Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year eve's dinner

The last meal of 2013 in ushering 2014. We had dinner in M2 Seafood Restaurant in MJC. Nice place. Luckily we booked a table earlier as the place was packed tonight.

Check out what we had. Want to guess how much it cost?

We had aloe vera seafood soup, chay poh egg, stir fried potato leaves, steamed garupa fish, kung poh mussels, salted eggs soft-shell crabs, and stir fried curry bamboo clams.

Happy new year to you.

Blog giveaway: Jolly December

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This is the season of joy and what is better than to give out some presents to my fellow blogger friends and readers.  I have prepared 2 presents to be given out.  Nothing big but a little token of appreciation to my friends and readers for your great supports during the time of festive.

It is a very easy giveaway. Simply comment in this post on why you deserve this present and share on what was the best Christmas/New Year present you have ever received.

Rules are:
1. Follow this blog by joining Rose's friend club on the bottom right hand side
2. Leave your comment with your email address
3. This giveaway is open to all Malaysian and Singaporean only.

This giveway ends on 31 December 2013 Malaysian Time 2400Hr. 

So for those who are on the Santa's naughty list this year, this is your chance to grab my December giveaway presents instead.  But bear in mind, the present will only arrive at your doorstep after New Year *wink*  This Santarina does not own a reindeer sleigh to fly around dropping your presents so need to use the slow snail mail instead.  Lol!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My old time favourite

I started eating at this old coffee shop when I worked in my very first company. And that was more than 10 years ago. This corner coffee shop is located at Jalan Padungan next to Wisma Tun Jugah. I love its home-cooked dishes, chicken rice and kolok mee. I remember the kolok mee used to be RM2.30 but it has increased and I am not sure how much it cost now. 

 We went for lunch today as the kids and hubby wanted to eat kolok mee. The teh o peng also not bad. Hubby always ordered 2 glasses whenever we go there. So today no exception. 2 glasses of teh o peng for hubby while I had its teh c.

Look at the dishes. Business for economy rice must be good because I remember they don't have that many dishes back in 2008 and that time they displayed their dishes in plates. Prices around RM4.00 -4.50 for 2 meats + 2 veggies. 

And not forgetting thier kolok mee. I like its kolok mihun and kuew tiaw too. They even served tikus noodle (lau shu mien) which not many kolok mee sellers do. And did I mentioned this coffee shop even credit mentioned in local newspapers before? For their authentic Sarawak kolok mee. This family-operated coffee shop has been here for ages since I were small. 

For those looking for good and delicious kolok mee, this is the place.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Miss 'em

Every day it rained in Kuching. At least this morning we saw the sun but that only lasted for few hours before the rain took over. Sigh!

I had few bowls of laksa and kolok mee this few days. This morning we tried a new place called Three Sisters cafe in Jln Keretapi since we were going to church. Joseph kolok mee not more in that cafe. I loved its bacon-filled kolok mee but the cafe lady owner took over the kolok mee business. Not bad but slightly salty for me. And so is the laksa. The laksa gravy was very thick though.

Sarawak kolok mee (above) & Sarawak laksa (below)

Porridge that come with condinement such as braised peanuts, century egg, and salted cabbage (below)

For lunch we had porridge in Jln Stutong. We had zhu cha porridge and grouper fish porridge. Great for cold day.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The first over here

Yay! Finally we have a McD's drive through outlet in Kuching. Right in MJC, Batu Kawa. A 24-hours cafe. Of course the kids and daddy are happy. Nice or not the new outlet that just open this month.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Elephant's food

One of a must cafe to go in town when I crave for Western cuisine. Elephant Cafe and Bistro has been in business for many years now and their quality still well maintained. Price still the same but portion is slightly smaller in recent years. Still the service is good and food still taste nice.

We went there last night for dinner. Check out what we had.

Ceasar salad, fish & chips, chicken maryland and nasi lemak. I love their salad dressinf as well as chicken maryland. Tasted like Kenny Roger's chicken gravy. Hubby always enjoyed their nasi lemak but he commenting this fish piece is smaller now. Lol.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The white structure on the hill

Every time we passed by Kuching-Sri Aman road, we always wanted to make a stop here. But each time we always overshot the sign board as the board is directly located at the juction and we always missed the juction.

But we were happy to make it on Christmas Day. We finally stopped for a short break. It was not open but that did not stopped us from taking few snaps.

Mount Hosanna Chapel, a very catchy architecture, located around 150km from Kuching and 50km away from Sri Aman. The chapel signified 3 large white candles. The steps of staircases to the top is said to be 100 steps. So if you are lucky to pass by this road on Sunday, do stop by. Only open on Sunday from 10am.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas oh Christmas

We are back in Kuching. Arrived safely but tiringly this afternoon. However the feeling of coming home is great, if you get what I meant.  :)

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2013 and a Happy New Year!!!  Cheers!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All the way from Mukah

We stopped at the wet market along the waterfront in Mukah as we wanted to buy some yummy goodies back.  There were not many people around the town yesterday and totally almost deserted too in the market other than the traders.  Mostly vegetable traders. I guess everyone was not in town or off somewhere for the holiday.

Back to the market, we went to the trader stalls where they sell all the local snacks and goodies such as the fish crackers & prawns crackers, belacan, sago, sago worm, tebaloi etc. By the way, Mukah is famous for fresh fish and produces. 

The grandpa and the grandchildren looking at all those goodies

Keropok on display.  Mostly sell at RM6.00 per pack

Have you eaten those snack and food as a kid??  I do.  But some snacks I never seen before. 

Other than keropok I also bought some dried prawns

And belacan.  Not many on sales yesterday.

One of Mukah's specialties is the tasty and sweet tebaloi.  A kind of coconut snack.

We wanted to taste some umai for lunch yesterday but unfortunately they did not serve it.  Maybe out of stock.  So we look for some umai to buy in the market too but that too didn't happen.  We were out of luck yesterday.

It was a tiring trip as the road is pretty bumpy.  But we did have a great time in Mukah. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

School holiday activities: Road to Mukah

We made a day road trip to Mukah today. FIL needs to do some business in Mukah so hubby decided to drive him there. And of course me and kids (minus baby) tag along since we never been there. Heard so much about Mukah keropok and belacan. *wink*

So after picked my fil from the wharf around 9something  we immediately went for a quick breakfast in Sibu before drive to Mukah. Took us almost 3 hours as hubby drove pretty slow since unfamiliar with the road and we were in light and easy mood.
Passing Selangau on the way

Along the way we had to go through a long crawl (almost 20minutes) due to road construction. Along the way we saw many oil palms and many trucks loading the fruits.

We reached Mukah around 12.45pm. We drove around the town and had our lunch before brought fil to do his stuff.

The yellow bridge leading to Mukah

Far away you can see the low tide in the noon

The icon of Mukah (above) and magnificient clock tower (below)

Our next road trip? Should be tomorrow if my driver is not tired otherwise we will do it on Christmas Day. One more day to Christmas. ♥

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Flenco's Christmas gift

Received my Christmas gift from Luxury Haven on Thursday afternoon and  I could not wait to try it out that day.  Immediately I used my Rose Facial Scrub that night without further ado.  And I fall in love with it!  You can say, it was love at first sight!  *wink*

Isn't the packaging beautiful?  
I like the scent of the scrub.  Not too overwhelming and it leaves a very long and mild scent after use.  I never like perfumed skincare and unlike most rose products, this Flen Rose Facial Scrub is great for me. It is indeed a very delicate cleanser, totally gentle on the skin. 

Tested on my hand.  Very gentle and after used, I can feel my hand is smoother. 

It has anti-ageing properties with Dead Sea minerals and black mud combined with Rose Oil that helps to reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production.  It really cleanses my oily face as well as remove impurities, tones and nourishes my skin for a radiant healthy look.  

Thanks to Flenco for the lovely Christmas gift.  I love it!!

Friday, December 20, 2013