Friday, February 22, 2008

Our worst nightmare!

If I told you that someone is stalking or harrassing you every now and then, what would you feel? Annoy? Irritated? Angry? Fear?

There is this grass cutter, an old man in his 60s I think. He is the most annoying grass cutter you ever met! Mentioned of him makes my blood boiling now! Aaaaarrrgggh! I seldom see him cut the other neighbours' grasses, so I guess he just picked hubby's house randomly. End up, he has been coming to hubby's house from the beginning.

Each time, hubby paying him RM10 for his services which include cleaning and clearing up the grasses from drains. Not much grass to cut though. Last time, maybe more but now we have put cement on the side and back part of the house for more parking spaces and store room, so not much green for him to service.

Anyway, the annoying part about him is that he will come every 2 weeks and ask to cut your grass. The way he ask is very annoying, I simply don’t know how to translate what he said in Hokkien! Just simply annoying. And another thing is that our grass is not even 2 inches long, and he already wanted to cut them. Hubby even found him didn’t clear after the grass. Just leave all those grasses in the drain and all around.

If I ever met him, I will tell him off, no need to cut my grass since not long. Alright, I may be rude and cruel to an old man, judging by the way I speak to him. However he has been like stalking us, simply enter our house without permission.

There are times when he just enter the house and cut the grass without us knowing, and the next day he will come to collect his RM10! As hubby and myself work during the day, he will ask from my brother-in-law. My BIL will tell him off, that he wouldn’t pay since he didn’t ask him to cut the grass. The worst part is that he kept coming every day to collect if we didn’t pay him up! Oh no!! This is worse than the "Along" (loan sharks). In the end, we just pay him up.

Hubby even tell him to come early of every month to cut. But old habit never dies. He still comes every 2 weeks and we just simply ignore and remind him on coming early of the month! ;p I guess he just come to our house when he has no money and keep poundering on us to cut our grass! And for our poor grass, they don’t have the opportunity to even grow! Hahahaha!


pearly said...

oh dear .. poor you , wat to do if old folk don't lister .may be put your feet down tell him if he cut the grass twice he would only get pay once , no one like to do thing for free .
let the dog out LOL

Anonymous said...

some elders like "hard neck", right?

Anonymous said...

Yikes...that's annoying! You make it very clear to him that when you need your grass cut, you'll let him know. No need to pester you about it. Besides, it's not even his grass!