Friday, July 23, 2021

When they open

When most businesses are allowed to open under current Phase 2 of National Recovery Plan last week, the first thing that came to our mind was to visit some of the shops.

No, not dine-in for us although it has been allowed last Friday in Sarawak. There was mixed reaction from us when it comes to dine-in as cases are still not going down drasticly. For time being, we prefer takeaway and food delivery than dine-in in eateries. 

One of the shops that we wanted to visit was hair salon. The boys (including the daddy) were in need of a good hair cut. It has been almost 2 months since their last cut so we had an overdue visit to our hair dresser last Saturday morning.

Another shop was electrical shop. My current fridge (10 years old) has some problem since April and we were not able to go to electrical shop as it was non-essential business that wasn't allowed to open till now.

Even after repair and services in March, the fridge wasn't working so well sometime. One day, it was very cold, ice was frozen but other day, the ice would melt. Since I have a deep freezer, I keep all my frozen stuff in there. So after much talk with hubby, we decided to get a new fridge this week.

New black steel fridge next to our old one

How about you? What was the first place you went to when we entered the new phase? 

A vintage shop's front display

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cucuk 💉

My first Covid-19 vaccination was on 28 June. Hubby got his first dose of Sinovac one week earlier at his panel clinic. We were familiar with the doctor so the doctor helped to arrange for mine as well.

Monday came and the clinic called me to ask whether I could make it for 2pm appointment. That VERY same day. Of course I was alright with it since I was free. So my first dose of Sinovac vaccine was administered that afternoon. 

The doctor noticed that I had mild skin allergy before gave me my dose so she advised that I took the allergy medication right after the jab. So once I was out from the doctor room, a nurse passed me a tablet with a cup of water. 

During the 15 minutes observation, I felt thirsty and my left arm was slightly sore. My left arm was sore and I felt lethargic for 2 to 3 days. Super thirsty, throat was dry and I kept on drinking a lot of water for couple of days. Other than that side effects, I was alright and continue with my daily chores. 

That night after the jab, I started to feel sleepy and tired, so I went to bed before 9pm. Yes, you read it correctly. I went to bed before everyone else! And I slept till the next morning and up around 7am. Oh my. Just in time to cook a quick breakfast before getting ready for the boy's online class. 

Three weeks later, yesterday afternoon I completed my 2nd dose of vaccine. 15 minutes observation period and at the same time, the nurse helped to activate the MySejahtera app and in few steps later, my digital certificate was displayed on my phone.

RM3 each, brought from a nearby fruits shop

I was much prepared this round. Bought 2 coconuts in the morning, and cut and drank the juice after I got back from my jab. Coconut juice can help in relieving fever and heatiness, some said. Maybe it did helped me, as I was doing alright yesterday.  No fever or tired. The only side effects I had were dry throat and sore arm (and I still have a mild sore arm when I woke up this morning).  

Stronger 2nd vaccine, so expect stronger side effect (if any), and my doctor advised to drink more fluid. Some people has not side effect at all. Like my man. He utterly didn't feel anything. For me, it was bearable side effect, nothing so serious.

And did anyone try the after-vaccine electromagnetic effect? I did!! Amazingly, it worked on both arms. Magneto's power! 

On good note, I feel great to be in the same book with many Malaysians and others around the world in getting a full vaccination and continue our fight against the pandemic. 

Now my priority is my children. I have registered Jan for her vaccination last month, while waiting for Jay to turn 12 next month to be able to register him. Hope the vaccine will soon be available to younger children so I could get Jamie to do as well. Fingers cross! 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Simple as ABC

When hubby bought some sweet corns back, the first thing I thought as ABC soup!! Yes, that what I cooked the next day. 

As the name indicated, it was very simple yet comforting soup. Nothing hard about it. Just toss everything in a slow cooker and let it cooks for you! 

The standard ingredients in ABC soup are potatoes, sweet corns and carrots but you can add onion, tomatoes and red dates to it as well. 


Pork ribs, blanched

2 sweet corns, cut into half

2 Australian potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters

1 carrot, chopped

1 big onion, sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Water to boil


1. In a slow cooker, heat up the water. Once boiled, add all the ingredients. Cook for about 2 to 2.5 hours. 

2. Season with salt and pepper. 

Simple, right? 

I accompanied my ABC soup with stir fried pea shoots. My kids love their vegetables. 

As the June weather was very warm, I also made us a pot of bird's nest. The kids prefer this more than mung bean soup so I cook this nourishing soup once in a while. 

Friday, July 16, 2021

2 soups on a Sunday

It was a raining Sunday, the last Sunday of June. We did not went for our morning walk, so I cooked breakfast at home. Fried rice with Chinese sausage and fried noodle, whichever suit everyone's tastebuds. 

As for lunch, I heated up the herbal pork soup that I made the day before. Add in mee suah, and it was our simple lunch. 

And hubby was craving for mutton soup so I cooked that with onion in the slow cooker, let it simmer till dinnertime. 

In my previous post, hubby and I went out to Ye Yan to buy the stinky tofu. While I was  there, I also bought pork belly for RM24 (RM10 for every 100gm) from Pinoy Lechon Baboy stall. 

The lechon baboy was nice, salty and garlicky with crispy skin. 

From Ye Yan, we dropped by a pharmacy in Brighton Square to get Jamie's lotion and an antibiotic cream for myself. 

My index finger got infected when I woke up that morning. Pus-filled swell on left side of the finger, so I got my man to help me. 

After 2 days, the finger was getting better. So happy to be able to use it properly. Don't you think it is a bit troublesome to do housechore with one 'injured' finger?? I felt 'handicap' for 2 days as everytime it touched something, it will be painful. 

Monday, July 12, 2021


When a FB post posted on a stinky tofu stall right here in Kuching, I asked hubby to try last month.

Yeyan Food Court in Jalan Simpang Tiga. No, I haven't been there although we did went there once last year but the food court wasn't opened then. So basically it was my first time there and bought something from one of the stalls.

The stall just started when I was there before 5pm. Few orders in front of me, so I waited pretty long for mine. 

2 choices; Thai styled tofu and Charcoal tofu, flavour of spicy and non spicy. I opted to try Thai styled, spicy and non spicy. RM8 per portion. We had them in the car. Nice to have them while they are still warm. 

In the biodegradeble takeaway boxes, one held our stinky tofu with the Thai chilli sauce. No stench detected from me. My first thought was "No foul smell, not bad after all. I can take this stinky tofu." Hubby commented that real stinky tofu will be very smelly as it was fermented for longer time. These tofu weren't that long, so not that smelly. 

Oh boy! I should not judge too fast! As I tasted one of non-spicy tofu, it took me a good self-control not to puke the whole thing out from my mouth. Once it was in my mouth, the stench and pungent taste appeared. Oh dear, the first piece was the hardest to digest!! The tofu was crispy on outside, soft inside but the unpleasant taste was not something I enjoyed. 

Then I tried the tofu with chilli sauce. Much better than the sweet tofu as the spiciness covered the fermented taste, but I could still detect the pungent aroma. Somehow it got easier to accept as I took the next pieces. 

I took around 5 pieces of the stinky tofu, while remaining went into hubby's tummy. He liked it. He took alot of this Cantonese dish when he was studying in KL. 

Ta-da!! Now I have tasted stinky tofu! No, I don't think I would be tasting it again. At least I tried it. Taste once, it's done for me. Lol. The taste lingered pretty quite sometime in my mouth even after I brushed my teeth once we reached home!!! 😂


Friday, July 9, 2021


My first attempt with cockles last month. Thanks to hubby who bought half kg from a friend. 

How do you like your cockles? Half cooked? Fully cooked? I knew a friend who likes half cooked, bloody cockles and dipped with dark soy sauce. I prefer it cooked. Not overly done as it would not be nice. Just 3 minutes blanched with hot water would do. 

So my first cooking with cockles ended up with this recipe. I used up whatever I could find at home, as I seldom venture out lately. Busy with kids' online classes and homeworks, so I cook most of the times on weekdays.



1 lemongrass stalk, chopped

2 dried chillies, sliced

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp belacan

Dash of light soy sauce

1/2 tsp sugar

Spring onion, for garnish

Cooking oil


1. Rinse cockles few times and then soak in salt water for at least an hour. After that, blanched with hot water for 3 minutes. Drain and set aside.

2. In a pan, heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil. Add in garlic, lemongrass and chilli once the pan is heated up. Saute till fragrant before add in belacan. Saute for few seconds till fragrant then add in cockles. Stir fried for few seconds.

3. Season with light soy sauce, and sugar. Mix well and dish out. Garnish with sliced spring onion. Serve warm. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Omelette sandwich

One Saturday last month, everyone woke up late. After all the tiring weekdays of working and homeschooling, it was fine for everyone to rest and enjoy a nice Saturday morning in bed.

Too late to go out tapau our favourite kolo mee as we would expect a long queue. So we took the easy way out. Drive through order at McD's! 

After read Mun's post on McD's new omelette cheese burger, both of us were keen to give it a try. The promotional poster was attractive and Mun did commented it was pleasant. I wondered why they named it sandwich instead of burger as it was obviously served in a bun. Or maybe it was omelette sandwiched in between 2 buns, they called it sandwich. 

Anyway there wasn't a queue at the drive through that Saturday morning, so it did not take us long to collect our order and headed home, which was a minute drive only. Yes, our place was very near to McD's outlet in MJC but it has been a while since we went there. Pricey to have breakfast there so we don't do it that frequently. 

2 sausage & omelette cheese sandwiches for me and hub, Jan and Jay took the sausage McMuffin with egg while Jamie had the chicken porridge. Of course the hash brown was for the kids. 

Did I like the sausage & omelette cheese sandwich? I have to admit that I quite enjoy it.  It was tasty and cheesy. Different story for hub as he prefers the McMuffin better. 

Our bill for our breakfast. We ordered mostly ala carte as the kids usually don't take their drinks. 

As of this post date, I had tasted the sandwich twice. I found it appetizing and the taste was light, just nice for a quick breakfast.