Monday, October 30, 2017

In the stadium

Call me silly, but for the first time in my life, I have stepped into Perpaduan stadium in Petra Jaya last Sunday. Not for some badminton games or other sports, but for our church mass gathering. A big Methodists gathering for over 10 Methodist churches in Kuching.

It wasn't hard to find the stadium. Just  turn to your left after passing the Dewan Pustaka and go straight. You will see the 3 stadiums in front of you. No, not the Stadium Negeri (above).

And not the Aquatic Centre (above) but here, the Indoor Stadium (below).

We parked our car at the designated car parks opposite Stadium Negeri and from there, we crossed the road to the Indoor Stadium.

The same indoor stadium where the Celcom Axiata Malaysia Open 2017 was held early this year.

Such mass was the first ever and everyone from different Methodist churches came in forces wearing blue for the occasion. This special Sunday was from 9am to 12noon; praises, prayers and sermons in 3 languages were held. Lunch also provided and handed out when we were at the exit point on our way out.

The kids were thrilled to be in an indoor stadium for the first time. But knowing them, they did not get that excited for too long. Lol.

A very special Sunday for the churches.  Praise the Lord.

Friday, October 27, 2017

They said

I don't know why I missed and forgot to post this earlier. It happened in September or maybe in August. Either way, it happened after I came back from my Europe trip.

It was one weekend when we felt like not having any noodle for breakfast. Asked the kids what they wanted to eat and they said "roti canai".

There is this Indian coffee shop near our place that we have been to few times. Actually there are few Indian or mamak shops in our area but so far, we have only been to this shop. Probably because it is the nearest. Curry House (opposite Courtyard Santuary apartment, Batu Kawah), 2 shops behind Choo Choo Cafe.

Was it any good? Yes, we liked it. The roti was crispy and thin. Very airy. Vegetable dhal was good as well.

And just last weekend, we had our craving for roti telur (again). So, we tried out a new place because we planned to do our grocery shopping afterward. This round, a Malay coffee shop near Emart Batu Kawa. Four Nour Cafe, next to The Eye Optometrist.

We were very early, reached there before 8am so no customer around.

Only the roti canai stall was operating but the cafe do have fried stall at the back. Hubby ordered its fried mee which I did not take photo of. He loved it. He said, it had that kampung Malay taste. I tasted one spoon of the noodle; it was sweet and spicy.

Back to my roti telur, it was good. Very thick and you could see the whole dough topped witj egg. They served curry dipping with it, which was nice. Tasted like fish curry to me but had few potato chunks in it.

Of course when I take roti canai, I must have my dose of teh tarik. Roti canai and teh tarik go well together. ^^

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #72: while we walked

On one morning where we had our weekend's family walk.

Love the morning air; cool and good for our body

We actually walked from our place to a food court which took us about 20 minutes. We had breakfast and then we walked home.

While we walked back, I could not helped but took out my phone and snapped along the way.

Beautiful purple petals scattered on the grass

Feel like fall

I were way, way behind because need to wait for the youngest one who is a slow walker

Looking up and we saw this beauty

Beautiful petals

Morning to you, purple bells

We also spotted few snails crawling up the wall

And a scary-looking cat eyeing us

Monday, October 23, 2017

Smurf everywhere

We attended a birthday party with a smurf theme last Saturday evening. Birthday party cum buffet dinner in Hap Chen Hian Satay House, Rubber road.

We were actually at the wrong venue in first place. As it turned out, there are 2 Satay House in Rubber road. We went to the one opposite Old Rex Cafe but a couple told us the actual venue was the other side of the road. That Satay House (which was same row with Curry House) also had birthday party that evening.

So we drove to the other Satay House. And yes, this was where our invitation was. On the 1st floor of Hap Chen Hian Satay House. Lol.

As the theme of the birthday was smurf and smurf is blue, we followed the theme by wearing something blue. We were 99% blue! ^^

It was fun to follow the theme but of course not every guests followed it.

The stage decoration was awesome. Smurf everywhere. It was blue everywhere. The guests especially the children were stranded at the stage area for the sweet goodies.

Sorry, no food photo. Too many guests were taking food at the buffet table so I did not want to anmoy anyone by blocking the queue and taking photos. ^^ So, let's enjoy the centrepiece.

And as we were leaving, we saw few guests ordered satay from below. So we also want to order and take away some satays. 10 sticks of pork satay and another 10 sticks of chicken satay for RM16.

And ours were piping hot when we reached home as they were grilled on the spot. The satays were nice but the peanut gravy was not to our liking. Too smooth as they blended everything. We prefer some crushed peanuts in the gravy for that texture, bite and crunchiness. ^^

Friday, October 20, 2017

Chasing time

Catching my breath from doing some revision with my boy. I have been chasing time this week since it is school holiday and I could do some revision with Jay. We covered most of the subjects up to date but thanks to Jan, she helped me cover the other subjects (in Chinese language) with Jay. Left 1 more subject to cover but should be able to cover most before the schools start next week.

We spent most morning at home. The weather has been so scorching hot this week. Hardly a single drop of rain. My garden also look dry and pitiful-looking. Just when I thought the raining season comes early. ^^

I cook at home most this week. Hardly go out. However I had an early lunch outside with my kids today. A little break from books is needed for everyone, so I brought my kids to River Park food court to fill up our tummies before pick up Jamie from the kindergarden. 

I tried out a new stall that I have never patronise before. A fried noodle stall operated by non-Chinese. A young couple. Few fried dishes to choose from but in the end, I went for the fried meehoon. 

The fried meehoon came with fried chicken for RM5.50. The meehoon was good. Not too wet, well seasoned. I enjoyed it. 

And surprisingly the fried chicken was not tough. It was moist inside. 

I enjoyed my plate of fried meehoon today and have been thinking of coming back to try its other dishes. Another day then.

Have a good weekend, guys! See you all next week.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


We celebrated my niece's 1 year old birthday last Sunday in simple but lovely theme in New Chef's Delicious restaurant, Penrissen road.

I could vividly remember when my bro's daughter was born. And how time flies. She is turning 1!

Born in the year of monkey, the parents decided to have a monkey themed setting for the birthday girl.

We celebrated her Chinese birthday instead of the English date. I liked this photo of her.

So pink, so subtle. And look at all the goodies! 

Cute monkey cookies

And the children (including mine) could not wait to dig into the goodies after the birthday song and candle blowing were done. Lol.

We rented a room with karaoke set but no one was singing other than my boys who were monkeying over the microphones earlier. 6 tables in total as we only invited close friends and sil's family.

One must have eggs coloured in edible red colouring on one's birthday.

And a nice and tasty spread of buffet prepared by the restaurant. I only took the shots of the dishes after everyone had their share. Apparently still lots of leftover which I did bring some home for the next day.

The fried noodle was a hit. First glance it looked like vermicelli but it was in fact very thin noodle. I enjoyed the fried rice although it looked rather unappetizing but the taste was otherwise. Black pepper lamb and pandan chicken were my other favourites that evening.

Fried noodle

Fried rice with raisin

Black pepper lamb

Sweet and sour fish

Roasted duck

Fried chicken wings

Mixed vegetables

Pandan chicken