Monday, February 18, 2008

Too old to change?

You can say that both myself and hubby’s resolutions for the year is to have some advancement in our career life. One advancement would be finding new job. Darling hubby has been thinking of getting a new job as he is sick of his demanding and unreasonable boss. He went to an interview lately but offer was not of what he wanted, in term of job expectation.

He has been in banking line for the past 3 years. He is into commercial banking and has been hopping from a bank to this current bank. Currently he is charge of commercial loan department with his designation as an Account Manager. He has a good offer from an overseas bank with good salary and commission but with lower officer rank and handling consumer banking. He was not so keen on the consumer banking as he viewed it as less challenging than commercial banking.

So here is his dilemma, uncertain on whether to move forward and accept the offer or continue working with his current bank and searching for other job offer.

As for myself, I have been thinking of changing job for few years but nothing suitable comes along my way. I even get my friends to look out and recommend me into their companies should there are any suitable vacancies, but so far no luck. It is rather difficult to find job with good salary and conducive working environment in Kuching as not many multinational and big organizations around. I even considered going to other places such as West Malaysia or Singapore to look for better pay. However those plans were pushed to the back of my mind now, as family remains a priority and having bought a new house here.

Hubby was commented last week on my intention to change job! His exact words were “I am an old lady, thinking of change job?!” Now that make me feel like hitting his head. Hmm, what does “old lady” has to do with changing job? Isnt positive thinking playing a big part in my will of moving out from current job? My willingness of finding new job and learning from scratches is important, right? Alright, I may have been in the same company for 8 years, but doesn’t that mean that I am old to accept changes and learning new skills all over again, right? So what does my hubby mean by saying me an old lady? I am just 31 this year, not too old to change job right??

Who can enlighten me further? I may not be as aggressive as hubby in hopping from one company to another within the span of 3 years, but I guess there is no age maker on when to change new job right?


JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
It is never too old to change esp when it comes to work. Rather, you should think of what you have now as a extra. Not many people can stay and work for a company for 8 years, loyalty hard to find. But you need to be ready with interviewer asking you why you want to leave your current job.
Actually, some might say that job hopping actually help to build job portfolio but dont do that too much or else it will backfire.

Anonymous said...

I am also having a problem looking for job. Have been looking around for quite some time but still no opportunities come along.:( I just need to be patient.

KristyCK said...

Hi Rose,
I agree with Jen. It is never too old to change your job. As long as you like the job and willing to take new challenge, new enviroments etc, I don't think you gonna have any problems. So go for it! :-))