Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A good or bad mummy?

I don’t know the answer to the above. Am I a good mother to my almost 2-years old daughter? I really don’t know but what I can tell you is that I am still learning to be one.

Parenting is a very difficult job especially in discipline your little one and guiding them through their childhood stage. There is no perfect guideline in how to discipline and guide your children but with better understanding of what your children want would make the parenting job easier.

I have noticed my little gal would like me to be around her and pay more attention to her at home. When ever she plays her LEGO game or read her books, she would show off her masterpiece and reading skill to me and expect me to praise her. She would want me to play and read together with her. She would not want anyone to be with her, except ME!

With those understanding, I slowly develop a time schedule and time-out rules for my little gal.

1. Allocate approximately 30 minutes schedule every night for reading and playing with little gal in the bedroom. I am trying to set a rule for her to at least have some time to read and play when there is less distraction around
2. Should she misbehave, i.e. throwing her toys around or messing with her clothes drawer, I will carry her to a place and let her stay there for few second with me out from her side. This is called time-out. You can find out more on time-out at this website: Time Out for Children and Kids’ Behaviour
3. When it is time to play, it should be totally play time. When time to read, it should be reading time. Do not mix it around or with other activities.
4. Always set a time to be with your children during those times. Praise, do not punish them if they misbehave.
5. Allowing some time for father and daughter time, and leaving them alone. I am trying to let them have time to develop closeness and not too relying on me.

Keep in mind that different children require different parenting tactics. It is how you understand your children well would determine your parenting skill. My parenting skill is not the best, but that is how I discipline my children and hopefully in able to make her more independent and develop a love to learn.


InspiredMumof2 said...

My kids are just like any other kids with tantrums, and moods. If they are good, listen to instructions, is happy to help, and willing to read books/do homeworks.

When they are naughty, wah, many methods of disciplines. I try not to spank or shout at them. Usually, I would tell them off with reasoning and negotiate with choices. Eg, Do you want me to bath you or grandma? (when daughter refuse to bath) Then she will choose either one of us, since no choice haha...

Time out had been effective for awhile for my kids. But after sometime, they did it again sigh... kids will be kids...

Rose world said...

Hi Inspiredmum, thanks for your sharing! Yes, I am sure after some time, kids get used to the time out method, they are immune to it! So no longer that effective! Always need to think of new way to reward and punish them! ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi rose.. I don't have any kids of my own yet but when the time comes, all I wanna do is be the best mom I can.. I'm sure every parent wishes to do the best they can and I'm sure they've done the best to their abilities. I'm sure you're a great mom as well! Wish me luck when the time comes for me! :D

janice said...

good tips there rose..
i will try ..

Rose world said...

Hi Ratu Syura, thanks for dropping by. Wishing you all the best when you have kids! Hahaha! It will be handful, believe me.

Janicepa, good luck to you too! :)

Anonymous said...


I am just married..! just trying ti understand the pros and cons of motherhood.
Hope i turn out to be as good as you'll
Gr88 goingg..