Monday, October 14, 2019

Never been here

I had never been to this coffee shop before although I had visited the other coffee shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stapok Seafood Restaurant, heard of good review on its char chu. One morning, hubby and I dropped by to give this place a try. And we met our couple friends there for breakfast after dropping off our kids in the same kindergarden.

I had my usual morning drink, teh c. Loved that they served in the old cup and saucer. 

I meant to try the Malay stall as I read that their mee kari with cucur was nice and highly recommended. But it was not opened when we were there. So I had to settle for other from another stall. 

Hubby settled for the kampua. He requested the soy sauce. RM3.50 per plate. It was nice, according to him. 

Yours truly went for pork porridge. RM4 I think, I can't remember the exact price for the porridge. 

A nice meet up with our friends over breakfast there before we went our seperate way. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Brought back memories

It used to occupy the whole building but now it has downsizing to only one lot. Located in front of St Joseph Primary school, the building was still standing after many years. 

Wisma Sugarbun as I vividly remember it. Used to patronise this place as a child. You could say that I grew up eating Sugarbun's broasted chicken. This building brought back some childhood memories as I used to go with my family on weekends or schoolmates during secondary school days. Those were the days when teenagers and young adults met up and had a good chat over meal there.

When I lived in Kenyalang Park as a little girl, my parents would brought us to the Kenyalang Park Sugarbun. We would walked as we stayed not too far from the Kenyalang Park centre.

Back to the present day, I brought my three kids for lunch in this Sugarbun outlet after our church service last Sunday. My man was not around as he went for an overnight fishing trip in Sematan. The Sugarbun outlet wasn't too far from the church so I thought of dropping by to check its Borneo Asian food.

It has been ages since I came here. Not the same anymore. I mean, the environment and setting. But it was much nicer and modern now, to keep up with the time and trend.

My kids like Sugarbun broasted chicken so they did not complained when I told them that we were going here for lunch. It has been a while they had the chickens. 

The menu displayed 2 main sections, namely the broasted chicken combo (inclusive of drink). 

The other section was the local delights such as eco fish, assam fish, chicken mushroom and newly added Sabah garoupa fish. 

I planned to try the Sabah giant garoupa fried rice combo but unfortunately their fried rice was not ready. It was almost 1om and their fried rice wasn't cooked. So much to my disappointment. 

The kids had their 1 piece broasted chicken combo. 

Yours truly after a long time debating on what to eat, had to settle for its eco fish assam claypot combo. 

Such a long time I did not indulge in assam fish. Delicious and appetizing meal for me. I wish I didnt get the head part as not much flesh. The fish was deep-fried first then added to other ingredients in the claypot.

That was our last Sunday lunch. A long overdue visit to Sugarbun. :) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Morning and evening

One morning, hubby and I woke up early so we went out for breakfast together. Just the two of us. Kids still sleeping so we quietly sneaked out for breakfast.

We went to Choo Choo Cafe for its noodle. Lately, the husband of the operator took over the cooking and preparing the noodle and we found it was much nicer and tastier than the lady operator. 

I used to dislike its kolo mee hoon as it was not properly cooked. Hard to chew. But of lately when the man took over, his kolo mee hoon is my favourite. That morning I requested for kolo mee hoon with fried fish strips. Crispy and tasty strips, I enjoyed them very much. 

In the evening on the same day, I didn't cooked dinner. Since we were going for our grocery shopping, we went to this nearby food court for dinner. 

I ordered bak kut teh and pork leg rice from the same stall for dinner. 

I special requested pork belly, tofu puffs and braised egg for my pork leg rice. Yup. No pork leg in my pork leg rice. Lol. 

They were pretty generous with meats but I prefer they sliced the meat thinner. Somehow my teeth was not able to chew on those chunky meats. Lol. 

I ordered this bak kut teh to share with my man. It was mild in taste. I prefer the pork leg rice more.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Back again

I can say that this restaurant serves one of the best dim sum in Kuching. Boulevard Restaurant in Boulevard Mall. 

Our last visit was on my birthday in August. One month has passed and we were back again for more of its delicious dim sum. 

It was end of last month. Hubby suggested for a dim sum breakfast for a change.

We mostly had the same dim sum and dishes. For instance the plain noodle for the boys. 

And my girl's favourite, egg tart and pork with century egg congee. 

Its har kaw never stopped to impress us. The thin and translucent skin with fresh prawn fillings, the best in our own opinion. 

Our newly acquired favourite from this restaurant. Deep fried beancurd fish cake. 

One of the best chicken feets I ever had was from this restaurant as well. 

Somehow the deep fried prawns rolls were getting oilier. Too greasy to enjoy them. They should do something about it. 

We also ordered its char siew pau which went into Jay's tummy. He had a plate of plate noodle and yet he could finished the paus as well. 

On this visit, we tried a new dim sum that we had never ordered in the past. Deep fried sweet yam rolls. 

If you enjoyed those yam basket served in Chinese restaurant, then you will definitely like this. I loved it. I ate most of the sweet yam rolls. Not greasy and it was so good. 

Another satisfying and delightful dim sum breakfast. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019


My half sister and brother-in-law came back for a short holiday last month and I managed to catch up with them one morning over a breakfast. 

Together with my dad and Jan, we went to this Meng Kui Cafe.  A corner shop, a building behind Chong Choon Cafe. I was not familiar with this place other than the famous Chong Choon laksa. I didn't even know this cafe at all although it is well known for Heng Hua noodle. 

The shop was initially visible from the main road but they moved to the back. Now it was so well hidden at a deserted building. One would not be able to find this place if you never venture to this area. Someone like me!! Lol. 

The cafe was well air-conditioned. The wall was decorated with weaved mats; it did not have that Chinese coffee shop feel. Not many customers around, only 2 tables occupied when we were here. 

Its specialty was Heng Hua mee suah. Option of wet or dry. Sis and I had its Heng Hua mee suah in soup. The broth was sweet with a slight ginger flavour to it. Seaweed, sliced egg, peanuts, mushrooms, minced meat, sliced meat and prawns accompanied the mee suah. 

First time I had such dish. Quite nice and different to have for breakfast once in a while. 

My bil had the same but he requested for handmade noodle. I did not take photo of his food. Dad did not have any as he already ate earlier. 

My girl went for its fried meehoon. Quite a portion but she finished it in no time.

They have other local dishes such as kolo mee, tomato noodle, fried rice, pan mee and other noodle dishes. Maybe I will bring my family here on one weekend to try their other dishes.

Google here for location and direction of this hidden cafe. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture #92: September favourite

Spent 2 nights in the nature, away from the city 

Haze was back last month!! 

My sis bought this cloth face mask from oversea few years ago and finally I make use of it. Jamie liked the colour and wore it when he went to school. 

My man spent a weekend in KL, attended Andy Lau's concert

Taekwondo upgrading test for him. Enjoyed his yam ice-cream from Magic Bite after the test. 

Had this lovely fried taugeh kway teow in Everwin Kopitiam

It has been a while since I ordered fried dishes from this fried stall in Big One Food Court, MJC and in my latest visit, I had this tomato kway teow

Friday, September 27, 2019

We were first

Hubby and I woke up very early on one Saturday morning. Around 6am. Hubby suggested to go breakfast with him as he had his monthly fishing trip later that morning. 

So off we went to this coffee shop. Choo Choo cafe. We patronized this coffee shop quite frequently as it was nearer to our place and the noodle wasn't bad. 

They opened up not long ago and we were the very first customers there. 

While we waited for the boiling water to boil, we had our morning drink first. Mine was forever faithful teh-c. Lol. 

Soon my order came. Kolo mihun. Yup, did not feel like having kolo mee so I had kolo mihun. Not too hearty for me. 

Hubby and I shared this lovely mixed pork soup. Liver, pig's blood and minced meatballs in the soup. 

Hubby was on diet, so he tried to cut down on carbo. No noodle for him. 

More customers came when we left. It wasn't 7am yet. The haze was there that morning. Thank God that the PSI reading has dropped to less than 200 that day.