Monday, May 30, 2011

Boss Vs Employee

Since I have been an employee (to 3 bosses) and currently a boss myself, let me share with you my experiences of both. Below are my opinions, they differ from individual, depending on other internal and external forces. *wink*

An Employee:
Working hour: Not flexible. It is fixed for you once you sign that appointment letter
Work scope: You have to do all the "good" and "bad" stuff your boss ask you to do, whether it is stated or not in the appointment letter
Friends: Your "true" friends are "stress" and "pressure" from boss
Stress/pressure level: Ranking from low to medium. Depend on the industry you are in, it can be ranking as pretty high!
Remuneration: Fixed unless you are commission earners
Relax: You can have "Happy Hours" after office hour. Or do the things you like with your colleagues aftr work or during the weekend.
Risk: What risk, other than been laid off.

A Boss:
Working hour: I am my own boss, it means the business is hours. I close shop, I do not earn anything and the costs are still running!! Not so flexible; more than 8 hours per day
Work scope: I fixed my employee's work schedule from sweeping, mopping to stocking. I do what I want to do when.
Friends: Customers are my friends. No harm making more friends with your customers
Stress/pressure level: As in my line, the level is ranked medium.
Remuneration: Not fixed. But definitely higher than what I earned when I was employed.
Relax: You can have "Happy Hours" after closing shop. But by then, you are too tired. Once a while, I sneaked out in afternoon to have some "relaxation" time. Weekend is the same like any other days and it is even busier.
Risk: Out of business, sustainability

Anything I missed out? Anyone care to share?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A year passes by

Operating a business is never easy as one-two-three. It is an evolving process through the days, months and so forth. There are always issues that need to be dealed with. So, I could not believe it that it has been a year since I started my business. Time indeed passes by fast.

I never believe I could do it in first place, but I am glad I stand by my decision. If times permit and with God's blessing, I wish to be able to do more things and achieve my other dreams. For time being, life is not too bad.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun @ Sinar Serapi

What we did on Sunday. And what we need on a hot day too. Cooling and splashing in the cool water.

RM4.00 per entry for the children' pool. They have kayaking pool too, other part of the theme part, i.e. cruise and adult pool not yet done.

Me and Baby Jay walking toward my princess in the pool.

After almost an hour in the pool, both kids are hungry and finished up their lunch. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sign of ageing

Gosh! I have grey hair. Yes, I repeat, I have grey hair. Not one but few. *sad*

I used to think I am blessed with lustrous black locks but not any more. Does it mean that age is catching up with me???

No one invent a portion of youth yet, where once we drink it, we will stay young forever. I guess I have to admit that nothing stop in time. Wish I could reserve the time, but alas! I am enjoying my life as I should be at my age. Not many people can live to my age. Some old classmates or friends I know have left this world young. Not living to fullest, some not able to see their kids grow up.

So as I age, I learn to appreciate life more. I take things easily instead of doing many things in a short time. No more rushing, but more planning on what to do and when. Planning my time properly so I would not waste it.

I am kinder to myself and others around me. I used to nag a lot and easily irritated but I am giving it a "comma" and trying to slow things down. I learn to love my family more. I also learn to love myself more. I learn to appreciate others. I learn to Enjoy food more than I do and do things that I want to do. I know somewhere out there, some people are not that lucky or even live to see things that I can see, do things that I can do and live the life that I want to. Some parts of life is just better be forgotten and important life should be cherished and remembered.

So in conclusion, I like being old although I do not like the things (grey hair, fine wrinkles, sagging breast and more) that go with it. Well, just have to accept the fact and make the best out of it. No one can be immortal forever right?*wink* I am happy to count my blessings as the day goes by.

“I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person.” ~ Rita Mero

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pick it up again

I am picking up on my reading. Exactly right where I stopped. I bought few books during my trip in KL exactly one year ago. And you would not believe it, they have been in my shelf since then.

I have finished up 2 books in 3 days. I even skipped my lunch, afternoon nap to finish them up. Now down to 1 more. Maybe will read it tomorrow. No mood to read today.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Memories of blogging

Do you have habits of reading your blog archives? I do.

I spent some times reading them when I am bored or with nothing to do. Reading those posts, bring back memories. Sometimes I do not even remember I wrote them. So it is actually quite fun reading through my own writings. Looking at the pictures of my family especially my two kids remember me of how fast they grow. I started this blog when my girl was 1 year old plus. Now she is 5 years old! It reminded me that I am getting older too.

Looking back at the archives, they bring both good and bad memories. Nevertheless they are my treasures and I shall cherish and pass down to my children for them to appreciate one day. *wink*

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Menu #13 : Duck (again)

I know, I have been ranting about my love for duck recently. I just simply love the meat. Being a true Hakka woman, one of my favourite duck menu must be 5-spices duck meat. I am not boastful but I always think my mum cooks the best 5-spices duck; not too salty and sweet and at the same time, the flavour and aroma of 5 spices in the meat. I can eat a big bowl of rice with just duck meat and its gravy. Lol!

After marinated wth 5 spices and salt, the duck is bathed (simmer) in mixture of water, 5 spices, galangal, soy sauce, salt and sugar for about 1 hours. Turn the duck if your water level do not cover the whole bird. Let it simmer under low/medium heat.

The end product! Let's dig. I always take the breast part first.

Side dish! 5-spices hard boiled egg.

Enough drooling over the food. Got to go, appointment for my facial soon. Time to relax after a tiring and busy weekend.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

A mother is a great person.

She cares for the family.
She works, she earns money, she cooks, she washes, she cleans, she tends to everything from A to Z.

She is a multi-tasker.
She is a wonderwoman.
She juggles between works and family, so sometimes it is hard not to spend enough time with the children and husband........
Not to lose her temper.....
Not to fall sick ........
Not to have time to recuperate.......

oh! So let it be a good excuse to be with your family today. I do.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and moms-to-be!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Imelda at home

Who have more shoes than Imelda Marcos?? The former First Lady of Philippines has the most shoes collection than anyone.

No one can beat her but I have someone that can be described as 2nd Imelda at home. My sis-in-law!! Her shoes are piling up on the shoe racks. Sometimes my daughter and son would play with her sandals and wear them in the house. Lol! Every week she would buy new shoes, I lost count of her sandals, high heels and platform shoes. So you can say, besides diamonds, shoes is considered women's best friend too!

I seldom buy shoes nowadays. I would wear my shoes till they are worn off and unable to wear anymore! Lol! However, my latest addition is this comfy heel from Heatwave. Actually my 2nd purchase from Heatwave, I bought once long long time ago.

Nice or not??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Menu # 12: Ducky treat

First time been to Imperial Duck Restaurant. My lunch has not yet arrived, but I already salivating over the roasted duck displayed in the open kitchen. Lol!

Ta-da! My lunch treat with hubby:

Roasted Duck Rice (RM6.50)

Stewed duck (RM12.00 per plate). We finished up the whole plate till the last piece. Love the smell and taste of the succulent meat.

Our black chicken soup (RM7.00). I felt dizzy and heaty after taking the soup.

The content of the soup.

Our lunch bill. Overall, a satisfying meal although I expect my cholesterol level to shoot up. Lol.