Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quick breakfast

We woke up late on one Sunday. Late than our usual time. Blamed on the drama chasing marathon the night before. Lol.

Since we had little time to spare before the church service, we went to Curry House, MJC for a quick breakfast.

I never miss a glass of teh tarik when I dine in a mamak shop so I was not going to this round.  And soon enough, the curry, dhal and sambal dipping came to our table.

The kids had their usual, roti telur while I ordered roti canai kosong for Jamie. He didn't eat much so mostly went into my tummy but I only managed to ate half of the bread.

Roti canai

Hubby had his usual that morning. Maggi mee goreng with a fried egg on top. Reminded him of his college days, he said.

Maggi mee goreng with fried egg

As for me, I had mihun goreng. I always enjoyed its mihun goreng. Not overly spicy and tasted so well with that lime juice all over it.

Fried mihun

We finished our breakfast under 30 minutes. And we reached the church few minutes before it started. Just in time.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Celebratory dinner

We had a celebratory dinner over here after the taekwondo competition last Saturday. The prize giving finished slightly after 4pm and we thought might as well we had our dinner outside now rather than go home, get changed and go out again. Anyway, the kids were pretty hungry by then. So an early dinner that day as we were at Sidewalk around 5pm.

I don't remember the last time we were here but it must have been a while. However the place was still much the same. No one except us were there since it was too early for dinner. So the waiting wasn't long at all.

My taekwondo girl requested for fish n chip as her prize so that was why we ended up here. It opens at 4pm in the evening. Most eateries not open yet at 5pm.

She loved this platter with its crispy batter coated fish and lovely tartar dipping. The boys also had the same as they shared one set.

I was a little under the weather that day. So I went for Cajun chicken with linguine. The linguine was nice except the roasted chicken was a tad too salty for me.

My man went for the simplier pasta, Alfredo spaghetti. It did looked good and creamy.

Everyone must be very hungry that nothing was left on their plates. All wiped clean!

It was still early when we finished our dinner. The sky was bright eventhough it was in the evening.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Weekend is here!

Been busy with some normal stuff and oh boy, am I glad that the school exam is over!

You know what that mean right?? Yay, school holiday is around the corner. I think I need some rest and slow pace over the holiday. 

Sorry, this will be a short post; I will blog more soon. Later, I would have some me time, enjoying a quiet facial. And I am going to enjoy the weekend with my family! If only tomorrow is not a replacement school and we don't get to wake up early. Other than that, I guess we could improvise and enjoy the rest of the weekend together.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Meet up

One day I went to The Best Corner to meet up with a friend.

It has been few months since I came here. Didn't know what to have but I would decide once I was there.

I was there first and few minutes later, my friend came. We took turn to go around and order our food. I came upon the fish head mihun soup stall that I had never try so I ordered this fish fillet mihun for RM8.

It was nice. I like the clear, flavorful soup and the fresh fish fillets. My friend had dumpling soup but I didn't took photo of her food.

I had a nice morning breakfast meet-up with my friend. And she gave me these 2 cans of tuna from Solomon Islands. Her husband recently came back from Papua New Guinea and brought home these canned tunas.

They are still in my pantry. I haven't try them out yet.

Monday, August 6, 2018


We attended the Bandar Kuching Taekwondo Club Closed Tournament last Saturday. Both as audience and participants.

Jan and Jay were in the Poomsae competition last Saturday that was held in CH Middle School No. 3, Foochow road.

A good experience and exposure for both kids in term of sports as this was the first time they competed in a sports competition. No high hope for them to win a medal; just want them to learn and have fun.

The kids only went for the Saturday competition although yesterday, there was another competition but different technique (sparring) and they didn't need to attend it. Thank God for that as school exam starts today.

Our Saturday spent watching the participants compete and cheering them on. And well done to Jan for winning bronze medal in her blue belt age category. By the way, she has passed her upgrading test and now is an official red tip belt.

Friday, August 3, 2018

One gloomy day

The kids had school last Saturday. So, whether we liked it or not, we got to get up early on a Saturday. And it turned out to be one gloomy day.

The night before, it rained and it made a very nice, cooling morning. Who want to wake up at such weather? 

Anyway, after dropped off the kids in school, I went home and waited for the big man and the youngest to wake up from their sleep. Slightly after 8am, we went out for our breakfast. My man wanted to try the curry noodle, Ipoh style by Dennis that I had few weeks ago in Ah Yen Cafe, so we drove all the way to Wan Alwi for our breakfast.

We seated right in front of the kolo mee stall. I ordered a bowl of kolo mee to share with my boy.

My man had his dose from the curry mee, which he commented it did tasted like the Ipoh curry noodle but this one wasn't salty enough for him.

My kolo mee took quite sometime to arrive but it tasted nice for me and Jamie. Then just as we finished our breakfast, the rain started to pour. Super heavy some more!

On our way home, the rain stopped. As sudden as it came.  How I wished to sleep in in such weather....

However we went for our grocery shopping and my man got himself this diy barber kit from Mr. DIY.  Well, he planned to cut the boys' hair at home, so he was getting this kit to start his hair cut business. Lol.

Of course his first customer would be this little one. He was ready to be "experimented". At his age, he is still ignorant and unaware of anything. Lol.



In the evening, we went to this bak kut teh shop for dinner. Nice to have piping hot bak kut teh that evening.

*recycled photo*

And we spent the rest of the evening watching DVD at home.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Somewhere near

After our river cruise, we walked to the Carpenter Street for our car. Since our car was parked somewhere near Lau Ya Keng, we decided to settle our dinner there.

Hubby commented on the nice and authentic pork leg rice (or some call it braised mix rice) that he liked from Lau Ya Keng, so we had that for dinner. Not our typical dinner as usually I cook Sunday dinner or we go for street food or chu char. Pork leg rice for Sunday dinner? Hardly on our mind.

It has been ages since I came to Lau Ya Keng at night. Used to come here as a child for porridge. But that was long time ago. Things change, people change.

But like before, the place was packed! Used to have few stalls opened in the past to cater to night diners but now only the braised rice stall opened.

After ordered directly from the stall, we collected a number tag and patiently waited for our food. About 30 minutes later, our big plate of braised meats and assortment came! That portion was for 5 persons!

Lean meats, pork belly, pig's ears, blood cubes, taufu were some on the plate. We had option of porridge or rice but we went for the latter. 

Pork leg rice always accompanied by braised soup and chilli dipping.

I loved its chilli dipping. They definitely very generous with the dipping and soup as you could ask for refilling.

It has been a while since I had pork leg rice, and some more at night!  This definitely is one of the best in Kuching. Not the friendliest and fastest service around but it is what to expect from a typical Chinese shop. Now I understand why people willing to wait so long for it. Of course, not when your tummy is rumbling. Lol.