Monday, June 17, 2019

Miss it

We loved it so much that we were back to this Boulevard Restaurant for more dim sum that week.

In our previous visit, they forgot one of our orders, har kaw (prawn dumplings) so we never get to taste that. This round, we would not want to miss it again and ordered it along with other new dishes.

We were the first few patrons that arrived early that Sunday morning. We queued up before it opened at 9am. Once the door was opened, everyone patiently queued up and walked into the restaurant. Our dim sum came in a faster time after we placed order! 

Our har kaw was the few that arrived first on our table. We loved it. The skin wasn't too thick and the prawns were fresh and sweet. 

We were hesitated at first to order the steamed chicken feet with bbq sauce but we were glad that we did. It was nice!! Slightly sweet and spicy, the feet was tender. 

The kids and I loved these plates. Egg tarts and yam puff. Jan finished all the tarts while I had most of the yam puff. 

Char siew filling in the crispy yam puff.  I enjoyed it very much. 

Another request from me. Salted egg custard bun (lau sar pau). At least the custard was oozing out when I dug in the bun. 

We loved these deep fried prawns rolls in our previous visit that we ordered 2 portions of them. 

And we had chrysanthemum tea to accompany our lovely dim sum breakfast. 

When we would be back here? Not sure. Dim sum isn't cheap so we can only enjoy it once in a while. 

Friday, June 14, 2019


It was last Thursday. 2nd day of Raya. We had an open house visiting that afternoon.

We did not go to any visiting during Gawai holiday this year. If this staff of hubby did not do Raya open house, I would not get to enjoy nice Malay dishes and cakes this year!!

Sarawak kek lapis

Loved her cooking. Last year she cooked briyani and Sarawak laksa. This year it was nasi lemak and bakso. 

dishes on the table

DIY style; we assembled and made our own food. Take all we want.


Nasi lemak

Dragon boat festival fell on 7 June; it was time to enjoy some Chinese dumplings (bak chang). Actually you get to eat bak chang any time of year but this Dragon boat festival called for a more meaningful eating of bak chang.

I bought few for the special occasion last Thursday. The kids like chang so that was for our afternoon tea. 

In the evening, we went to a birthday dinner of my brother's youngest daugher. She turned one on 6 June.

Buffet style in Hon Ang Restaurant in Simpang Tiga.

It was a day full of feast. Scrumptious food that we had the whole day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture #88: Lazy holiday

We had a very lazy holiday. Woke up late, killed times at the malls, window shopping, caught a movie, eating out. The kids were having a good time this holiday.

Gawai decoration in a mall

Excited to see Doraemon

Hanging out while waiting to catch a movie

This duo playing carrom while waiting in the car wash shop

Sleep in and have fun in the sister's room

Helping out repainting the outdoor bench

Some of his new toy collection this holiday

Monday, June 10, 2019

Remember when

Today is our wedding anniversary. We have been married for 15 years and have been together for more than 17 years.

As much as I would love to say that we are lovely dovey most of the time, but occasionally we do get at each other's heads. Some days we tend to go mad and cutting each other's throats. But it is all in the good name of marriage.

There is always ups and downs in every marriages and ours aren't any exception. We fight, we make up and we work hard to stay together.

I remember when we started dating, back in 2002. We first met around August, my birthday month. And it wasn't till November that year, that we met again. It was in my very first job, the work place where we met. I was in marketing and he was a customer. 

Somehow the deal didn't went well but he asked me out nevertheless. He was pretty persistent and I couldn't reject his invitation. I never gave my number to him but he gotbit from a colleague of mine, which I found out later!

I remember that time when we went out for lunch on our first day. Hong Kong Noodle House in Saberkas.   

Then we had our 2nd date and so on, and things gone well from there. He popped out the question of girlfriend after few dates and I somehow agreed. And couple of years later, I am officially his wife. 

Years on, we are blessed with 3 children. I can't imagine life without him. He is smart, romantic and my everything. He makes me laugh, makes me cry, teaches me new things and encourages me to try new things.

Thank you to my other half, my best friend, my soul mate. Here to many more years of eternal bliss. Happy anniversary!! 

Friday, June 7, 2019

We love

Yue Tiaw!! Our favourite Chinese snack. 

We used to buy yue tiaw (Chinese cruller) and soy bean from this franchise outlet. If we happen to see this outlet around, we would definitely stop to buy its snacks and fresh soy bean milk.

Just happened that Mun was posting about I love yoo!  and we ended up buying food from the stall on that day.

We used to buy from the outlet in Boulevard Mall but since we did not go to this mall that frequent now, we also did not buy from I love yoo!

And after our dim sum brunch and a short walk in Boulevard that day, we revisit this outlet for its food and drinks.

A nice, cold and fresh soy milk for me on the road.

The kids adore the yue tiaw that they could finish few packs at one go. One long yue tiaw in one pack.

3 packs of yue tiaw plus this one pack of black bean peah. Tasty and crispy, my first time tasted it and I liked it.

Hubby also bought a container of lek tau suan (split mung bean soup) to go with the snacks.

That was how our afternoon tea went by that day. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dim sum brunch

It was a public holiday here, on Monday. 3 days of Gawai holiday. We woke up late and after few rounds driving around 3rd Mile area, we decided to go to Boulevard Mall. 

Not with an intention to shop that morning, but to go for a dim sum brunch in this Chinese restaurant.

The place was already packed when we were there but thankfully we were able to find a table.

We looked through the menu, wrote our order on the order chit and passed to the waiter.

It wasn't a long wait although this restaurant enjoyed a good business and busy serving the patrons. Luckily for that as I was ravenous!

A pot of Chinese tea is a must when having dim sum, I think. I wasn't that fond of Chinese tea but I don't mind few cups of this to wash away the food and aftertaste.

The first 2 plates to come to our table were the egg tarts and crispy deep fried shrimp rolls. Both were good.

Lo Mai Kai, Hubby's favourite never failed to impress us. It was nice, flavorful and well cooked.

We had this minced pork congee with century egg as well. Comforting to have on a cold morning.

Bbq honey pork buns for the kids, each of them had that and I bet they were full from taking other dim sum after finishing one bun each.

The fried radish cake was slightly spicy so the kids hardly took it. 

The pork & fish balls were nice as well, very big balls.

And so were the homemade fish balls.

Last but not least, the prawns chee cheong fun. Loved the prawns filling, very fresh prawns. 

All in all, it was a wonderful brunch. We don't mind having it once in a while. A change from our usual kolo mee breakfast. 

Monday, June 3, 2019


The start of the 2 weeks school holiday. It was a Sunday. Hubby suggested to have lunch in The Food Bazaar, The Spring mall after we did our shopping. 

The mall was quieter; not so crowded with shoppers. We went to Uniqlo and then Universal Traveller for some new jackets. After done with our shopping, we walked to the food court for our lunch. 

On normal day, the food court would be packed to the brim and very hard to find a vacant table. But on that day, the place was quiet and not packed. May due to the Ramadan month so not many shoppers in the mall. 

Hubby had his usual, the beef noodle as well as yong tau fu in curry broth. 

I was not keen on the noodle but I did helped myself to some yong tau fu. 

I went for the ayam penyet rice which I enjoyed in the past. Not from the Indonesian stall with sell nasi bebek but the laksa stall that sell this dish. 

The kids went and ordered their own lunch. Jan and Jay, of course. Sugarbun!! Just next to the food court. They always ordered the food from Sugarbun and brought over to eat in the food court. 

Jan and Jay queued up, ordered and paid their lunch. Their favourite, broasted chicken with savoury rice. And they helped to order drinks from the drink stall in the food court as well. Now that they know how to order and pay their own food and drink, no need mummy and daddy to do so for them. ^^