Saturday, June 19, 2021

Holiday cooking

What we ate during the 2 days Gawai holiday.

We stayed at home on the first day. Everyone woke up late, so I prepared a simple breakfast. 

Deep fried frozen burger patties and assembled own sandwich with some lettuce, fried egg, cheese and hash brown. I also deep fried some french fries to go with the sandwiches. 

For lunch, it was Chinese cuisine. A homey food that everyone loved. I made meat balls, ngoh hiang, luncheon meats, potatoes and onion, ginger chicken and cangkuk manis. I cooked a lot so we had the same dishes for dinner as well. 

The next day, hubby and I went for our morning walk and then we made luncheon meat sandwich at home. Both of us went for a quick grocery shopping at Choice Daily. Grabbed few stuff to cook our lunch. 

Hubby wanted healthier meal so we made salad and stir fried Aglio Olio angel's hair. 

Yes, again, I overcooked so we had the same food for dinner. No one complained though. Lol. 

Saved myself time cooking, I just heated up the food for dinner.  Holiday should be time for relaxation. So, I was very relaxed over those 2 days holiday although we cooped at home most of the time. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Last Saturday night, hubby went to meet up with few friends. He came home with gifts from his friends.

One friend gave us this fruit. They called it crystal fruit. I was not so sure what was it but it tasted sweet. First time tasted it. 

It tasted something in between longan and rambutan.  Bigger fruit with big black seed inside like longan but firmer texture like rambutan.  Pretty heaty as I needed to drink lot of fluid after tasted one. I am prone to sore throat so I am pretty sensitive when it comes to heaty food and fruits. 

Skin was hard, so one need to press hard to squeeze the fruit out. 

Another friend gave us his aunt's freshly made changs. One was Nyonya chang which was sweet and fragrant. Natural colouring from butterfly peas. I prefer this chang more than her Hakka chang. 

The Hakka chang was saltier and bigger. I think we have overdose of changs this year. Some we bought and some were gifts. Felt blessed to receive the homemade dumplings from friends. 

Thank you both for the yummy gifts. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Chang and more

It is back to school today. More like back to endless homeschooling and homeworks! And since today is also Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival), it is practical to post some dumpling photos here. 

In my previous post, I bought 2 types of chang from Abundance Food Centre. Hakka and Nyonya changs. 

Hakka chang RM4

Groundnuts and yam are what make a Hakka chang distinctive! 

Smaller Nyonya chang, RM2.50

Meaty, more flacourful Nyonya chang

Last Friday, hubby's friend passed some homemade kee chang (alkaline dumplings) to us. Ages since I tasted one. Not my favourite though, but I enjoyed them with kaya. 

Do you like this yellowish kee chang? What you eat it with? 

The next day, hubby and I went to Grandma Handmade Noodle Bak Kut Teh in Rock Road, not for its bak kut teh but to buy its handmade changs. Few varieties of changs to choose from and hubby initially wanted to buy its mussel and scallop pillow dumplings but only the traditional salty pork was available. Other changs had been pre-booked. While we were there, we saw the taukeynio and staff busy making different type of changs.  The taukeynio is a friend of hubby's cousin so we knew her.  

Taken from its Facebook page

We bought 15 salty pork dumplings (aka Hokkien chang) at RM6 each from her. 

Hokkien chang is much darker in colour compared to others. 

We immediately sent some over to my dad at his shop. After that we went home to enjoy our Hokkien chang. So good with the fatty meat, salted egg yolk, mushroom and black eyed beans. 

Each changs have their own version and taste. For me, personally I like Hokkien chang more. 

What changs have you tasted this year?? Which one do you like best? 

Friday, June 11, 2021


It has been almost a year since our last (and first visit) to this food court for the Bishopgate noodle.

It was a Saturday, I woke up late. Late here, means around 730am. So after both of us were ready, we drove all the way here to buy takeaway. 

It wasn't total lockdown here, just the first day of MCO in Sarawak. Streets still have cars but the traffic was smooth so we reached this Abundance Food Centre in a quick time. 

Luckily no queue in front of The Big Fat Aunty Noodle (renamed), so the young couple did my order quickly. 

We had 3 sets of the mixed pork soup plus plain noodle.  We did not touch the cili padi in the light soy sauce dipping as the sauce was slightly hot from the chillies. 

Mild taste soup, must take it promptly to enjoy the warm soup. 

We also order 3 extra plain noodles, so total was RM36 for our order. 

While I was waiting for the noodle at the shop, I bought some bak chang from the kuih stall. I did mentiined in my previoys post that this food court was opened by an ex-colleague of hubby. The drink and kuih stalls also managed by her. 

It so happened I bumped into her that morning and she told me the Nyonya chang was made by another ex-colleague, which we bought and tasted before. So, of course I must buy some back. 

The price for Nyonya chang was still RM2.50 (left). The kuih stall also sell Hakka peanut chang (RM4), so being a Hakka myself, I like that too. I also bought few to try. 3 Hakka chang (right) and 3 slightly smaller Nyonya chang to commemorate Dumpling Festival which falls on 14 June this year. 

Want to know how Nyonya and Hakka chang look like, check out from my old post.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Cup noodles craze

My family especially the boys have a craze for cup noodles lately. It all started with Jamie, who was craving for China-made noodle cup a couple of months ago. He remembered that he tasted a nice noodle cup during our holiday, so he has been nagging to buy it. 

Since then, hubby has bought some but different brands and flavours home. Mostly beef broth flavour from China. Most cost more than RM10. Cup noodle isn't cheap due to the packaging and cost even more for imported noodle. 

I personally preferred the Indonesian Myojo chicken abalone flavour. Noodle was more springgy and thinner than those from China. China noodle looked like mee pok, but their texture was nice as well.

China's Master Kang Noodle Cup, golden beef stock. Spicy and sourish. 

Convenient when the children are hungry, they can make themselves

On our last visit to Emart, we saw this mee cup. Mie Sedaap Cup?! Our favourite instant mee goreng at home was Mi Sedaap, without the 'e', after Mi. Same brand?? Packaging was similar though. Anyway, I bought 1 cup home. 

Jan took the Mie Sedaap one morning. After read the instruction, she did her own noodle. 

Added the mixed vegetable with warm water into the cup. Waited for 4 minutes, then drain the noodle, and add the remaining seasoning and garnish to the noodle. 

Ta-da!! Her breakfast was done! Tasted better than the normal instant Mi Sedaap, I have to admit. 

As at this moment, we still have few cups in the pantry. Somehow the craze for them has died off. Lol. We will try to clear them up soon as their expiry dates are mostly in last quarter of the year. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tapau mode

No dine-in since last month, so we have to resort to tapau our food to support our favourite coffee shop. Luckily over here, the ministry allowed business to open from 6am to 8pm, so no problem for those going to market, and tapau breakfast and so forth. 

We also resumed our morning walk since jogging, light exercises are allowed around the neighbourhood. So, one morning last week, after a brief exercise, we walked to the coffee shop. We reached there around 640am. Few people in front of the queue, everyone followed SOP and patiently waited for their breakfast to be ready. And we thought we were early as it was only 6.40am and the coffee shop usually opened after 6am, but someone beat us to it!  Lol!

While waiting for our noodles, I ordered RM2 each of these fritters. It has been a while since I drink teh c, so I tapaued a cup of warm teh c for RM2.40. I forgot to ask for lesser sugar, so my teh c was slightly sweet but at least my craving was satisfied. 

I did not take kolo mee that morning but instead had fried mee hoon (RM5). Jan also requested for fried mee hoon, I guess she was bored with eating kolo mee. 

Hubby took a like in kolo kway teow lately, so I ordered kolo kway teow for him. 

The boys had their usual, kolo mee. RM3.50 each but the kolo noodle costs RM4 from 1 June 2021 onwards. Price-wise, it was at par with other kolo mee shops now. Hardly able to find RM3.50, or RM3 or even lesser than RM3 kolo mee nowadays.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

LiveProtein for the whole family!

I have a great product to share with you over here! Introducing LiveProtein, made purely from organic pumpkin seed protein, PISANE™ pea protein and prebiotic (inulin). It is a complete Vegan plant-based protein, suitable for everyone in the family.

What so good about this LiveProtein?

  • made from plant based ingredients - not everyone can tolerate proteins from animal sources
  • easily digestible and gentle of stomach unlike animal based protein
  • Allergen free - no dairy, lactose, gluten or soy in the ingredients
  • Will not cause bloating unlike animal based proteins which cause bloating or stomach cramps


  • Organic pumpkin seed protein 
- certified organic according to USDA NOP standards by EcoCert S.A., France
- rich in fiber, zinc, antioxidants and other minerals and nutrients
- improve prostate and bladder health as it reduces symptoms of benign prostate enlargement and 
  overactive bladder
  • PISANE™ Pea protein 
- this protein isolate made of non-GMO yellow peas manufactured by Cosucra Groupe Warcoing
  S.A. Belgium
- contain all 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot create, perfect for repairing and building
  body muscle
- allergen-free and does not cause an allergic reaction
- provides iron,arginine and branched chain amino acid that is digestible and well absorbed

Who can consume

  • Elderly, to prevent and reserve muscle loss
  • Growing children who need protein to promote muscle growth
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mum to help with fetus development and improving quality of breast milk
  • Vegetarian who lacks of protein intake
  • Sports lovers who need quick absorption of protein to repair muscles
  • Those who want to lose weight or maintain body shape
How to consume
  • Mix 2 scoops  (20g) of LiveProtein with 200ml of water and drink promptly

I have been taking this LiveProtein for a week now. Before I go for my morning walk with my man, I would make myself and him a glass of protein.  I just mix the greenish yellow powder with warm water, stir till no clumps and add more lukewarm or room temperature water to it. Stir well and drink immediately. It tastes nice too. It has that mild nutty taste, and does not have that aftertaste, unlike the soy protein I used to take in the past.
I have been watching my weight and cutting down on heavy breakfast. I will start my day with a glass of protein before take some toasts or fruits. It can lasts me till noon time. Being a stay-at-home-mum, I need to stay active all the times. Thanks to LiveProtein, it gives me the necessary nutrients I need, keeps me healthy, energized and active. 

My 8 years old boy drinks it too as he is lack of protein since he is allergic to egg, milk, and cheese and he has eczema since he was young.  I get him to take this protein everyday; luckily he likes the taste and finishes the protein without much complaining. I also encourage my other 2 kids to take as they are currently in their teens and growing stage.  So adequate protein is essential for their muscle growth.   

If you would like to know more or looking for a good protein supplement, you can click on