Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thinking of food

When it rains, all I can think of is FOOD. I have snacks and cookies on my side table in the office, so when ever we were hungry, we would just munch on them! Reason it is on my side table is that my location is strategic, easily accessed by everyone. LOL! So far no complain from the new boss on our eating habits! ;p I was sorting my folder and found some food pictures that I dont have time to share with you in the past.

One interesting food that I would like to share with you today is this famous kolo mee at Carpenter Street. The Chinese coffee shop "Min Joo" is a very old corner shop located at Carpenter Street. I guess there used to be many carpenters there, so that is why the street was named so. The street is famous for goldsmith, locksmith, furniture and coffee shops. The street is always packed with cars and people, and it is even crowded nearing to festive seasons.

Back to this Min Joo coffeeshop, it is operated by a Teochew family for dont-know-how-many-years. The place is always packed with customers and you need to queue up for tables. It is lucky that you can find parking along the Carpenter Street or nearby roads as it is not easy to look for any parking there. So, it would be double luck if you can find table for your food at Min Joo too. They have around 10 tables there.
Min Joo is famous for breakfast and lunch goers. Guess what!!! They only serve kolo mee! I wonder they put any "jampi" in the noodles as people willing and patiently wait for their turn. They have funny way of operating their business. Once you find your seat, you have to wait for your turn to order. Only when they place the spoons and chopsticks on your table, then you can order your food. If you cut queue, you will be scolded by them!! Better dont embarass yourself in front of other customers!
We love its cheng soup (mixed soup of pig internal organ, fish ball, and prawns). Dont you like the clear soup?? So nice to have it during cold and raining day, dont you think? *laugh* As for noodles, you also can sub with kuay tiaw and mihun.


Yoolees said...

Hi Rose,

Yummy... everytime I visit you here, I often get hungry. Yummy...

What are those noodles called? I remember when I was in my former company too, I often has biscuits in my table. Hehehe.

Hye of Space of Reality

Anonymous said...

Looks so yummy...

Btw, the tag is up.

bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeh im not so fond of food but the pasta on the side of the soup on the picture ghheeeeh looks so tempting hehehe can i have some lol

bigfish_chin said...

I had those food before when i was in Kuching. U make me miss "them" ler :)
I been so busy and saving all the tags up in my doc-file. Still haven't get 1 done man... :P

Rose world said...

Hye, those noodles are called Kolo Mee.

Nyumix, Bluedreamer, Big Fish Chin, sorry cannot share the food with you! Later not enough for myself! Hahaha! So, I can only tempt you with more photos! hehehe!