Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The best

When everyone makes time and gathers over the holiday, it is definitely one of the best memories. It was Malaysia Independence Day, so a public holiday on Wednesday.  Dad called for a lunch gathering a week earlier, so we did a potluck at his house that afternoon.

Everyone contributed to the potluck.  Look at all the food we were having! It didn't looked much unlike the one we had in June. Nevertheless, there was something for everyone.

My brother ordered dayak dishes from Lepau Restaurant. This ethnic restaurant has been around, serving Orang Ulu and Dayak cuisine to the Sarawakian.  For lunch, we were having its sambal petai and pansuh ayam.

The petai was way too spicy and oily for our palate but it was nice.  Pity it was too oily, otherwise I would have packed some home. But the ayam pansuh won the praises around the table.  It was very well cooked and so delicious and appetising. 

I tapaued some leftover and heated up for dinner that day.  Some more I added some water and tuak (rice wine) to it for more added flavour. Take note that Lepau Restaurant serves no pork and halal certified, so no wine added to this dish. 

This pork pata was bought by my sister from Shoprite Cafe & Grill. Not that big portion but just nice to share around.  The skin was crispy but the meat was slightly tough.  Overly baked I guess.  Overall, it was alright.

Pork and chicken satay bought by dad, which were my boys' favourite especially the pork satay. 

As for me, I was in charge of buying KFC fried chicken. It has been a while since I had fried chickens from this franchise chain so I decided to buy KFC for lunch. 12 pieces combo with mashed potato, fries and 1 bottle of soft drink and 2 packs of chicken nugget (6 pieces each). I went to the nearby chain as early as 930am to buy them!

Lastly 2 pans of pizza from Pizza Hut.  Hawaiian chicken and triple chicken pizza. Many leftovers of pizza, as my kids didn't ate much of them.  I guess they had enough of pizza during Jay's birthday treat a week ago so they didn't take many pieces that Wednesday.

So, what do you think of our Merdeka lunch?? That was how we celebrated our 65th Independence Day.  With family, loved ones and food.


PH said...

I like the potluck lunch you all had. So many varieties of food, can eat a bit of everything. I would focus on the pork pata, especially the crispy skin!

suituapui said...

So patriotic!!! I love Lepau!!!

Angie's Recipes said...

They look fingerlickingly delicious, I love esp. the crispy pork!

mun said...

I think your Merdeka lunch is superlicious! Good company, good food! 👍😋

Nux V said...

what a feast! yea, i like all of them!

Nancy Chan said...

Potluck is good idea. Everyone contributing something without having to sweat and toil in the kitchen.