Saturday, February 2, 2008

Au Revoir

Delicious-looking menu...yummy!

Some photos for remembrance....

Table setting and decoration

Me with my boss (left) and another colleague

Sayings on the T-shirt

A parting party for my lady boss at The Junk on Friday evening.

A total of 20 people attending the party, with 5 course menu on the board. We were served with white wine, as the menu was mostly seafood! We were fed with fish soup as starter, then fried eel with salad as side dish, followed by grilled tiger prawns, oven-baked salmon, and finally grilled lamb rack.
A private room was reserved for our function, so you can imagine our noise and laughters in the room! And not forgetting nicely customised printed t-shirt for the night where everyone in good sporting spirit to wear them.........

It has been wonderful to have you as a mentor, colleague and friend
You have taught me a lot and guide me through all these years
Let us remember the good memories that we shared together
And my wishes are all the best and good luck in your future

We will miss you! Au Revoir (good bye) and keep in touch.


Lee said...

Hello Rose, just a stranger from Canada who took a wrong turning somewhere...then arrived here. Must be the snow storm we having now, ha ha.
Wow! I've always loved the name 'Rose'...its one of the most beautiful names anywhere.
And, please allow me to say, you sure an attractive lady. And your name 'Rose' certainly matches your ahemm, beauty. And I can't help but say, Rose,...if you hold a bouquet of 12 roses infront of your mirror, you'll see 13 roses.

You mentioned 'The Junk'?
Is it by any chance in KL? Bukit Bintang?
I remember back in the 70's going to a place this name, with the bow of a ship as its front.
I might be wrong.
You have a nice day, Rose...and keep that alluring smile of yours. Sure made my day accidentally dropping by here. Keep well, UL.

Rose world said...

First of all, U. Lee are you sure you are bumping into me "accidentally"? That was a lucky bump though. Hahaha

Thanks for all the compliments. I am not used to it, so really dont know what else to say but thank you. You know I am blushing now.

I believe the junk that I have is not the same as in KL if there is any. I am staying in East Malaysia, KL is in West Malaysia.

When you going to visit Malaysia again?

Do drop by again and nice knowing you.....