Thursday, September 29, 2022


I learnt this recipe from my mum. I love stir fried pork belly with salted fish as it was flavourful and goes so well with rice and plain porridge. 

I got some salted mackerel fish from my mum not long ago. I don't really fancy eating this type of salted fish (as it is) so I decided to use it up for this recipe. Thanks mum for giving me some of your salted fish. Lol. 


Pork belly, about 500g

Salted mackerel fish, about 2 -3 tbsp 

Ginger, sliced finely or shredded

Water to boil the pork belly 


Cooking oil, about 2 tbsp 

Dashes of dark soy sauce (optional)


1. In a pot of boiling water, add in the pork belly. Let it cook. Drain and cut to small slices once it has cool down. 

2. In a pan, add in the cooking oil. Once heated up, add in the ginger. Stir fried till fragrant and turn browner.

3. Add in the pork belly. Saute for a while before adding salt to taste. 

4. Mince or pound the salted fish. Then add the salted fish to the pan.  If you like the dish to be darker in colour, then can sprinkle few dashes of dark soy sauce to it. Mix well and let the dish cook for a while before dish out.


suituapui said...

I love this dish. We will cook our own sometimes and even when eating out, we may order it as well - usually served with dried chili and lots of onions in a claypot.

Angie's Recipes said...

I love the crispy panseared salted fish! Haven't had them in ages as I can't find them here. Your stirfry looks very appetizing too.

PH said...

Very interesting dish! This one ngam me since it is pork belly and salted fish. I think it is very delicious since salted fish makes food tastes really good.

Nancy Chan said...

One of our favourite dine-out dish is pork belly with salted fish. Very appetizing dish.

Reanaclaire said...

I can only imagine how tasty this dish it.. so tasty that I am salivating now... hahahaha... yes, pork belly with salted fish is indeed very appetizing!

Nux V said...

this yummy dish can go well with rice! am drooling when thinking about it!

mun said...

This dish goes very well with rice. The salted fish must be very fragrant.