypot stewed pork leg, hubby always like its curry lamb or stewed lamb and the kids like to eat its fish maw with needle mushroom and meat ball soup. We seldom go there for breakfast.

Supposed to eat Mee Sapi (Beef Noodle) but ended up we tried Lo Mien. The Beef Noodle stall is no where to be found. Guess it has moved out from there. Our Lo Mien is served with sliced duck meats and soy sauce boiled egg. RM6.00 per plate and our verdict?? So so. The duck meats still have that smelly taste and the noodle tasted like KL wanton noodle. We would not go back for its Lo Mien. *sad*

On the lazy afternoon after we moved some more boxes to new house, I boiled chicken soup. Yes! I am cooking more soups. This time, it is Chicken with Red Dates and Ginseng Roots soup.

As usual, throw everything into slow cooker, let it cook for 2 hours. Very nutritious soup, as ginseng is known for cooling effect and red dates for blood circulation and digestion benefits.


Happy weekend! And today is the last day of March. Tomorrow is another new day, new month. Sigh! Time really flies fast and first 3 months of 2012 has gone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't you wish for this?

(Pic taken during Korea trip back in 2010)

I don't know about you, but I wish that I am in a cold, snowy place now! Yes! Away from this crazy hot spell.

The other night my girl was looking through our Korea trip photo album. Yeap, she is thinking about the trip and telling her brother this and that. She said she loves the snow and cooling temperature, not the weather now which is hot and sweaty. She also asked me when would be our next family trip. She has been talking about going to Hong Kong Disneyland. Boy! Just when I wish that she does not have a super good memory, she can remember this stuff well. Especially when it is involve holiday and funs, she sure can remember them well.

Well, told her that maybe not so soon since we are going to be busy with moving to new house middle of the year and settling down. But if time and budget permit, maybe we can have a trip to Singapore. No Disneyland, Universal Studio also can! At least I do not need to worry about accommodation since I can put up a "tent" in my cousin's apartment in Singapore. *wink*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On a hot day like this

Thank you for all the wonderful wishes on the demise of my hubby's cousin. She was finally laid down to rest in Nirvana, Bau this morning. Hubby did not attend as he flew to KL on Sunday afternoon for training and only back tomorrow evening.

So it has been me and the kids for past 2 nights. My parents have been helpful in keeping them handful at their place. Usually the kids do not like to follow their maternal grandparents, so it was a good chance to know they enjoyed themselves over there. Of course with some gadgets, games and tv to entertain them.

It has been extremely warm for the past week and at night even with the air-con switched on till morning, we can still feel the heat. And it has been a routine for the kids to their daily night bath before sleep.

Today I cooked Green Beans and Barley with Red Dates soup as it is another hot day. Need something to cool myself down. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Monday, March 26, 2012

RIP cousin

Hubby's cousin who was in her early 20s passed away yesterday in Sarawak General Hospital. She was fighting against tongue cancer and admitted to hospital end of January for operation and since then has been under going chemotherapy. But she eventually grew weak and lost her fight to cancer yesterday morning. But we knew that she had found peace and comfort in the end.

RIP to cousin Mei Yun!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Menu #24: My favourite soup

I have been addicted to soups since I met my husband 10 years ago. Being a Foochow, he grows up drinking tonic and health soups. So whether I want or not, I learnt to take soups and end up, I am loving them. However I still not acquire to Patin soup (black soup) because I still cannot stand the smell and taste. I will fall sick immediately after taking this Pa Tin soup.

I mostly cook chicken soup because #1 I love eating chicken; #2 easier to prepare than pork.

And one of my favourite chicken soups is this mushroom chicken soup.

I will usually buy the thigh and drumstick parts as hubby and myself love to eat those parts. Most of the times I will get the butcher to remove the skin and chop into smaller pieces so save my times in the kitchen.

Just add in chicken meats, sliced shiitake mushroom, sliced gingers and few garlic bulbs into boiling water and cook for about 2 hours, you will have a great chicken soup to enjoy with your bowl of rice.

If hubby, he will just scoop his rice into the bowl of soup and enjoy in front of tv. *wink*

So, what is your favourite soup??

Friday, March 23, 2012

Movie weekend

Yes! It is Friday again. And I have a wonderful afternoon with hubby today. He was on leave for a day, so we went shopping, eating and dating. Feel young again *wink* The only thing that we did not do is going for a movie. We used to do it often when we were dating, but when we have kids we seldom go to cinemas and prefer to buy DVD and watch at home instead.

Hubby bought a lot of DVDs couple nights ago and we have not get down to watching them. The latest movies in the cinema, you named it, he got it. Of course not original lah. Who buy original DVDs all the times, you tell me.

So, it is going to be a movie weekend. Am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bring back nostalgia

Brought my mum for breakfast this morning and after breakfast I had a rest at her place since it was still early to open my shop.

Suddenly my mum came to me and told me she found my secondary school report book while doing some spring cleaning last week! What? OMG! It was about 18 years ago I left my secondary school. Holding and reading through my report book brought back many bittersweet memories. I did miss my school days. And I jokingly asked my mum, "What about my primary school report book?" Lol!

Hubby has agreed for me to bring my old organ to new house. Since no one is playing and it has been collecting dusts for many years since I stopped playing when I was in my twenty, it would be good to move it to new house. Maybe I can practise my skill again. And my mum asked me why I enrolled little girl in piano lesson, not organ. Well, little girl choose piano, so I never thought of changing her mind. My old organ needs some tuning. This organ costs around RM3000 that time. Wonder how much it is worth now??

Well, I managed to dig some old organ music books and papers out this morning. I got most of my books, may need to find those loose papers some other day. Luckily everything is still in good condition. Hope I still remember how to play my organ. It has been 15 years since I stopped playing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nothing more important than...

Just when I thought of giving it up, suddenly it feels like God is giving me an answer to my problem. Would it be wise for me to continue and give it a try? Or probably I have not try hard enough?

The idea of giving it up is very appealing. First of all I would no need to be stress thinking about targets. And will have a day off and enjoying with my family without any worries. But there is the anxiety.

The worry of money will be there, at the back of my mind. Please, some one tell me that money is not important. Yes, some things are more important than money, but money is a mean of getting things through.

Kids sure are expensive nowadays. Think about it for a second. From birth, their clothing, milk, disposable diapers, and stuff are very pricey now. Just the other day, my pregnant girl friend told me on having problem finding cheaper and yet good quality clothing for her new baby. if not the arrival of my nephew last year, I would have passed some baby stuff to my girl friend. Then when kids grow up, you have to pay for the school fee. And if any extra activities like music, arts etc, those classes not cheap either.

Every day we are struggling with bills and debts. House loan, car loan, credit cards, household bills etc. So if no money, then how are we going to settle all those stuff? Hmm.

A relative asked me before. Which one is important to you? Career or family? I said "Both". I never a homemaker type. I want to be successful in both aspects, may it be career and family. And a career without family is meaningless in life. So it is matter of how you manage your career and family. But in the end if you ask me to choose, I would rather lose career than my family.

Every days I would be going home looking tired with haggard eyes. Some day I will ask myself "Is it worth it?" But one thing will always cheer me up. One thing that will make me think that it is all worth doing. My family! My children! Yes, they make me keep trying hard and never lose hopes. And God has shown me a way to do it. God really listen to our prayers. Thank you very much for answering them.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Menu # 23: Long Beans Pancake

It was a lazy weekend for us. We woke up late yesterday, around 8am. The night before we watched "The Flowers of War" starring Christian Bale and Ni Ni till way past midnight! Very nice movie and I sticked to the screen for 2 hours plus. I never like watching war movie, but this historical movie is very touching. I think I cried more than twice watching it. A lot of blood and guns involved. *wink*

On Sunday we had our late breakfast before heading to Sunday Mass at 10.30am. After the one hour service, we went to our usual weekend grocery shopping. Don't feel like eating rice for lunch so I suggested that I made some pancakes. The night before my sister told me she is making long beans pancakes, so I also want to follow her.

It has been a while since I made this long beans pancakes. My dad loves this pancakes and can eat many pieces of it.

So I made the pancakes for our lunch.

Ingredients: Long beans, wheat flour, dried prawns, water, salt and light soy sauce

Just mix everything into a batter. Nice batter; not too much flour and not too watery. You can add beaten eggs and chopped spring onions into the batter, but I did not.

Add a bit of oil into wok. Ladle some of the batter into heated wok. When the bottom has turned brown, turn to other side and using spatula, flatten the pancake. Fry till it is brown. Dip the pancake in light soy sauce.

Simple pancake for the family and for my picky boy, he ate quite a lot of it. He was too full that he did not eat any rice for dinner. Lol! After our simple lunch, we took our afternoon nap. Then me and hubby watched "Ah Beng The Movie" which was very hilarious. Then we sent some of our packed boxes of stuff to our new house. We move a bit by bit, so when it is time to move in, we would not a ton of boxes to deal with!

Long time we did not have a DVD marathon. Suppose to watch another movie "The Woman In Black" starring Daniel Radcliffe last night, but I was too tired. And some more school re-opens today so need to get up to prepare for little girl. Maybe tonight........if I am not tired. *wink*

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This week gratitude

1. I am grateful that nothing bad happened this week. Other than I damaged my car in an accident on Tuesday, I am grateful that no one was hurt. Everything can be changed and repaired, but not LIFE!

2. I am grateful to my current staff who has been working for me for a year now! They are really helpful in the shop.

3. I am grateful that school is re-open tomorrow. It means my little girl is coming back from her holiday today. Really miss her when she is not around.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday night

Oh, yes! It is Friday. And not any usual Friday for me. An ex-colleague came back from Singapore and we are going to meet up tonight. It has been ages since we meet up.

So it is going to be a great night to chill out with my girl friends.

Friday Comment

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our 2nd therapist session

Together with hubby, I brought Baby Jay to the therapist last Friday afternoon. It was a relief to hear from the Mdm Sue that she did not find any autism problem in Baby Jay. If you missed out on our first session, you can read here.

During our 2nd session, Mdm Sue had a briefing with hubby since he missed out on the 1st session. After the first sesion, we tried out the following method with Baby Jay:

1. When he threw tantrum, hubby put him in one corner. It took quite a while as Baby Jay was relunctant to stay still. But eventually he cooled down. After few minutes, we praised him for been good boy. And when we went out and he threw tantrum, we totally ignored him. Eventually he stopped because he learnt that he would not get his way.

2. Playing in taking turns. Taking turns in eating his favourite food. Taking turns in clearing the toys after playing. While doing it, we said "Mummy's turn! Jay's turn! Mummy's turn! Jay's turn" and so on until we finished. This exercise is to let him know that we take turns in our daily life may it be in action or in conversation. When we talk, he listens. When he talks, we listen. Now Baby Jay is used to taking turns that when I stopped half-way when it was my turn, he will urge me to continue.

3. We are talking in sentences, instead of one or two words. He starts to copy and learn more words now.

4. Reciprocate. One night, I tried to coax Baby Jay to drink water. But he was so eager to wear his new watch. So I told him to drink water first, then I put his watch for him. But he did not want and resist. So after 3 times of telling him the same instruction, I gave up and instead put his watch for him first. Then when I handed his water bottle, he drank without resistance. So, if it does not work one way, it will work the other way. Because he listened to the instructions (maybe not "drink water" and "put on watch" in that order) but both actions will need to be executed.

Mdm Sue's advices during the 2nd session are as follow:

1. Involve Baby Jay in a social environment. Maybe group him with few friends with children about his age. He will learn to communicate and socialise with other kids. For now, he is lacked of social skill with children of his age.

2. Place him in nursery so he can mingle with other children and build his social skill, sharing and confidence level.

3. To stop him from drinking soft drink and taking MSG as both found to cause kids to be aggressive and hyper-active.

4. Be consistent. Both parents have to agree on one unacceptable behaviour of Baby Jay that need to be curb. Both of us agreed that Baby Jay should not hit or push other kids when they want to play his toys. So both of us need to be consistent in telling and reminding him in that aspects. And if he does something wrong, the punishment has to be consistent too. So he would know that if he did wrong and been punished by daddy, he would not get any help or pity from mummy because mummy also agreed with daddy.

5. Sharing. With everyone around, we have a sharing of food, such as biscuits. Daddy starts first. "Daddy is going to share my favourite biscuits to mummy (break the biscuit and give to mummy), daddy is sharing with jie-jie (break the biscuit and give to little girl) and daddy is sharing with Baby Jay (break and give to Baby Jay)". Then mummy's turn and so forth. This is to show him what is sharing and it is alright to share with other people.

Our next session would be end of May. *wink*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor baby

This is the result of following a car at near distance! Sigh! But sometimes we cannot be too careful.

My parents have been advising me to be extra careful on the road this year. Not a very smooth driving for those born in the Year of Snake, they read the Chinese Horoscope. Now I wonder whether this is true or just my bad luck.

This morning I bumped into someone's car from behind and while my front turned out bad (as the picture shown), the other car (a Proton Wira) is still much attached. Just the back bumper came off at the right side and a scratch on it. It happened in the 3rd Mile's traffic light. And while we started to move, suddenly a car came out from the junction and the front car brake so harshly. And I could not react fast enough. At least we both agreed on one thing! We blamed the other driver for shooting out when we are moving.

Sigh! Another hole in my pocket. Twice "hit" incident this year. First one, I accidentally moved forward and hit my aunt's car, instead of reversing. Cost me RM90 last month. Wonder how much it costs this round. Definitely couple of hundreds. *sob sob sob*

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Menu #22: My comfort food

Just when you don't know what to cook and eat and are under the weather, porridge or congee is the solution. Porridge or congee does not need much introduction in this part of the world as every Asian know and have their own version of this classic comfort food.

Chicken porridge is probably the most favourite among all and next is pork porridge.

My recipe : Chicken wings porridge

Serve: 3 - 4

Duration of cooking: 2 hours


Generous amount of preserved salted cabbages (tung choy); 6 chicken wings, cut into half; a teaspoon (or more) of sesame oil; pinch of salt; 3 slices of ginger; 1 cup of rice; 4 cups of water; a dash of light soy sauce; a dash of pepper

1. Wash and soak the rice for 30mins (the least) so it will soften. Wash the cut chicken wings.
2. You can marinate your chicken wings with soy sauce, but I did not.
3. Throw the rice, chicken wings, sliced ginger, sesame oil and water into slow cooker. Cook in high temperature. Stir occasionally.
4. Once water is reduced, turn to low temperature. Add salt, soy sauce, pepper and preserved cabbage to taste. Preserved cabbage is already salty, so be careful with adding too much salt.

5. Cook for few more minutes, and stir well. Turn off the slow cooker and serve while it is warm.

6. Enjoy with your condiment!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am grateful....

Time zoomed with extreme speed. It does not wait for anyone. It just feel like yesterday when I watched "Three Musketeers" with hubby till midnight. I rarely watch DVDs, but a good movie is not to be missed! With a blink of eye, it is Sunday today!

So I would like to express my gratitude for the week ....

1. I am grateful that I am alive today and able to attend to your words in church this morning with my family.

2. I am grateful to my MIL who volunteered to help me to take care of my two hyper-active kids in the evenings for couple of days. And thank you for the nice and warm dinners at home, mum!

3. I am grateful that little girl and I have recovered from our sickness.

4. I am grateful that hubby installed WhatsApp into my Blackberry and now communication with friends is better and free of charge!

5. I am grateful that little girl has finished her first semester of school and she is doing fine in school. And I am grateful that Baby Jay is progressing well and is growing up handsomely and healthy.

6. I am grateful for the decisions we have made this week. With God's blessing, everything is on track now.

7. I am grateful for the mistakes that I have made this week because I learn and grow from mistakes.

8. I am grateful for yesterday, today and tomorrow!!

9.I am grateful to all the blogger friends and readers who take their valuable times to read my posts and make comments.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. - William Arthur Ward

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Plant in the pot

First of all, Happy International Women Day to all great women out there! :) This morning I went to a breakfast with my 2 girl friends. It is a good way to celebrate the Women Day; just being with great women. Felt like I did a lot of things this morning, i.e. sending kids out, pay girl's school fees, go to bank, fighting the traffic jam and had breakfast. But it is a good day! And this afternoon I am going to treat myself to a facial! Everything for this special day! *wink*

The other day my girl is asking me on flowers to be planted in new house. Yes! Because we do not have any grass or soil, so we opt for potted plants. So my girl asked me what flowers to buy or plant.

I used to have a pot of daisy few years back that I placed on the balcony but because been neglected by hubby while I were on 2 weeks travelling, it died. So my girl has been pestering me to buy some flower seeds to plant in the pot.

So I make it a "must" list to get some potted plants (some would be planted by ourselves) in our new house. With everything going, we should be moving in by middle of the year. *wink* Look forward to decorating and furnishing our new house. And besides cooking in my to-do list, I shall add "gardening" as my new hobby. Never have green fingers, but it will never stop me from trying out gardening. *wink*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Someone, quick! Take them away from me.

I think I need a doctor! Or probably I need to rest more. Have been feeling dizzy for many days. And had sore throat and keep sneezing since yesterday morning. *sniff* Maybe have been taking too much of my favourite snack lately. Lol! Or you can say, it is a good excuse to dig into those yummy snack when ever I want to.

Cannot blame me fully because I got myself a super yummy chocolate bar! Yum yum! Some more it is not local made, but from Germany. They do taste different. Creamier and tastier, of course!

Alas, don't think too much about the diet. Everyone complained that I have grown skinny. Probably that is the cause of concern itself. For time being, I just enjoy my favourite snack whenever I want to. Provided my sore throat does not turn worse! Sigh!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Menu #21: Shark-y dish

Don't worry I am not going into shark fin!! My hubby is into the anti-shark finning campaign where as I am neutral. However I do agree that the way those people slaughtered the fish and threw into the seas are cruel. And some more it is proven that shark fin does not contain the traditionally believed high level of nutrition. So, why I need to take shark fin now?? I will avoid eating shark fin soup at all cost now.

But this is a very tasty and simple dish that I like. Shark fish in salted soy paste. Small sharks are easily to get in the wet market. I cook the fish in soy paste and a lot of ginger slices, to get rid of the fishy smell.

So, which one would you prefer to eat?? The shark meat or the shark fin???

Friday, March 2, 2012

A special child

In my previous post, I mentioned that my younger child went to a therapist yesterday afternoon. Our first session with the therapist, Mdm Sue from U.K. She is a trained Montessori Nursery teacher and the only licensed Brain Gym consultant and Instructor in Kuching (or Sarawak??). Some more she is a mother of 4 "special" children. And I noticed that she went to the same university as me; although I did not go to the main campus in U.K! *wink*

Okay, back to our first session. It was an interaction session, as a lot of Q&A. She was trying to understand Baby Jay more. If you are wondering why we brought him there in first place; first reason, there is a concern that Baby Jay may have autism or dyslexia just like few cousins and nephews of hubby. It seems to run in his family. And secondly, Baby Jay is still slow in speech.

During the 2 hours there, Mdm Sue observed Baby Jay's interaction with other children, and his communication with me. After few minutes warming up, Baby Jay went to play by himself and wander away to the playroom.

And Mdm Sue confirmed that usually boys are at risk of developing autism and dyslexia. And the statistic is that out of 10 boys, 8 are likely to have autism or dyslexia problems or some sort of learning difficulties. And most of the times, parents are in denial of their children having such problems and end up, too late to seek help, resulting in their children having social, learning, confidence or personality problems in later stage of life. And yes, I noticed mostly boys at her centre, ranging from baby to teenager.

So after 2 hours of surveying Baby Jay and talking to me, Mdm Sue concluded that Baby Jay has a speech delay for his age (2 years and 6 months old) and behaviour problem. For time being, there is no sign of autism shown (a sign of relief!).

Her analysis as follow:

1. Baby Jay only talk in one word or two, which is pretty slow for his age. And Mdm Sue said it could be because of lack of vocabulary. Maybe he did not have much vocabulary to develop his speech. So when he has lack of vocabulary, he cannot express well, so that is why he tends to throw tantrum. For Baby Jay, he needs to hear the same word (e.i. water) about 800-1000 times until he can form a sentence out of the word. For example, "Baby Jay, do you want to drink water? Oh, you want me to pour the water into your bottle? Which bottle would you like me to pour the water in? Do you want a cold or hot water?" Hmm, and this reminded me of hubby's uncle. When he went to pick his 2 sons (eldest being an autism boy), the uncle will recite the multiplication table to his kids in the car. End up the younger boy picked up the multiplication better and the eldest is studying for his professor in U.K.

2. Baby Jay is to learn to share. Sharing is important part of communication. Baby Jay must learn to share his stuff with others. During the session, Baby Jay is seemed pushing other kids away when other kids take toys (which belong to the therapy centre) away and some pushing around was observed. Mdm Sue said it is normal behaviour for young children, but Baby Jay is to learn to share his stuff with other kids. So, she told me to bring his favourite toy and his sister's favourite stuff and exchange them. Bring each kid to different room and leave them behind for few minutes. After that, bring both kids out from their individual rooms and exchange back the favourite stuff. This is to show that it is alright to share and play other children's stuff as at the end of the day, your stuff will be handed back to you.

3. Baby Jay is slow in learning. He is not dumb, just slow according to Mdm Sue. He can talk just in singular, and he understands what we are talking about. Mdm Sue can see that Baby Jay is not afraid of people, otherwise he would not be running around from one room to another and experiment with new toys and games. He even know how to differentiate colours. Because Baby Jay suddenly came to us with a bunch of red balls. There were so many coloured balls in a basket, but he only picked red balls. And he arranged them in one line. This, Mdm Sue said he is better compared to some kids of his age as he can differentiate colours and arrange things in one line.

4. Mdm Sue advised me not to discourage him from learning. For instance when he brought the 1st red ball to me, he said "orange" to me. My first instinct was correcting him. "No, this is not orange, but it is a red ball". There is no right or wrong, but Mdm Sue said this will discourage him from expresssing himself. I should instead said "Yes, it does look like an orange, because orange is round. But this is a red ball." Does this sound better?? Mdm Sue said there is a reason for Baby Jay to say "orange" in first place, because he can associate orange with shape. So, do not correct him, but indirectly encourage him to learn more.

5. Communication with other kids. Mdm Sue will help me search for a nursery that accept Baby Jay for one or 2 hours a day. This is to encourage him to mingle around with kids of his age. Probably because lack of communication with other kids, he tends to be aggressive towards other kids.

6. Sign of aggressiveness. Baby Jay tends to have a habit of staring or glaring at people from corner of his eyes. And he has that fierce expression too. And he tends to scratch or bite people whenever he throws tantrum. Mdm Sue advised me when ever he throws tantrum, seperate him from other kids or adults and get rid of "harmful" materials. Baby Jay has to learn to deal with his tantrum and accept that agrresion does not learn to rewards etc.

7. Patience is the key to deal with slow learner and aggressive kids. Mdm Sue advised me not to hit or scream at Baby Jay when he did something wrong or cry for something. Instead leave him to cry or throw tantrum by himself. He will stop eventually. After few minutes gone, then I can approach him and praise him for being a good boy. But do not make it into a habit, because he would associate "cry/throw tantrum, then be quiet, then got praise or reward". Or, bring him to another room or a chair where to leave him behind. After few times, he would know that when ever he is naughty he will be confined to a room or chair. No hitting or shouting, because children learn from adult. It means that if daddy or mummy can hit or shout at me, it is alright for me to hit or shout at others. So, positive psychology intervention is important. This I would learn in the next session.

So, thank god that I brought him to the therapist. I learnt that my boy needs some special needs and attentions from me. Hubby and myself also have to learn to handle him in different manners. In my mind, Baby Jay is my "boss', but I must change this mindset and let him know that I am his "boss". *wink* More to come after my 2nd session which is next Friday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Child therapist

It has never occur to me that I need to bring my child to consult a child therapist. But today I did it.

I bought my boy to see one. I did not know of any child therapist existence in Kuching until this afternoon. And to my surprise, there are many children out there that need special needs and treatments. It was an eye opener to me. I learnt a lot today from the therapist and it definitely helps me in taking care of my hyper-active children.

It has been a two-hours session and very educational for me. Little did I know what I taught my children will make them into who they are. Today is the first session and my next session will be in a week time. Will share more about what I have learnt today another day. It has been a tiring day for us.