Saturday, October 28, 2023

Snacking on kompia

This Siong Corner Kopitiam is located in Papillon MJC, same row with Jia Hao Cafe. I went there personally twice in the past, before my coffee shop started. Once I had its Sarawak laksa and on my 2nd visit, I took its curry chicken rice. The food was decent enough. 

Just few days ago, we bought some Kompia from the eatery. RM1.80 each. 5 stuffed Kompia, it was really good. Crispy outside and tasty, tender filling. I loved it very much. My Jay liked snacking on them so much, I bought another 5 pieces from the shop for him. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Earlier last week, I had bruises on my right upper arm. I didn't bother much about it, thought I must have bumped into something, yet I wasn't aware much of. 

So, after few days later, another bruise developed. This time on my left side. And then the other side. Then I started to take notices of the bruises. 

Till Friday, I have 5 bruises in total on both arms (4 on right side) that I told my mil on them. She advised I consult doctor. So I did that last Saturday. Either I carry too heavy stuff or I bump myself or something else, she took blood sample to test that morning. 
 Fingers cross, that it isn't anything serious. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The old town taste

My last post was last month. And it was about Mooncake Festival happening in Batu Kawa Old Town. This post also happening in the same town. 

It was my parents' treat last Sunday at this well known Hakka coffee shop. 11 of us in 3 cars met up at this shop for early dinner around 5pm. Some tables were reserved and luckily we were able to get a big round table then. 

The shops in Batu Kawa old town were upgraded before, so presentable and nicer. Look how long they were. Almost the double size of current shophouses that we have nowadays. 

This place is popular with its fried mien sien (mee suah). Hakka fried style with cangkuk manis, egg and dried prawns. 

After fried mee suah, next on our table was this mei chai kou rou (pork belly with preserved mustard). Not too salty and meat was chunky yet mouth melting, just nice to go with white rice. 

Its signature fried beancurd was well accepted around the table, everyone really enjoyed it with the sweet spicy dipping. 

For vegetable, my dad ordered this Thai style spicy and sour midin salad. 

Kids' favourite; fried chicken which was really crispy and tasty. Not only the kids, the adults also loved its juiciness and flavour.

When mention about Batu Kawa, one thing come to mind is its fish balls. The famous handmade fish balls soup was equally good with tasty, fresh fish paste. 

Lastly, we had this salted fish pork belly stir fried. 

Overall a great sumptuous dinner.