Thursday, May 31, 2012

Selamat Hari Gawai

It will be a long holiday in Sarawak starting tomorrow as Gawai celebration falls on 1 and 2 June.  But no holiday for me as my staff is taking her Gawai leave, so I would be mending the shop. 

Last week she brought us some kuih jala that she home-made.  I always love kuih jala.  Crispy and tasty, but mind my throat, I did not dare to eat too much.  Just take a bite of her kuih jala.  She used gula apong so it was very tasty.

Business has also picked up, thank god.  But expecting lesser people for the remaining week as school holiday is still on-going. Most people that I know go for holiday.  Even my kids and BIL and family are on holiday, leaving me and hubby at home. 

Maybe we will take some time off to visit my staff tomorrow.  She has been inviting us to visit her house for some kuih, pansoh, kasam and tuak!  *wink*

So to all Dayak friends and readers, Selamat Hari Gawai!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Non meat noodle

Last night, have a few drink with hubby and his friends in The Planet Karaoke and Lounge in 3rd Mile.  I have not drink passed a glass of beer for long time, so last night was also the usual for me.  A glass is enough to knock me out.  And I get rashes and itchness around my body, but they gone when I woke up this morning.  Never been a drinker.  And I never like beers, I would prefer vodka.  

Usually when hubby has drinking session, he would have the habit of walking up very early the next morning.  So he woke me up this morning before the sun was even up.  Lol!  Old man, I describe him.  So since it was early, I cooked both of us fried noodle.  

This is how my mum would cook her fried noodle. Simple, and no meat at all.  Just some dried prawns, eggs, carrot and vegetables to go with the noodle.     Served with a warm tea.  This is how I started my long day today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unintentional enterprenuer

It all started after I delivered my 2nd child, Baby Jay in August 2009. I did not intend to do it at first, because of the long hour and commitment to the company. But my ego and strive to succeed overcame me that time, so I just took a pen and signed up for the interview.

As month went by, my confidence level increased and everything went smoothly. Along the way, I were away from my family for 2 weeks; imagine all the home sick and sadness of leaving my young kids behind. But thinking of a better future make me determine to strive through all those tough times. In less than 6 months, I opened up my business. Today marked my 2nd year.

It was unintentional because back then I was thinking of being a full time homemaker and mother to my children. Have an online business, everything work from home. But again I always want to feel how it is to be an enterprenuer. I did! I succeed. But I am still dreaming of doing something of my own someday. That is not unintentional. *wink*

Friday, May 25, 2012

After the thunderstorm

If you tuned to the radio station yesterday evening, you would know that Kuching has endured a nasty thunderstorm yesterday.  It started around 4something while I was almost done with my facial treatment.  The wind was blowing crazy when I came out from the facial centre.  

And Facebook being a powerful social network, there were many updates on the havocs caused by the thunderstorm such as the roof in Kuching Specialist Hospital (KPJ) in Stutong.  

And the most mentioned tree over the yesterday is this one in Jalan Tabuan.  Taken when I was on the way to pick my kids from babysitter around 5.40pm.

Believe it or not, I was stuck in jam for about 45 minutes before I reached my kids and I was again stuck in a crawl for 2 hours when I decided to give up and headed home instead of shop.  At first I used the Ong Tiang Swee road but stuck for an hour before I diverted to Laksamana Cheng Ho and Jalan Tun Jugah and planned to use the Tabuan Jaya to my shop, but when I reached the Simpang Tiga roundabout, the traffic polices diverted all the vehicles to Jalan Simpang Tiga.  Gosh!  That was when I decided to quit and U-turn at Simpang Tiga traffic light section and heading home.  But then the kids were restless and making so much noise in the car.  Coupled with a hungry driver (that is me!) it would be good to head home.  

Initially plan to buy ingredients to cook my Fried Noodle to be brought to little girl's kindergarden today for their Teacher's Appreciation Day but end up my plan was dashed! Sigh!  So this morning, I brought my girl to buy some pastries from Bread & Pastry, Green Heights instead.  Lol!
By the time we reached home, it is after 8pm and hubby already took his bath.  Since both of us not have our dinner, hubby suggested we have one in Ah Liong cafe which is 1 minute drive from the house.  Have Kolo Mee and Sotong Kangkong.  I cannot remember when was the last time I had sotong kangkong!  Yummy!

My "Jiu Hu Eng Chai" as the Hokkien called it, was super delicious.  The kangkong (Water Convolvulus) was hidden underneath the sliced cuttlefish and covered by lots of pounded peanuts. 

Okay-lah.  After a tiring drive and my car tank almost dried up, this dish made up for all those frustrations.  *wink*  And the council needs lot of cleaning to do too.  Many rubbish and tree branches fall on the roads.  Sigh!  Hope no more crazy rain again.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Been there, done that

After graduated in 1999, I started my first job as Advertising & Promotions Assistant in a property management company. I handled and dealed with events and also rental and sales of retail lots. I been there for almost 9 years before I pursued different field, i.e. banking. But it was a short-lived work for me in banking line as it was totally different and challenging. I worked in banking for 6 months before I had my early semi-retirement for 9 months and have my 2nd baby in 2009.

After delivery, I were back to the work field but this time, I worked in property management company again. Just different scope of work; as a sales administration assistant. Selling and renting shop lots. Again, it was a short tenure; only last for about 4 months.

In 2010, I totally ventured into something different. I become my own manager and operate a shop under stokistship. It is a great experience for me. Like hubby said, I have been in the retail line, banking line, property line and now run a shop. What else I want to do??? It has been a long journey for me. Hope to be a better person this year; may it be an enterpreneur, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister or a friend! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Morning walk and late lunch

We had a late lunch yesterday in Causeway Bay.  First time been here although it is not so far from where we stayed.  We been to its other branch in Jalan Pending but not to the Jln Song branch.  We love its cute egg tarts so that is a must order for us.

Look impressive and colourful from outside.   Now here come our order...

Super creamy and tasty egg tarts

A bowl of gui ling kao on a hot day

Har Kau

My yummy-licious Fried Hor Fun with seafood while hubby had its equal delicious carbonara spaghetti.  

We planned for a light lunch since we have not fully digested our bowl of vinegar kolo mee we ate in the morning in Kim Joo.  But end up we ate a lot for lunch.  Lol!  Our lunch cost RM48.10.    

We did not go to church yesterday as hubby has clients flew in from Sibu in the afternoon.  It has been a long time since I had vinegar kolo mee in Carpenter Street so yesterday morning I suggested to hubby that we should go to Kim Joo.  It is also something different for the kids.  A nice walk experience along the corridors of the old shop lots.   We also brought the kids to this historic Bishopgate street.  In the olden time, it was a route used by the Bishops and British to assess the China town (now it is called Carpenter St).  The Bishopgate is overlooking the Bishop's house on the top of the hill.  While we were there, the St Thomas church bell rang at 9.35am, indicating the service is over.

The Bishopgate and Bishop's house

The Bishopgate leading to the Carpenter Street

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Menu # 28: In recovery stage

It has been 2 weeks now.  I am still recovering from my sickness.  Cough and flu.  It is like a roller coaster,  one day I were fine and the next day I had a "froggy" voice and coughed non stop.  Probably having too much of "good food" lately.  Lol! Same story goes with the kids but they are getting better. 

MIL suggested that I should cook more herbal soup to nourish my body.  Good idea since I have not been cooking much soups lately.  Suddenly have the craving for foo chuk (dried beancurd skin), so the idea of stewed foo chuk and pork rib soup comes into my mind.

Have some leftover Shiitake mushrooms and dried dates in the shelf, so I used them up for this nourishing soup of mine.  First time cooking this soup and it turns out heavenly.  I got 2 thumbs up.  One from my staff and another from hubby!  *wink*

Stewed Foo Chuk and Pork Ribs soup

Pork ribs chopped into smaller bites
3 sticks of dried foo chuk, soak in warm water for a hour or so till soften.  Cut into smaller size
5  - 8 dried dates, soak and rinse
5 - 10 dried shiitake mushrooms, soak, rinse and cut into smaller pieces
Few slices of ginger
Garlic bulbs (optional)
Salt to taste

1. Washing and rinsing the pork ribs.
2. In cooking pot or slow cooker, bring water to boil.  Add in the pork ribs.  When the foams start to form on the surface, spoon them away. 
3. Add in all the other ingredients except salt.  Let it simmer for 2 hours till pork ribs soften.
4. Turn off the flame and add salt to taste. Give the soup a stir before serving.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Many thoughts

There are so much thinkings lately but fret no, we are doing fine.


Dont want to bore you again with the details, you can read my previous post.  It is never ending process so we just have to cope with it.  Either we continue or move on with other alternatives which we are still eyeing on.


The kids are growing up and I  do not want to miss a single thing in their growing stage.  The kids especially the eldest are looking forward to their 2 weeks holiday in hometown, starting next weekend.


Believe me when I tell you that I have a wisdom tooth sprouting out on my lower right gum.  The culprit caused my jaw some pains and gave me feverish look early this month.  I haven't done anything to it because it is not painful anymore, but will consult dentist if it creates any discomfort in the future.

Still not 100% well and most of the time, my attention is not there.  I did not get enough sleep too.  Unable to concentrate on other things 100%.  And my family has been complaining that I have grown skinnier.  Well, I still eat 3 meals a day, but maybe not as nutritious as I want them to be.  Hopefully my health will improve in couple of months time with change of environment.


It is hard to stay with other people, due to personality and children issue.  So it is still the best that the faster we move, the better for everyone.  We are targeting our new house to be completed and ready in two months time. 


It is never enough.  Don't understand why some ladies can afford those designer bags and having so much free times shopping around, while I have to stay put in the shop!  Lol! But who needs those branded bags anyway.  Who to judge your value based on the items you carrying or putting around your body?

So you know that I have been occupied with thoughts; it has been a haze for the past week.   Till my next post, cheers and Happy Weekend guys!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-assessing time

As we grow older, we tend to think a lot.  Think many possibilities, many implications etc.  I thought life should get less complicated, but things keep coming in and it messes with our lives.

Hubby is surrounded by "red-eyed" and kiasu people  in office.  Everyone try to put him down and hitting on him at every opportunities.  It is tough climbing up the ladder and the more and faster you climb, more people are hitting on you.  Luckily my hubby is a tough man and never give up easily.  Every day he has to put up on a happy face to work.  Most Saturdays and Sundays he would sacrifice his time to finish up work load in office.  He is one of the top performers in EM.

On other hand I do not have much complication in my shop. Every day is a repetition to me.  Some day it is a boring day and other days I have my hand fulls of craps.  Customer complained on product defects and stocks, change of policy and daily operation issues. 

Sometimes we think whether all this worth everything that we put in???  Where are we heading to?  We know what we want but does all these stuff really contribute to our objectives?  One way or other we conclude.

And I have another deep thinking few days ago.  A friend suddenly visited me early this week.  She just quit her job.  It came as a surprise as she just started this job few months ago.  Her reason for quiting??  Conflict with her boss.  And it is also a time to re-assess her life objective she said.  She is tired of her current life and work and want to have some breathing space to think things out.  What she has done and where is she heading to?  She is in no hurry to find new job but has took up a part time accounting work since she would not be obligated to the company.  May be she will do some baking in the future since she has passion for baking.  But for time being, she is confused and want to have some times to think of what she wants.

We were discussing on what we have been through since we graduated from college about 15 years ago.  Working and working, been here and there.  And along the way we came into a "road bump" that cause us to stop for a while.  So, how we deal with this road bump?  Either we think of a way to go over it or taking another road alternative?  I am not so sure.  Many possibilities and we cannot predict what ahead of us......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three is enough?

When ever we sees a new baby, my hubby will try to hint to me on No 3. To him, 3 is good number.  He is of 3 siblings, and so am I.  So, he think that we should have 3 children as well. 

Well, I think 2 is just fine.  Not too many and not too few.  Maybe few years down the road I would miss having young children running to me and cling to me, but I have been explaining to him that it is not the matter of we can have children now or later, but the financial supports and responsibilities that come with having children.  I have few friends with fertility problem and cannot have children.  But it is not a reason for us to have more.  Some friends have three boys and they are pretty handful with them.  But I do not envy them.  I am already occupied with my own kids and other matters at hand. 

What ever it is, I don't think it is the right time for No 3.  Or maybe I never have.  Really.   But I leave it to God's will.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Friend Talk

As we grew apart and busy with our family and lives, we would not have much time to keep in touch with friends.  The means of communication would be either Facebook or SMS.  Unless important or urgent news, then we will give each other a call.  Otherwise I seldom call my friends.  Shame on me!

Last Saturday we met at a friend's full moon dinner.  It was nice meeting old friends again. The kids were having their own "party" while we the adults have some times to ourselves.  Our topics would fall mostly on babies, holiday, properties and work.  Yeap, as we aged, our topics tend to be on those stuff.  Lol!

We may seldom meet but some of us still click.  However some friends do not have any similar contacts with you and there were nothing much to talk to.  Especially your friends' spouses.  We may not like them, but they are still your friends' partners and we try to be as courteous as possible.   And it is rather awkward to be seated to those people if you know what I mean.  Sitting next to each other but I hardly say 10 words to them.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

After reading some friends' blogs, I know why my little girl "mati-mati" want to go to school yesterday.  She want to attend her arts & craft class because yesterday they are doing a Mother's Day special.  Oh! Being as stubborn as me, she can be so sweet sometimes.  So yesterday evening, she presented me her Mother's Day gift, a pot (or rather a cup) of 3 colourful carnations. 

Tonight we are attending a friend's full moon party. A proud parents to a healthy baby boy, we are happy for them.  Their eldest daughter is of same age as my Baby Jay, i.e. 3 this year.  They have been trying hard for a boy and I am glad that they finally have one.   And I jokingly told my friend, "This year, you will have 2 kids celebrating Mother's Day with you.  So no need to be jealous of me having a boy and  a girl"

Ok, time to get my butt moving from the chair.  Need to pick up my sister and hunt for a present for our mum.  Probably a crystal bracelet since mum adores one. 
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Still under the weather

The kids and I are still recovering from our cough and flu.  Just this morning, I brought Baby Jay to clinic since his cough and flu did not subdue even after his course of medication has finished up.  Suppose to bring my girl along since she is still having some cough bugs but she "mati-mati" wants to go to school today. 

So with advice of hubby, I brought him to another panel doctor, which prescribe slightly different course.  According to doctor, with this crazy weather, it will usually take times and patience for young children to recover from sickness.  As long as they are still active and can eat and drink, there would not be any much concern.  *sigh of relief*.  Anyway I also got myself new medication since I coughing non stop especially at night, which caused me some sleepless nights for past week.  I think hubby is annoyed with me because I disrupted his sleep.  *wink* 

 Anyway, those coughing bugs did not stop me from having a steamboat feast on Wednesday .  A treat to my staff and sister.  The kids also tag along, and although they did not eat much they enjoyed the scenery and garden strolling. 

We went to My House Steamboat in Jalan Peace.  I love its curry crabs and crispy chicken wings. Unfortunately they did not serve crabs that night, I guess they are cutting down on dishes since it was a weekday.  That night only 3 tables were occupied including us. 

Their delicious bbq chicken wings

Steamboat with Tom yam soup for those "cili padi"

4 of us having the steamboat and the dinner cost RM115.50 plus drinks.  RM22 per adult and RM11 per children but since both children did not eat much, they waived their fee.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A plentiful bowl of goodness

Hubby planned to bring me here last week but it closed on Labour Day.  So I did not get to taste it till yesterday.  It was already packed with customers but we managed to find a table outside the corridor.  If not for the two vacant shops, I do not think they have enough seats in their own lot.  

Mind you, Bintawa Kueh Chap is located in Jalan Kedandi, Tabuan Jaya, not in Bintawa area at all.  I guess the original store must be from Bintawa or this is a second branch, so that is why the odd name of the shop.  The kueh chap comes in variety for you to choose from, i.e. you can order with kolo mee, kueh tiaw, or rice. 

Their menu.  Easy to see and prices are pretty reasonable.

My Medium-sized bowl of Kueh Chap (minus all the internal organs).  Very chunky slices of pork.

Anyone want a taste of my Kueh Chap?  Lol!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Menu #27: Lunch in Buntal

After our church mass, we drove to Buntal for lunch yesterday.  It was about 30 minutes drive to Teo Seafood Restaurant in Buntal.  Since it is only 4 of us, we did not order much.  Worry we cannot finish the dishes.  

We ordered fried rice for the kids.  Nothing to shout about.  Very plain fried rice with mixed vegetables.  I like its belacan midin though. The belacan is very nice and 'ummph".  *wink*

Jelly fish in peanut sauce, which is hubby's favourite

Fried terubok recommended by the waitress.  I think it is pretty wasteful to cook the fish in this style, but the flesh is still sweet and tasty.  A lot of little bones, so not so recommended for kids!

And our lunch is accompanied by fresh coconut juices.  A cooling drink for warm day.  Overall the lunch costs us RM62.00. 

After that we went to Damai Sentral for a walk.  The last time we went there was back in December when little gal was not around.  So as a promise, we brought her there yesterday.

By the time we reached home it was past 3pm and Baby Jay slept for a hour in the car.  The trip should be shorter than that but we took  our time driving around.  We took a new route to Semariang on our way back but half way we have to turn back because the road is not fully completed. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mover story

We have been staying in my SIL's room for the past 2 nights since our air condition in the room is down.  The technician promised that he will come this afternoon to check on it.  My kids have been asking me whether they can move back to our room.  Guess they missing their own bed.  Lol!

On first night, both kids were excited on moving to different room to sleep.  My girl even called it a "sleep over" .  Lol!  But on 2nd night (last night) they were not so keen to sleep in the room.  The girl complained the brother kicked her because they are sharing a single bed while hubby and I put a mattress on the floor.  In the end both compromised by one sleeping on the head and another on the foot of the bed. 

I spoke to my MIL over the phone few days ago.  She was introducing an Indonesian maid to me, who used to work for her.  It is happened to be the elder sister of my previous Indonesian worker who helped me at the shop a year ago.  Been paranoid, I declined her sister. 

I know my MIL's good intention.  She wants the maid to help me with the house chores and kids when we moving to new house, but since it was not completed, there is no reason to have her for time being. 

Our conversations switched to house moving.  My MIL hates moving house because of all the packing and cleaning works.  Who doesn't?  We have already moved some stuff in boxes over to new house so by the time we officially move in, there would not be many stuff to pack and unpack.

Like my MIL I also hate moving house.  As age catching up, I don't like to move around.  But when I was a kid, the thought of moving to houses thrilled me.  Of course not the scrubbing, washing and moving parts, just the thought of new house excited me.  Since young, I have moved to many locations, and I still can remember most of the places at the back of my mind.

As young infant I stayed in my dad's workshop in Satok when he was working as mechanic there.  I remembered I saw a picture of young me before in photo album.  Then we moved to a wooden house in Jalan Batu Lintang and we stayed there for a short period of time before we moved to my grandparents' motorbike shop in Jalan Simpang Tiga.  Both grandparents are no longer around and the shop has been passed to my dad's 2nd brother now.   I have some slight memory of my stay there. Both sister and brother were born there.  Then from shop and wooden house, we moved to terrace house in Kenyalang Park.  Spent most of my childhood there.  We stayed in Kenyalang for 8 years or so before we moved to Chawan Road when I was in secondary school.  It was a detached single storey house.  My dad turned the backyard into workshop for his business.  We stayed in this detached house the longest, for more than 10 years before we moved to the current house, a detached double storey house, also in Chawan Road. 

I stayed in that house for about 2 years before I was married and currently staying in BDC.  It has been almost 7 years here.  This year it will be another house moving, and this time it would be farther, to MJC.   When I told my girl about moving house, she was very excited.  Can have her own space, have swimming pool and clubhouse and school is just within walking proximity.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Our room air con was down last night.  On one of the hottest nights, it spoiled.  We suspect the fan was faulty and it caused the icy surface to form on the motor.  Have arranged for someone to check on it this afternoon.  Hopefully nothing serious and can be repaired within today, otherwise we will need to move to next room tonight.

My youngest child is down with cough and flu, so he is having bad time sleeping at night.  Wake up, tossing here and there and coughing.  Poor boy.  Hopefully he will recover fast and can get some sleeps.  And mummy also can rest too! *wink*

This morning I woke up with headache from lack of sleep.  Coupled with the faulty air condition and Baby Jay's sickness, it was a tiring night for all of us. 

To cheer me up, hubby suggested we had tim sum for breakfast this morning!  Yummy!  Long time I did not go to the coffee shop in 4 1/2 Mile Penrissen Road for tim sum breakfast.  I cannot recall the name of the coffee shop but it is the corner shop opposite to F&N that always put their tables and chairs on the parking spaces.  I like its Har Kau because of its juicy prawns.  I tasted its egg and butter custard buns today for the first time.  Yummy.  Never knew butter and egg go along so well.  Creamy and salty combination. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crispy noodle in tomato ketchup

An old college classmate is opening a new eating place in Kelana Sentral Condominium called 7th Mile kitchen.  I wonder why it is named after 7th Mile but I guess because my friend want to create a distinctive name for the shop.  7th Mile in Kuching is famous for its Sarawak 3-layers Teh C Peng.  Some Sarawak especially Kuching specialty food will be served in his place.  For those missing or wanting to try Sarawak food, do drop by and give my friend a support!!!  He is currently operating in Restoran Megah Good Luck. 

I been to his stall in Restaurant Megah twice before.  I tasted his laksa and tomato crispy noodle and both are good.  The original laksa and tomato crispy noodle recipe if not perfect, it is near perfection to home taste.

I just have a plate of tomato crispy noodle last week in NK Food Network. NK is one of our hang out place for breakfast.  I usually ordered its NK Big Breakfast and seldom try other dish.  Because I have bad experience before.  I tasted its tomato crispy noodle before last year and it was not nice.  Too sweet for me.  Probably the cook over-pour the sugar that morning.  Some more the drink was worse, too much sugar.  Lol!

Last week, the dish tasted better.  Not too sweet and not too sour.  I would definitely order this dish again.