Friday, April 29, 2011


It has a week since my last update!

A hectic week with some family's matter at home. Hubby is like a mad man rushing in and out the house over the weekend. Not a very great weekend anyway, but I am not going to narrate on that.

On Monday evening, Baby Jay has stomach upset (or maybe I can say, bloatedness because we suspected he ate too much!) as he kept vomitting after taking food, water or milk. Poor Baby Jay! He vomitted more than 8 times that night! Scare the hell out of us. A hell of night here. Around 1am, we brought him to Kuching Specialist Hospital for check up. Doctor could not find anything wrong, but gave us some prescription to stop his vomitting and dehydrating salt. Thank god after a night of rest he was fine on Tuesday. Even little girl missed out on her school that day, because her mummy could not wake up on time. Lol!

Then on Wednesday, hubby gone to KL for his company meeting, so leaving me with the 2 kids. Then I have a bout of gastric attack in the evening, which strained my energy by night time. Must be the nasi lemak I had for breakfast and curry chicken for lunch that day.

Little girl's 5th birthday on Thursday, and since I was unable to bring her to her favourite fast food outlet, my parents had the honour to bring her to KFC for earlier celebration on Wednesday night.

Not very easy handling 2 kids without hubby's help but I survive. Lol. Hubby will be back tonight so after I close shop tonight, together with my 2 kids, we will go to airport to pick him. Another long day.......And it is going to be a long weekend too. Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Good Friday and Happy Easter, everyone!! Today is a school and public holiday. It means the kids are around the house as both are not be going to nanny's house today.

So the kids are stuck with me in the shop for the rest of the morning, then afternoon, I will bring them back for a rest. It means "fun time" for them in the shop and a headache for me. Sigh!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Car issue

Wonder when hubby's car would be ready? Toyota said it would be in workshop for about 3 weeks! Die-loh.

Story begins last week.....when hubby's car been hit by a Kancil from behind at 3rd Mile. The Kancil was a mess and turned to side, and fortunately for the lady driver, she was fine with few bruises from the broken glasses. Hubby sent his car to Toyota last Friday and need to be there for few weeks.

And "soi" (bad luck) or not, my car broke down on me on Saturday afternoon. Geez, what luck we had there? Temporarily I using my dad's car while it is in the workshop. Turned out it was radiator faulty and need to overhaul the whole thing and cooling fan. Sigh!!

I have a drama unfold on the road with smoke coming out from the front and bursting of water from the car, and having tow truck towing my car in the rain. Conclusion? I have to admit, election day is never a good day for me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Show your votes

Tomorrow is the day!! After 2 weeks of campaigning and causing unnecessary jams in some parts of the city, it is up to the voters to vote for their representatives.

It also bring back bad memory of my last national-wide polling where I were a victim of snatch theft incident. The scars on my left foot and knee will be forever there. I still have the phobia when ever I close my house gate at night, but I am smarter to leave my handbag in the car now so after making sure gate is securely locked, then I will fetch my handbag. It has been 3 years since that incident.

Back to the present!!! Tomorrow is the state election day. I think it will be a great fight like the previous election. I am sure my hubby will stick to the tv tomorrow night to check on the result. He never vote as Kapit was uncontested in the past, but this year, he would not able to cast his very first vote due to work commitment. Hopefully he would be able to change his vote to Kuching so he get a chance to vote in the next election.

I would cast my vote after I send both kids for their respective vaccinations. Their vaccinations are actually way overdue, but better late than never. Sorry, what a lousy mum I am, but due to busy months, I forgot about their schedule. Baby Jay due about 2 weeks for his Pneumococcus while Little Gal is supposed to have her Rubella booster at 4 1/2 year old. Lol.

So after sending both off to nanny tomorrow, I will be a faithful Sarawakian and cast my vote. For a better Sarawak, everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family's supper

Psst! I break my diet code again.

Try hard but cannot help it, once in a blue moon, I have to indulge in supper. Lol. Usually I blame it on hubby for he is the one that initiate the supper. So, I think I am gaining some weight here.

Like last night, I bought a whole spring chicken for RM13.00. Nothing to shout about, as the meat too dry for me and they did not give me any gravy or sauce to go with the fried chicken. End up, we dipped our chicken in Maggi Chilli Sauce. You would not believe it, but the four of us finished up the whole chicken! *wink*

As I handed my hubby last piece of drumstick, my little boy was shouting and had his hand out for it. Baby Jay grew excited seeing a drumstick and we can hardly get the drumstick off his hand. Once I handed the drumstick to him, it was like a trophy to him, as he happily showing off his drumstick around and nibbled it. Maybe that because he did not get a chance to eat a drumstick when he turned one year old last year> The Chinese believes in giving a one year old a piece of drumstick to commemorate his or her birthday. So it was redemption time for Baby Jay.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Before clock strikes 12

A good friend came back yesterday from KL. It has been almost 2 years since we met. Gosh! Once in blue moon, we only update or chat in Facebook or sms-ing.

So she gave a very surprised SMS yesterday evening that she was back and asked for a "yam-cha". We met in Sidewalk for a drink after 10pm. With other 2 friends that I also haven't met for long time, we chatted for more than an hour before rain started to pour.

Maybe I am way passed the age. Started to feel exhausted by 11pm. Usually at home by that time I would have settled down for the day and lied down on bed. Lol!

It was a great catch up although it was only 1.5 hours. Wished we have more times together.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Go out in pyjamas

Do you bring your kids out with them in their pyjamas? I thought I would never do that to my two kids but I did it once. When I was small, I would never wear pyjamas and go out. Have been taught to dress properly for outing.

So I would never do that, but I was wrong. Blame my laziness for that. There was once when hubby was hungry and craving for McD's at night, so after taking bath and lying in the bed with 2 kids in their sleeping attires, have no choice but to accompany him to the airport. Why airport? Because it has a 24-hours McD's outlet there. And about 10 minutes drive from our house too.

Before we left the house, my girl asked whether she can put on a new clothing instead of her pyjamas. I thought of staying in the car with 2 kids while hubby “tapau” so I told her not to.

That was first reminder from my girl. Then when we reached the airport and my girl seeing the McD's outlet, she also want to go out and have supper there. Since I am not in my pyjamas, so I agreed to her persistent requests. But she caught me off for a while second time. “Mummy, mummy, but me and Baby are in our pyjamas. How?”. And guess what I said?? “Never mind, little gal. Have a quick supper then go home and change into a new one”. And she replied me “Ok, mummy. But next time I do not want to wear pyjamas when I go out again.” Lol!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Under the weather

Everyone in the family is sick. Down with cough and sniff. I have been sick for a week now. Thank god everyone is getting better now.

It is hot since last month. Unbearable hot. If can, I would prefer to stay indoor than driving around under the hot sun. I have been taking a lot of herbal and cooling drink last week. Maybe because of those, I have develop a bad cough. It was worse at night; it keeps waking me up many times till I could not sleep well. During the day, I was miserable and dizzy due to the cough syrup. So I resorted not to take cough syrup during day, only at night. But the cough is getting worse until yesterday.

Thanks to mum for introducing me this Chinese pill. RM18.00 for 40 pills. To be taken 3 times a day, 2 pills each time till condition improves.

It works in reducing my mucus. Less sudden cases of continuous and worsen cough now. It is traditionally use for bronchitis treatment and relief of cough. Since Western medicine does not work well for me after taking them, I have to resort to Chinese medicine now. *wink*

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When to move?

We have bought our house for 4 years now. Every month we have to serve the interest. If I am to accummulate the amount of bank interests, it would be enough to pay a portion of our house extension work.

Even without staying in the house, we already pay for it. We are thinking of refinancing as alternative for lower interest and more flexible loan package. Some more we have a management corporation managing the housing area, so every month we are to pay for the RM100 service charges. So unfair!! Wonder when it would be ready and we can move into it. Hmmmmm....

Friday, April 1, 2011

It is April

Happy April Fool! Hope you have not fool anyone or been fooled today. Lol!

Anyway, I will not be fooling any one today (have not do so for many years). What is in store for the month of April????

* Sarawak election will be this month. Nomination date as 6 April and polling on 16 April

* Renew my driving lesson. The last time I renewed it was during my first confinement. Yes, I remember I asked my parents to help me pay for 5 years period while I am in my confinement with my daughter.

* My lovely daughter's 5th birthday is on 28 April. I have not yet decide what to get for her birthday.

Happy weekend, everyone!