Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cold and wet day

It has been raining on and off yesterday and this morning. Thank god now the rain has stopped and the sky looks clear. We didn’t go visiting that much on 2nd day as it was rained like dogs and cats (or is it cats and dogs?) yesterday. Very lazy indeed. We just spent our afternoon at my parents’ house.

Spent almost whole day at my parents’s house on the 1st day, helped my parents entertaining and serving the guests. Mostly my relatives and parents’ close friends came on 1st day. 1st day was a very good day for visiting as it was sunny the whole day. Darling hubby also helped out in serving the guests. My mum said he is her “personal helper”! LOL!

My sister was in KL since Wednesday, she is coming back this evening. So we didn’t get to see her during reunion dinner. And as for my mum who is lacked of one helper at home and my brother also going out doing his CNY visiting, she is pretty grateful for having me and darling hubby around to help out! As for little gal, she is busy playing, messing around and greeting those younger guests! Yes, she is getting some ang pow too! She was so busy the whole day that she only took her afternoon nap very late, around 4pm something!

Here I am in my office, working half day today. Little gal was with me in the office, trying to entertain herself with office stationery. I just passed her some colouring pencils, papers and calculator to keep her busy. However that only can keep her attention for few seconds, and then she start harassing me by pressing on my keyboard! I was actually fighting with her over keyboard while typing this post! LOL!

There would be a lion dance performance at the shopping centre downstair later, around 12.30pm. So 2 more hours to go. I am bringing little gal to have a watch at the lion dance later, hopefully she was not scared by the lions!!


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

What? You're working already?

Looks like you had a pretty good CNY, ya? I pretty much stayed home most of the time, except yesterday.

JenJen's Place said...

hehehe..same here..lazy to go visiting and hence, reason why i have not been to ur place. 1st day went out with my parents to visit relatives n 2nd day stayed at home become the housemaid, i.e. running from kitchen to the 2 living rooms n back again serving & cleaning.
3rd n 4th day too lazy to do anything else except sleep and eat..hahaha..

Rose world said...

yes, Nick! I worked yesterday, but thank god it is half day. Not much to do anyway and I dont want to waste my leave as Sat is considered 1 day leave if I take. :)

Yes, I have a good holiday, relaxing and getting lots of rest. Heheheh!

Rose world said...

Jen, I am very lazy to go visiting!! Maybe bcos of the raining weather, just dont feel like going out! :P

Anonymous said...

Working on Sat morning and on the third day of the Chinese New Year??? I would rather phone in off sick!

InspiredMumof2 said...

Hey Gong Xi Fa Cai! How was the lion dance for the little girl? Yesterday was a lazy sunday for all of us in the family. So didn't go out too.

Rose world said...

Windy, I cant find other excuse not to be in office! Hahaha! But lazy around and with little gal as my company, the time went pretty fast!

Inspired mum, Gong Xi Fa Chai! We only did visiting yesterday, weather was good, not too hot and no rain! :) 1st 3 days, we hide in my parents' house. Check out at