Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost toward the end

I could not believe it!

Hubby was telling me the other day that this year only left slightly more than 2 months! Wow! I could not believe my ears when I heard it. How time flies. There were so many things happen this year, that I did not have much times to breathe and relax. Lol!

First is my business. It has been 5 months since I operate my shop. Everything is on track, and slowly I can see my network is building too. It takes years to see the passive incomes that is substantial for me. Lol!

Anyway I am looking forward to the remaining 2 months of the year. Why not? A lot of festival and special events happening, such as hubby's birthday in November. And it reminded me to get him a belt since he has been complaining and hinting that he needs a new belt. And school holiday is around the corner too. Even my girl is reminding me of her school holiday because she is going back to hometown during the holiday. I wonder whether she would be celebrating Christmas in Kuching or not this year, but nevertheless I shall stand-by her present.

When it comes to a year end, you will start to think back what you have done and what you are going to achieve in the new year. Yes. Time to set your resolution. But it is pretty hard to achieve what you want to achieve, right? I learnt my lesson from past years that never to set high resolution for myself if I never really think on how to achieve it in first place. So a moderate resolution would do. Hmm, have not really thought of what I want to achieve next year. How about you? Have you think and plan about it yet?

Set appropriate priorities - Philippians 1:10,11

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Try catering

For the past week, we have been taking food from caterer. We have a recommendation from a friend on this caterer, Mrs V so we decided to give her a try for a month. RM320 per month on Monday to Saturday (except PH) for 3 dishes and a soup for dinner. So far the dishes are okay; she does not stick to same dishes.

It is much easier for us now. We do not need to worry on what and where to eat. Even with the food court and nearby SCR, we are bored of the food now. It is more economical to have food catering too. Now hubby is taking the food with us since my 2 lady staff are not that big eaters. *wink*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ranting on a Sunday

First, not many customers today. Probably it is the middle of the month thinggie, so I accompanied my sister for a hair treatment this afternoon. She did her digital perming, and damages done was RM140.00. Actually I just came back from a near by hair salon. RM80.00 for a 4-steps treatment. If I am not mistaking, the girl said it consists of shampooing, treatment for follicles, then treatment for protein and lastly steaming and shampooing.

I will go there again since they have manicure and pedicure. Since middle of this year, I have not have time for myself, not to say pampering myself. So I will visit the salon for its manicure other day. There are 3 salons around within and outside the shopping mall. I visited one 2 months ago. Sh*t! After that visit, I never visited it again. Why? Because they smoked. Yes, you heard me right? They smoke in the shopping mall, and sometimes in their salon. I went there for hair wash and my! My hair smell of cigarette because the guy that did it for me was smoking before taking over from a lady. I wonder why the management did not bother on those smokers as it is an air-conditioned building. I even heard some of my customers and other tenants commented on their smoking habit.

Second, I am addicted to my new Blackberry Curve. Hubby is activate the Blackberry messenger so he and I can text each other for free. If I am outside, then I can check my email and Facebook via the phone. So convenient. And hubby has a good laugh when I told him that just after a week, I am not used to the cursor of his Sony Ericsson phone. Lol! I still love Sony Ericsson because of its cybershot camera, but function-wise, I found out that Blackberry has so many great functions. No wonder I have so many friends now subscribed to Blackberry.

Okay, enough ranting from me. Now I am waiting for hubby and the kids. My girl hs been nagging us to bring her for a swim in our club house swimming pool, so as promise, we shall bring her and baby over. But I am not going into the pool, because I just have my hair done! *wink*

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beauty case for eyes and cheeks

I simply love this beauty case from LelanVital. The colours are very trendy and versatile that I can mix and match them for stunning effect.

Its 4 matte colours, 2 shimmery colours and 14 pearly colours makes a perfect gift or present for birthday or Christmas.

I tried it out last week, want to see whether it lasting or not. I have oily face so usually my eyeshadows do not last long at end of the day. Before I put on the eyeshadows, as usual I applied some foundation and concealer. The colours last longer than other eyeshadow I used before.

It is so easy to apply, even with its own brush or using my finger tip. I am happy with the colours; it is slightly better than other eyeshadow brand that I have used.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Menu #9

It has been long since I posted food pictures. So here are my random pictures of food that I had over the weekend to share with you. Pictures taken using my Blackberry. Not so sharp but good enough for me. *wink*

17th mile's famous vegetable kueh brought by my friend. What I had for tea break yesterday....A bit oily on the skin but the vegetable and water chestnut kueh are yummy

The famous Sarawak cangkuk manis cooked with egg
Claypot dinner comprising of stewed mutton and braised pork legs from a claypot stall in Number 6 Kopitiam, Jln Song. They become our favourite dishes, and without fail we always order the same dishes. It is not that the other dishes not nice, but we are addicted to these two!

My mom's bubur cha cha. This Nyonya dessert has always been my favourite since young. I love more sago in my bubur chacha and the sweetness of sweet potatoes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here I am again

Happy 10/10/10. Once in a lifetime date. And that is why you see me around that early....All I want to do is to tug in my bed, do nothing, sleep, play pc games, facebook and blog hopping. Yeah, yeah! As if!!

It would be easier if my children do not disturb me, and if they would not jumping in the bed, messing the room, making so much noise, and making their mummy running up and down like "chicken without head". Sigh!!

I know it is a Sunday, but for a working mum like me, every day is a working day!! Opening shop at 10am, closing shop at 10pm and every night coming back like dead meat. Fortunately I have hubby to help me so we take shift to close shop. At least I have some times for my 2 kids. So, what the difference does a Sunday make you may ask me?

The worst thing you could do is NOTHING.....Sigh! If it is that easy to do than say. Time to get down to business. I know the day is still early, but what an early bird gets?? Worm! As for me, house chore and then money, money, money when I open up my shop. Lol! That is me, ranting on a Sunday. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rose's 1st blackberry

Remember I told you that I did a shopping last month? Not on clothing, but on accessories. A new Blackberry. Actually my very 1st Blackberry Curve.

Am still getting used to this little toy. Hubby and I got them yesterday, his is black while mine is white so we do not mix up. We basically just sign up with the BB Fan Club under Maxis Plan, so every month I just need to pay around RM150.00 for my calls and the phone.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kids' dietary supplements

When it comes to children, as a parent, you always want the best for them. You trying your best to provide the best food, clothing and stuff for them. So no wonder the children nowadays are spoilt and pampered. But if you do not pamper them with good things, then who should you pamper with, right? I guess like every parents, we always worry when our kids fall sick. Nothing is easy when you have a sick kids. So either way or another you will tend to give supplements to your kids.

Since my little gal is around 1 year old, I have let her take Scott Emulsion to strengthen her immune system. Once she started school at age of 3, I introduce her to multi-vitamin. You know how kids are once they are schooling. They catch viruses easily. So my little gal also have her share of sickness but usually is simple cough or flu.

She always love this Hi-C Fruit Chewies from Cosway. It consists of 100 chewable 6 delicious fruity flavours. Every day she would take 2 chewies without me nagging her to do so. Sometimes I ever have to control her intake, worry overdose of Vitamin C! Lol! And not only my little gal, even my Baby Jay started to take it few months ago. But of course I have to give him smaller portion, because worry he will simply swallow and choke on it. That boy of mine is like a "gold fish"; he simply eat everything that we feed him! And when ever he sees food, he will say "nen nen", or if we do not let him and we eat ourselves, he will scratch or even attack your mouth. That boy of mine!

I also let my girl take Chlorella and Spirulina; starting this year. One tablet per day. She just love to bite on them because she thrills at the thought of them making her tongue turns green. Lol!

Well, at least both of my kids would not be lacked of supplements. Why not? Because their mum is a Cosway stokist! *wink*

(This is not a paid post. I write this to share with you)