Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 years of my thoughts

November 30 2007. That was the day that everything started here. 3 years have gone and I have been through the ups and downs as a blogger and a person. I cannot believe that I have gone this far.

I have followed food blogs for a year before starting my own blog. It was hard to decide what for my blog, but end up a chuck of everything in one blog. I thought that I should have a place to store my thoughts, update on my life and create a space for my children to read when they are older.

The first time I blogged, I was blogging about my little gal. That time she was a year plus, but now she is 4 years old plus. Now I am a mother of two adorable children. Last time I was working in my first and the longest employment as a marketing personnel. Now I am an entrepreneur and doing MLM. Life has indeed changed since then. There is no turning back for me, but I am happy with what I have and achieved so far. Hopefully more to come.

Along the way, I met many nice and wonderful bloggers. They inspire me one way or another with their postings. Although we never meet, but almost every day we will visit each other blog and make comments. The thought of leaving comments make one feel appreciated because it takes time for people to read your post and write comments in the comment box. So there are true friends that you can meet in the blogging world. I know I did!

Never thought of making money out of blog; although I did have some in my Paypal account. Lol! What is interesting about blogging is that it is your personal blog, you can write what ever you want to and should not be judgemental about what I write. All are my personal opinions and what interested me in my daily life.

I still love to write in my blog. I shall continue to do so and hopefully more will come along the way......Happy blogging everyone.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The mood of holiday

People start to talk about Christmas shopping and I read in today newspaper that clothing prices going to be marked up next month due to insufficient supply of cotton. So guys, this month would be a good time to shop may it be for Christmas, New Year or Chinese New Year.

Over here some of the CD shops playing Christmas songs and once a while I would hear CNY songs play! Lol! I haven't start my shopping yet, anyway nothing much to shop. My little girl will be going back to hometown next week. Without her, we would not in that mood to put out the Christmas tree and shopping for present. However maybe will shop for her new shoes when she is back after Christmas next month. Have you started your shopping spree?

It is time to give back to the children in need too. In my previous employment, I would give away some present for the Love-In-A-Box organised by SEDC, but since left the company I would directly go to the Salvation Army. So it is time to clean up my children's wardrobe for old stuff. Hmm.....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

No vacations

School holiday is just around the corner. And it means my little girl will be away for almost a month to be with her grandparents. The other day while chatting with my MIL, she reminded me again on my girl's holiday. I normally pack her stuff on the night before, so no hurry there. My MIL even joked about bringing Baby Jay home but since either me or hubby not tagging along, she is worry Baby Jay will be homesick. Since he was born, he has never been away from home, so it is not a good risk to take.

It has been more than a year since hubby and myself went back to his hometown. Now with my business and him just started working in new company, it is hard for us to take vacation. Suppose to visit Singapore end of the year to attend a cousin's wedding but we cannot make it. How I wish that we can take some times off, maybe next year for a family vacation. Hmm, need to think of a way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend Menu #10: From Indonesia

A quick post on food. Hubby came back from Indonesia yesterday afternoon and as usual, he never missed out on buying souvenir or gifts back. His first trip to Potianak.

Aloe Vera dodol. Very cute. Reminded me of our Malaysian Durian Dodol
Too sweet for me!
This is my type! Yummy sticks!
We went to Kwali for a late lunch since hubby was hungry after landed in Kuching. As usual, his order was ulam and nasi lemak special.

As for me, I tried its chicken chop. The portion is just nice but slightly expensive for me. Around RM12.00 per plate.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flying fish

On my way home this evening............Must be some enthusiastic kiters who put so much effort in their kites. They always attract onlookers and some even stop and park at the side to have good look at the kites.

There you are. One of the two flying fishes in the sky.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long hiatus

Sorry for the long absent. I have been going around other blogs to read and make comments, but too lazy to post in my blogs. My time is feed up with nothing but things. Busy with everything from family to business. Hubby started his first day at work in bank yesterday. So the "picking kids from nanny" job is back to my responsibility.

The weather has been very wet lately. So I seldom do the laundry at home, sending my dirty laundry to laundry centre for washing. Even the centre taukeynio recognised and know my laundry well. Lol! Wait till I get my new house and have a dryer.

Talking about my new house, hubby said the contractors may start some extension work this month. Maybe not in time to move in before Chinese New Year as we have yet hunt for furniture etc. So we shall take our times on moving in.

On my business, it has been both rewarding and stressful. Rewarding because I can see slowly my customers are building and so is my personal network. At the end of the day, network is the ultimate objective. Slowly my network is building and I earn little from there, but expecting to see more next year. Stress? Like every business, there are up and downs and not every day is a sunshine day. With targets to hit, it is a challenging day every day.

As for my kids, both are doing fine. My Baby Jay is getting restless and naugthier than ever; he cannot keep still for a minute. So everytime I bring both kids to shop, my things sure go messy. Luckily I have my staff to mend the kids in shop, otherwise I could not do much there.

So if you do not see me around that often, you know that my time is used up on other important matters. *wink*