Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Messes Around

My office is like a spot been hit by tornado with all files and papers scattered around and unarranged tables since yesterday. It is even worse than tornado as we cant hardly walk around without bumping into some furniture and bruising ourselves here and there.

New boss, new office layout. Change of feng shui I believe? In other word, we need to get ready our office before new boss coming in this Friday! We have been busy moving our tables, files, computers and other stuff around the office from one corner to another corner but still nothing was done till late yesterday. Why? Only 3 ladies in the office, we need men strength to move those heavy items around. Sigh! Talking about moving things on 5th day of Chinese New Year!

I moved my computer over to my new spot late yesterday afternoon, using my ex-boss’s table temporarily while waiting for people to help in moving my table over. Thank god I can use my pc and online, otherwise I don’t know how to survive without my blog and not visiting my blogger friends’ blogs! Oh boy, I know I am becoming addicted to blogging world! *wink*

Countdown to 3 more days to get everything settles down otherwise I cannot imagine the new boss’ face when he sees those messes in the office. With new layout, everyone would be stationed at one open space instead of staying in own cubicles. No privacy, instead everyone would be facing one another! LOL!


JenJen's Place said...

You are still moving ah?Poor thing. Make sure they connect back ur pc properly!

Agnes said...

hi Rose,
wow...big moving after CNY. I can imagine how mess is your office now.

Anonymous said...

Eh y moving during CNY? Good thing is your PC is facing a wall, if not how are you going to blog? Hahaha...

KristyCK said...

Wah Rose, New year, new boss and new looking office...nice....hihi!
You still have a couple of days to rearrange things. Good luck!