Sunday, December 31, 2017


The newly completed bridge (Jambatan Darul Hana) connecting Kuching City South and Kuching City North is an unique and latest tourist attraction in Kuching.

The RM35M bridge is a 336metres S-shaped pedestrian bridge in Kuching Waterfront. 

Last month, we had our maiden walk on the Darul Hana bridge. The view of the Sarawak river from the bridge was something. Definitely different from how you view or take photos on the sides of the waterfront.

But it was even more beautiful at night when it was lighted up. Saw few friends posted in their FB on their night walks there. Hope we get to walk under the moonlight next time.

Darul Hana means place of peace and tranquility in Arabic. May the new year brings such to everyone. Connecting different races and religion together under one roof.

Wishing everyone, Happy New Year 2018!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Warm and spicy

Not every weekend, we would have our usual breakfast. Kolo mee, Sarawak laksa, kueh chap etc. Sometime we do crave for different kind of breakfast. Not Chinese all the times. 

And one Saturday we did have something different for breakfast.

There was one Bombay Cuisine in Batu Kawa that we had not been to.  Bombay Cuisine facing the main road with Roman Catholic St Mark's Church at the side. Actually I had been there once when it opened not so long ago but with my friends. My family has not been there for its mamak dishes so we decided to have breakfast here before our monthly grocery shopping in nearby hypermarket, Emart.

Mamak fried mee hoon

I knew what I wanted beforehand. Fried mee hoon. My mee hoon came first. And it came out very warm and spicy. Syiok! There was smoke when I stirred my vermicelli around. And the portion was huge too. Double syiok! But I hardly could finish it all (as it was spicy for me to handle after many mouthful and I had to help myself to another dish on the table) so I packed some home for lunch.

Mee Maggi goreng

A must order when go "makan" in a mamak shop, according to hubby. Mee Maggi goreng. Hubby's favourite food during college time back in West Malaysia. Lol. The spicy fried noodle brought back his hard time away from home.

Roti telur bawang

Both of us also ordered this roti telur bawang to share. Good and fluffy. Went well with the dipping sauces.

Dhal on top and fish curry


Jan and Jay each had their chapati. First time they tasted chapati. No complaint about this flatbread and they finished up their plates. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Holiday with them

Life has been awesome at the moment, hanging out with my kids during this school holiday. But alas, school is just a week away and then everyone would be back to school life!

We had a relaxing Christmas weekend over here. On the eve, we went to church and then we spent the rest of the day in Vivacity Mall for shopping, lunch, movie and dinner. On the Christmas Day, we went to morning mass, had Christmas lunch in Mamak shop. For dinner, I cooked (no turkey though), just my comforting lamb stew on our dining table.

We basically hang out at home catching up on some DVD. I Know, sounds boring but that what we did. And I like hanging out at home. Chilling out with my family is more fun and meaningful than doing other stuff. ^^

During this holiday, I got my kids to help me around. Weeding, cleaning up their toys boxes and rooms. We also went out on a short drive to the stores some day but other than their extra classes and tuition, we mostly stay indoor.

Few nights, we all bunked into my room and pretend a sleepover by having pillow fight, story-telling and making shadows in the dark. Reliving the time when me and siblings used to sleep together and had all those night fun together.

Of course they did made a mess with the stuff around the house and I got to get crazy over it but I like it. I guess that is what a mummy is all about. Going crazy and hair pulling but at the same time, enjoying the every seconds with them.

Life with 11, 8 and 4yo just get exciting and noisier every day!

Monday, December 25, 2017

To be jolly

The best season to be jolly. Time to spread love, peace and happiness.

And what a better way to show the children the meaning of Christmas jolly by attending Christmas parties and sharing with the others??

The children had 2 Christmas parties this year.

First was Jamie's kindergarden Christmas party on 15th December. The party started from 6pm and ended just slightly before 830pm. Games, Santa appearance, carolling and performances from the children as well as present exchange for everyone.

I prepared 3 small presents for the exchange and bought some cakes for the potluck.

Second was the Sunday school's Christmas Eve party. It held in the multi-purpose hall of the church yesterday. Very festive and loving mood, where everyone came together with stage play, prayers, hymes, and food. Thank you to all the Sunday school's teachers and volunteers for organising and preparing the party.

Jamie took a small part in the play. As one of the sheeps. Baa baa.

Christmas. It is all about caring, giving and sharing. Joy to the world!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 22, 2017

A December bride

Last week, I were a bridesmaid to my younger sister.

After back from my 5 days beach holiday, I were caught up with the wedding plan. More like busybody-ing with my sis' big day. Lol.

She held her tea ceremony and dinner reception on 13 December.

As one of her bridesmaids, I got to wear pink dress. Oh yeah, the pink dress. Never get to be a bridesmaid in pink, so I guess I weren't too old to be one now. *wink*

Actually I hardly have any pink dress or top. So I never knew I look good in pink. Lol.

Anyway the spotlight wasn't on me. Look how happy and radiant-looking my sis was! Beautiful wedding day where everyone gets together, enjoy the beautiful moment. Congrats my sis and bro-in-law, wishing both of you a never-ending love and a blissful happy life.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Miscellaneous picture #74: Up above

The view from our plane on 5th December, the day we flew back. 

I couldn't resist the amazing view below. Goodbye Phuket! 

Will come again. Maybe not Phuket but another part of Thailand next year. Another holiday getaway cum reunion with our friends in 2018!! Fingers cross! ^^

Monday, December 18, 2017

Phuket | food hunt

Phuket is a no stranger to discovering fresh seafood and flavourful Thai food. Thai cuisine is rich of spices and herbs which bring out a beautiful and tantalizing flavours and colours to the dining table.

We were fortunate to be treated to local cuisine while we were in Phuket. First night we were on our own and we managed to hunt down good and warm food at the roadside stall.

The next evening, hubby's Thai friend and family joined us for a sumptious Thai cuisine in King Kong seafood. No photos as everyone was hungry and dug in when the food was served. However I enclosed the FB link to this restaurant. The food was good.

A table for the kids in King Kong

The next day before we were off to Naka Noi, we dropped by this place for a brunch first.

Mee Ton Poe (owner's surname is "Ling"?)

Not authentic Thai cuisine but Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant. A place that is known to serve Hokkien noodle and Chinese specialties.

Condiments on the table. Oooo. I saw pork lard! Everyone's favourite. No one touch the raw shallot though. Lol.

Seafood noodle soup

I ordered this seafood noodle soup. Surprisingly the broth was good and clear with some pork lard pieces on top. Not much noodle but it was fine with me since we had American breakfast earlier in the hotel before we checked out.

Pad thai

Hubby couldn't have enough of Pad thai so he ordered one for himself. He said it was alright with him.

In Tesco Lotus

After filling up our tummies, we continued our trip to Tesco Lotus to buy groceries and food. Loved what we could find here. So convenient. And prices were reasonable too. Cheaper than what we have here.

You can see how much we bought in my previous post. 3 full carts! Equavalent to RM1000 worth!

After spending slightly over an hour here, we went to the jetty to catch our 2pm boat ride.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Phuket | island life

Bye Phuket

After 2 nights in Phuket main island, we were off to another island on the 3rd day. Nago Noi (Naka Noi) island.

Here we come, Naka Noi

We took a boat in Ao Por Pier to the island. Ao Por Pier itself was impressive with the jetty protruding to the ocean.

It would take a long time if we were to walk with our luggages and stuff along the pier. Luckily they have a cart transport for our conveniences.

Luggages and 2 days supplies!

Naka Noi is a serene island with magnificient seaview and we were privileged to be invited to stay in the 4 bedrooms villa. The island is just 4km away from northeast of Phuket island. The boat ride took less than 10 minutes.

Where we disembark in the island

From the beach where we disembarked, we had a little walk along the beach to the villa on top of a little hill.

The villa

Our 2-nights stay in the rustic styled villa was overlooking the beach. No internet, no phone line and no tv. Totally away from the technology for 2 nights. Just enjoy and relax in villa with a short walk to the beach.

Big chairs in front

Overlooking the ocean

Bbq with a view

Display shelf


Our room with a view to die for!

Evening came fast on us

Dinner of seafood

We had a quick fun on the beach with kids making sandcastles and we went for a cold dip with strong waves hitting us. The high tide was getting on to us.

The next day, we went for a little walk around the island. Of course more water, sun and sand. The men went for island hopping and fishing. Kids and some of the ladies (including me) stayed for an afternoon siesta.

Me, absorbing everything!

Nice serenity

Phi Phi island from far. Can you see the famous James Bond rocks on the left??

Nearer shot of the rock


Looking out to the ocean

Lovely beach

Outdoor tent

Other side of the island caters for day trip tourists

Deck chairs

Scuba diving and snorkel for rent

Fun on beach

Waiting for a bite

Thankfully the men came back with some fishes for dinner!! Lol. We cooked it Chinese style.

The catches of the day!

And our dinner was enjoyed under the supermoon. Covered by the clouds; so hard to take shot of it. Otherwise it would be bright shining over the water.

Moon gazing

We had a relaxing and lazy time on the island. Feeling the sun, sand and water all the time. Gosh. Now I wish for an island life when I retire at old age. ^^