Friday, October 31, 2008

It is that night again

It may not be as crazy as in the West as Halloween is not much celebrated in this part of the world. Every year on this date, people will be making fun of themselves by dressing up like ghosts, zombies and witches and bringing along carved pumpkins. You attended any Halloween party before?

I have never attended any Halloween party before but I remember in my previous employment, there was a particular year where I needed to dress up for a children fancy dress competition. Been held in conjunction with Halloween party, the theme for the competition was The Addam’s Family. Want to guess which character I dress up as??

No consolation prize for the correct guess, okay? LOL! I give you a clue. I was heavily make-up, so heavy and pale that it took me hours of washing the make up off my face. And I wore a long black dress.

So tonight is a Halloween night. What would be your programme tonight? Hubby would not be in as he has Halloween treat with his fellow colleagues. So I guess I would be staying at home with little gal, see any good Halloween cartoons on tv or not.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What are or have we been eating?

Jam and jam everywhere. It was unusual to encounter traffic jam on a mid-week, so it was not what I was expecting in the morning. Stuck in jam on the same road for almost 30 minutes was very frustrating. Thank god manager was on leave today, so we could be slightly late. However this is not an acceptable excuse to be late when manager is not in. As much as I love to reach office earlier by getting out from the house and start my car on usual time, luck was against me this morning. LOL!

Time went by very fast in the morning at work. When hubby sms me for lunch around 12noon, I were not realizing that it was almost lunch time. We have a nice lunch at John’s Place (the row of shop opposite the Tua Pek Kong temple). 2 plates of fried mee hoon, a big bowl of fish head soup and 2 glasses of iced tea cost us RM21.40. It is pretty expensive judging from the coffee shop standard but you would not regret eating at John’s Place. Actually today was my 2nd time there, a colleague introduced to me. The food may be pricey but quality and portion worth the price! Sorry to say that I forgot to take the pictures of the food. Promise the next time we drop by, I would not forget to take some shot of it! *wink*

While having our lunch there, overheard from another table discussing about the contaminated milk powders from China. Then slowly the topic going into contaminated eggs. How unsafe the food now. Imagine what we or our children have consumed all this while. A plain and simple produce such as egg is also contaminated with dangerous chemical. All because of profit and selfish act.

It was another shocking revelation when I received an email in the afternoon about my favourite snack! Pringles also contaminated with some chemical. Oh boy! Chemical that harmful to our body and if consumed much, it will cause kidney problem. So I am definitely not going to eat Pringles for the time being! I am not so sure whether this news was out in newspapers and not so sure of the validity of such news, but it is really depressing to hear all those news about putting chemical into processed food.

I think I will stick to vegetables and fruits more and encourage my family to eat more greens! But vegetables and fruits are not that cheap either. Just the other day, I bought few apples and papayas, they cost me more than RM10! Nothing is cheap anymore! Sigh!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not so good for her

As much as I love to feed my little gal with food, sometimes when a “no” is a definitely no for her. Some say she is very tall for her age and some commented that she is too skinny for her age. I guess kids around her age should be chubby, right? And when they are chubby, they are considered healthier. Hmm, I don’t know about the healthy part as for me, chubby may not mean they are healthier. They may tend to eat and love to eat anything, but that is not so good for young children.

I have to admit that little gal is slightly underweight for her age. Hardly gaining much weight since she was 2 years old, and as a parent, I do get worry. During the weekend, she hardly takes solid food. I seldom cook at home over the weekend, most of the time, we hanging out at my BIL’s cafĂ©. We have our dinner mostly there.

Sometimes I wonder how her nanny feed her, but when with us, she will play with her food and most of the food either spill over the table or drop on the floor. Not into her mouth. Sigh! Double worry. Thank god she requested for her milk occasionally, but not taking solid food is a concern too. I know I have been complaining of my little gal’s weight and eating habit, but what can I do to make her eat her food.

I heard from friends that when children starting to go to pre-school they will pick up and acquire to eating more frequently. I hope it is true, as she will be sent to pre-school next year.

I am running out of ideas on feeding her food. She does love fried rice, and sometimes she can finish a big bowl of fried rice. It is rather scary then as I know fried rice is not good and healthy for young kids. We tried blackmailing her with shopping every time feeding her or attracting her with other stuff. I know it is not good to lie to your children, but what else can we do? Oh well, here I go again mumbling about my kid’s eating habit.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooling water for heat

It is the durian season, and everyone is falling sick because of overeating. Everyone I met was either down with sore throat or coughing. That is how “great” the king of fruits are.

I am keeping my distance from the fruits. I do not fancy them anymore unlike when I was a kid. For those falling sick due to the fruit, remedy would be drinking some herbal or cooling tea to get rid of the heat. One cooling drink that is made available in supermarket is Three Legs cooling water, with a rhinoceros as the front picture. When ever hubby having migraine or not feeling well, a drink or two of the Three Legs cooling water will help.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I don't know what to name this post

When was the last time I posted something here? 5 days ago. Sorry for been absent for sometime as I cannot think of anything interesting or brilliant to write and post on. My brain is empty most of the time. You can say, tired is a more suitable word. From the look of my post title above, you can guess how blur I am sitting in front of pc typing this post. But I still want to write something here. LOL!

My manager has been swamping me with questions and expectation of targets almost every day till I know how to imitate her exact words each time I go into her room. My sales target starting next week, so she was concern about my performance. Coupled with poor sales (I did not get enough sales in last week which accumulate to following week) so she keeps asking me to cross sales over the phone.

Yeah, I got to call people (strangers mostly) introducing them our products and services. There were hundred and one products (it is just to show that I have to sell many things to people at one time), it takes time to talk to people about them over a phone call. And I hate talking to strangers over the phone when I don’t know them well. It is more comfortable to meet people face to face, knowing their body language and face expressions, which tell you whether they enjoy the conversation or interested in what we are saying. Not so much to guess if you are talking over the phone right? So I guess tele-marketing is not my strong field here.

For the past 3 weeks I have my own clientele, building from walk-in customers. Some even becomes my friends, everyday calling me up asking for updates. It is an enjoyable work especially at the end of the day, I am able to help them and offer my assistance. There isn’t one thing I hate about my work, just that it involves a lot meetings. Gosh! I thought my previous company has many meetings and appointments every week, this company has even more. Out of 5 days a week, I have meetings for 3 days. Long and lengthy one that start off my days at work. *laugh*

Enough work for now. I do not want to think about my next week “failure” for now. For time being, I am going to enjoy that it is a Friday night, and tomorrow and Sunday is going to be a relaxing day! Yes, Rose and family is going away to the beach tomorrow afternoon. Till then, catch up with you guys when we are back.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Endless mumbling

I should have done some ironing (but I hate ironing as you would know by now) or revising for my upcoming examinations since little gal has yet to wake up from her beauty sleep, but I just want a break for all those tasks.

Yesterday I went to Permai with colleagues, it was fun. Everyone enjoying themselves. It was a team building session, where everyone was grouped into 2 teams. There were 30 of us. Each team have to compete 10 challenges in total (climbing up to high pole and walk/crawl to next point, swinging from one bar to another, crawling on the ground and climbing up walls etc). We started our bus trip around 8am and along the way to Permai we encountered long queue as one school having some activities as well. We caught in the jam for about 20 minutes. We reached Permai just after 9am. Yeah, I have to wake up so early on a Saturday. Long time I didnt wake up at such hour to drive to the city! LOL! And guess what? I have dreamt that I missed the bus. And I woke up around 3something in the morning, thinking it is 6am, and only to realise I still can sleep in some more hours. Gosh! Were I excited or anxious? I hardly have a good sleep at all.

We finished the challenges around 12.15pm. After that, we headed to the camp cafe for our bbq lunch. I guess all of us were too hungry, that we ate and finished everything from bbq squid, bbq chicken wings, fried noodle, tom yam soup, bbq lamb and so much more. During the bbq lunch, a colleague was telling us a story of her friend who underwent a surgery to fix her wrist. According to my colleague, that friend’s doctor saying it is due to too much time spend in front of pc. Too much typing and pressing on the keyboard. Do you believe it?

I heard of such story before where people developing pain in fingers and wrists for pressing too hard (much) on the key boards, but first time hearing story where a surgery is needed to rectify the problem. Somehow that colleague’s friend has developing the problem for so long and never bother about the pain. And would you believe it? Now she cant hold heavy thing on her affected hand. Scary right? So guys, I don’t know how true it is but how to prevent from not typing on keyboards?

It applies the same to handphone I believe. There was a time when I was SMS too much that I can feel "sourness" on my fingers, especially my thumbs for pressing too much on my phone. Life is about keyboard and notepad in this modern world, so I really don’t know how to prevent from that finger/wrist problem. Moderation may be the answer to that problem.

My legs and thighs are painful now and I have bruises on my arm. From yesterday exercises in Permai. When I reached home around 3pm yesterday, I hardly can walk up the stair to my bedroom. LOL! Talking about clueless mumbling from me. I mustn’t be typing too much myself. LOL! Got to get down to some chores before calling it a night. Tomorrow is another Monday. It is going to be a busy day, I am anticipating it. Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Didi's Pink Ant tag

I dont know why this ant, but I think she is rather cute. Pink and cute. Hahaha!

I have been selected by Didi as one of the prettiest lady with kind, warm and loving heart. The tag is like this:

You have been hit. You have been considered one of the 10 prettiest ladies with a kind, warm and loving heart. Once you have been hit, you have to hit 10 pretty ladies with kind, warm and loving hearts. If you get hit again you know you're really pretty and kind. So hit 10 pretty ladies to let them know they are pretty - both on the inside and the outisde - and that they are loved and cared for.


So I would like to forward this lovely tag to all my girl friends in my links. You are all pretty with kind, warm and loving hearts. It is great to know you girls. And not forgetting my lovely readers and friends that know me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Butterfly Award for coolest blog

A very wet and cold day today. Rained in the morning and it is raining again in the evening. Cats and dogs till hubby hardly can see the cars in front of him! Thank god I am not driving today and I have hubby as my driver and keep me and little gal company on the road. We were so lazy to go to my BIL's cafe for dinner tonight, so we decided to head straight home and cook dinner. What else. Instant noodles..LOL! 3 of us enjoying our instant noodles in front of the tv. Now I am so full that I am lazy to do revision for my coming examinations. Hardly can absorb the notes and I think my mind is still pretty blank. Why not? No information was input in there. LOL!

Wanting to get away from the boring revision, I decided to check other friend's blogs and one of them is Lovely Mummy's corner. I am jealous that she is going to Thailand soon (but of course happy for her that she is going). I should have been going there myself sometime soon, but due to some changes in our plan, we decided to hold it to next year. Hopefully I would get a chance to step my feet there next year! *wink* And thanks to Lovely Mummy for giving me this beautiful award too. I am flattered to be known as one of the coolest blogs.

Here are the rules to go with the award:-

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

I am lazy to nominate 10 names, so everyone is welcome to grab and put in their blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So out of shape

I have not been attending aerobic classes for 2 months now. And some of my aerobic friends and instructor even call me up, wondering whether something is happening to me. For the past 1 year I have been actively attending the classes, at least twice a week, but since September, I hardly can squeeze some times for it.

I do feel that I am fatter. Forget about that curvy waistline, now everything is one line! And poor hubby, he has to endure my long complaint about my body. LOL! Not forgetting the late dinner that we have almost every night, usually around 8 pm. Every evening we would tag along at my brother-in-law's cafe, which open its door early of the month. The cafe is situated next to Choice Premier and it serves nice Chinese dishes. Not that I am boastful about my BIL's outlet, but it is worth trying. Being family, of course we have privileges of food tasting and not to mention our big portion of dishes. So you can imagine how hard for us not to eat too much after a tiring day at work, right? I tend to eat more when I am tired. Funny? I tried to limit my intake but knowing my limit, I just cannot stop myself from finishing what is in front of me. Sigh!

Do you pant for breath when you walk up the 1-storey high stairs? I do. That show how unfit I am. Sigh! Sometime I wish for a trackmile in the comfort of my house, but then again, it is just a thinking. When I do have a trackmile in front of me, will I really exercise? LOL! Man! I am so confused, right? Dont really know what I want. I think I have some lazy bones in me after been idle for so long. LOL.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I do not look and speak like one

Maybe in this part of the world that people cannot differentiate what race are you? In the past I have been asked whether I am mixed or of other race other than Chinese. I don’t know that I should be flattered or what, but I am 100% pure Chinese blood. I don’t think any of my ancestors in the family tree either from my dad or mum’s side have any mixed blood.

Some more my Chinese is pretty “broken” in the sense that I have an accent to it, according to my friends that know me well. I am not good in Hokkien, and so is Mandarin and there goes for other language like English and BM. Oh boy, when I talked, it is rojak (mixed) of every languages. Even my little gal also rojak like me, verses in Mandarin, Hokkien, BM and English.

Back in school time, I were much close to other races. I do not mix well with Chinese. I guess that was where I learnt my Bahasa Sarawak (local dialect which much like Bahasa Malaysia but some words are different here). You can say I speak Bahasa Sarawak well than any Chinese dialect, and not to mention my own mother tongue.

I only started to speak in Chinese when I went to college since most students are Chinese. Either you talk in English or Chinese. Of course I got chilled for my funny accent but thank god that I have good friends who encouraged and guided me properly. It is still a language to master even now, but who say that learn a language is easy?

I learnt Chinese from hubby and he learnt English from me. He is pretty lousy with spelling and writing, so I am his English dictionary. And whenever I watched Chinese movie with any BM or English subtitles, he will be my translator! LOL!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Menu #10

There is once in a blue moon when we seldom include meat in our menu. Today is one of those days when we can say we go into meatless diet.

It is a lazy Sunday, and weather is rather crazy too. Hot in the morning but raining and gloomy in the afternoon. Planned to go for a swim at nearby swimming pool but weather does not permitted us to do so. Most of the week I have meat and seldom take vegetables and fruits, so I would love to have more green in my menu on a Sunday. It is much healthier to cook than eating out right? At least we know what we put in our food. Imagine all those MSG and preservatives that we ate outside. But it is part of the lifestyle especially young couples like ourselves, that eating out cannot be avoidable.

Cooking at home is fun and a lot more satisfying to see your family enjoy the food we prepared. *wink* Usually hubby and myself will take turns to cook on weekend, but our preferences are very much different. I love dishes with rice, while hubby’s specialty is Western cuisine (more meaty and oily). So most of the time, I volunteer to cook as I want to eat more greens.

Today menu are stir-fried cabbage with small prawns and salted mustard soup. Very homecooked and that is the way I like it! *wink*

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roses for my 7 girl friends

Thank you Nyumix for presenting me a bouquet of roses today. It makes my day. I love roses (as you may know by now), the smell and petals of such beautiful flower.

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

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Since the rules said only for girls and I do understand that most girls love receiving roses, I only present them to some of my girl friends. Hope the roses make your day, my lovely friends! :)

1. mamabliss

2. my lovely mummy
3. Jen
4. Didi
5. Agnes
6. Billy's mom
7. Pearly

Friday, October 10, 2008

Review: My resolution

I know it is just early of October, but you never know that the next time you blink your eyes, it is in December. That is how I feel now. Time passes very fast without me realising it!! I know it is very early but I am taking a step back to review on my activities/events that had happen for 2008. A review on what I have resolved to do and what have actually done or happen for the year. Let me refresh myself. I make a resolution earlier of the year to be a happier and healthier person.

Happier by spending quality time with my family and do the thing I want to do. I am glad hubby and I made a pact to do something with our career, and we did it this year. Job pressures are there, but we have made a choice to change job. We are earning more (and hopefully to save more) now. We have more times during the weekend for our lovely daughter. She is growing fast and we just couldn’t believe that soon she will be going to pre-school.

There was also a plan for Thailand vacation at the end of the year, but from the look of things we have to postpone it to next year. Nevertheless I am glad that I manage to take some time off in middle of the year, catching up with friends and shopping around in KL.

As for health, it does not take a day to transform myself into a healthier person. It takes much effort on my part to work out and eat healthier diet. I have on and off affair with sickness for most part of the year. Flu, sore throat and coughing are common. Actually I am having a sore throat now. Maybe because of new work, I hardly have time to drink water at work. And partly because of the humid weather (yeah, everything blame the weather, right? *wink*). So, I am trying (and still trying) to be healthy!! It is not easy with the current lifestyle and work commitment, but both hubby and I are trying hard. Hardly have times to go to aerobic nowadays.

I haven’t really thought what would be my next year resolution, but I guess I can always stick to the same resolutions. Who said that you have to make new resolution every year, right??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time is ticking away

It is only Wednesday night? It just feels like a long week and I have been doing so many things that I thought it is a Friday night instead. Super duper busy day. Is that how to say it? What I am trying to express is that it is a busy week. Damn busy I hardly have time to drink my water and I am thinking that I am going to have sore throat soon. Now throat not feeling well and coughing occasionally.

After a relaxing week last week (with Hari Raya and weekend) it is not a week that I am expecting to start with, but my conscious mind telling me that otherwise. I knew that it is going to be busy week as my manager has told me that I am solely on my own. *Faint*

Fortunately the customers that I have handled so far are friendly and patient. They do not complain of my incompetence, which I am grateful of. Other colleagues complained that some customers are very boastful and rude, always complaining this and that. But in the end, customers always right.

Meeting customers are part of my work in the past (thank god for that), just that the products are not the same, so it does take times to get used to promoting them to customers. Not to mention that once a while I tend to answer my phone call using the previous company. Eg “Good morning, Company XXX, this is Rose speaking” It is not easy to erase the old company that I am so used to for 9 years from my brain overnight, right?

I am going to sit for 2 examinations in November, so I am much occupied every night. Not to mention I have to read thick reference books on my bed almost every night. You may not be seeing me very often on the blogging world as I really need to study for those 2 examinations. Cannot fail both otherwise I got to resit, maybe at my own expenses. Sigh!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things are not the same as when I was a kid!

I don’t know about you, but when I was small, I loves to eat chocolates (even now I still adore them). Besides chocolates, I loves those potato chips. Mister Potato, Pringles and Cottage are some of my favourite chips. And not forgetting the tasty crunchy noodle, like Mamee with a blue monster with 1 sharp tooth on its package.

They are not the same now. They taste different. Not so original, if you get what I mean. I think during my time the snacks were mostly imported. Now are locally manufactured. I miss those days when I enjoy my snacks and the tastes of them still linger in my head. They do not taste the same, you just find them different.

If you are the 70s and 80s kids, I believe you still can enjoy ice “kantong” (I think the Hokkien took the word from “gantung” in Malay??) in pepsi flavour. It is a big snowflake hold by a stick in between which cost few cents, and you can even add some more pepsi to the ice when you finished sucking the ice. I hardly can find it in Kuching now. There used to be one stall near the road side along Jalan Mendu, but the stall has long gone. The auntie was very nice. She sold ice kacang, snowflakes and ice kantong. Anyone know anyone selling ice kantong??

De-stress your skin

Stress does make your skin break out in pimples and dark spots. Stressed from work and family matters are on rising levels especially for women. De-stress yourself for a better self:

Move around
Stress raises level of adrenalin. Burn it off with a 15-minute walk. Try walking where there is less pollution such as park or up a small hill full of greenery. Walking in the city with polluted air around you will not be as effective

Lighten up
If you feel heavy-hearted, do something light – like listen to music or watch a funny movie

Juice up
Fresh fruit juices perk you up with vitamins plus natural glucose. Try six stalks of celery plus 20 white seedless grapes, a bunch of watercress and ice cubes. Or for quickie, drink Marigold Peel Fresh Apple or Orange Juice. Apple is good for heart and lower cholesterol levels, while orange has loads of Vitamin C to fight depression.

Supplement yourself
A balanced diet is important but with today lifestyle, you are just too busy. Supplement yourself with necessary nutrition. Supplements are great at improve immune system and fight depression

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Diary of our Raya day

My neighbourhood is very quiet, mostly gone back to "kampung" for Hari Raya celebration. There were some fireworks playing at night but it was not that noisy unlike last year when other neighbours have open house here. Maybe this year, neighbours have decided to celebrate in kampung instead, so my area is pretty deserted now. As in other part of Kuching, everything is the same. The roads leading to Petra Jaya were packed with cars from the south of Kuching going to visit their Malay friends or relatives residing at the northern of Kuching during Hari Raya. This year is no exception as the roads were very jam when we went to Petra Jaya to visit a colleague of hubby who is staying in Sukma area.

We were on the road for almost 1 hour stretching from the bridge of Petra Jaya to Sukma and that did not include the drive in the area to the house. We reached the bridge around 11am and in front of us was a stretch of countless cars. We only managed to be at the road leading the Sukma around 12noon. And hubby was complaining of tired foot for stepping on the accelerator and break for such long duration. Anyway, we only made one visit as when we finished visiting, the roads were still packed with cars.

We reached the colleague’s house around 1230pm. Just when we stepped into the colleague’s house, there came the rain with thunder and lightning. Luckily the rain lasted about 30 minutes. We were served with ketupat cooked with brown rice, curry beef, chicken rending, mixed vegetables and of course cakes and tit bits. I was busy to eat much. Busy chasing down little gal, who “make herself at home” there, dancing, turning and climbing around. *Faint* Is she active or what?

We spent almost an hour at the colleague’s house. We took a detour on the way back as it was jam every where. Luckily the other road going to Pending was otherwise. The only toll in Kuching was at the Tun Salahuddin Bridge going to Pending. There was never a toll in Kuching so Kuching residents have been enjoying the highway in the past. The toll is RM1.50 and the route going back was smoother.

3 of us relaxing on the bed

It was almost 2pm when we reached home and everyone was full and tired. You can guess the rest of the story, right? Yes! We spent our afternoon on bed. When we woke up, it was almost 530pm. After dinner, we watched some DVD, including cartoon for little gal. She will never bored of watching Mickey Mouse cartoons. As for me and hubby after little gal when to bed, we watched “Death Race” starring Jason Stratham and Singaporean movie “Money Not Enough II”. I watched “Money Not Enough II” when I was in KL at The Pavillion. It was a touching story and I did not mind watching it again with hubby last night.

My poor daisy

If you remember my lovely daisy that I got at a new neighbourhood shopping mall few months ago, and here is what left of the potted plant!

This is what happen when I was away too long! My poor plant. I don’t think it can be saved judging from its condition. Darling hubby has forgotten to water it while I was away.