Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not so angelic

How I wish that my Princess is a baby again, not a 5yo toddler. She used to be good gil; listen to mummy, helping mummy around and such an angelic girl. But everything change just so sudden, especially this year where I feel she was so mischevious and always up to her sleeve. She talks back and rude. She does not learn that in school, I am pretty sure because I got confirmation from her teachers that she is very good girl there. So, does her brother's presence and my lack of times contribute to her change of behaviour??

How I wish I have more times for my children. When Princess was small, I spent much time with her, nurture and teach her. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself and her as she has pick up good reading habits. She enjoyed reading books and never stop to learn. Just that her recent behaviour is pretty unacceptable. She always fight with her brother, does not give in to him, did not do the things she was told and speak back. So it was a headache for me and hubby as we sensed that she has be own personality and worry she will get worse when she goes to primary school in 2 years time.

Well, I got suggestions from other mummies around and hopefully it does work in my case:

1. Don't get angry
It only make things work and she gets more rebellious. Take some minutes to cool down first and then talk rationally with her

2. No siding
Do not side any of your kids. When they fight, and no matter who started it first, punish both. Take away their toys, no snacks etc.

3. Praise them
Like punishment when they misbehave, praise them when they are well behave. Hug, kiss, pat their head or clap hand will make them feel great.

4. Spending more times doing things your children love
Like playing with their favourite dolls, toys, building blocks or reading books. Anything to bond the quality times and show them that in regardless of busy schedule, we still love them

So, you think they will work for me? Anything else you would like to add?

Friday, July 29, 2011

My children bag

I used to have many baby bags from Anakku, & Mummycare but I guess I put so much toll on them, they all worn out. Probably the children stuff are too heavy for them. Lol! So recently I resorted to organise my children bag better and never buy any of those bags again. Now I have one or 2 bags that I recycled and turn into my children bag.

A lady will never goes wrong by owning a bag organiser. I put my mobile phone, keys, purse, lipsticks and other stuff in there. So when every time I change my handbag, I just take out the organiser and put into the new bag.

I never throw away those pouches as they come in handy. I pack a pouch with spare clothngs and napkins, and another pouch with diapers, creams and tissues.

This is actually a cooler bag but since no one used it as cooler bag, I turn it into my handy bag.

Authentic Prada bag bought by hubby from China 5 years ago. Now I turn it into a great children bag, because I like it spacey.

Still have space to put more stuff.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Car washing

There is a car wash shop near my shop, so almost every week I would send my car for washing.

Before I married, I used to wash my car myself. And after I got married, I seldom wash my car. Not so frequent unlike when I was single where I washed it once every 2 weeks. So everytime I picked my my mum for breakfast back then after I married, she will not stop complaining about how dirty my car was. Why not? Little gal loves to step on the cushion with her sandals on and throw things in the car, may it be wrappers, toys or hair accessories. So now I have small plastic bags in my car, when ever she wants to throw something, I will ask her to throw in the bags. At least it is easier for me to dispose later.

Back to the present. Since I have no time to wash and vacuum for a past year, I just have to rely on them to do the work at the price of RM8.00. They do not do great job, I have to admit, but at least it gets my car clean (if not sparky clean). Why I said they do not do great job? Because I still find some stuff underneath the front seats. Sigh!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extra Hands

When we move into our new house, hubby is getting a live-in helper to look after the housechores and kids. At least he can take his hands off the kids (no need to look after the kids after office hours) since I have to be at the shop every evening.

It does sound good having a live-in helper. However after listening and reading about some Indonesian maids, I have second thought of having foreign maids. I had one Indonesian helper before, who helped me in the shop for 9 months but after she gone back for CNY this year, she never come back. Waste of money spend on her work permit and passport, but there is some thing we cannot control, right?

So we are looking for a local girl that would be willing to work as our maid. It would not be much work actually. Simple housechore in the morning (no need to do cleaning daily since we only at home in the evening and sleep). As for the kids, by next year both kids will be in kindergarten, so she only need to look after them in the afternoon. By evening, if I can spare my times, I would pick and bring them to my shop.

Sound smooth, but got to see once we move in and we able to get a helper. Need my MIL to find from kampung. Suppose to have one Indonesian maid, and my MIL said she is very good in work. However after working for my MIL in her canteen, the maid decided not to come to Kuching and work for us. Probably the kids factor. Not many maids want to look after kids. Lol!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our favourite

No 6 Kopitiam is our frequent place as it is in between my shop and our house. So as usual on Saturday around 5pm and since we both did not have our lunch, we went to our "lao ti fan" (old place)

As usual, we ordered our favourite claypot dishes; his curry lamb and my assam fish! Usually I would ordered my usual dish, i.e. soy sauce pork trotter, but that day, I just felt like having fish.

Total RM18.00 for the 2 claypot dishes with 2 bowl of white rice.

To have a balanced diet, we had stir fry midin, which is RM6.00. Pretty expensive for such portion, I said. But still, we like this place and never bored of its food.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Last of Harry Potter

Yes! Avid fan of Harry Potter series, ready! The last installment of Harry Potter films is in cinema now. I have not grab a ticket to the big screen yet but will definitely do so in the next few week.

I remember back in end of November 2001, when hubby and I first dated, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone was just released in cinema. It was actually our second date that night. First was a lunch date in Hong Kong Noodle House. So, our romance started from there and together with Harry Potter movies, it has been 10 years now.

After a nice candelight dinner in San Francisco Grill on our second date, we went for the late night movie in Star Cineplex. It was our first movie together, so it is meaningful for both of us to watch the final installment in big screen. *wink* Hubby even has the original DVD collection of all Harry Potter movies; a good movie is worth keeping, he said.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Child's food

First of all, thank you guys for your birthday wishes in my previous post. My big day is more than a month, but it is really nice to have earlier wishes. You make my day!

Let me bring you back to my childhood time. Yes, once a while I would reminiscing my sweet path of childhood, especially on food and time spent with my family. I grew up in strict environment where mum is the "police" ensuring we abide to "house rule". Nevertheless she is a good mum and I love her cooking. Dad on other hand is sole breeder; providing what necessary for the family. No matter how tired he was after a long day at work, he would brought us for supper almost every night. Come to evening time, me and my younger siblings would dressed up and eagerly getting ready to go for supper.

One of my favourite childhood noodle dish is tomato sauce crispy noodle. Remember one of the favourite stall to have such dish was in Chawan Road where a couple operated a small business in their house compound. Since then, they were no longer in operation; wonder where have they moved to. Hardly can find good tomato sauce noodle in Kuching.

The noodle will be deep fried to crisp first, and when there is order, the cook will cook the tomato sauce and add some fish balls, fresh prawns, sliced pork meat and chicken meat with green vegetables. Then the sauce will be added to the noodle. However nowadays the portion shrink and less ingredients. Tasted one last weekend in Stutong. The sauce not bad, combination of sweet and soury, but they only added some chicken meat slices and vegetable. So bland. RM4.00 per plate!

Definitely would not go back for it, unless I really craving for tomato sauce crispy noodle again since nearer to my house! *wink*

Once a while, I feel like kid again and indulge in sinful food. Fried chicken. It has been my favourite dish when I was small, and tell me which children never love fried chicken huh?

As tempting as it is, I seldom have it. Got to control my diet, you know.

So just out of craving on a Saturday, I opted to try My Chicken Restaurant in Tabuan since near my shop. I ordered the take-away since a lot of patrons that time. Love the takeaway box. Colourful and atractive, don't you think???

A lot of advertisement in this small box!!

The chicken taste almost the same like KFC, but bigger in size. That was my lunch for that day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


From hubby

My early birthday present. *wink*

Yeap, my new toy to play with. Since he knew I love snapping this and that, my ideal present would be digital camera. Thank you, my dear.

From far away lands

Chocolate from Sweden, toothpick holder and fancy earrings from Moscow. A shop operator near my shop went to Russia to attend her son's graduation from medical centre. Then tour around Europe for over 10 days. She bought chocolate bar for my 2 kids. My 2 kids always play with her when they come over. Very thoughtful of her.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Skinny me?

Hubby commenting that I am too skinny. I think my current weight is okay for my height. 48kg for 152cm. Skinny meh??

I have got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and die-die I will maintain my current shape and weight. How I do it? My formula as follow:

#1 Stress
How can you think of food when under stress? May it be family related stress, work related stress or other type of stress, I would not be thinking much about eating.

#2 Long working hour
It means busy. When busy, I would not be thinking about food

#3 Diet
Eat less fried food and carbohydrate, eat more vegetables.

#4 Light housework
I have not been going to any aerobic or gym for few years now, so I do some light house chore like cleaning the room. I can never finish cleaning up the room. Everyday there would be mess around. Sigh!

#5 Supplement
I rely on supplement to replenish any nutritions that I may not be able to obtain from food

#6 Kids
Tell me who never lose some weights with kids around. Running after them, screaming after them and cleaning after them. Already enough to make your adrenaline runs high!!

#7 Sex and sleep
Do I need to explain this further? It enhance better relationship with your other half and same time, sex is good exercise too. And not forgetting quality sleep at night.

So I jokingly told my hubby few nights ago, if want me to grow fat then have to treat me to supper every night! Lol! I think he could not afford to because if I gain weight, he will automatically gain more because he has to accompany me to eat.

So what is your post-pregnancy weight control???

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eye makeup test

My basic makeup is foundation, compact powder, eye brow and blusher. Do not have much time to make up every morning, but if I do have some spare time, I would put on eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I do not like loud colours, so something light is good for me.

I never knew that eyeshadow can tell someone personality till I try this test. More or less it is true. *wink*

You have a loud and outgoing personality. You love to be the center of attention, and you always speak your mind.
You are good at getting people to laugh. You have a wicked sense of humor.

You are highly observant and mindful. You take in a lot of information, and you're very perceptive.
You love adulation and praise. You want your accomplishments to be noticed by all.

Try out this eye makeup test yourself.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Finally, I discovered the cause of my allergy near my upper lip. Not lipsticks or skincare; but seafood. When I ate prawns, the very next day I would have red dry patches on corners of my lip. Not so sure on other seashells because I seldom eat them. Prawns are common in most food like seafood noodle, laksa and fried noodle here.

It has been like this when I was pregnant with my first child. Since then, it has never heal regardless of how doctors and creams I tried. So, I just got to control it by eating less seafood.

Many women I know also have such allergy. Funny thing is it only appeared on upper lip. A staff of mine has such allergy since she was young but once she was pregnant and delivered, her allergy gone. Hormonal change I said. So good!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

To-do-list for the house

I am making a list for the new house. Targeting to move in, earliest by September or latest in November. Definitely before Christmas. I would love to spend my Chinese New Year in my new home.

We have get the SESCO technician to install the DB yesterday so we have electricity supply and contractors can start their work without delay. Just some extension work for the wet kitchen and touching up on wall and ceiling. Damn the developer. Lousy workmanship! What to do, other than complaining and get them to rectify. But after so many rounds of complaining, we gave up and decided we take over and do it ourselves.

Time to hunt for furnitures. Bedroom and kitchen would be in the most important list. Should not be a problem in hunting for good bargain as Hari Raya celebration is just two months away!!

So much to do and so little time to spend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lunch @ Mr Ho

My second time to Mr Ho Fine Dining. This round, me and hubby are more careful in choosing our menu. Lol!

We ordered its signature pasta dish and crispy roast pork knuckle. The portion is just nice for two of us to share.

Like this bacon and walnut salad. Great appetizer.

A beer for hubby, who is on leave today. Total tab is RM104.70!