Thursday, February 14, 2008

New second home

Not really a new second home! The office has been my second home for the past 6 years.

Just mumbling to myself, FINALLY I have settling down in my new location in the office! Mind you, I moved to this new location just yesterday afternoon. After debating with fellow colleagues over table arrangements and due to 2 big table sizes, we have decided on the current layout, and I were moved from table with side window view to further in into the middle of the office! However, there were windows from all sides except a wall behind me, so I still can view the clear blue sky and tall buildings surrounding us.

The office is much better now, everyone in their new location, just some clearing of old files and items that have been there since opening time. LOL! Waiting for telephone connection and additional lines for some colleagues that are deprived of telephone lines, internet and internal mails access at the moment! Everything should be done and completed by today. So tomorrow is a new beginning for all of us with new boss, new office layout and new system.

As for the new boss, he has been settling down pretty well with his wife in his apartment unit. I even brought them around the city area few days ago, shown him some landmarks of Kuching and guided him through certain places. I have never been a good tour guide, not good with giving directions. That is why I never consider tour guide/travel agent as my profession when I was young. Fortunately Kuching streets are easily accessible and not complicated compared to other cities in Malaysia. We went to old Chinatown to hunt for some furnitures, then to Everrise Supermarket and Departmental Store a local supermarket chain outlet for their grocery shopping.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you know I always like EM. If I have to opportunity to work there I will leave with my family there. The ppl in EM are friendly and I just loves the relax life.