Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Nasi lemak

A new food stall that started middle this month, Alin Nasi Lemak in Jia Hao Cafe.

Alin Nasi Lemak offering few breakfast and lunch option for the patrons. From nasi lemak biasa to nasi lemak kerang.

Nasi Lemak Sotong and Nasi Lemak Kerang (cockles) are quite a hit in the coffee shop. 

The most important in nasi lemak is the sambal. Not too spicy but good enough to go with the rice. 

 Stall: Alin Nasi Lemak

Friday, January 26, 2024


Jiaozi or potsticker as commonly known in the Western countries is a common food in this part of the world. This Chinese dumpling is one of the food served during Chinese New Year, although it can be found and eaten anytime of the year in China and other parts of Asia. 

It can be boiled, steamed or pan fried. I myself loved it pan fried. Last CNY, my man bought 2 packs of this dumplings (pork and vegetable) from the frozen section, and we steamed and served with black vinegar at home. 

Good news for jiaozi lovers in Kuching, we now have pork jiaozi at the coffee shop. Handmade by the Chinese stall operator, you can have it steamed or pan-fried. Option of pork with chives and pork with cabbage. 

RM10 for 8 dumplings, we opted for pork with chives when she started early this month. Served with chopped garlic in vinegar dipping as well as her handmade chilli sauce. 

And we also tasted its steamed dumplings. If you asked me which one tasted better, it is up to individual preference. 

Now, don't you think jiaozi reminded you of CNY? It does to me. Soon, we will be ushering the Year of Dragon. In 2 weeks time!!

Stall:Fried Banana Fritter
Dish: Chinese dumplings (jiaozi)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

From Ceylonese

After our early dinner in Lau Ya Keng, we drove ourselves to Green Hill road to get ourselves this well known cheese naan from Ceylonese Restaurant.

The place was super packed and many patrons can be seen standing outside the shop waiting for seats or orders to be ready. Hubby went to buy while we stayed in the car. And it took almost 30 minutes for hubby to come back to the car with the takeaway. 

Super hot cheese naan just out from the oven!! 2 packs of cheese naan and we can't helped ourselves to it!! It was super good and tasty when it was warm! So one pack almost gone by the time we reached home!!

RM12 for one cheese naan and look how much cheese topping on the naan bread. 

On another evening I used my air fryer to heat up the other cheese naan. It was still tasty and cheesy, see how long the cheese can stretch! Lol. 

Can you see the cheese in the naan bread?? Now you know how generous they are!! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Food throwback

Back to December, when we were having dinner in 38 Food Street MJC.

It was convenient to settle our dinner here than having to cook as I would be rather tired and lazy to whip anything in the kitchen after work in coffee shop. So, having dine out once in a while is fine, and kids rather prefer going out for food too. 

More and more stalls are operating in the food court since last year. Stalls like claypot soup, Kueh chap, burgers and Chinese dumplings are some of them. We had a taste of the pork satay in this visit and everyone liked the flavour. 

The nasi yam penyet has hike in price since we last having it. Now it is RM14 per plate. Taste still as good as before although I felt the portion has slightly shrunk.  

Mil and boys went for the kampua stall. The pian sip (dumpling) soup won my mil's voice as she enjoyed it very much. Kampua was alright, nothing to shout about. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Pork leg rice platter

This food stall has always been our choice when we dine in Lau Ya Keng. The pork leg rice stall. 

Now it has been passed down to third generation and the taste is authentic. The Teochew braised duck is also a part of the menu as well. 

With my hubby, mil and girl, we went there one Sunday evening for early dinner. The place was not full so soon our pork leg rice platter was served on the table. 

An assortment of pork parts from intestine to pig's ear and pork belly, some soft beancurd and eggs. We also have a plate of Teochew braised duck. A bit tough but hubby, Jan and I almost managed to finish them. 

Some Chinese cruller bites to bite into its soup as a side dish. 

The rain has stopped by the time we finished our dinner. Slowly more people coming in for dinner. Other stalls were closed in the evening except the pork leg rice and a stall at the back that selling prawn noodle and rice. 

The stage where they used to do opera show in the past.  Glad that it is still attach and well maintained. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Putien mee

One of my stalls is doing this type of noodle which was rather unknown in Kuching. Putien mee, something like Heng Hua mee which was slightly sourish and spicy. 

For spice enthusiasts who are looking for stronger flavourful noodle dish, this might be your choice when you visit our coffee shop

With handmade noodle (RM8) or without noodle (RM7), its handmade pork balls are slowly gaining popularity in the coffee shop. 

Other noodles to choose from include longevity noodle (mee suah) and vermicelli.  The stall also serves side dishes such as kimchi tofu and fried chicken feet 

Stall: Fried banana fritters
Dish: Putien pork noodle

Friday, January 5, 2024

Go Fun Kee

I can't remember the last time I had bak kut teh here but since its renovation and upgrading last year, it was our first visit late last month. 

The nearest Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh branch to our place, we had dine-in on Boxing Day. 

Actually hubby and mil had made few visit to this outlet but mostly for its tau fu fah (soya pudding)

So, one of the weekday last week, we went there for early dinner since hubby was craving for its bak kut teh. After all the renovation, the place looked cool and chic with the striking and catchy tiles and decoration. There is even one instagrammable corner with that Vietnamese vibe in the shop. The lanterns, the table, etc. 

Totally different and more vibrant compared to their previous concept. The menu is mostly the same, so not much changes to it. At least you can now enjoy the comfort of having your meal in air conditioned room unlike in previous setting.

We were settling with one serving of yue tiaw (Chinese cruller); that was a must order when we were having bak kut teh.  Just love to have it soaked in the broth and enjoy it with the flavor of the herbs.

Our appetizer of soft cold beancurd topped with century eggs.  More of hubby and mil's appetizer as Jan and I hardly touched this dish. Not a fan of century egg.

First claypot to be served on our table was this drunk chicken soup.  Totally not our cup of tea!! Too much of Chinese wine in it that we did not enjoyed it.  This dish reminded me of confinement food.  

On the other hand, their pork liver soup was rather tasty and flavourful with generous ginger and cooking wine in it.Tasted better and edible than the chicken soup.

Next was the dry bak kut teh.  I used to enjoy this dish in the past.  Somehow the taste wasn't as I remember but it was still flavourful and tasty.  My mil also prefer this dry and spicier version. 

Lastly was the soup version of bak kut teh. Really great to have on a rainy day.  We ordered big portion for 4 of us.