Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here come the bull!!

Just got back from my office's year end party. No year end party for me! Just me and little gal at home, having some peace and quiet time at home, doing the things we like most! Lol! Not even nearing 12 midnight, but I could heard some fireworks outside. Today is the last day of 2008. In about 3 hours we are welcoming the new year of 2009! So, what would I or rather my family be expecting for the new year?

Little gal will be starting her schooling next week and how excited we are for her. I don’t know about her, but at least she knows that she is going to school soon. We collected her books and uniforms on Tuesday. Bought her new shoes and bigger bag for her stuff, so she can carry her snack box, books and stationery in it. Mummy and daddy sure proud of their little gal! *wink*

We will be expecting something new next year, but I would not spill the beans out yet! Shall update you guys as we go along 2009. Work wise, I hope to be confirmed by February as by then, it will be my 6th month with the company. Yes, I have been with the company for 4 months now and how time passes!! I started to enjoy my work regardless of the longer hour and demanding manager.

Bought a retirement plan early this month. I know, retirement seem like a long way for me, but it is planning for the future. Every month, I would be chipping out RM150 for the plan, and by the time I retire, I shall enjoy a fixed incomes for the next 15 years. I don’t save much nowadays, so this retirement plan is treated like a part of saving to me!!

CNY is less than a month to come and there is not much festive mood among us although everywhere you go, CNY songs and decorations have put up. We would be going back to Kapit for the CNY next year. I cannot take longer leave so shall be leaving for Kapit on 21 January and coming back to Kuching on 27 January. Know what I miss? MIL’s cooking! Hahahah! Especially her Foochow mee sua on the 1st day of CNY.

Nevertheless I shall leave my appetite when the time comes as it is less than 4 weeks before CNY. Till then, wishing everyone a Happy 2009!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TV in the room?

I have not been feeling well lately, always feeling dizzy and tired. I told hubby that I am becoming to be like an "old lady", sleeping pretty early every night. LOL! Hubby told me that he is getting a television in our room! Oh god! Our room is like junk room now and he is thinking of having one television in the room some more?? Now I am thinking whether I am going to have an early and peaceful sleep or not every night if there is a tv in the room!

We already have computer in the room. Now a television? I think it is a bit too much for our bedroom to have few electrical/electronic items, too many currents moving around. Too many things in the room I think sooner or later I cannot go across the room. LOL! He said he got good offer on television so he cannot wait to get it soon. You can say I am paranoid, but I always think it is not good “chi” to have too many “electricity” especially in bedroom where you suppose to relax and sleep.

I always oppose to hubby’s suggestion of putting his computer in the room. But since the computer installed in, I find some “companion” at night when hubby was not around and I can go online or watch DVD! *wink* So I cannot complain much about having computer in the room now right?

Do you think it is good idea to have tv in the room since we already have computer there?? Later the bedroom is going to turn into theatre room with one corner watching DVD on computer and other on television. Gosh! Cant imagine the noise in the room now!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Prepare your kids for school

My 2 years old plus daughter is going to pre-school next year. Tomorrow I am going to accompany her to school to collect her school uniforms, exercise pants and books. I wonder what she would feel when going over there tomorrow? Schooling starts on 5 January. As parents, both of us are excited and yet anxious at the same time. It is a wonder whether it is her or us going to school instead. LOL!

It may not be easy but like every young kids, it is a new stepping stone for her to enter school years. They may be unfamiliar and even fear on 1st day at school. I remember vividly of my 1st day in kindergarden, I was confused and don’t know what was going on. So it is important as a parent, the responsibility to ease their feeling as well ensure their school days (especially the first few days) as smoothly as possible.

Sleep well
Your kid must have enough sleep to ensure she feels refreshed and rejuvenated. She will tend to be more attentive and ready for school. On the other hand, lack of vital sleep, will result in her feeling stressed, confused, irritable and restless. She will it hard to concentrate in class.

Eat healthy

A nutritious breakfast is a good start for your child’s day. Fill up the fridge will fresh and nutritious snacks such as milks or soy products, yogurt, fruits and cereals.

Ease her up
Tell her stories of school, how she going to meet and play with new friends and all nice activities she will learn. Prepare her for what to expect in school will not stress or confuse her when the time has come. For one month, I have trained her to carry her bag which contains books and colouring pencil and get her to bring to her baby sitter's house. And every time passes her new pre-school while on the way to baby sitter's house, she will point to her school. Hmm, good to know she recognised her school.

Understand and stay interested
After school, ask your kid what she has learn or done in school. Be interested in what they say or done. School is a new experience for young kid; and parents’ support is what they need

Friday, December 26, 2008

New toy

Finally I got a new handphone. A Christmas gift from hubby. I used few phone models ranging from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, to Ben-Q and I still find Nokia is the most user-friendly brand. Or maybe I has been accustomed to Nokia phone for so many years that I just got used to their feature.

On the other hand, hubby is a Sony Ericsson loyal user. So it is never a wonder for him to get me a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone W302. I guess he is bored of me complaining on no camera phone and I love taking photographs. So now that I have one camera phone, he wouldn’t be worry about me asking for his handphone everytime I want to use his camera phone!!

I still in the process of familiarize with my new handphone. Trying to download songs and using its camera. What do you think of the pictures that I took with my new handphone?? Cant complain much, it is only 2 mega-pixel! Lol!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fruit Cake Deluxe

Bought a nice 1.5kg fruit cake from a customer for the Christmas. Look at the mixed dried fruit and nuts!! Yummy! It also mixed with good quality brandy, so it tastes really rich. Not only he bakes 6 cakes for us (me and other colleagues) he also include recipe for us to try. I am not going to post the recipe here as it is super long but anyone interested to know how to bake it, please email to me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He shall be forgiven

Christmas is tomorrow and I guess most people is taking leave today. I am one of them. It was a relieve to be off on a mid-week, away from the stress of work. Not only the paper works that take much tolls, but some colleagues are sure nasty that they can spoil your mood too.

There is a colleague in my company, everyone called him “Giant”. Because he is big and tall, more than 6ft. He is towering among the colleagues.

It is not the height and size I would like to share today, but his attitude. He is one of the rudest man I have ever set my eyes upon. Always with sour face, he is rude to all the colleagues, especially the sales team. I am the newest among the sales team, so most of the times, I would be his “target”. A bit of mistake, he will point it out in such sarcastic remark, that will send your blood boiling. But nevertheless, I have to thank this giant too. If not him, I would not learn the mistake and be more careful next time.

Colleagues have been warning me about him and even complained to manager, but nothing change. They have get used to his sarcastic remarks and attitude. Why he cannot be more polite since we are under the same company and everyone is working together? Never reciprocate back when you smile or greet him. Each time I go to the washroom, I would need to pass his table. So I have to treat like he is invisible and walk faster passing his table. Now. Now. Wonder who is rude here?? *wink*

All I wish is that he could be nicer and friendly. He must have some hard time in life, that he behaving such way?? Either way, pray that he could be different!!

There is always a baddie in a company. Someone that make trouble for other, someone bully the other or someone that loves to backstab other colleagues. I guess we cant live without them, right??

Alright, better not gossiping about other behind his back. It is not a good deed in this time of the year. Everyone should forget and forgive. Let’s have a wonderful Christmas Day and Peace and Love to the World!! Merry Christmas to my family and all dearest friends!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A time of giving

600am-----Woke up early today as today is my company's Activities Day. I participating in a treasure hunt, organized by my company. It is part of the Christmas activities that we have. The other part would be gift exchange on the Christmas Eve. Everyone supposed to arrive by 830am but due to rain, mostly were late but we still manage to start on time. There were 20 of us and we divided into 6 groups. The event kicked off at 9am after briefing by the organiser and each group is given clues to the next destination. So we were going around the city area along Main Bazaar to General Post Office searching for clues. Each team must took photographs of the clues and at the end of the event, show the photographs to the organiser. Team with most correct photographs declared winning team.

This is my first time participate in treasure hunt. In the past, I used to be the organizer and part of the team that set up questions and clues. So been in the other shoe (participant) is pretty different in the sense of finding answers to the questions. There were drizzle, thank god not heavy rain. It was rather cold walking with umbrella along the Golden Triangle searching for clues. 2 questions required us to buy the items back as proof. One is condom and the other one is 100Plus canned soft drink. When we back to the office, we were given task, i.e. wrapping present in most creative way! That is harder than walking and finding clues around the city.

1130am ....My team came second. Guess what we get? Our own wrapped present! LOL! The last team arrived actually declared champion as they got all the correct answers. After the treasure hunt we were treated to lunch. I guess everyone was damn hungry from the running, so we nearly finish the packed nasi lemak.

1230pm ----- Reached home after picking little gal. After settling her down and me taking bath, I was damn tired that I was knocked out cold. After my nap, I decided to wrap my presents that I bought on Monday. Yeah! Still not enough from wrapping presents in the office, you must be wondering!! To be exact, presents for hubby’s siblings. I have never been a good wrapper, so you see, the wrappings did not turn out good. Some more, with hubby’s help, the presents look funny. I bought myself a mug (tea mug as it comes with a strainer and lid) from a friend’s gift shop in Green Heights Mall. Always mean to get myself a new mug, to be used in the office. As for the presents, we shall put them under the Christmas trees on the Christmas Eve. Each present is attached with a card, so everyone would know which present goes to who!!

As for tomorrow, we would be going to MV Doulos to check out on some Christianity books. Hubby has never been to the ship so he is asking me to accompany him. You can say that he is a book collector. He can spend generously when it comes to books!! The last time MV Doulos was here, I visited it with my sis and a friend. Did not get anything then. Find out more about MV Doulos here .

950pm ----Yawn! Good night everyone! Tomorrow is another exciting day, granting no rain! It has been a wet week in Kuching and I can feel the cold and fever are coming. The weather is too cold till my bones are chilling!! Bbbrrrr!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post-pregnancy problem??

I may have given birth more than 2 years ago, but I think I still have post-pregnancy problem that does not go away after delivery. One is my tummy. As I underwent Caesarian, I still haven’t much lose all the fat in my abdomen.

I gained around 17kg throughout my pregnancy and now I managed to maintain to my normal weight, pre-pregnancy state. However, I still have the flabby tummy that I find hard to get rid of.

Another symptom which sometimes irritates me is my skin. I still develop some peeling on my skin above my upper lip. The skin is too dry till it peels off and turns agitated. It has never happen before, and I only develop this problem while I was pregnant. However even then, the problem is not that serious. I apply many lotions and creams, but nothing cures it. It will get better for few days but then it comes back again. Sometimes the redness make it looks like my lipsticks go out of the line. I have consulted doctor, but what ever remedies he gives, they do not cure my skin problem. It is not allergy I am sure, but I wonder whether it has anything to do with my hormone. Do you have such problem too??

Monday, December 15, 2008

It was what we did over the weekend

Yeah, I am taking leave again. And you must be wondering how many leaves I have since I just started my new job in September? Hahaha! Total of 10 days! I will be taking 2 more this month.

Suppose to meet a customer today, but last minute he postponed it to tomorrow afternoon. So I did not do much in the morning, just driver to my family. Having breakfast with hubby and daughter, dropping both in the respective places, I visited my mum and have lunch, then come back to an empty house. But the sight of Christmas tree in the living room welcoming me home, it just feel great to think that Christmas is next week!

I have bought presents for hubby and sister-in-law, and going to hunt presents for my brother-in-law and little gal later in the evening. Plan to go to The Spring with little gal, then around 7pm, going to pick hubby up from the office and have dinner together! Yes, that is my schedule for the day.

As for the weekend, we did not do much. On Saturday again, I were the driver, driving hubby to office then pick him up before we heading to Taiwan Sio Ju for late lunch around 330pm. It is difficult to find nice food especially lunch after 2pm as most cafĂ© close in the afternoon before resume in the evening. Taiwan Sio Ju has always been our favourite eating place as the dishes are home-cooked. When come to food, we don’t fancy nice-looking food. We eat everything and mostly are home-cooked type!

It was 430pm when we reached home and three of us were tired like logs!! Little gal slept till 7something and we have no choice but to wake her up. Don't want her to sleep late later that night. After dinner at brother-in-law’s cafe, we hunt for Christmas tree to be put in our house.

You wouldn’t believe it! On Sunday both hubby and myself woke up around 930am! Or rather I woke up around 7am and little gal run into her aunty’s room next door and stay there. Not bothering about her, both myself and hubby doze off again and only woke up at 930am! I cannot remember when the last time I can enjoy and wake up late in the morning! Lol! So after shower, we went to Wisma Hopoh to collect hubby’s new TagHeuer spectacles. 2 pairs cost him over RM2000! When I was complaining about the price, he said “They are for my eyes! They worth it”. Luckily he can claim from his company or else, I wonder he would say the same thing if otherwise! Lol!

Same time, we hunt for Christmas presents at Wisma Hopoh. Suppose to get mine too, but little gal was very restless when we have our lunch at Hong Kong Noodle House at Wisma Saberkas so we aborted the plan! Never mind, hubby said it will be a surprise present for me on Christmas Day. I know what he is getting for me, but don't know what brand he is going to get. I will only find what my present would be under the Christmas tree in the morning of Christmas Day.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Fun Google Image Tag

It has been 3 days since the last blog hopping. My computer in the room cannot connect to internet, I don’t know what is wrong. So I have to wait for the weekend when hubby brought his notebook back from the office.

It is exciting to receive a tag from Slavery Bliss. Thank you so much. When I said it is exciting, I mean the rules of the tag is exciting. Why not?? Check out the rules.

"The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tagged 7 people."

I would like to tag Lovely Mummy, Jen's Place, Didi, Agnes, Dora, Pearly, and MamaBliss

1. The age of my next birthday

2. A place I'd like to travel to

3. A favourite place

4. A favourite thing

5. A favourite food

6. A favourite colour

7. The city I live in

8. The city I was born in

9. A nickname I had

10. College Major

11. Name of first lover

12. A bad habit

13. A hobby

14. Current wish list (max. 3 items)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a silly thought

Just finish hanging my washed laundry at the balcony. It was a tiring day, some colleagues are on leave, leaving few of us to handle sales. Maybe it is end of the year, so we have many customers around.

Sometimes I wish life would be better at home after coming back from a hectic work. Don’t you wish for a machine or robot that can wash the dirty clothing, take them out from washing machine, hang them for drying and fold them nicely for you?? *wink* I must be dreaming too much or I am too tired to dream of such impossible??

Either way, I wish I can have some miracle or magic. Sometimes I am too tired that I just leave the dirty clothing washed in the washing machine at night and only dry hang them the next morning. No energy after work! Sigh!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Beautiful things

My hand, arm and legs are painful now. After hanging the tennis racket for more than 2 years, this morning 2 hours of tennis game proved a bit too much for me. My game turned rusty, hardly can hit much balls into the other side of the court. We played from 8am till 10am at the nearby tennis court. Regardless of the rusty games, I love the sweating and exercise.

Since nothing much to be done this afternoon and little gal is following her aunt and uncle for a walk at The Spring (she just loves window shopping), I decided to sort out my pictures in my thumbdrive, arranging them according to dates. Although my thumbdrive is of 2GB, I am not so sure it can fit much pictures judging from the vast pictures I have taken all this while. Mostly of little gal. I guess being the first child, as a parent, you always want to take memories of your child and his or her growing years.

The latest pictures of her taken are posted in my other blog, where we were helping out hubby to set up Christmas tree in his office last week. Before we off to his office, we stopped by the shop that sold festive decorations and gifts as hubby would like to get some more decorations for his tree. Hubby still like a kid, loves to decorate Christmas tree. I think Christmas is one of his favourite holiday! LOL! While we were at the shop, I took the opportunity to take some shots of the decoration they have. They have some really nice decorative trees there (white, blue, tall and short; you name it, they have it) and little gal was very excited to see so many Christmas trees and decorative stuff, she kept running here and there.

Don't you like this nice silver bell? How about the classic looking Santa?? This is one part I like about Christmas. Time to shop for decoration and presents, decorate Christmas trees and enjoy some classic Christmas songs.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Planning for shopping spree

It is time to pamper myself to real shopping. I am talking about the festive sales which are everywhere. They are too tempting and I cannot control myself from not spending some monies on clothing for the Christmas as well the Chinese New Year which is not far ahead.

My insurance agent called me up few days ago, telling me my investment fund has matured and can be redeemed. Well, why don’t cash it out since I entitled to the fund after been faithfully paying my premiums for many years! Of course I wouldn’t be spending all the amount, maybe a 10% of it. Wow! It is time to give my wardrobe a total changeover. Lol!!

My sister even asked me to go to hair salon together with her next Monday since it is a holiday. I am thinking of straightening my hair but haven't really decide on it yet. Sis is getting her hair curl, ask me to be her companion. See how it goes on that day. Have you started on your Christmas shopping?