Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghost scare

Are you scare of ghost? Or have you encounter one?

I never (and I wish I would not) see one. I do believe in ghost existence like many other existence. But I am not scare of them, literally speaking.

I love watching ghost movies. When I was young, Chinese vampires, draculas and ghosts were a hit back then. Usually the Chinese vampires are more of comedy nature compared to English vampires and ghosts. So I am not so afraid of watching Chinese movies. But when ever I watched English ghost movies I will have nightmare or phobia. I remember I used to scare of looking at myself in the mirror at night after watching a ghost movie. Lol! Funny thinking about it.

Back to present state. There is a ghost story spreading around my area which some tenants advising me not to park my car in the basement carpark, where the ghost is sighted. At first I have a goosebump hearing the story from a friend (which I always did when ever I heard ghost stories) but after a while, I am not scared anymore. Why should we afraid of them, when they did not harm you at all. All the stories I heard were the ghost just passing by or floating up and down the staircases. They did not harm anyone in the process other than scare the souls out of them with its presence. So there is nothing to be afraid of as long as it does not harm you, don't you agree??

Frankly speaking, I am more afraid of a human being than ghost. They tend to harm you more than ghosts.

Friday, March 25, 2011

An unhappy tenant

Time flies pretty fast these days. Without realising, in 2 months time it will be 1 year anniversary. I mean my shop!

I am not going to talk about my shop anniversary today but I just could not stand some people any longer. They are the worst I have even encountered! myspace graphic comments

I am ranting about the poor management of my shopping mall where my shop is located in. No proper housekeeping and security. Those "aunties" that do the cleaning work are not doing their work properly. Sometimes they even scold the tenants or shoppers for throwing sanitary pads into the provided bins. Would you believe it?? My staff got scolded for that once, and she just replied back "Then, if I am not to throw in the bin, what is the bin used for??" Those aunties are even rude to the shoppers.

I know, no charges for the toilet usage, but it does not mean that we are not entitled to have a cleaner and better functional toilet facility. Every month, there would be one broken toilet door knob or blocked sink or spoiled water tap! What cheap materials are they using here???

The security is another story! That is the problem of employing outside securtiy team. No diligence in work. Always seen loitering around or chatting with sales girls. I have that problem. They keep talking to my sales girl till I have to shout back at them to leave my girl alone! Hai! What the use? It needs two hands to clap!

By now, you would know I hate people smoking. My hubby is a smoker I admit, but unlike some people, he knows where to puff. There is totally no control or necessary method taken to stop some of the tenants' staff from smoking in the premises. Not outside mind you, but in the air-cond building. Those people just puffing away coolly without taking in consideration of others. What the shoppers will think of the building with the anchor tenants' staff smoking in the premises?? With the big "No smoking" signs almost every corners, I think it does not serve much notices to those people.

The building is about a year old only, but it does not look its age! It looks so down and poorly maintained. No promotions or exhibitions to boost up the shoppers count. Since CNY, few shops have closed down. Now it makes me think seriously about its impact on my business. Sigh!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weighing down

I am happy that I have shed some weight for the past 3 months. Now my weight is below 50kg and I hope to maintain it that way. I am back to my old weight before my 1st pregnancy. Tummy also not so big and I can wear my old clothings. *wink* And it means that some pants are too big for me. Lol!

Although I did not strictly follow a diet program or replace my daily meals, I still manage to lose weight. Slow and steady, nothing drastic. Diet program does not work for me as I find it hard to replace one or 2 meals. I still eat 3 meals a day but very light meals. I am cutting down on my rice intake.

Occasionally I will have some high carbo meal, like last night. Long time did not have a pizza. We tried out the new Cheesy Pop Pizza with tempura prawns. Our testimonial??? Not too bad, even the kids enjoyed it!

Life too short for you not to enjoy the food that you like, but moderation is always the answer!! Remember this. Your body is what you eat!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Which to get?

If only I have a dryer at home, everything would be easy and convenient. I would not even need to use one of the rooms upstair as my "drying area". With the unpredictable weather lately, it is hard to have dry laundry every day. So I prefer to hang my clothes indoor than risking them hanging in the shaded balcony. You know, with 2 active kids, my laundry baskets never left empty a single minute!

Hubby and I agreed on getting a dryer once we move in new house. But we have yet to decide which brand to buy. I am considering Electrolux brand. Nothing heavy duty as only 4 of us, so I would not need a big washing machine and dryer. What good brand you can recommend? Do you think a combined Washing machine and dryer better or seperate units are better? Something economical, low maintenance and cost saving.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Are you fighting all the times?

I think I do. I do not know but I always feel like I am fighting for and about something. How do I feel about fighting? It is not always great in the end.

I am fighting for times every day. Every morning chasing my two kids, getting them prepared before we are off. And not forgetting the chasing of my "big baby" (hubby) so he would not be late for work.

I am fighting for my business and personal committment. I am fighting to keep my business in track. I am fighting to get the right staff for the shop. I hate those unloyal staff that I have in the past, but what the heck? Bygone is bygone. I did not lose anything from them. Life goes on. I have new staff for a week and I am fighting to keep them there. (I hope)

I am fighting to keep my family well fed. Ensure my little girl has the best education, ensure my boy is well taken care of. I am fighting to be a great mum and wife (if I am not the best).

I am still fighting for the best.....for my hubby, my two kids, my profession, my company. Fighting is exhausting and there were times when I feel like quitting, but when I think that it is just a part of life that we should encounter and go through....I will continue to fight. Fight for my sanity. And I determine to fight till I win the battle too! *wink* Happy fighting!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pamper me

Who could resist facial spa or body massage?? I couldn't. I missed my scheduled facial treatment last Friday. Why? Because of my business. My previous staff resigned so I am left with two new staff. Luckily both came in last week but as both are new, I have no choice but to cancel my appointment and instead look after the shop.

I used to be hardworking in the past when I come to feeding my face. Yes, I mean really feeding my face with all those beauty products from mask, scrub, cleanser to night cream. Now my regime is pretty simple, just cleanser, toner, eye cream and moisturiser. So I have to rely on beauty centre for the additional treatment.

I am currently signed up a 5 courses of facial treatment with Michelle Lazar. Used up the first one and the second supposed to be last week. If you asked me, is it good? Okay-lah. For me, I just want to have some time to relax and de-stress even it is for 2 to 3 hours. And also let my pores breathe well after all those layer of foundation I put on my face. *wink* I feel great after the treatment. Now I can feel my face not that smooth anymore. Sigh!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love to munch

A snacks and titbits shop is just next to my shop. It sells some sliced fruits too, so almost every day I would buy one or 2 packs of fruits like papayas, honeydew, and watermelon. I take them before meals.

Once a while I would check on its titbits. Hard not to buy those titbits. I don't usually take snacks but I love fish and chicken muruku. So when ever I am bored, do not feel like eating heavy meal or no customers, I would munch on my muruku. There must be some titbits in the shop. Otherwise I just hop over and buy some. Even my boy also love to go next door to check on its titbits. Few times the shop assistants caught him opening and munching on the titbits. Yeap! My little snack thief! I am not aware of this till my staff told me so (because usually my staff look after him when ever he is in the shop). But they let him go. No reprimand, and sometimes they give him more snack to munch and walk away as a happy little fella. Lol!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Menu #11

Not much cooking from me nowadays. Lazy and not enough time to ready and cook. So mostly we eat out.

One of my fovourite breakfast is a bowl of Sarawak Laksa. I love the laksa in Blossom Cafe. Why not? Big portion, tender chicken meat and fresh prawns to bite and appetizing laksa soup. If you order special, you will get a chicken feet to go with it. I never fancy chicken feet until I tasted this laksa and now I am addicted to it. Try not to take too much! High cholesterol, man!

Hubby read somewhere in newspaper on this Indonesian cuisine cafe in Jln Tun Jugah. So that very day, he brought me to try out the food. Nasi Kuning Cafe it is called. Hubby tried the nasi kuning. Beside the rice been yellow and a piece of fried drumstick his dish looks the same like mine, which is Nasi Rendang. Not bad, or probably both of us were hungry as we ate around 2 something.

We ordered soup ekor too. Must try. I like the tender meat. Never like beef, but I ate and drink a lot that day so you see in the picture, not much meat left. Lol!

My nasi rendang accompanied by Air Kelapa Jeruk.

Our lunch costs around RM28.00.

You can try out this place if you fancy Indonesian food.

Tried out the "mein sien hu" in TJ Delight. I feel like I am eating a bowl of shark fin soup. Taste-wise, very flavourish with shao xing wine. Big portion for RM4.00 per bowl! I would not take this as I think it is too starchy, but a great dish to take on cold night.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you, sis

In my previous post I mentioned to you about been short-handed in the shop. Luckily I have my sister to help me during the night. She has been helping me on Wednesday night as one of staff did not turned up and one has "date" to attend to. So, my sis helped me out.

After the closing, we have supper together with my little gal. Yeap, she was tugging along as she did want to stay at home with her daddy and little brother. She calls Baby Jay "little monster". Lol! Because he always disturb her stuff and toys and never leave her alone with her toys and books for a second.

So we went to Peach Garden for supper around 10pm. Oh boy! It has been a while since I have my supper. And some more, having it outside. Once in blue moon, hubby will "tapau" supper for me. I don't usually have supper at night, but if I am hungry, I will get hubby to tapau if he is outside. So you can imagine the feeling of having supper other than in the house. *wink*

It was great. As usual, the place was packed with night goers. I ordered a small oyster pancake and 4 pieces of drumsticks. Sis also ordered kuay chap for herself. So three of us, sitting down, enjoying our food and chatting. It feels like yesterday, having my sister at my side, and we had girl to girl chat.

Sis will be coming over tonight, since I have a handful at shop. My two "monsters" are staying with me as hubby has dinner to attend to. If my two "monsters" are behaving well tonight, maybe we can have another round of supper! *Fingers crossed*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maybe .....

Hubby and I went to check out on the new school in MJC. Pretty new school, so not much facilities. After much discussion with hubby last night, we probably stick to that school and enrol little gal in. Distance is less than 1km (maybe less than 1/2km!), a walking distance to our new house. So at least it would not be a rush in the morning to send her to school. I still have time to get ready myself and Baby Jay afterward. By then, Baby Jay would be in kindergarden.

Maybe in 2 years time, the school would be more settling down and more facilities would be introduced into it. We checked on the notice board and definitely there is increase of students this year compared to last year when it just operated.

So in my March to-do checklist, this item is half-way done. Just need to submit together with necessary documents, that would be it! Add to the list would be to find new staff. Yes! Another staff has suddenly resigned! Tired! Tired looking and training new staff. So now I am short-handed in the shop. Got to find a replacement soon otherwise my other staff would be over-worked and start to complain. Not easy to find good and loyal staff nowadays. I have a part-timer that come only on weekends, so I am not so much worry about weekends. Weekday is when I usually go out to do my chore and also some time for my home. Not forgetting a short afternoon nap too. Lol!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is March already!

Yeap, it is just to let you know that 2 months of 2011 have gone. Now into 3rd month.

I could not believe that March is here. And it means I would be busy again. Not at the shop, but with my family's matter. Renovation for the new house should start soon, but so far no sign of works done in the house. Hubby said we would be moving into new house this year, so I guess the contractor is taking his sweet time. Not much to be done anyway, just some extension works and fixture works.

It is time to hunt for little girl's primary school. Since my staff are doing alright in the shop, I would be able to go out and do my personal stuff. We are still deciding on her school. Headache thinking about it. Either we place her in the primary school near our new house (which is really near, about 10 minutes walk) or I have to drive all the way to Tabuan (about 20 - 30 minutes depend on traffic). Definitely a Chinese primary school, just have not decide which one yet. Hmmmm.....Distance, time and other factors need to be considered. I am thinking of not putting her in baby sitter anymore when she is into primary school. So I would be taking care of her by myself then.

And not forgetting my income tax. Have been procrastinating for 2 months now, so better get down to it soon.