Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I can't believe that I am approaching 9 years of awesome blogging.

Rose. The name that I use in this blog. I am so in love with you as you are mine. You are like the pearl in the ocean of green.

Enchanting medicine for this weary soul. Wine for my eyes.

Couldn't believe you last this long. Never thought you and I stay till today.

A big thank you to all for supporting, commenting and reading my blog. This blog couldn't be one without you. You know who you are, my dear friends.

card made by Jan

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wow-ing art

Read this article in paper last Tuesday on the newly-opened interactive 3D art museum in Kuching. Wow! It is about time we have this museum here.

On Saturday, we checked out this new place in Penrissen.

The building is next to the Chinese temple, opposite the Kota Sentosa.

Not the whole buidling occupied by the museum so you need to spot the entrance to the museum.
After paying our entrance fee which wasn't cheap (my personal opinion), we were accompanied by a staff touring around the gallery. She guided us on how to pose with each art piece.

We did have a good time posing and looking around the gallery. The wall arts as well as the giant replica of Sarawak's specialty food.

Those books are for sale at RM69 each

Let out the famous Bujang Senang

The cat and burung kenyalang

She caught a big fish


Yours truly was getting friendly with Orang Utan

Replica of a little house

Riding down the Main Bazaar

My mum used to have this old- fashioned dressing table back in the 80s



Kolo mee

Kek Lapis

Her favourite, roti canai

Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 school is done!

It's official! School is out!

School holiday has already begun and it feels surreal to me. It is like yesterday when they started schooling.

Both Jan and Jay are doing fine in school. Jan has a little hiccup early of the year as the new syllabus implemented and some tough transition from P3 to P4.  However, am glad that she is adjusting well to the new syllabus and doing fine academically.

She was in the top 3 throughout the year.  The previous 3 exams she was in 2nd place, but this time round, she dropped to number 5.  However the overall performance for the year, she is in 3rd place and on Wednesday, she collected her 3rd place trophy in school.

Jan  has works to do in improving her marks in few subjects especially BM. Next year she will be attending afternoon tuition which is compulsory in her school in preparation for UPSR the following year.

Chinese - 70 (Paper 1) + 80 (Paper 2)
BM - 70 (Paper 1) + 40 (Paper 2)
English - 98 (Paper 1) + 88 (Paper 2)
History - 72
PM - 99
Maths - 89
Science - 71
Pendidikan Kesihatan - 80

The most surprise came from Jay. Initially I were so worry about him adjusting to Chinese school but he proved me wrong. He is adjusting well in P1. Now he is more daring to speak Chinese to us. And his marks in Chinese has improved over the marks since he gone to tuition. BM is his weakest subject in class, but overall he is doing fine in his exam. Still, his handwriting is less desirable and need more improvement.  Teachers have been complaining about his messy handwriting. 

Jay is an average achiever; academic is not much his stronghold. His interest lies on other thing. So far in his school exams, his standing is middle (around 15th and 16th) out of 30 students in his class. 

Chinese - 77
English - 83
BM - 58
Maths - 80
Science - 76
Morale - 74
Pendidikan Kesihatan - 84

For fun, I posted 2 photos of them.  1st day of school and another was taken this Monday, the last week of school. Any difference other than they are growing taller?

Jan 2016

Nov 2016

Soon, my youngest will be following his older siblings' footstep in venturing into kindergarden.  I wonder I would be getting used to going back to an empty and quiet house after dropping Jamie to kindergarden next year?? Well, I might as well enjoy the time I have with him and my other children now. Happy holidays!!

Learn from the trees; values from roots and changes from leaves. Stay grounded and keep on growing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Few Saturdays ago, we used the Petra Jaya-Satok bridge route to reach Fort Margherita, and after that, we drove through the Pending and Padungan via the toll plaza for our lunch in Imperial Duck.

Along the way to Fort Margherita, we passed by some magnificient Kuching's landmarks.

State Library

Old Sesco building

Tall trees on both sides of the road

The trees are like soldiers, in a proper line

Old DUN building

New DUN building

Astana from the road

Astana facing Waterfront

Entrance to Astana

Monday, November 21, 2016

This holiday

This is the final week before schools are ended for good. I am dying for it!!

Everyone is relieved that the long holiday is around the corner. Jan and Jay needed the long holiday from the school and hectic schedule. They would be spending few weeks in Kapit with their grandparents soon. Both would be going back this time while the rest of us staying back as hubby could not take leave. So it means I would be stuck with my youngest on weekdays while hubby would be around on some weekends.

I am not going to plan any special school holiday activities since the 2 older kids aren't around.

So I am going to take a long break myself. No need to send anyone to enrichment classes next month. Stop the swimming, arts, taekwondo and piano lesson for a month.

Maybe I could catch up with few old friends over brunches then. It has been a while since I met my friends. Kind of missing the gossip and catching up. Time to get my social life back. *wink*

Friday, November 18, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture # 61: Memories

We made memories every day. May they be bad or good; they are parts of life and what make us.

Few events happening lately around me.

My little niece was admitted into hospital for a week due to suspect of virus infection just few days after her 1 month old. Glad that the ordeal was over and she was clear of any infection.

School exam is over. Kids are doing fine. And bringing home with surprises this week is my girl with her 4 winning trophies in the competition that she's participated.

Food. We couldn't live without food. Food for life; not live for food.
Rekindled my love for dim sum over the weekend.

Happy when someone gets hitched. A male cousin got married early this month and we were able to share this happy moment.

Chinese wedding reception must started off with cold dish

Christmas is not so far away

The happiest moment is when the kids enjoying their childhood; growing up happily and making memories every day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Not so good anymore

After our visit to Fort Margherita last Saturday, hubby wanted to have lunch in Imperial Duck, Padungan.

It has been ages since our last visit there. Never had a nice experience there but since hubby was craving for its roasted pork and duck, I obliged to it.

Hubby and I each had this plate of Imperial duck rice (RM9). The duck was alright; crispy skin but slightly fat for me. The rice was a let-down. Too dry, too cold. Or probably they gave us the bottom from the rice cooker. Even the sauce they drizzle on top couldn't save it. 

Their celebrated bbq pork (RM17) still tasted good. Thickly sliced with crackling skin and juicy meat. Nice by itself or for added taste, they served mustard dipping with it.

Jan had yong zhou fried rice RM8.50 which was nice. Big serving and she could not finish it. I much prefer her fried rice to my duck rice now. Lol.

Tummies were full. We quenched our thirst and cool ourselves down in the air-con space but satisfaction? Not up to our standard. Not so good anymore. Food quality has dropped. Don't think we would be coming here anytime soon. Or ever.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Back in time

We visited Fort Margherita yesterday. Since it is reopened after a period of restoration work.

It was a fine morning when we were there. And Saturday was hubby's birthday so the birthday man's wish was to visit the fort and he got his wish! Everyone got to visit one of the historical places in Kuching as well.

To go to the fort, you have to drive to the back of the old DUN building. Follow the road and you will reach the fort in no time. You could see the new DUN building on the right side of the fort.

So many photos I took at Fort Margherita but I would be sharing only some of them.  The fort was amazing, well maintained and everything felt so surreal.  It was like I were stepping back in time, during the colonial time with all those interesting exhibits, and the fort structure with solid wooden floor. You simply have to be there, so much to see and learn.

The receptionist was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was sharing with us some stories of the White Rajahs. 3 floors of exhibits in the fort and we also climbed up to the rooftop via the spiral staircases.

A bit of a challenge going up the narrow spiral staircases. It was hanging on the wall with a big pole supporting the other end. Nothing in between. Totally have that insecurity when I climb them. Cannot miss a step or I bet I would be tumbling down. Furthermore Jamie was too scared to go up or down. In the end, I have to carry him through the staircases all the way.

Fort Margherita, named after the Ranee of Sarawak (wife of Charles Brooke, 2nd Rajah)

Front view

The English-style white fort

Dum spiro spero - in Latin it means "While I breathe, I hope"

Opens daily including public holidays


James Brooke, 1st White Rajah

Sailed to Sarawak in Royalist

Where is the "bear"? To them, that was how Borneo looked like back then

Weapons from the Brunei Sultanate

Figurehead from the great ship, H. H. S Zahora

Flag of the Kingdom of Sarawak back then

The Kingdom of Sarawak's national anthem

Spiral staircases, one end attached to the big wooden pole while the other end onto the wall. Nothing in between! How secure would you feel?? ^^

Scary and challenging to climb up and down. At one stage, I have to crawl up than walking up. Lol

Rooftop overlooking the Sarawak river

The shooting range

Beautiful green

The park outside the fort

The thrill of walking on the planks overlooking outside 

Prison door

Fort Margherita's history

Hope you enjoy the photos. I would love to visit it again but when the kids are bigger. They may not understand or interested in the history now but they did have a good time walking up the spiral staircases and enjoying the warm sun and scenery there.