Sunday, December 30, 2018

The eve morning

We dropped this coffee shop, Sin Chong Choon in Green Heights on Christmas Eve morning.

I know, it has been a long time we came here because one, the parking is a pain. And secondly, the food quality drop. Thirdly, the food and drink here aren't that cheap.

But that morning, we planned to go to Cold Storage in Green Heights Mall for its closing down sale. Yes, we heard that Cold Storage is closing down and we wanted to see if anything worth buying.

So for breakfast, I had Sarawak lakes (RM6.50). Usually I have its laksa whenever I come here. So no exception that morning and it has been a while since I had a good bowl of Sarawak laksa.

Being a Monday, many shops closed so another reason we dropped here. But unfortunately few stalls didn't open that day like the dim sum, kolo mee. So the kids and dad went for the kampua stall for its Foochow dishes. The old lady who use to mend the stall has retired and passed down to her granddaughter. 

The granddaughter sure took her time to prepare our food and in the end, we didn't have kampua as the lady forgot about it.

Jay had kway teow while Jan went for bee hoon. Jamie shared bee hoon with Jan as his kampua was left out. 

Hubby had this mixed pork soup with his Sarawak laksa.

Verdict - the liver was overcooked in the soup. Jay and Jan commented their noodle was tasteless. They hardly finished their breakfast. And we had to remind the lady and her staff few times on our order and it took too long.

After a disappointing breakfast, we walked over to Cold Storage. We didn't buy much, just some bacons, pork sausage and spices.

Friday, December 28, 2018

How big

It has been a while since we went to 8 Way Cafe. The day after the kids came back from their long Kapit holiday, I brought the kids to The Spring Mall to enjoy its Christmas decoration. After that, we visited my mum since it was nearby.

After an hour at my mum's house, we went to 8 Way Cafe for lunch. It was lunch time but the place wasn't that packed. Our food also came out fast.

I forgot how big their portion was. The business owner was from Sibu; I used to bought takeaway from her back then in Rejang Park, Sibu. 

My fried rice with crispy anchovies (RM6.90) was so much that it was fit for 2 persons. Believe me, I finished the whole plate but you could imagine how full I was after that.

I also ordered a sweet corn soup to share around. RM12 for this soup.

Each of us had our own dishes, so I didn't took photo of what the other had. The kids had trouble finishing their food. I couldn't help them as I was too full then.

My niece also came along and see how enjoy she was. My dainty niece (2 years old plus) sure can eat and love to eat. She took some of my mum's food (ginger chicken rice) and little bit of my fried rice. 

It was nice to dine out with her and my mum since we don't get to do that often.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fresh from oven

My man flew to Sibu for a night to attend to a funereal service of a cousin's husband, who passed away while on duty as a skipper last week. 

On Friday afternoon, he flew back with my brother-in-law. After dropped my bil home, we decided to go to Expert Kopitiam for an early dinner. It was just slightly over 5pm then and we had a drizzle.

I went for the teppanyaki chicken from the Topanga stall for RM6.90.

There was few new stalls in Expert Kopitiam in RH Plaza that we have yet to try.  Newly constructed stalls at the back of the coffee shop which house a pizza stall, Thai stall, satay stall and grilled pork stall.

Apparently this Let's Pork Bistro is quite well known but we didn't try it out that evening. Instead another stall of it, Alex's Pizza which operated by an ang moh.

Woodfire pizza. That sounds good. Not many woodfire pizza served in Kuching and we bought pepperoni pizza (RM28) for supper.

Initially my kids wanted to have pizza for dinner at the coffee shop but the oven wasn't ready yet. It took quite sometime for the oven to heat up. So after finished our dinner, the kids tried the luck to order a pizza. Thankfully the lucky star was on their side and the oven was ready to bake.

Our supper of freshly baked pepperoni pizza. Thin crust. It was nice, nothing to shout about. The kids were happy to have it as supper, that for sure.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Feel like Christmas

We thought we wouldn't be putting up the tree this year but somehow it feels empty and not festive, and the kids wanted to put it up so we have a last minute job of putting and decorating the Christmas tree this year.

Red and gold theme. I think this colour combination is the best. ^^ Now it does feel like Christmas at home!

Merry Christmas to the world! May the joy, peace and love be with you.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Not good

The kids flew back on Monday night, with their grandma accompanied them back.

It was a raining evening that day and the flight was slightly delayed. By the time they came out from the domestic departure hall, it was after 730pm.

We didn't have our dinner so after picked them up, we went to C121 in Stutong for dinner.

The place was packed even on a weeknight. We found a parking but quite a walk t the food court. Nevertheless we managed to find a table amidst the crowd.

Hubby went for the bak kut the that cold evening . The rice was good and fragrant. The soup was peppery and warm but hubby commented he didn't like the meat. My fastidious hubby said the meat was too tough. Maybe because they gave him the chunky meats so he didn't enjoyed it much.

I went for the ayam penyet stall next to the bak kut teh stall. Ayam penyet (RM10) for me.

For such price, I didn't think it was worth it. And I didn't expect my chicken to come out like this! Fried! Tough and tasteless. Totally not ayam penyet to me.

Our dinner didn't turn out good. This place used to be good (and business is still good) but I guess not all the food are good. The stalls are mushrooming too with so many choice but I bet not all are nice. Thankfully we rarely come here. Even though we used to stay somewhere nearby, we seldom came here in the past.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

One week until Christmas

Christmas is in a week time and we did some Christmas cum CNY shopping last weekend. Now is also the best time to enjoy the beautiful Christmas joy and decoration in the malls.

The Spring Mall always has beautiful and amazing decoration and set up, so this year, again it has never fail to impress its shoppers. 

It felt like walking into an enchanted garden. Elves, unicorn, dragon, Triton, musical instrument etc enticed you to walk into their magical Christmassy world.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I took them. 

I still don't know what is this gadget

A path in the garden

Bright, shining blue flowers

Flower bed

Musical instruments that plays Christmas song when you wind it

Musical instrument

Magical creatures

Dragon that can close and open its eyes

Closing its eyes

Angry Triton?

Flying reindeer?

Pink unicorn!

Festive bazaar in the garden

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Not eating healthy

One afternoon, together with my sister, we went to Old Rex Cafe for lunch.

I had recovered from my sickness and had a sudden craving for a particular dish that day. Belacan bee hoon!

So that was how we ended up here that afternoon.

My dose of belacan bee hoon (RM4) which was nice. I don't remember I had this dish from here in the past but I was happy I did had it that day. It was alright. Not too overwhelmingly in belacan taste, unlike those old, established shop. The taste here was just appetizing enough to satisfy my craving.

Belacan bee hoon

My sis on the other hand went for the Malay stall which was behind the Belacan bee hoon stall. She had their normal nasi lemak (RM5). She enjoyed her nasi leak especially its sambal.

Nasi lemak

Our lunch wouldn't be complete without having Old Rex fried fritters. So we ordered a plate of fritters for RM7. 

Fried fritters

We had 1 stick of bishop's nose (RM3), 1 piece of sweet potato, 1 piece of bean curd and 2 pieces of fried fritters (RM1 per piece)'

And to quench our thirst, we had ngoh mee th'ng.  We both had the warm version. Not that warm, the temperature was just right. RM3 per bowl.

Ngoh mee th'ng

We were not eating healthily that day but who cares! Once a while I don't mind indulge in such sinful food. As long as the tummy is happy (and my body can stand the heaty food). ^^

Thursday, December 13, 2018

All we did on Saturday

It was a cold and wet Saturday last week. A lazy day as I didn't cook at all that day. So all we did was relaxing, eating out and watching tv. 

But I felt slightly blue over the weekend as I was still recovering from my cough. 

In the morning, we drove all the way to the old part of Kuching for a nice breakfast that we haven't had for quite sometime.

Kim Joo for its tasty vinegar noodle and comforting mix pork soup.

The rain continued when we finished our breakfast. We didn't mind the rain as it wasn't that heavy and we could enjoyed a short walk under such nice weather.

In the afternoon, we went to Lee Coffee Shop in Green Road to buy our takeaway lunch. Hakka lui cha!!

Our RM5 lui cha with so much healthy goodness but horrible and bitter soup. I couldn't even take too much of the dark soup. For those who could tolerate high bitter level, this soup is definitely for you!

In the evening, we went to a friend's house for dinner. His baby's full moon dinner. Hakka tradition with traditional kuehs and dishes.

Tray of delicious dishes spread on the table.. well as home cooked dishes such as curry, kacangma and red- coloured eggs.

But first, we indulged in some mee suah. Loved the mee suah and the tasty chicken soup. My man would agreed with me as he took 3 bowls of it!

And we were also served with home-cooked sweet dessert; namely snow fungus soup and pumpkin with sago soup.

That evening was Kuching's annual Christmas Parade. Meant to join it this year but our plan was cancelled last minute due to our dinner invitation. Hope we really could make it and join in the parade next year.