Thursday, September 22, 2022

That early

It was Malaysia Day. Not meant to sleep in and wake up late that day. Both hubby and Jan had their own agenda that weekend.

Jan enrolled herself in a Youth Communication Camp in Borneo Happy Farm for 2 nights, so needed to drop her off at Civic Centre for gathering by 6am. Few schools joined in this camp, so few buses to pick them up to the farm. 

Hubby and I drove her off when it was still very dark as it was not yet 6am. Most of her classmates and teachers were already there when we reached around 555am. Some parents even accompanied their children while waiting for the teachers or day to turn brighter. As for Jan, after bidding her goodbye, hubby and I were off to find any coffee shops that opened that early to fill up our tummies.

Photo taken after we finished our breakfast

Initially Huan Lok Cafe was our first choice but it wasn't opened. So we tried our luck at the next road, and that was how we ended up at this Hon Hin Cafe at Jalan Abell for a very early breakfast!

Inside of Hon Hin Cafe

Some people were even earlier than us, as few tables were occupied when we entered the shop. Hubby did the ordering from the noodle stall right in the front of the shop while I checked out the menu on the wall. They have toasts and other light breakfast, mostly made by the Caucasian guy that mending the drink stall. 

Yours truly who wasn't much awake on a public holiday (photo below). Wishing that she was in bed right at that moment!! Lol. 

It's me!

Our comforting and warm breakfast came in a quick time! Each of us had the mixed pork soup plus noodle set for RM10. Good to take on an early and cold morning but I was having tough time finishing it. 

Probably it was too early to digest on such heavy food. Luckily I had my man to help me finish it up. Total cost for our breakfast was RM30 plus tapau.

Liver,pig's blood, intestine, pig's skin etc in the soup

We tapaued 2 kolo mee for the boys who were still sleeping when we reached home, slightly before 7am. And hubby got himself ready and left the house before 8am for his weekend fishing trip. So that weekend, only me and the boys holding on the fort. What a way to enjoy our Malaysia's Day weekend!! Lol. 


PH said...

Your girl is quite adventurous to join the camp. I bet she had a great time. Mixed pork soup for me anytime!

Angie's Recipes said...

It does look like a hearty and delicious breakfast. The pork soup sounds and looks very tempting and would be fantastic with some wontons too.

suituapui said...

I want!!! That mee kosong and soup. The soup looks thick and rich, must be very nice.

mun said...

Jan must have had a wonderful time at the camp. Good that both of you allow her to be adventurous.

Nux V said...

Jan definitely would enjoy camps alot. Those youth camps are a great way to build up skills and get to know new friends!