Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hiatus for a week

The school holiday has started. It would be more relaxing for me; no need to wake up that early to get ready little gal for school and cook lunch for hubby to bring to work. Yeap, he has been packing lunch from home lately. Since I am cooking for him, might as well I cook for my lunch too. So I don’t really go to my parents’ place for lunch now.

Since it is a 2-weeks holiday, we will be taking 1 week away from kuching, traveling back to hubby’s hometown, Kapit. So, I probably wouldn’t be accessing or blogging for the whole week. Giving this blog a break as well. Please don’t miss me! Lol!!

We will be going away from 1 to 7 June. Never back to Kapit for Gawai celebration, so I guess it would be a new experience for me to do so this time round. I think Gawai is a big event there, as mostly are celebrating it. *wink* I would like to wish my friends and readers, Selamat Hari Gawai and Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai, Lantang Senang, Nuan Menua!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning home interior design

We got a word from developer that our new house would be ready in September and probably handover in November. And that is like 5 months down the road. We didn’t expect the house to be ready this year, but we are happy to hear the news anyway.

So it means that soon we will have the keys to our house and we can start to refurbish and move in thereafter. Gosh. It is time to plan the design, choose the right furniture, get contractor to do some electrical and interior renovation for us etc. I understand that it is not an easy task when it comes to designing the interior of the house. At first hubby thought of getting an interior designer to come up with design, but after much discussion, I think we will do it ourselves. Reading home magazines and books and searching through those useful websites help us in molding the design of what we want for our house. We shall keep it simple and practical since we have young children. Not many furniture, everything will be kept simple and basic.

Don’t think we are in time to move in for Chinese New Year but hubby was saying the other day that he is planning to move in for CNY since my parents-in-law would be celebrating in Kuching next year. Oh dear! Looks like a lot of things to plan, think and survey, I don't know where to start. With baby on the way, it looks like a busy year end for me. But I am definitely looking forward to decorate my own house, may it be before or after CNY.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My little chatterbox

It is amazing to find that my little gal’s command of English has improving since starting her pre-school back in January. She has learnt to speak in proper English and sentence by sentence. She can sing more songs and every day she will sing some songs to entertain and amaze you. Been a great entertainer, she loves attention and praises, so each time she finishes a song, she is expecting applauses and cheers. Otherwise she will ask you to clap for her. Lol!

My little gal loves to talk and sing. Been at age of 3, she is always curious with many things, so she asks a lot of questions, especially questions start with “what”, “where”, and “who”. She is able to ask simple questions like “What time is it now, Mummy?” or “Where are we going, Mummy?” Even if she knows the answers, she still expecting me to answer it and if I purposely answer her wrongly, I will get some scolding and correction from her. Sometimes she just does not care less about the answers, but want to keep the conversation going. Once a while, I feel that irritating especially when I am on the road. Her chattiness can be a distraction to me. Nothing can stop her from talking non-stop. *laugh*

Every night she must read her school books with me. I am glad that she shows some interests in reading. Hopefully this interest will continue till she going to schools and colleges. Lol!! She can recognize some words, and she tends to love to use the “s” for single nouns when she shouldn’t be. I have created a game for her, it is called "What letter for ....???". Example, what letter is apple? It means what letter does apple start with? We exchange questions so she gets to answer them. She loves to play this game, and I thought it is a nice way to introduce spelling and sounds of each alphabets from this game. *wink*

Friday, May 22, 2009

It feels better but still recovering

I did mentioned few weeks ago about the condition of my skin near my upper lip. My gynae prescribed a cream called Acyclovir for my condition. She said it is caused by a virus. I have been rubbing the cream on the affected areas for almost 3 weeks and I can see some improvements on my skin. Not that red and irritated anymore.

The above picture was taken yesterday. If you noticed some black mark in between the lips, it is the black powdery Watermelon frost compound that I put for my cracked lip.

I have been putting too many things on my lips recently i.e. lip moisturiser, Acyclovir cream and Sanjin Compound. Phew!! Hardly able to eat and open my mouth wide last week. On and off the cracked lip surface and I having hard time open up my mouth. Must be I have been taking too much heaty food. Need to cut down on those intake!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Early intruder

We have an early shock this morning when my BIL came up to the room to tell us that there was a break-in early this morning. I was overslept this morning; slept late last night. Thank god nothing valuable was taken, accept my BIL’s car remote. I guess the thief (ves) didn’t have much time to take other things with little time in hand.

My BIL slept around 5am this morning, and when he woke up for a toilet break around 7am, he discovered the break-in. His bedroom is downstair. Few of our window panes and grill were forced opened. Shoe prints were visible on our sofa! Now I have phobia sitting in that sofa! Luckily the thief did not take my BIL’s computer which is in the living room.

It is scary when think of the incident and even more intimidating to think of someone in the house. Now we have to change all the locks and take necessary precaution.

p/s: Yes, I don't know what happen, but I get some of my posting buttons back. Can add pictures and links now! Pray hard it stays like this....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Operation; it shall be

I would be going for Caesarian again. I guess I am getting older. No longer have the guts to try natural birth. Probably I have been there, through there, so I know what to expect out of Caesarian. Just basically nurses get you ready, push you to the operation hall and the next thing you know, you wake up in blur state and been wheeled back to your ward. Lol! No labour pain and incision on that area to worry about.

In earlier months, I agreed with hubby on trying natural birth but after thinking and reading so much about the natural birth experiences and what other people been through, I freaked out! Let say I have a sudden ‘nightmare’ of thinking about natural birth. So in my 3rd month (I think), I told hubby he better stands by additional money as I am opting for Caesarian. No further argument or persuasion. I don’t want to think too much about it.

I don’t know about you, people keep saying that C-section pain is more severe than natural birth. I can endure it last time. It is not that painful as I expected or probably I have higher pain endurance. I did not take any painkiller subscribed by my doctor and I got up from my bed and walk slowly to see my baby in the baby corner down the hall on the next evening after my operation. Yes, C-section is considered a major operation as it is on your lower abdomen and it takes time to heal as well as difficult to slim down those fatty area, but I don’t mind all those. Like I said, been through it, so I know what to expect. Natural birth is totally a new experience for me and for now, I don’t have the heart to try it. *wink*

We haven't decide on the date as it is still early and few more months to go. It is very coincident, like my previous one where nearing to my due date, my gynae would be traveling. This time round she would be gone from 24 to 28 August. I am due on 2 September. The previous time she also gone traveling and I have to wait for her to come back and arrange date and time for my little gal’s delivery. Her previous travelling freaked me out, because what would happen if my baby was due early??? I know it was not end of the world, as other doctor can take over if my baby decided to come out earlier, but the anxiety was there. If you asked me, am I nervous about my 2nd delivery? You bet I am. Every delivery is totally different experience. And a mother’s job is not ending there. It is just a beginning and it begins when you hold your baby in your arms!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Second case of A H1N1 in Malaysia

Second case of confirmed H1N1 virus has been detected in Penang hospital after the first case surfaced yesterday. Both patients were in the same flight. Both have developed fever and flu after returning from U.S!

Guys, please be careful and if unnecessary, it would be good to stay indoor. According to Health Department: It was more sensible for those coughing, sneezing or having running nose to wear masks and avoid infecting others since anyone within a metre of patients with A (H1N1) was in danger of being infected. Do sought treatment if you are developing any fever, body aches and cough, especially high risk group such as young children, elderly and those who have chronic diseases.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gone for good

I am damn frustrated with all these stupid cpu issue that I don’t talk to my hubby for almost a day. Cannot last longer than a day, because I am soft hearted person and we sleep on same bed! How to have cold war with him?? *wink*

The story is like this:

Hubby has change a new computer cpu and monitor to better cpu with 2 processors and bigger flat screen few weeks ago. I mentioned before that the old cpu has some graphic problems. So, it happened that when we trying out the new computer and turning it back to new computer, it just went blank! We cannot switched on the old computer. My SIL mentioned it was the graphic card problem, so we may need to bring to computer shop for new graphic card etc.

So, the old cpu has been left outside the room for quite a while till one day my BIL wanted to buy from hubby. So hubby sell the cpu plus flat screen monitor to him with condition BIL needs to send for repair due to graphic card faulty. On top of that, we need to extract out the files and photographs in the old cpu.

So, few days gone and one day the cpu is back!! And guess what!!! Everything has been deleted and reformat!! Geez! There gone all those files and photographs! I am more disappointed with the photographs as I did not make any backup and most photographs are of my little gal. *sob sob sob* Those photographs were mostly taken last year. When I asked hubby, did he told his brother on retrieval of the files and photographs, he said he did. And when ask my BIL on whether he knew about the files and photographs, he replied that hubby did not tell him so! Gggggrrrr! Ok, I better cool down. Don't know who are to be blame for , but what gone is gone. Blame myself for not making a backup. It teaches me a lesson to do backup in the future!!

By the way, I still haven’t get my posting page back to original page. Buttons are still missing and no where to be retrieved. I am now in midst of considering to change my domain. If I am to move to new home, I might have to do it soon, before I am due in September. What do you think?? Should I change my domain and give Rose’ World a new home?? Give me some times to think it over.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Where have all those buttons gone?

I don’t know what is the problem but it has been for a week that I have missing buttons on my posting page. Do you have the same problem or it is just me??

I email to Blogger Help Centre, asking for some assistance but no answer to my problem. All that I can see on my posting page is “title”, “body for the post”, “post options” and the two “publish post” and “save now” buttons. I don’t have the font, colour, link, add photos, add video, and justify paragraph buttons anymore. And when I type on the labels, nothing come out too. What is the matter???

So you see, I have not been able to add any photographs for past 1 week and not to mention the alignment of my paragraphs. Sigh!! Anyone can help me figure out what is wrong here???

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dedicate to mummy

Mummy, mummy I love you, I give my love to you!!

The next line I heard??? “Mummy, I learn in school.” That is what my little gal has been singing to me in the car this whole week when picking her up from school or baby sitter’s house. You know my gal, she loves to sing, but when asked her to sing during her singing competition last month, she told her she doesn’t want to sing on the stage! Lol! What a funny gal! Guess she is one modest girl that did not want to show her talents to others!

Last week, she did a very cute heart-shaped card in Sunday school. Yeap, she has been going to Sunday school for almost 2 months now. Get her used to those Chinese Christian songs and verses, and learn something in the school. I did take a peep of her class last week, but the heart-shaped cards were not to be brought home till tomorrow. The teacher is displaying the cards on a board for the following class. Asked my gal who is she making the card for, she answered me ‘for mummy”. Sigh! Isn’t it wonderful having a child of your own? And a child that is growing up and chatty like her. Sometimes it can be tough bringing her up but seeing her growing up and showing me what life is, it gives a new meaning in my life…

Yesterday, while on our way back, our conversation in the car as follow:

Little gal: I want to show you something, mummy.
Me: Show me what?
Little gal: Nah!!
(holding out a handmade necklace made from cut straws tied with orange colour string, and a decorated heart-shaped manila card with “I love you” written on it)
Me: Oh! This is nice. Who made it?
Little gal: Me! This is for you, mummy!
Me: Thanks!
Little gal: This is for you! (wanting me to put on it)
Me: Thanks! Who teach you to do it?
Little gal: Teacher! For you mum! I love you mummy!!
Me: Thanks! I love you too!
Little gal: Happy Mother's Day to mummy!

Oh! Doesn’t it made my day??

What are my wishes for Mother’s Day this year??? With the global fear of swine flu spreading, all I wish for is my family to be in good health and always be happy. Love you guys!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

All-about-me post

#1 Finally I found a confinement lady after few weeks of searching. Been asking around from old friends, cousins and ex-colleagues on good confinement ladies; the answers would be either they have bad experience with their own confinement ladies or they are taken care by their mothers or mothers-in-law during confinement period. We did not get the previous lady as we had bad experience with her ourselves. All said, I am glad to be able to get one. Don’t know how good is this lady but her fee is sure expensive.

The lady is charging RM2500 exclusive of ang pow for day and night care and stay at my house. 3 years ago, the charge was RM2200 exclusive of ang pow. I guess like other thing, confinement lady fee also increase in line with the economy crisis. Paid her RM300 deposit on Tuesday.

#2 There is a new confinement centre that recently open up at Tabuan. It is so happen that the centre is opened by my little gal’s pediatrician. Don’t get a change to ask her how much is the fee, but this concept is relatively new in Kuching. For those who unable to find a confinement lady or don’t mind checking in the centre for a month, you may consider going to this centre.

#3 Now in my 23rd week, baby’s kicks are stronger and frequent. At night the kicks are more intense, sometimes I have hard times sleeping comfortably. Once a while I feel a slight cramp on one of my leg if been in one position for long time. I find it hard to get up from my bed, need to slowly get myself up with one arm on my side. Squatting and kneeling are definitely difficult tasks now. Once I squat or knee, I need to take some time to get up. Feel my tummy (or probably I should say, my whole body) is heavier now.

#4 I getting more hungry especially at night. I couldn’t stop thinking about food. Gosh! Usually I will have some breads in the kitchen in case I need a munch at night, or get hubby to buy some porridge when he is on his way back from office. I put on much weight on my tummy (naturally), buttock and breasts. I look broader now in the middle. No changes on my legs and arms; it is like I am out of proportion. My weight now is 57.6kg and my doctor said it is increasing gradually but not that much unlike my previous pregnancy. Before pregnancy, my weight was around 51kg.

My breasts are bigger by 1 size and I couldn’t fit well in my current bras. I don’t use much of those bras with wires nowadays unless I go out. As most of the time I am at home, I go either braless or wear those bras without wire like maternity bras. I couldn’t believe that I still can fit into my maternity bras that I bought 3 years ago. *wink*

Havent really buy new bras for myself since I find I don’t really need to, but I definitely spent some money on panties. Those big grandma panties. Lol!

#5 We will be going back to Kapit for Gawai holiday next month. That time I would be around 27th week. My gynae gave me green light to travel so it is still consider safe to travel at such stage. Since I am flying, I will need to go back to her to collect a doctor's letter in 3 weeks time before I am flying off. Otherwise the airline may not allow me to board the aeroplane that time!

#6 It has been over 2 months since I become a SAHM. Once a while I do miss the life of been a working mum with career and personal goals in mind. Hmm, I am a bit worry now that once I deliver, I wonder whether I could find a suitable job or not, or would I be used to working again after been off for some many months!

#7 Mother’s Day would be this Sunday. So, I would like to wish all Mothers and Mothers-to-be around the world a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness to this world.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is appropriate at this age?

It is every parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are loved and nurtured to the best of his or her ability.

Every child develops differently in his or her own style. Some learn faster, some are slower. Some learn by looking at adults, some learn by participating in group activities. At every stage of development, children will have different abilities and concern. As a parent, you should not expect your child to do many things that are not in their ability. They may physically ready and know how to feed, put on clothes and keep their items away but at times, they may need a little reminder.

Many children at the age of 3 have short attention span and need instructions repeated to them before they can comprehend. They required a great deal of patience and understanding. Children in their early childhood years need the adults in their lives to show them how things are done. Whenever possible and where needed, you can show your children how to perform simple housework.

Doing certain things for your children is not going to make them lazy and dependent on others. You are not enslaved to them if you offer them occasional helps when they need them. Forcing your child to do things that are not within her range of abilities can yield negative results. Crying and lack of attention could be signs that the child find it hard to cope with your expectation. Children need to learn to do things for themselves but they also need times and space for practice.

It has been found that excelling in activities and school learning during the early childhood years is no indication of later success in life. So a child is always on a life-long journey of learning and along the way, he or she needs parents’ support, understanding and patience to excel.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Two places in one day

Morning: Pasir Pandak

In regardless of my sore throat, I enjoyed myself over the weekend with my family. It is spontaneous and we did not really plan what we wanted to do over the weekend. We just decided the night before that we wanted to go to the beach for some swim and sand.

So four of us including my SIL set off from the house around 6.30am. Before the 35-40 minutes trip to Pasir Pandak, we stopped by Thompson Corner for breakfast. We reached our destination before 8am. No other people on the beach when we reached there and the sun was pretty hot at such time. I were the camerawoman, while SIL in charge of teaching little gal on how to play with her new beach toy. Hubby?? He couldn't resist jumping into the water!! We stayed for about an hour. We reached home around 10.00am with sands on our bodies as there is no changing or bath room in Pasir Pandak.

This beach was the very spot me and hubby had our wedding photographs taken 5 years ago. After that, I never stepped on this beach again until now. And this time, we brought our little gal along and I am very much pregnant to visit this beautiful beach. Lol! Unfortunately, it is very pitiful to see that such beautiful beach is not well maintained; rubbish thrown by irresponsible people on the sand and no one to keep clean of the beach. Probably sooner or later, this beach will be turned into private property and we may need to pay to enter the beach. Sigh!!

Afternoon: Serikin

Just when we get our feet to rest after a trip to Pasir Pandak, we got a call from hubby's cousin. Hubby's cousin asked us to be her tour guide to Serikin as she wanted to get some Malay fabrics for baju kurung. She has never been to Serikin before so wanted us to drive her there. Serikin is a place after Bau where you can say it is a border line between Malaysia and Indonesia. So it is not a surprise to see that most traders are Indonesians.

Since it has been long we visited Serikin, we agreed to bring hubby's cousin there. So we departed from our house around 1.00pm. It was about an hour or more drive, I forgot to keep time as the roads are pretty bumpy there. You can say it was a tiring drive for a pregnant lady like me to sit in the car for over an hour.

After paid our parking ticket of RM2.00, we walked the market till the end. Overall about an hour walk. Just when we walked back to our car around 4.00pm, a heavy rain came down and we have to put on shelter in one cafe for a while. Everyone was scrambling for shelter and traders hurrily took hold of and packed their goods. Just when the rain was slightly smaller, we continued our walk to our car.

Did I buy anything?? Yes, a pair of handmade fans (RM5.00) and a pair of sandal (RM8.00). Overall, the items in Serikin are not considered cheap. Plus the petrol, time of going there and not forgetting the hot weather you have to tolerate, it is not worth to travel to Serikin unless you are getting something unique that you couldn't find in Kuching like its textiles. Not much of a bargain as the prices are agreed among the traders, but hubby said there was a chance of getting cheaper price on Sunday afternoon, just when they are about to pack and heading back to Indonesia. The traders may willing to sell at cheaper price at that time! *wink*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Think I am going to be sick again!

Oh dear! Can feel that my throat is not well for past few days. Keep drinking lots of fluid and taking more vitamin C and supplement.

Either the weather or I have taking too much “heaty” and spicy food……I love nasi lemak, laksa and curry, so I couldn’t control myself from not taking those food. Yeah, I know I should reduce my intake, to avoid heartburn and indigestion, but who could resist spicy food right??

Some more, my FIL brought few packs of cooked wild boar during his last trip here. He cooked the wild boar meat himself. The wild boar meat is appetizing with lots of gingers and lemon grass, an add of soy sauce and Chinese wine! Yummy but damn heaty. The whole body is hot and sweaty after consuming the meat.

The meat costs RM16 per kilo. Oh boy, after having some wild boar meat last Sunday, I have a cut between my upper and lower lips…..Ouch! Very difficult to open my mouth and eat with the cut for few days. Mum gave me some Sanjin Compound Watermelon Frost for the cut. Luckily the cut healed after few nights of spray on the wound.