Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything is bigger

I am commenting on my body after delivery. I am currently weighing around 57kg. After a week of looking after and feeding my baby, I am still not losing any weight. Baby Jay's night feeding is 3- 4 times per night and he is getting lesser sleep during the day time as well. I am having dark cicles around my eyes due to night feeding. Besides looking after him, I still need to do the laundry, cleaning the room and once a while cooking. I am not complaining, but am treating all those as exercises. So, when am I going to lose some more weights? Why? I couldn't fit on most of my old clothing! Very frustrating indeed!

Besides my clothing, I also have problem with my feet size! They are bigger! After delivered my 1st child, my feet size has grown from Size 5 to 6. Now, after my 2nd child, my feet size is no longer 6. I have to get new shoes. I am now wearing around 6.5, and depends on brands, I can fit into Size 6. Most of my current high heels and sandals have to stay idle in my shoe cabinet as I couldn't wear them. It is very sad as some is pretty new and only wore few times. What am I going to do with them if I cannot fit into them anymore???

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two is a crowd

When the confinement lady was here, everything was fine and manageable. But after she has gone, I was stuck with the children over the weekend. It may be 2 days but for me, it was 2 days of emotional torture!

One is naughty and active, and another is a demanding baby and getting cheekier himself. One has mind of her own and never listen to you, while another one needs your utmost attention and care. My patience is been tested here.

My daughter may be helpful around the house and adores her baby brother, but we couldn’t trust ourselves to leave her alone with him. Sometimes she is very mischievous, intentionally messing things around and making life difficult for us. Once a while she felt left out as we are more attentive to her baby brother, so Ig guess that would be the reason for her difficult attitude.

Back to my weekend, I had tough time looking after both of them. Furthermore, hubby was not around yesterday as he was flying to Sibu for a night to attend a friend's wedding reception. Some more I am down with cough and sore throat so it was a hectic weekend for me. It must have been the weather, as the haze is back. It has been very hot for the past week. Little J has also not recover from her cough bugs, but both of us has gone to see doctor yesterday morning. Luckily got my SIL to take care of Baby Jay for a while when we gone to see doctor.

After had settling one, another one needed my attention. Like I said, little gal is very active, and she would jump on the bed, making noises and chatting which wake up the sleepy baby. And once she finally tired and took her afternoon nap, it was her baby brother's turn to cry and did not want to sleep. Sigh! After everything, I couldn’t sleep or do anything else. I think sooner or later I will lose more weight, judging from the fact I am taking care of 1 growing toddler and 1 young baby. *wink*

My mum always tell me that it is easy to have children (conceive and give birth), but not easy to take care of them. Being a parent is a tough job. But when you see your children grow up and share wonderful memories with you, it is worth your sweats and tears. So mum, I think I better stop complaining. Now I know I was such a "pain in your @ss" when I was a baby. *wink*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Delightful gift

As gifts to those relatives that gave "angpow" and hampers to Baby Jay on his "Full Moon", in return we are giving them boxes of mooncakes. At first, hubby was thinking of ordering cakes and give them out. However since Mid-Autumn is here, I suggested mooncake as gift. It does sound more meaningful to present them mooncakes instead of cakes.

So hubby bought mooncakes from Hei Yuet Thong. Hubby has tough time deciding what to get as they have many choices, but in the end we went for Lotus Paste. We love its packaging. Don't you like its Chinese ancient coin in front of the box??

Hubby also bought 2 mooncakes for me; one is Low Sugar White Lotus and another one is Golden Floss. I still like the traditional lotus paste mooncakes, but since hubby wanted to try new flavour, so I don't mind him buying them. I am not so much of an adventurer in trying new flavour, especially when it comes to sweet food like mooncakes.

We haven't taste our mooncakes yet. Maybe we keep it till the Mid-Autumn which is next week, where we can enjoy our mooncakes with lanterns and under a full moon! *smile*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free at last

Yay, finally I am out of my confinement. I woke up pretty early this morning, couldn't sleep. Too happy to think about today. *laugh* After 4 weeks, I am weighing around 57kg with waistline of 33". My weight before delivery is around 65kg. Gosh, lots of works to do to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, i.e. 51kg.

Baby Jay is 1 month old today and tonight we will be having a dinner to celebrate his "full moon" (1 month old) with my FIL and my parents. I have been sorting out my wardrobe since last night; not all (especially the pants) can fit me. Still have my tummy, haven’t slim down totally. I have been juggling on which dress to wear for tonight dinner, but after much consideration, I think I will go with the brown-patterns dress as it did not emphasize much on my tummy. How to get rid of the excess fat there??

I have a wrapper to be wrapped around the tummy after delivery, a present by a friend during my last confinement. But man, I couldn’t find the wrapper. I totally forgot about it till on my 2nd week of confinement, but I couldn’t find it. Some said it works in slimming down your tummy. I wouldn’t know whether it works on me or not, now that it is too late to use it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mind my English

I remember that there used to be a British comedy television series shown back in the 80s, titled "Mind Your Language". Wonder anyone still remember the English teacher, Mr Jeremy with his class full of foreigners? I love the series and if it is shown again in TV, I don't mind catching it all over again.

As a child, I picked up my English from "Sesame Street". English is not my mother tongue at home. In school days, I spoke mostly CHinese and Bahasa Malaysia. English is more like a third language to me then, till I went to college. There I learn to speak more English, but still I cannot escape the culture of Manglish, where "lah" is pretty common in every conversation.

Now that I have children, I try to speak proper english for the children's sake. I have to say that my 3 years old gal speaks better English than me. Sometimes she even have that American accent in here. Must be too much exposure to tv. I make sure she only watch certain tv channel, like Playhouse Disney and educational programme such as Barney.

Here I am still in confinement. I would be free in few more days, counting down to that day! then I can watch tv and catching up on some tv series. Lol! And not forgetting that I am missing this year's Raya feast. By the time I am out of my room, there would not be any Hari Raya Open House to visit. Anyway, I would like to wish all Muslim readers and friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" too. Leave some curry, lemang, rendang, satay and ayam masak merah for me, ok? *wink*

During my confinement, I don't lie on the bed most of the time. So whenever I am bored, I will go blog hopping. I've missed out so much on other friends' blogs. The other night while I were blog hopping, I happened to stumble on one interesting blog. Hello English, a blog dedicated to provide some helps and insights on English. I have to salute the author for his dedication and work. Well done! Do you have any problem in teaching English in your class like what Mr Jeremy from "Mind Your Language" did?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Digging business

She has this habit since young and it seemed that she cannot help herself. She will do it anytime, anywhere irregardless of anything.

I am commenting on my little gal’s gold digging. Not the real gold, but those “gold” in the nose! Yeah, very unladylike. So I have been trying to get her to stop digging on her nose.

Last time I used to make fun of her whenever she did it. Like her nose will grow bigger and she wouldn’t look nice with big nose. It works for a while but then she forgets about it and start to do it again.

Her grandma even teach her to pinch her nose whenever she has the urge. Reason given by her grandma?? Beautiful nose. Hahaha! Yeah, I wonder if pinching her nose everyday, her nose will grow pointed and nicer?? Nay! But pinching her nose is definitely better than picking on her nose. It turns out to be habit, more than a necessary thing to do so.

What should I do?? How to make her to stop this “digging” habit?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 more days

10 more days, then....

....I would be taking care of my baby by myself

....I would be able to take my bath with heater, no more that smelly, blacky herb on my bath tub

....I would be able to go out (shopping!)

....I would no need to eat kacang ma and all those tasteless, heaty dishes!

....I would no need to drink air mata kucing. I miss drinking water.

....I would not get inflammation on my gum and teeth. Too much heaty food, I cannot stand them, and so is my teeth!

....I can touch tap water, how I miss those cold water

....I can wear shorts, and sleeveless top without fear of wind blowing on me. (I hope that they fit after all those months!)

....I can wash my hair after so many weeks! Yuk! I need to wash my smelly and oily hair twice, I think.

....I don't get intoxicated by taking too much Cognac Otard every other nights

.....I am back to my normal routine, i.e. housechore and errands

Am I happy or dread to be out of confinement?? Lol!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Through the ordeal

2 weeks into my confinement, and baby boy Jay is also 2 weeks old now. Today is my 15th day. Every day I am counting to the day I am out of my confinement. Both mum and baby boy are doing fine. I eat and sleep well although the first week was a pain-and-suffering period. Pain on the C-Section area, develop pain on my teeth and gum, no bath and itchy here and there. Luckily I got through that stage and now am very much pain-free and got more energy and strength to look after my baby. There still no bath for me, but I only wipe myself using damp clothes. I starting to take chicken this week, cooked with kacang ma herbs. I also can eat some vegetables and fishes now. For the past 2 weeks I took pork cooked with a lot of gingers and wine.

Let's me bring you through my delivery from the day I walked into the hospital ward on 25 August afternoon. My FIL was more excited than me and hubby and he nagged us to go to Normah Medical Specialist Centre earlier that day; excuses because need to register, etc. So instead of us checking in at 2.30pm, we checked in around 1.30pm. And I have to wait in my ward till 4.00pm that day as the doctor scheduled to arrive and operate on me around 4.30pm. Probably it is my second time, so I don't feel any nerves or panic. Luckily the attendants are very friendly and talked to me at the waiting hall and operation room, so they sort of calming down my nerves. But oh boy, I still can feel the cold air when I was wheeled to the operation room. Why it has to be soooooo cold!! And I wearing nothing but the thin dress. Bbbbbrrr! Cold!

The next thing I remember was I was warded back to my ward and pain on the C-section area. I was given painkiller so don't really feel that painful, but that night I kept awaken by the night nurses who came to check on me, change my urine bag, check the drip, and measuring my blood pressure. I think I lost count of the times they came into my ward. And hubby? He was sleeping in the next bed. We took the double bed since no single room, so hubby got to enjoy sleeping on a hospital bed! Lol! We stayed there for 2 nights. I wouldn't want to stay in the hospital that long, although the doctor said that they don't usually discharged patients if the patients have not yet empty her bowel. Er, if I don't do "big business", then I can't leave? But in the end, we left on Thursday morning.

We were fortunate that we choose to operate on 25 August as later hubby told me that doctor found that baby umbilical cord start to wrap around baby's neck and I have mild contraction that morning. So, it is a blessing!!

I have my first bowel movement on Friday morning, so it was not an issue then. *wink* As for baby boy, he slept almost the whole Thursday and Friday and did not wake up much during the night. Even if he woke up, he did not cry much, just making some funny noise (like how you start the car engine). But now he is 2 weeks old, and grow stronger and bigger, he started to cry out loud now when no one pay attention to him. Lol! He drank very little on first week and into second week, about 1 - 1.5oz. Just few days ago, he already can finish his 2oz milk. Soon, we may have to change him milk bottle to 4oz. He wakes up about 1 - 2 times per night for the time being. A very sleepy baby, I said.

Baby boy did not have any jaundice but he developed rashes on his body and face. My SIL took him to see doctor last Thursday and doctor said he has a very sensitive skin, like his daddy!! So we have to use new shampoo, from Ellg Extra Gentle soap and antifungal cream for his allergic skin. Luckily they work and his skin is improving.

Once a while I get too used to call my little gal, that I called my baby boy "her"! Ooopppss! Too used to it. Hahaha! Now that he is 2 weeks old, he is getting more alert and start to make more sound. Alright, if you want to see more pictures of my baby boy, I post them on other blog.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Introducing my prince

I am taking a break from my confinement now. *wink* I am into my 2nd week of my confinement and oh boy, how I miss all those technologies and gadgets, i.e. tv, computer, internet etc. A little update on my baby boy who was born last Tuesday afternoon. Yes, he was born a day after my birthday; chosen after consulting the fortune teller. As for the time and weight, we did not choose them. Lol!

Date: 25 August 2009
Time: 4.44pm
Weight: 3.338kg
Height: 50cm

The photo was taken on the 2nd day in the hospital. I haven't got time to sort out the photographs yet, but will do so later. Alright, better off for the time being, before my confinement lady sees me playing in front of the pc. lol!