Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy weekend ever

Ok guys, this is going to be a very short post.  (The shortest I ever have, I think).

Going to be a very busy weekend for me so I do not think I have any times to sit and write a post.  Need to settle something of utmost important (to me) but I will be back with something interesting soon.

Till then, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2012

LED for health

Okay, I got a new health toy.  A LED belt.  Can be used on any parts of the body including the head.  Have many health benefits including weight loss, joint and pain relieve as well as anti-aging and therapeutic properties.  Tested it last week and it has been in my shelf for the time being.  Lol! 

The latest product distributed by Cosway. 

I went for the talk yesterday morning in one of the Cosway shop in RH Plaza.  And after that I was joking with my hubby that since I bought this belt, we can stop taking other supplements as LED near infrared and red light can almost have every functions.  Geez.  It costs a lot but luckily they have 3 months interest-free installment for charging to credit card. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't sleep much

How many hours do you sleep at night?

I try to go to bed around 10.30pm after making sure both kids are fed and tugged in bed. I wake up around 6.30am or earlier when there is sunlight shining into the room.  During the night, I would wake up once or twice for toilet break.  Even that my youngest now is 3 years old and does not wake up for the night feeding, I would still wake up to check on the kids (making sure their blankets are covering them) and go to the toilet. 

Actually it has been a habit since I was young.  I have the habit of waking up at night for the toilet.  I remember when I was younger and we stayed in Kenyalang terrace house where there is only one toilet on the ground floor.  And the toilet and bathroom are seperate rooms.  And scary thing is that the toilet and bathroom are outside the house where you need to go downstair and open a door that leading to the toilet.  I was not a timid person even when I was younger, but the thought of going to toilet in middle of the night does not sound favourable to me.  I would try not to think of the dark shadow, etc (if you get what I mean) and just go straight and do my business.  And the habit continues till now.  But less fearful of course.  No longer thinking of something striking at you or scare you when you walk to the bathroom and back.  Lol! 

As I am a mother now, I  would make sure my kids have sufficient sleep and it means at least 8 to 10 hours.  No less and no more unless something come up! 

As for me, as I grow older I tend to have more restless nights.  Sleep does not come easily to me unless I am mentally tired.  I would not immediately doze off and many things pop up in my mind.  Some more with the new house, I have more thoughts to sort out.  Lol! 

So far I do not feel tired during the day.  Now I seldom take afternoon nap because short of manpower in the shop and I did not have the privilege of taking afternoon nap. 

Hmm, I don't sleep much. I am not complaining but I am wondering whether I can stay like this all the times? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Short handed

One of my staff suddenly resigned last Saturday.  Not even any notice and not to say a 24 hours notice.  She just gone like that by giving me an immediate notice via sms.  So now resignation also can go valid by using SMS.  And how responsible she is!

She posted few unpleasant messages in Facebook; craps on unappreciative boss, not friends and she is at wrong.  Well, first thing I did not fire her.  And secondly I did asked her to reconsider her decision (this is not the first time she wants to resign) and thirdly she has been doing many craps behind my back and I always pretending nothing has happened. 

So it is good thing that she resigned herself. 

On a cheerful note, my new house has been cleaned up yesterday.  This weekend we are going to get the bedding and sofa set moving in with the LED TV and home theatre.  So that make up most of the big stuff. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Menu #34: Chicken in curry powder

One of my favourite dishes that I learnt from my mum's kitchen is this chicken dish.  Chicken cooked in curry powder and soy sauce.

When ever my mum cooked this dish, I can eat a lot of rice.  Love its aromatic curry powder and salty taste of the dark soy sauce. I am still try to perfect my mastery on this dish but I guess practice makes perfect!!

Chicken chopped into smaller parts
Curry powder, I used Babas curry powder for meat
Dark soy sauce (use the salty type)
Pinch of salt (optional)
Cooking oil
Chilli, sliced
Chopped garlic and sliced shallots

1. In medium fire, add in cooking oil in a cooking wok.  Then add chopped garlic and sliced shallots.  When the aroma ascends, add in curry powder and sliced chilli. 
2. Stir the curry powder and add oil as necessary so that the powder would not stick to the wok.  After a satisfactory paste of curry formed, throw in the chicken parts.  Stir fry and cover the curry paste all over the meat.
3.  Cook for few minutes.  Add in dark soy sauce (depends on your taste).  Add pinch of salt (optional).
4.  You can water, bit by bit if you like your curry to have some gravy.  Stir the chicken occasionally.
5.  Serve hot with warm rice!

My next mission?

Is to learn my mum's Lo Ack (Hakka braised duck).  Her own cooking method.  *wink*

Friday, September 14, 2012

Family day and a wedding

My girl's kindergarden, Q-Dees is having a family day this Sunday. We are going to the Family Day since it is first time for my girl.  And also the first for the kindergarden.  Some more it is final year for my girl as she is going to Primary School next year.  There will be games, food and meeting the teachers so it would be fun for the kids (and adults).

Guess which games we are participating?  Lol!  We cannot stay the whole day because of Baby Jay.  He would need his afternoon nap so we are taking the 1st 2 games.  Just for the fun of it.

On Monday we are going to attend a wedding dinner as baby sitter's eldest son is getting hitched.  And hubby is getting people to do thorough scubbing and cleaning at the new house on Tuesday.  Meaning we can bring in all the new furniture and beddings in next week.  And I can start arranging my kitchen next week too!  *Excited*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Milk substitute

My eldest is going to be 7 years old in about 6 months time.  She is still taking milk powder.  Pediasure brand which cost more than RM70.00 per tin and every day she is drinking about 600ml (3 times x 200ml/time).  One in the morning when she wakes up, one in the afternoon before taking nap and another one at night. 

And I told her few nights ago that I would slowly substitute her milk powder with fresh milk.  She further told me that some of her classmates drink milk from cup and she also want to drink milk from cups too.  So I used the opportunity to tell her that the classmates are drinking fresh milk from cup, not milk powder anymore.  And loves to act like "adult" my girl also requested to drink fresh milk.  She tasted fresh milk before and she commented that it was too sweet for her.  Lol!  And I ever let her try the organic cereal and milk and she commented they are tasteless!  Sigh! Kids!  Hard to please them.

Me and hubby have never been milk drinker and some more I have milk intolerance while hubby has gastric problem so we do not take milk into our daily consumption.  But once a while I will craze for some cereal breakfast so I would buy some low fat milk or fresh milk to add to my cereal.  Going back to my girl, she enjoys Kellogg's corn flakes and coco crunch.  Kids can eat it plain like that but for healthy meal, I will coax them to eat them in a bowl of fresh milk. 

And to sub for their daily calcium intake my kids are taking Tupperware Colostrum tablets.  2 tablets per day.  I also take milk tablets since I am not able to drink milk.  And sometimes I have to hide the tablets away because my kids especially the boy (3 years old) tend to over-eat it. I guess he thought it was candy or what, if no one stop him, he will eat many tablets without we realising it.  Sigh!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My acessories, my babies

Showcasing my collection!  *wink*

I was arranging my dressing table over the weekend and as usual I brought out and re-arranged my accessories.  I do not have a specific jewellery box to keep my earrings so some of them tend to tangle around each other and need to be sorted out before any damages done.  I do not feel the hassle because I love to look and arrange them.  *lol* There were few that I had thrown away, because they are torn or not wearable anymore. 

The only collection I have left.  And I still cannot find that missing butterfly earring (on the right bottom).  Where have it flown to??  *wink*

I love these 2 pairs of earring the most!  Ethnic chic!

I don't have many bracelets because I do not like wearing them much unlike earrings and necklaces.  As for my neck accessories, those are the few cliche type I have!  

My recent purchase!  Nice or not??

I love this costume piece from Prada bought by sis's friend from UK.

So there you are.  My babies.  *wink*

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend again

Weekend is here!! Tomorrow is a state holiday over here as our state TYT's birthday. So the kids will be around and not going to nanny's house.  I love weekend because I can have more times with my family and able to do the things I like, i.e  reading.  By the way, I almost finish my stock of books that I bought last month from the book fair.  Only left one last book.  Sigh!  Where can I get cheap novels in Kuching??

Hubby  bought few meat buns from 6th Miles last week and they turned out yummy!  Usually they come in the white pao form so it is rather unusual to eat minced meats in brown buns.  But for RM1.20 per piece, they are very nice and reasonably priced. 

So what is your weekend plan?? I sure I would be pretty busy this week, because need to get some stuff for the new house.   The red cloth for the door, kerosene stove and moving some more boxes over.  No time for rest! 

So to all out there, have a wonderful weekend!  And just came out with a new parody this week and the video is so funny that I have to share it with you.  The original song is from Oppa Gangnam Style by Psy which is a big hit worldwide and I know everyone including the children know how to dance this song.  Lol!  Enjoy the Malaysian version of this song......

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rubber band to the rescue

Desperate moment calling for desperate measure.  So when my sandal came off today I use what ever that came into my mind to fix it since I do not have any spare shoes.  Rubber band!

Well, it can last me till now so hopefully till tonight and I will get a clobber to fix it soon.  Seldom use this sandal and although it is not pricey but what a waste if I throw it away because of a minor tear. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday dinner (over- due post)

Meant to post something about my birthday dinner last week but could not find the times to do it.  Or you can say that I am running out of writer's will to write something about it.  But honestly I find it hard to do posting over the weekend when the kids are around.  They will distract you till you can lose your mind.  Lol! 

But overall it was a relaxing weekend for me as we mostly staying at home, doing some cleaning and packing.  Both hubby and boy are still recovering from their respective flu and cough so we hardly go out except inspecting our new house and having meals outside. 

As for our birthday (mine and Baby Jay's) we had our buffet dinner in The Carvery, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman on Saturday, 25th.  The night before we had our dinner in The Causeway Bay Jalan Song.  A little celebration of my birthday, according to hubby before he treated us to a sumptous buffet the next night.  I been to The Carvery twice in their old place in Pending many years ago.  Now they moved to JTAR last year and I have not been there before. 

A friend refered the buffet as omnivorous meal because they mostly serve meat from chicken, lambs to beef.  The staff will move around tables holding skewers of meats to serve to patron.  I think I lost count of my calories and cholesterol I gained from that night and not forgetting the red wine and fruit punch that I had. 

I like its lamb shanks and grilled lamb the most!  Tender and juicy.  Other meats are fine but I feel the beef too tough for my teeth.  Lol!

 A picture of me and my 2 cheeky yet adorable kids.  *wink*

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Counting down to the day

It has been a busy weekend as we went to check on the new house renovation as well as hunting for some heaters, beddings and curtains.  Never knew shopping for new home can be that tiring.  Some more my hubby and boy are sick, both not feeling 100%.  

My house work is about 95% completed so expecting everything to be done by a week or so.  Heater and kitchen hood have been installed.  The living room and family hall cabinet has also completed.  Only left the marble top that have not be laid down. 

Then we can have the new stuff move in after cleaning.  As for my packing, more than half have been moved over to the new house.  Now left the computer, computer table, shelves, racks, some clothing and other necessities.  At least on the actual day we would no need to move so much.  I know how tiring and stress it is on the day itself.

Counting down to the actual day of moving.  So far yet so near.  So many things have been done but yet feel like more things are not ready.  I think I am catching some anxiety of house moving.  Wonder whether I will be stressed when the day really come??  Sigh!