Thursday, December 12, 2019

Shanghai | winter holiday

I'm back! Here marks the start of my China winter travelogue.

Couldn't believe that my family vacation is already over. Time to write my lenghty travelogue and bombard my posts with loads of photos.

Our family vacation destination this year is China. Places that we covered were Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi.

Telling you the truth, I had never thought of visiting China with my family. Never in my travel bucket list. And even it is, I thought if  I am going, it would be when I am older with my man after retirement, visiting our ancestry home. But I was happy that we did, and made it with the kids.

We chosen to go this month when the children started off their year end school holidays.

December is the coldest month in Shanghai and temperature could drop to less than 7C at night. But the cold never bothered us anyway! And the kids seemed to enjoy the winter chill. ^^

We used MAS airline. Flight from KL to Shanghai was over 5 hours and don't forget we took another 1 hour 45 minutes flight from Kuching to KLIA and a transit time of 4 hours.

We went with 3 friends and their families; all are hubby's friends. 19 of us including 4 infants and our Kuching tour guide. The tour consisted of us so we weren't strangers to each other. We flew from KLIA at 730pm on 4th and landed in Shanghai after 1.00am on 5th December.
Pudong International Airport

By the time we checked out and collected our luggages at the airport, we were ushered to our bus. The trip to our hotel took about 1 hour. It was after 4am when we checked into hotel due to a little delay and immigration check-in at the airport.

The comfort of our hotel room awaited us. Since it was 5 of us, we slept in 2 seperate suite. Throughout our holiday, we slept in 2 rooms but we did shared a room on few nights as it could fit all 5 of us.

We had our sleep. We did slept on board, so it was alright. And the next day, we needed to wake up around 9am as our itinerary started at 1030am. I hardly slept much on the first night (more like first morning!) in Shanghai.

The start of our winter holiday. More to come! But bear with me as I come home with a bad cough and fever. Take times for me to recover from this holiday, that is for sure. 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Big bowl

It just happened that I needed to buy Jamie's lotion at the pharmacy in Brighton Square, Jalan Song that day so I thought we settled our lunch in any outlets there. 

Brighton Square has many food outlets to choose from and we have not been to most of them. This Chimian cafe is one of them. 

Its signature noodle is beef noodle but I wasn't into beef noodle that much so I didn't try it. 

This Chinese noodle cafe sserve noodles, dumplings and alcoholic drinks. 

The 3 of us had the same dish, namely char siew noodle. I wasn't expecting much but when our food came, I wasn't expecting to be served in a big bowl. The bowl was big and the noodle only occupied half of it. Lol. 

Char siew mien (RM8) 

They didn't have the normal kolo mee noodle that day, so we opted for handmade noodle. 

Tastewise, it was alright. I wasn't wowed! The char siew was good, I liked it in the sense that it was pork belly and the fatty part really made the difference when you bite into it. Lol. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Feel like it

It feels more like Christmas in The Spring mall compared to the previous mall that I went to.

This year's theme is from the famous English fairy tale, Jack and the beanstalk. If you ask me, what it got to do with Christmas, I don't know either. But the set-up and design are impressive.

Which decor I loved the most?? It got to be the musical harp. Which one do you like??



Food on table

Part of the story

Lovely harp and Christmas tree

The giant's hands

Christmas bazaar

This must be Jack who stole a golden egg! 

Castle in the sky

Sunday, December 1, 2019


We spent yesterday morning in Aeon Mall.

Christmas decoration was up but not sure whether it was completed. Simple decoration this year.


But it did looked festive enough to light up the holiday mood. 

Our main reason to go to the mall was to shop in our favourite outlet, Uniqlo. The boys went to get some socks and pants. I also got myself 2 pairs of jeans and since alteration was free I had my pants cut and mended on the spot.

However it would take 2 hours for that so while we were waiting for my pants to be ready, we went around the mall. After a while, the boys complained of tired feet so we took a break in the supermarket and bought and had our lunch there. 

My packed lunch was steamed halibut fish don. Nothing fancy but something light for  my lunch. 

Luckily my pants did not take the whole 2 hours to be ready. After collected them from the shop, we headed home and away from the jam and crowds who started to come in. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Another time

We did made few visits to this coffee shop this month. One time, I bought few packs of Chinese economy rice and another time, I bought its Hainanese chicken home to try. Both stalls served nice food, so no complaint from me. 

But on my recent visit last weekend with my family, we had a try at the kolo mee stall. 

RM8 noodle + soup set

I loved this soup fresh, hand-rolled fish balls, fish maw and seaweed. My kind of soup. 

The kolo mee hoon that I had was nice too. Flavourful and tasty. 

RM3.50 kolo mee hoon

3 kolo mee, 1 kolo mee hoon and a set of noodle and soup cost us RM22. 

We still have 2 more stalls that we haven't try such as the porridge/toast stall and char chu stall. Another time for that. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Lazy Saturday

Don't you wish for a lazy Saturday to start off the long school holiday?? Not for my case. Thought I could sleep in late but no, the kids got up early, that was before 7am!!

Since everyone was up and early, we had a short walk at the nearby park. Not yet 8am but the morning sun was very warm. 

After that, we went here for kolo mee breakfast. 

Then a stop at the nearby hypermarket for grocery and buying some stuff for Jan. She is helping out in our Sunday School's holiday class and will be conducting a game session with younger kids this week. Some table tennis balls, plastic spoons, boxes and yarn. 

Then we basically spent the rest of our afternoon at home, catching on some movies and nap.

No cooking in the evening as hubby went out to buy some dishes for dinner. Yummy dinner. But why everytime I have sore throat or cough, I am tempted with fried chicken wings?? Lol. 

The super irresistible fried chicken wings from the Golden Arch cafe.

We also had pai gu wang (literally means pork rib king). Sweet sticky ribs.

We had 2 vegetable dishes, namely stir fried manicai, and sambal kangkung.

Happy tummy, happy Saturday!! 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Last day of school

Credit: Google

Yesterday was the last day of school. Now that school is out of the way, we can focus on one thing. Holiday!! 

It is time to pack for the holiday!! We would be going for our family holiday next week. So, so looking forward to it. Have been counting down since last year. Lol.

As for this year, it has been a whirlwind of activities; mostly involving schools.

Jamie had his graduation concert few weeks ago. He is officially out of kindergarden and going to primary school next year.

Jan has been enjoying her 1st year in secondary school, making new friends and learning new knowledge. She enrolled herself in culinary class as her extra-curriculum and she has been learning how to  bake and cook.

Jay was as usual busy with school and tuitions as well as other enrichment class. Not doing well academically this year but we didn't expect much from him. He isn't that acedemic inclined person. Attitude-wise, he has been more rebellious than before. I guess boy is always boy. The behaviour, the habit. Make me crazy sometime.

Other than schools, Jamie started swimming classes this month. He has been enjoying the lessons. Actually he has been so looking forward to them but due to his eczema and dry skin, I kept postponing his lesson. Jan and Jay can swim well now, so it is fair to let Jamie learn too.

Okay, enough about kids. All I need right now is my holiday!! I need it desperately. After many, many months of hard work. Lol. And what a better way to end the year with. A well-deserved, nice and enjoyable holiday.