Thursday, October 29, 2020

Treat from her

Since this year, my girl has been stopping by my dad's shop earlier so she could walk over to her school. One for me to avoid the jam and another is easy for me to pick my boys up. 

Anyway, she doesn't mind spending some time there with my dad and sis. 

On Monday, my sis treated my girl to a lunch.  From Chicago7. 

Since it reopened last year, I yet to try its menu. I couldn't remember the lasr time I went there!

Anyway, my sis treated to a pack of Chicago7 dishes. Thanks sis!! 

What did we have? Its broaster chicken and fish and chip set. Apparently its fish n chip was good, which I did agreed. 

Came with coleslaw and mayo and generous fries. 

However I liked its curly fries more. One of the best that I have ever tasted. 

My sis also ordered fish burger as well. Looked similar to Sugarbun's. I don't know how was the taste as my Jay packed it for his tuition break that afternoon. 

Flyer of their current promotion. 20% off total bill when you make purchase of less than RM100 when you dine in or takeaway. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Last night

Last night, we went to Kuching International Airport to pick up my MIL who was flying over from Sibu. 

We were an hour early. Found ourselves a nice parking spot and everyone walked out to the arrival hall. 

The airport looked like a deserted town, with totally no crowds except those waiting. As it was a rainy night, plus with less crowd, the place was rather chilly. It felt like the time has stopped. 

Since we had a lot of time waiting for my MIL, we went to McD's for an early supper. Very early supper as we just had dinner at home an hour ago and it wasn't 8pm yet! 

Kids have supper mostly. I was still full from my dinner. After picked up my MIL, we went home. MIL had McD chicken porridge before she went to sleep. She will be staying with us for a week. The kids will have a short school holiday starting this Thursday, so we have some time spending with her. 


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Another soup

It was Member's Day in Emart hypermarket last weekend. But before we went for our grocery shopping, first we needed to fill our tummies up.

Hubby and I went to  this food court for breakfast. Usually we would order its kiaw soup (dumpling soup) to go with our kolo mee but I noticed that they had another soup available on their stall front.

Mixed pork soup!! I ordered RM7 to try. Since MCO, business has not been so good, so we did not waited so long for our meal.  On normal days before MCO, one would need to wait so long for the noodle as it was long queue. But now, with this pandemic, most people prefer to stay indoor or buy takeaway than dine in.  

We seldom come here, but only when we needed to do grocery shopping, then we would make a stop and had breakfast before went with our shopping. The last time we were here was about 2 weeks ago.

Okay, lets go back to our breakfast. I liked that they served their food in nice bowls. Presentable and tastier looking, don't you agree? The soup has that It had wine taste to it. So the taste of wine and ginger combined; nice to take on a cold morning. Ingredients were pretty fresh but the liver was slightly overcooked. Other than that, we enjoyed this soup well. 

After our kolo mee breakfast, we went to get our grocery. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Kind of

 Not a good breakfast (for me) last Friday. 

Hubby has been mostly working from home last week, under the company's instruction. Working plus training online. So he has time for a morning walk and then accompanied me for breakfast.

It has been a while we went to Curry House for breakfast so went to our area's Curry House that morning after dropped the boys to school at 730am.

The place wasn't so packed. We placed our order after scanning the code and measure our temperature. Soon enough, our food and drink came. 

Hubby specially ordered 2 eggs in his roti telur bawang. See how bloated the roti was!! 

As for me I had its fried mee hoon. But somehow it kind of too oily that morning. Not so nice to digest although the mee hoon was tasty. The thought of the oil and calories turned my appetite off. First time had such oily fried mee hoon here. It was well cooked in the past. I wondered whether they changed their cook in the kitchen?

As for Jan, we bought its Mee Maggi Goreng takeaway. It was much better than my fried mee hoon. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020


One of the new food courts in my area and we recently brace to try it out early this week.

Yes Food Corner in MJC.   Only 2 stalls opened that morning, namely kolo mee and laksa stalls. Other stalls such as Indian Muslim stall, Malay stall and chicken rice stall were closed. 

Hubby tried the mixed pork soup and noodle set for RM8. 

It was awful!! One of the worst we had ever had in Kuching!!! There was tint of wine in the soup but the ingredients were not properly cooked. Liver was overcooked, pork slice was still raw. Noodle wasn't tasty as well. A young man mending the stall, he is definitely lacked of experience and cooking skill. Hubby has blacklisted this place for now!! 

Evidence of dissatisfaction shown. 

As for me, I had much better breakfast although it wasn't that great. But edible and acceptable to my standard. Sarawak laksa RM5 for me. Not the usual Sarawak laksa though; no shredded chicken but they added sliced beancurd puff. I wasn't fond of beancurd. Prawns were not that fresh but other than these, I finished my breakfast. 

This is definitely off of eating place list. No more. What an awful food served. 

Monday, October 12, 2020


It was a sad week last week. My father-in-law passed away last Wednesday.

Hubby drove all the way from Kuching to Kapit on previous Sunday to visit him in hospital. However by that evening, he had internal organ failure and vomited blood which prompted the doctors to do tubing. Injection was administered as well but my FIL never regained consciousness since.

He passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening in Kapit hospital. Relatives and close friends attended his funeral service on Thursday before he was transported back to Kuching on Friday. More than 8 hours drive, his coffin was safely transported to the 7th Mile funeral parlour.

The funeral ceremony was held on Sunday morning. His body was finally laid to rest in the church cemetery in 18th Mile. 

Rest in peace, dad. You may no longer around but your memories will forever be a part of our lives and be remembered and missed. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Back the second time

We were back the second time to this coffee shop after hubby tasted its nice Mee Jawa.  

However this round, hubby was looking forward to trying the sang nyuk mee (pork meat noodle) stall.  He ordered the normal set for RM8.00.

The noodle was nice, very QQ.  Handmade noodle, which hubby enjoyed.  I tasted a bit of the noodle and the soup.  Not as authentic as the Sabah sang nyuk mee that we had tasted but overall, it was alright.  

On the other hand, I did not feel like tasting the noodle, so I went for the Malay stall that sells Mee Jawa.  No, not Mee Jawa for me.  I wanted to taste its fried kway teow.

Both of us waited pretty long for our breakfast but in the end, my fried kway teow came first. RM5 for this plate. Decent portion but I had hard time finishing the noodle.  

Hubby also tapaued a pack of Nasi Lemak (RM5) from the same stall.  For his lunch.  The Malay couple still remember us from our very 1st visit.  Very friendly and chatty couple.

That was our Saturday breakfast date.  Long wait but it was alright since we had all the time on Saturday morning.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Beautiful Sunday

It was a nice, cold and beautiful Sunday. Cloudy with light breeze. Hubby and I went out around 8am for breakfast in Megabite Batu Kawa. The place wasn't crowded. 

I didn't feel like having the kolo mee here so I went for kueh chap. I requested lean meat, egg and skin for my kueh chap that morning. 

RM6 for my bowl of kueh chap. The broth looked diluted. It was mild, with slight herbal taste. Not that good, but it was alright to me to have early in the morning. 

After we were done with our breakfast and takeaway for kids, we went for a grocery shopping in emart. We did our shopping under 1 hour and went home with our loots. 

As we were leaving, hubby suddenly told me that he was craving for KFC! I didn't heard him wrongly. He wanted KFC chickens for lunch!! 

He was never a fan of KFC or fried chicken of sort, so it came as a surprise when he told me he wanted to have it for lunch. Many years that we are together, we have never dine in KFC. 

Anyhow that Sunday we went to KFC in emart and bought 3 set meals. Of course we requested for the original spice. 

For dinner, I used few chunks of this mackerel caught by hubby on his last trip. I love mackerels, especially fried. Just salt and pepper seasoning is good enough when the fish is fresh. 

Sometimes I added curry powder to marinate the fish to give it that extra flavour. 

Everyone liked my curried fried mackerel, I proudly said. Almost every week I would cook this.

That was how we spent our beautiful Sunday.  Eating and shopping.  

Friday, October 2, 2020

Came in time

We received another box of mooncakes on Wednesday morning from our insurance agents. It came in time; a day before the Mid-Autumn celebration. 

Wait! Axian's mooncakes?? Oh my, that was a surprise. And the thought of tasting Axian's unique and local flavoured mooncakes sounded enticing.

The mooncakes after unboxed. 4 different flavours, namely Hokkien mooncake, Hokkien Bak Kut Teh mooncake, Cantonese White Lotus mooncake and Cantonese Lotus Single Yolk mooncake.

They even listed out the ingredients at the back of the box. After looking at them, we decided to try the Hokkien mooncake,  The kids enjoyed it too as it was sweet and chewy. 

A delightful Hokkien mooncake. Like one of the pastries that we ate when we were small. 

Rather sweet to me so I could only take a small bite of it. 

3 more mooncakes to finish up. 😊