Sunday, April 21, 2024

Late afternoon

It was a Monday and with my man we went to Liang Gee Kopitiam for a late afternoon break. 

My man said the Indian Rojak was nice so he ordered one plate RM9 to share with me. It has been a while since I tasted one. This rojak was not bad, tasted alright to me. 

I came back for the fried kway teow as I remembered it was nice. RM7 for the noodle, and there are some fresh cockles in it, which I enjoyed. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Prawn mee

Our newest addition to the coffee shop. Anyone fancy the distinctive and flavourful Penang prawn noodle?

Then we have the fix for your craving. RM9 for a good bowl of tasty and appetizing noodle broth. The sweet and spicy taste is what you would enjoy for either brunch or lunch. 

For now they only serve noodle with the prawn broth but soon they will add more variety such as vermicelli and kway teow. Give it a try. Not overly spicy or too strong but for those that appreciate stronger palate, its belacan dipping will add extra spiciness and taste to it.  

Stall: Prawn Noodles 
Coffee shop : Jia Hao Cafe

Friday, April 12, 2024

Red kolo mee

It was late Tuesday afternoon. My man and I went to Open Air Market for afternoon break. Our choice was this corner stall, Red Kolo Mee. 

I used to patronize this stall when I was young. Its red kolo mee was well loved and sold like hot cakes!! Somehow to taste it again after so many years was rather nostalgic. 

RM5 per bowl now. Position wasn't huge but it was alright for me. My man complained he wasn't full so he ordered this bowl of wonton soup to share with me. 

RM5 too for this. We enjoyed the silly soft skin of the wonton. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Lion City

No,  I didn't went to Lion City but instead to this Lion City Hainan Chicken Rice shop in Pines Square, Batu Kawa. 

Opened few months ago, this franchise eatery serves Singapore Hainanese chicken rice and other Asian cuisine. 

It was my off day on Tuesday. And also Jan's day to sit for her driving law test. She passed her test with 46 score out of 50. Well done!! Soon she will start to learn her driving and in few months time, taking her driving practical test. 

The centre where she took her test was not far from Emart hypermarket, so after I picked her up, we went to the hypermarket for grocery shopping. Then we stopped by Pines Square to give this eatery a try. It was our first time dining in Lion City Hainan Chicken Rice. 

The place was not full when we arrived there , which was slightly after 10am. Not long after scanning through the QR and placing our order, my plate of steamed chicken rice came to our table. 

I liked the oiled rice. The steamed chicken was fine but the chilli dipping was nice. The portion was just nice for me. 

My girl had a try of its nasi ayam penyet. It was nicely presented and served on top of the brown paper but my girl didn't enjoyed it much. Chicken was rather tasteless and dry. 

Iced lemon tea for her while I tasted its cendol. Sweet shaved ice but the cendol wasn't chewy. I like it chewy in texture. 

As for the boys who went to schools, we ordered roasted chicken rice as takeaway for their lunches. 

Our lunch took us more than 30 minutes there before we made our move. The morning was scorching and it wasn't comfortable to stay too long outdoor. 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

PappaRich in The Podium

Only recently did I went to this franchise eatery in The Podium. It opened sometimes end of last year. The first PappaRich in Kuching. 

PappaRich in The Podium was visible from Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, as it was located at the very right corner of the front row of shop lots. The interior was tastefully decorated, nice place for a family meal, breakfast, tea break and gathering with friends. 

Extensive selection of local, Asian and a western dishes to choose from, so there is something for everyone. 
Longan tong sui RM6.50

Temperature has been rising and one could feel the heat. So this lovely cooling longan tong sui was something I looked forward to. 

Hot milo RM6.30

My girl went for hot milo as she was still recovering from her sickness. She also ordered this egg pudding dessert which was nice and sweet with sofa and gula melaka. 

Nasi Lemak with curry chicken was my choice for dinner. Nice and fragrant, I quite enjoy it especially the anchovies sambal. 

Nasi Lemak RM18.50

My girl opted for nasi goreng kampung with egg and chicken wing. Big portion and it took quite an effort from her to finish her food. 

Kampung fried rice with egg and chicken. Wing RM19.90

The boys had takeaway of Hainan fried chicken rice. RM18.50 each. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

Pork rice for dinner

It is getting very warm lately. If possible,we wouldn't be going out after close our shop in the afternoon. But sometimes, we need to stock up for the shop so we will do our shopping and then buy takeaway or have early dinner outside before heading home. 

This particular day, we went to Ecoshop to buy some packaging for baos takeaway. After we were done, we decided to went to the nearest food court, Man Xiang Lou in Pines Square. 

I saw this lo bak and curry rice stall, and without hesitation, I ordered pork curry rice for my dinner. 

I liked the fatty part of the pork belly and with the spicy curry gravy, it was a good dinner for me. 

My RM10 plate of pork curry rice. It came with 1 egg and 2 chunks of potatoes. 

My girl who wasn't that well went for something milder. Roasted pork rice from the roasted meat rice stall. The pork belly was salty but it was nice to go with the rice. 

Friday, March 15, 2024

A drive to the beach

We had a drive to the beach when my sil and her children were here last week.  We only drove over when the rain had stopped in the afternoon. Along the way, we could enjoyed the nice misty view of the countryside. 

Even Mount Santubong was almost covered by clouds. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and calm view to enjoy in. 

We went to Sarawak Geopark beach, which was free for everyone. Just a short stroll, enjoy ice-cream cone and some photo taking before heading back home. 

Nice weather to walk in, it was a very breezy day. 

Too windy that red flag alert for the sea, so no one was allowed to go into the water.