Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bored of eating

Re-phrase myself! Bored of the food here.

Everyday I have been eating "tapau" from the nearby cafe. Not nasi lemak, then it will be salad chicken rice or fried rice. Boring! Unless the food is good then I would look forward to them, but sorry! Damn unappetizing and boring. Once a while I will simply just savor burgers, buns or waffles to fill up my hungry stomach in the evening. Sometimes I would tapau first before open up the shop but not much Malay food choices. I have a Malay staff so we only eating halal food in the shop.

So my clever hubby came up with a suggestion last weekend. To turn the storeroom into a mini kitchen. He has bought a mini rice cooker and a pack of rice. And he has been thinking of constructing a wall-mounted rack to put an induction cooker. A good idea but I am concern about cooking in the store room. I heard that induction cooker is safer than using gas cooker but the idea does not sound appealing to me than having eating take-away.

Anyway, wait till he starts to do something with it. For time being I have purchased a fire extinguisher. The food court and SCR are expecting to open next month so I hope not to eat the same food from the same cafe soon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Big goals

Managed to catch some highlights of 2010 FIFA World Cup this morning in Tabuan Food Court. Just could not believe that Germany youngsters trashed out the England team with a convincing 4-1 win and a passport to quarter final with Argentina!

During the match a very contraversial goal by Lampard was denied. Replay showed a clear goal in, but referee denied England a goal, otherwise the score would be 4-2. Nevertheless Germany played a good match and well deserved to be through into the next round. Not much effort from England and they defended badly. Which team you expect to win this year World Cup? During 2006, I supported the Germany team, but they did not through the final. And in the Final, it was a tough match between Italy and France which Italy won. I bet France to take the previous cup but alas! Italy won on penalty and Zidane, one of my favourite players were send off on his last World Cup match. As for this year, it is pretty hard to bet who will win. I will place my bet when there is only left 4 teams in the Semi!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Women behind the big wheels

My old car deserted me again. I do not what is the problem this time. Did not have time to check on her lately. but my guess is the starter since totally no sound or light when trying to start the car. So for time being she will be laid idly in the house.

As I drove hubby's car this evening to pick my two kids from baby sitter, I could not help but like to drive his car compared to my old car. Yes! I starting to love driving my hubby's 4W car. And I noticed that many ladies (friends that I know) are driving bigger cars. Called it daring or status quo, it is rather not easy to drive big car. I feel heavier. And it is definitely not easy to find parking too. Lastly not to mention the climbing out and in, especially when you have a lot of stuff to carry around. However I still like the feeling of driving a big car because I feel I am towering over all those smaller cars. *wink*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

As I age

Okay, my birthday is just in a couple of month time. Hitting the double 3 is not what I wish for, but I guess I just have to accept that I am going to be in my mid-30s soon.

How do you feel when you are in your 30s? Down the road along the way, you may wonder what you have done, achieve and what you have not done and achieve, right? Some good and bad memories, but nevertheless life goes on.

As I age, I tend to forget things. For instance my anniversary. Yes! I just remember my wedding anniversary is one week overdue. And hubby also forgot about it! I guess the new shop has taken too much of our times that we forget about the important date. But alas! Nothing much to cheer about. Just grateful my hubby is by my side through hard and good times.

Then one morning I suddenly thought of my little girl. She will be back this Friday. I thought of my girl singing to me. I miss her voice and songs! I remember her saying to me that she will look after me when I grow older. Yes! My 4 years old girl has promised to look after my old age. Isn't it sweet? And when I asked her what would she wants to be when she grows up, she answered me "I want to be like mummy.". Lol!

On my birthday, I would only wish for one thing...GOOD HEALTH! Or maybe I should directly say how I wish I would be 16 again! Lol! The health and energy of a sixteen years old. I remember I used to lose weight easily when I was younger but as age catching up. it is getting hard to get rid of that bulging tummy. Coupled up with me sitting in the shop most of the time, it does not help either way.

Okay, I leave my wish on my birthday. Time to get down to work! Or I would turn idle and feel old. *wink*


Monday, June 14, 2010

Nasty at night

As I was complaining about lack of sleep in my previous post, I realise that my Baby Jay is almost 10 months old now. In 2 weeks time he would have his JE jab. He has 6 teeth growing out; 4 on top while 2 big white teeth on his lower gum. What ever he can grab he will put into his mouth. So everytime we reached home, we had to make sure the living room table is clear and everything is out of his reach. Otherwise he will just speeding in his baby walker and grabbing everything in sight!

Now that he is growing, he seldom have longer sleeping time at night. Usually by the time I reach home after closing shop, he will sleep on my bed before I transfer him to his cot. Once a while hubby will bring him to the shop and wait for me till closing.

I noticed that Baby Jay tends to wake up frequently at night. Most of the time he is not hungry. Just cry for no reason. Or probably he just want to have a cuddle from mummy. I guess baby at such age more attach to his parent. However my Baby Jay is not afraid of strangers. He does not mind anyone to carry him! Gosh!

Baby Jay will wake me up at least twice or thrice a night. Some more he does not drink his milk that frequent at night now. Just tend to suck on the bottle nipple. Shit! There goes the milk! Wasted if hubby does not want to drink it. (Yes, he does drink the unfinished or untouched milk sometimes)

Once a while Baby Jay would not goes back to sleep but wail till I have no choice but to put him in between hubby and myself. There! After a while, he will doze off to sleep. Sigh! Threesome is a crowd in our bed, and now I am wondering when my 4 years old girl back from hometown, how we are going to share the bed together? Or maybe we would need to pull another bed for all of us?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In need of sleep

Not the world Cup fever, mind you. I got the sleepy bug in my body.....

Lack of sleep is the culprit. Some more most of the nights Baby Jay does not give me a good night sleep. So, now I look like a panda in the shop. Lol!

My life in the shop is like the ocean. One minute a big wave of people in the shop. The next minute, my shop is empty. I am short-handed (need to employ one more staff) and unable to serve all. I am cashier cum promoter. My staff has only joined a week and she is not familiar with the computer system. She is totally helpless with keyboard and could not type well, so not to mention which alphabet is where. Lol! Anyway, I will give her some more times to get use to the system.

Hubby is getting better with the system and he can help me with printing bills. However he would not be here to help most of the time as he got works to do and during the weekend, he is taking care of Baby Jay. Yes! The responsibility has swapped between us. He is taking care of Jayden on weekend and night. I take over when I am home. Hmm, why could not he continue till the next morning so I could have my much needed sleep? Lol!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Little chat from my shop

I took a break last night. After been taking care of the shop 12 hours a day for almost 2 weeks, I finally given a much deserved break last night. From who? From hubby and SIL.

Since they want to close the shop on my behalf, I took off around 6pm, went to the hair salon upstair and have my hair washed. Great feeling. And a treat from hubby too! *wink* My head felt light and body much refreshed after a wash and massage by the shampoo girl.

New girl came early this week, but being only 20 years old she did not have much experiences and very shy. However she is hardworking when asked her to do this and that. I need to train her more to talk to customers. One more sales promoter wanted. It is hard to look for staff nowadays. Everyone want higher salary but expect less work and easy job. What are those young girls thinking about?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The worst!

I could not stand it. Its basic amenities are the worst!

The toilet is the worst I have ever seen in a shopping mall. Out of 5, only 2 doors could be locked properly. One is taken for its storage of equipment. Even its handicap toilet has been used as store. Now I wonder why would they bother to have a handicap toilet if it is not for people to use but to keep stuff?

There is not a single day where I can see a clean and dry toilet. Sigh!

It has been almost 2 weeks since in operation but my phone lines have not yet done properly. This morning the contractor came to test on the phone lines but yet again, everything is fine. So I wonder why there is no single dial tone?

The management of the plaza is another story. Or probably I have been in this line before and see differently from different shoes. Or probably I could not expect too much from them as now I am one of the tenants here.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lose my voice

Must be I talk too much! *laugh* My voice also become husky lately.

Today I woke up pretty early. My Baby Jay is my alarm clock. He wakes up on time, around 7am but today is exceptionally early. Both my kids are early birds, so I do not rely much on my alarm clock to wake me up. Lol!

My new staff would be coming middle of the month. At least with a new staff, hubby can leave and do his own stuff. He has been helping during the weekday. I could not wait to get him out of sight as almost everyday he is complaining about no staff and freedom. Lol!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First week at shop

For a start, I am glad that I finally make through the tough week. Stocks came and unpacked, stock checking, arranging and final preparation before the opening last weekend. But the tough test was only started.

A bit messy on first day. I still have lots to familiarise, especially the computer software and some hard-to-please customers, but other than that, everything is fine. Luckily got my family and friends to help me while I am looking for staff. Pretty hard to find workers now due to Gawai celebration, but hopefully I will be able to get one soon.


Ok, enough online for time being. While no customers around, I better have my dinner. Hungry me....cannot wait till shop closes at 10.